Coming of off Depo provera?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by brandyab, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. mcb85djr88

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    Trust me I will not be getting it again. I have read your story and I hope everything is going better for you. After just the one shot I have been tired, dry heaving, sore back, knees and hips. Thankfully it hasn't been anything worse than that. I am glad I stopped it before I went through anything like you went through that must have been horrible. All the best to you and your family. Debbie

  2. Amanda c

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    Hello I am new to this but I do have a couple questions I was on depo for over 12 years on and off my last shot was dec 2013 so I have now been off it for almost 9 months.i have been feeling really sick a lot of nausea and I'm always so tired I'm not pregnant I have also been trying to get pregnant this whole time being off . I'm just wandering if it is the depo causing me to feel really sick and tired and why 9 months later please help !!!

  3. Amanda c

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    Oh and to add I have been for blood tests abd ultra sounds the works to see if something is wrong with me but they all come up normal now I'm getting scared about stomach cancer or an ulcer I'm losing my mind thinking I have done serious condition and I'm dying I'm only 27 to

  4. Frozen559

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    Ive just missed my appointment for my next depo ive been on it for the past 1 year and 4 mnths but ive been expirecing hot flashes anxiety and loss of hair alot is it normal???

  5. kayjay

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    Hello, I am also new to this forum. I recently just got off of the depo. I was put on it by my mother when I was around 14 years of age, I am 19 years old now and decided myself it was time to let my body be normal. I don't regret being on it as I did not want a baby at such a young age. Just wondering if this will be a bumpy ride but if it is I'm most definitely ready for it! I had got off the depo last year some time in July 2013 and got back on it around January 2014 because I had got a boyfriend. Between that time period I was doing great, feeling great, periods were great, loosing weight, life was great! It is now December 20th, 2014 and I have missed my shot on December 8th. So it has been about 4 months since my last shot. I have experienced horrible abdominal pain, nausea, lower back pain, moody, fatigue, and no energy, tender boobs, and brown discharge. I of course expected this to happen since the depo effects your body so much. I can say myself that I am stoked to let my body go back to normal. I have gained about 20 pounds since I been on the depo. I have yet been back to the gym but I'll will be going tomorrow to try and speed up the process of removing the depo completely out of my body. (Working out can't never do no harm) I have also read (during research) that the brown discharge also will come with the things you eat. I can be annoying but is definitely a sign of our body going back to normal. We are all experiencing the same symptoms but we will get through this. :) I have been off it once and seen the greener side but didn't want to get prego before I was ready (currently a college student now) but hopefully in the future it will get better with time. I had made an appointment back in August 2014 to ask my doc questions about the depo because I have been reading horror stories for quit some time now but he said that he has never heard of some of the things I asked him. Since then I decided to come off, since there is other more safe ways to prevent pregnancy like condoms of course. Wish all you ladies luck and hope to hear more stories of the greener side :)

  6. kayjay

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    The spotting is definitely not the same as your period. If you have yet to receive your period then your body is still not back to normal. But it will be soon since you are receiving spotting! Don't loose hope aunt flow will be here soon :)

  7. kayjay

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    Yes those are the side effects. . I'm sorry I hope you feel better soon! I'm also barely coming off to and I am experiencing the same thing! Don't loose hope, eat healthy, drink lots of water, and exercise :)

  8. kayjay

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    Okay well update on my post! Yesterday I was only have brown discharge, as today I am full blown on my period (having cramps) & that is it. I missed my depo on December 8th, 2014. It is so crazy because my experience last year was way different! So ladies this goes to show that we are all different and our bodies all react in different ways.

  9. Bebedoe1

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    Hey Im bebe 26yrs old was on depo for 7+ years decided enough is enough, body need a break. Took my last shot Oct 1 2014, praying to god I have normal periods like before, because I do want children. So was bleeding brownish stinky blood for like 2.5 mos. Now nothing fingers crossed for normal cycles. But coming off depo been hell to pay. Ive been depressed, terrible mood swings, insomnia, nightmares, no sex drive, sad frustrated leg aches abdominal pain, hair loss and low bone density...wudnt wish thses side effects on LUCIFER wife. Xoxox prayer changes things stopped bleeding so far
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  10. TessaVanetta

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    Omg i thought i was the only woman alive going through these horrible side effects, and i thought i was going through menopause. But this is my first shot ever due for second shot in a few days,does anyone know if the withdrawals are not as severe if its only my first shot??
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  11. Tiegan Trunk

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    Hi, I am sorry about all the TMI that I am about to say.

