Coming of off Depo provera?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by brandyab, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. brandyab

    brandyab New Member

    Hi I am new to this site and have found wondeful info. I was put on Depo for pelvic pain back in Sept 07. I was told that I may have spotting and maybe no period that was it, and was also told I can be on it safely for ten years. the shot took away the pelvic pain, b ut I had headaches, no sex drive, spotting and cramping still at the time better than the pelvic pain. I stayed on it for a year and my last shot was sept of 08 because of spotting, cramping, emotions everywhere and not too much relief from pain it seemed to almost be wearing off dr said not possible. Any experiences coming off? I have been exhusted, headaches, nauseous, dizzy backaches, weight gain starting to have breakouts too. Called Dr she said it is the shot leaving my body and I can only ride it out or get on BCP to regulate my period. It is the other side effects that are driving me insane and my period started for two days last week. Why are symptoms coming four months after stopping wouldn't they start sooner? Help

  2. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    as a former depo user for 8 years- i'm gonna tell you to hang on-cause it will be a bumpy ride. The reason you are experiencing the side effects now- is the depo shot lasts approximatly 3 months. If you received your last shot in september- it wore off in december/january. You are lucky to get your period already- it took a year for me to get mine. I experienced panic attacks, dizziness, night sweats, nausea, exhaustion. The only benefit is that i dropped 10 pounds in the first month of being off it.
    My gyno put me on b/c pills to "help". It didn't. I don't recommend helping your body regulate itself by going on more hormones. Let your body find its normal cycle again. Check out the vitamins thread- it really does help to get yourself on a good multivitamin. Good luck.
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  3. brandyab

    brandyab New Member

    So I am not crazy that makes me feel a bit better. No I will not go on any BCP to regulate my body can do it by itself. It is difficult to find depo experiences thanks
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  4. ilovesam

    ilovesam New Member

    I was only on Depo from June to September, and am on it again after having Essure. It was very, very hard coming off it. The symptoms lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. Hot flashes, extreme fatigue, headaches and horrible mood swings.
    I'm not looking forward to going off it for a second time, but after my HSG I won't have to worry anymore.

  5. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    Believe me- i went into my gyno in tears asking him if i was going nuts. And it wasn't until i started researching the after effects of depo that i realized it was my body in withdrawl from this hormone. And my doctor had told me there were no issues with me being on depo for ten years- but there are new regulations out recommending using it no longer than 3 years!!!!

    there aren't many members on here who are long term depo users- so if you have questions or need someone to talk to- PM me anytime.
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  6. Dom

    Dom New Member

    HI! i registered here just because of this thread..i'm also a long time user i've been on depo for 7 years and i've been off for about 4 months now..i have this mother that think different about coming off of it..she thinks i'm going to get pregnant and at the status my fiance and i are at i know that we cannot afford a child (well comfortably)..i'm a full time student awaiting my bachelors in MAY and then he is a full time machinist..but we're young..i'm 21 and he's 22..i'm not trying to have kids now..but i thought in 3 years or even 2 i would like t.t.c and figured in order for the depo to wear off and me to get my cycles back i should get off NOW..and not wait when we ARE ready for a baby..DOES THAT MAKE SENSE...Hope i'm not going crazy..i just need support i sees it from a different i'd like a second opinion..LOL!..HELP

  7. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    Hi Dom-welcome to the forum. I can relate- the nurse at my gynos office is also my aunt- and she really pushed for me to stay on Depo. She also was the one who transitioned me onto hbc pills when i stopped depo. Shes very big into HBC in any form and doesn't quite see "outside the box".
    If you don't want to get pregnant- i suggest using a barrier method while your body is straightening itself out. There are lots of options if you don't want to use condoms.

  8. Dom

    Dom New Member

    thanks alot!! at least i know i'm not alone..! ha!