    I took my first dose of the depo shot the start of Novemeber 2014 and was suppose to get my second shot towards the end of Janurary 2015. I didn't want to go back on it because I was having my period for 2 weeks and then I wouldn't have it for another 2 weeks but then I would once again have it for 2 weeks. This went on throughout the whole depo shot. I have always have regulated periods also. About two and a half weeks ago I started going to the doctor for really light headiness and getting sick. When he asked me if there was a chance that I may be pregnant I didn't really think about it because we have always used the pullout method the whole time that we have been having sex so I never really thought about. For the past 3 weeks now I have been having a lot of signs of being pregnant. I have been peeing a lot, I just started waking up in the mornings feeling the intense need to vomit. I was suppose to get my period a week ago, but all I have been having is brown spotting on and off. I have period cramps as if I am starting and when I go to the bathroom I have brown discharge but when I wipe there is nothing. I have also been having so many signs of being pregnant and I just don't know what to do. I have taken 4 hpt since all this has started and they have all came out negative. I have an appointment with my obgyn next Friday but I am freaking out. I have read different posts about symptoms getting off the depo shot. I have never taken birth control before so I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    P.S. sorry that this is so long

  12. Evelyn

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    Hi Im New Here.. I Wanted To Ask For Ur Opinion I've Been On Birth Control Since December 2014 & Until Now Im Having Side Effects Headaches, Nauseous, Gaining Weight, & Losing Hair.. What Do U All Recommend?

  13. amber

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    Ive been on this for 6 months and ive never regretted anything as much as this in my life. In 6 months ive put on 3 stone i weight 13 stone now. It happened so fast i didnt even realise. i have headaches all the time when im not sleeping. I thought i was sleeping alot because im currently out of a job but it turns out sleeping 20 hours a day isnt normal which started gradually haopening since being on thos shot. Ive only had two shots and my last one ran out 7 weeks ago, still no period. Only headaches sore nipple, fatigue am unbelievable moody rage that is set off by anything. I thre my phone off the bus the other day and told the drive to just carry the f*ck on. This shot makes you crazy ive come close to doing a Britney Spears every time i atemo to brush my hair. Ive heard it tricks your body into thinking its pregnant?Wi didnt get told tthat. I also didnt get told you shouldnt take it if youve ever been depressed. Ive seriously been set uo by the NHS. I cant stress enough how nad this is. Never again will i have any gorm of hormonal contaception.

  14. amber

    amber New Member

    Sorry my phone wouldnt let me spell check

  15. Chantal

    Chantal New Member

    Hi there I'm a bit confused and looking for help because I only had one shot of depo because IT made me break out and made me very emotional. Once it wore off I had a regular period. Two weeks later (a week early) I had another period, then my next period was 18 days late and I've had it now for 10 days with no signs of letting up. I have been sexually active during these months and I'm not sure if I may be having a miscarriage (already have had 2) or if this is a normal side effect

  16. Chantal

    Chantal New Member

    I had the exact same thing happen we eventually ended things !

  17. Monica:)

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    Hi, I'm new to this but I would just like to add to this little depo fiasco. I started using depo like feb.2014 and I got off of it about a month ago March.2015 to go back to the pill because I wanted my period back because its kind of hard to tell if you're pregnant and you don't have a period. I was all happy go lucky with depo no periods my hair grew so pretty and thick and so I thought I was one of the lucky one's. As soon as I missed that one shot a week later I was in TOTAL HELL! I was having crazy mood swings, cramps, my boobs hurt really bad, I was sleepy all the time, I didn't want any guy to even touch me I was such a b*tch lol, but the worst part is this ANNOYING rash I am getting all over my body. First it started at my hands and stomach, then down to my wrists, then arms, legs, thighs, back, and now its even reached my bottom. I got my period back last week but I just really need help on how to get rid of this rash it drives me crazy I can't even sleep right now it is 2:44 a.m and I am up looking for a solution. PLEASE HELP!

  18. tmari30112

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    I cannot express how happy I am to find out that I am not crazy. I have had all these symptoms since I stop depo and I've been so scared. Thank you all for sharing. Is there anything you know or would recommend to speed the process of "being normal again".. And chances of becoming pregnant. Have a blessed day

  19. tmari30112

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    I'm so blessed to have found this site. All of everyone's stories and personal roller coaster mood swings make me feel relieved that I am not the only one and that I can rule.out pregnancy once AND for all

  20. tmari30112

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    Thank you Kris1980


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