  9. Terre

    Terre New Member

    I too had that poison while waiting out the 3 months after Essure. Nobody should use Depo as it really messes up your system. I had the shot in September, 08 and I think my system is finally back to normal. No more headaches, stiff joints and muscles, tired, mean, etc... And I only had 1 shot. Its great not having a period, but not at the price you pay having Depo.
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  10. heidi123

    heidi123 New Member

    The depo shot is really horrible for a woman. I forgot to mention the headaches about once a week!

  11. Nonnally

    Nonnally New Member

    Before I took the depo shot, I was so in love with my boyfriend, I saw a future in us, and I knew that he was the one for me.

    But after I took depo, all I did was doubt, doubt, doubt. I went through anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fatigue. I was insecure, doubtful of my feelings and the future of our relationship. It came to the point where thoughts of breaking up bothered me, and then the "friend" feeling was there whenever I'm with him.

    I can't take it anymore. I just want everything to be back to how it was before depo. ):

  12. Loan Phan

    Loan Phan New Member


    I have been feeling the same way after I took the depo provera shot. I experienced everything you've experienced. I love my boyfriend so much that I'm ruining our relationship by having these feelings.

    How did you feel after the shot? Did you still have those feelings after the shot? What was the side effects coming off the shot? Did you stop having the "friend" feeling? I'm scared. I don't want to lose him. I still have a month left before the 3 month is up... I've only taken 1 shot.
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  13. PhallinK

    PhallinK New Member

    I too am new to this site and this is actually really helpful to read. With everything I read, I'm going to take it in and prepare for the worse. I've been on the Depo for about 7 years now after having my son at 16. I was scheduled for my next Depo on yesterday the 12th but decided I've been on it for too long so I canceled the appointment. I am SUPER SUPER nervous and not sure if my body can handle all these hormones. Hopefully, I can pull out the Tylenol and tame my mood swings.. Wish me luck.. I also read that someone lost 10 pounds in one month?? I wouldn't mind that much.. =]

  14. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    Hi Phallink- welcome to the forum. Get yourself a good mulitvitamin and a good outlook and you'll be fine. If you need anything or just to vent out frustrations or worries you can always PM me.

    Good luck

  15. candycane

    candycane New Member

    I have been on depo since early july 2010 and I have had non stop spotting and my period gets heavier when I exercise and after I have sex. I can't wait untill this posion is out of me......

  16. ladybxo

    ladybxo New Member

    hi guys, i was on depo for only one shot i never really thought i would turn out the way i am now; i went on it january,10 and stop when i was suppose to get the second,in march, boy was i eating so much but i never caught my self i would pick at anything , i cried alot, got moody quickly, i had a petite figure now im all fat and what not ; is there any chances i can get back to the way i was??? i really do cry because i loved my body before and i had a breast reduction in april 07 and afta on depo my boobs grew back to wat they was ,and let me remind you im only 4'10....and yes girls i be having the worst headache. someone help.

  17. Diamond1Rio

    Diamond1Rio New Member

    After being on depo for 2 years i decided enough was enough and when i was due for my shot in september i never got it, i still have not had a period and i have all the symptoms of pregnancy, which is impossible since i have not had sex. Depo is the worse contraceptive i have come across. Not having a period is wonderful but in the end not at all worth the pain.

  18. ira

    ira New Member

    Hi, I am very new to this. I have only had one shot of depo three months ago. The entire last month on depo i had almost constant brown spotting and now that i have not gone to get another shot I still have almost constant spotting. I had done some research and it says that most people have this issue when coming off, but after one shot? how long does it take to go away?

  19. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    hi ira- the shot is probably still in your system. If you didn't return for the 3rd shot then it will slowly leave your body and your own hormones will start to function on their own again. But even with one shot- it takes time.

  20. campengurl17

    campengurl17 Member

    Hey maybe you should check out the forum the effects of stopping birth control part 2. Theres a bunch of other women experiencing what your going through and could offer more help and support!


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