Cloth Diapering??

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    I'm not sure what the issue is because my AIOs are pretty much the same amount of absorbancy. I've got BFT, zorb, BFT, BFT, zorb, BFT, underneath OBV. I haven't gotten any reports of oversoaking/leaking issues with that on them from the people that have them at this point (I've got about 16 people now that have at least 2 AIOs from me, one with 12, which explains why I'm still behind stocking my store, LOL), and I know a few of the people commented that they've made it through 12-hour stretches or more overnight without leaking. I don't know if their kids are heavy wetters, light wetters, average wetters, et cetera though. I'm definitely wondering how I can make my AI2s more absorbant without being super bulky, which is what happens with the snap-in foldover inserts. I checked this on the size medium, and it's still REALLY bulky, and I assume it's because it's not more compressed from being sewn together into a one-layer soaker, which may end up making it thinner, but I'm not convinced the serger would be able to handle it too easily, although I can manage to zigzag okay with the regular sewing machine if I raise the presser foot height enough. My best idea for improving the absorbancy so far is to maybe have a small snap-on doubler for the crotch area. I think the main thing is that SS diapers are generally less absorbant because of the way they need to be made to be more trim through the crotch, although I'm convinced it would be better if I made it as an AIO style instead of an AI2 (which is still my preference). The other option would be to have the bottom layer of OBV, zorb, OBV, and then a foldover flap of like 2 BFT topped with OBV (I'd definitely have to play around with styling to make it look right, although I do have an idea that I could make it as two serged pieces and then just sew them together at the top and maybe bottom). My friend's heavy wetting just turned 10-month-old can only make it through about one pee with his SS diaper I gave her. If she lets it sit for his second pee it leaks a lot because there's nowhere for the extra pee to go and it tends to squish out the legs in the crotch area. Her almost 25-month-old does just fine with the lighter absorbancy of the non-foldover soaker, but had slight leakage at the legs, although the soaker isn't totally saturated. The only thing with her is that she's in the wrong size diaper because of how it seems to fit on her, like she would probably do a little better if she were in a size smaller as she's right in between sizes right now. Of course, her mother said she might need to just snap it on the tightest setting instead as she's had a bit of droopy diaper in it (so probably more of a fit-related leak I think?). Because of that, I'm actually a bit concerned that I need to resize the large again to somewhere in between my skinny-large and my normal-large, or shorten the wings a little bit on each end (the main place I adjusted besides adding length to the rise), so definitely something you'll all have to let me know. Like, maybe I should maybe make it somewhere in between the current large wing span and the skinny large wingspan, which would end up shortening and tightening up the waist about 2 more inches (I think).

    Oh, and I should hopefully be able to send out everyone's tester through a size medium by Saturday or Wednesday at the latest since I have a couple appointments between now and then. I've got the linings attached to the P/NB, XS, S, and about to put snaps on the lining of M, so right now so just need elastic, T&T, and snaps at this point. I just haven't received my order of OBV for the rest of the larges yet and I didn't have enough left over to cut out their linings too.

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    labby, sorry to hear of all the diaper woes! What a pain. I've used vinegar once a week as well as bleach (only a capful or two) with my diapers. Using bleach is the ONLY thing I've found to keep the stinkies at bay. I also use Calgon with every wash, and every once in a while I use RLR laundry treatment. Just a whole bunch of chemicals, and the PUL in all of Piper's dipes aren't cracking or leaking. I also sun dry about 1/2 the time, and the sun here is super intense--in fact, I think leaving the diapers out all day, sometimes for two days (when I forget about them) is what stresses out the elastic more than anything.

    And since I'm talking laundry routine, I washed a couple of diapers (just pee ones) with my husband's laundry last night, and the diapers came out all dingy and stained looking. They look worse than when they went in, and those were the ones that went to daycare with P today. Sort of embarrassing to hand them dingy diapers.

    BG, while I'm super excited about the diapers, there's no need to rush them out to me. Piper's not going to be potty-trained in the next few months, that's for sure. The absorbency for your diapers sounds good to me, though Piper's not a heavy wetter and she hardly ever has leaks. I prefer trim. She's sort of in between sizes too. I'm using the bumgenius aios alot nowadays, and the mediums fit her perfectly, the larges work but have some major sag between the legs.

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    BG, I know I posted on some forum about your testers, I cannot figure out which. Looking at these stripes and if it is these, I wouldn't mind stripes instead of swirls!!

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    I just ordered some of the Atsko Permanent Water Guard from Cotton Babies since I can't find it around here. WalMart and Dick's both had a different brand that was only a buck cheaper and since Cotton Babies has free shipping and no tax I figured it made no difference to order it online. So we'll see if it helps any. I did read good things about it on diaperswappers for fixing up cracked PUL, so my fingers are crossed! I'm hoping maybe it will help seal up the stitch holes too and maybe help my leaking problems around the legs as well. I really need a few days with her at home though to thoroughly try different things. She usually only goes thorough one diaper after we get home before it's time for bath and bed, so it's hard to really try anything to see if it really works.

    I may try moving her back down to a medium. Now that she's crawling around her legs are probably starting to thin out so it may be time to go back down a size. The leaking problem has been going on from day one with the day care though so I don't think that has anything to do with those issues (although it might with the minky ones since they are new). Tonight is wash night so I'll get to try out the minky softbums-like diaper. I steamed it after I finished sewing so hopefully that will help to seal up the holes before washing. We'll see how it goes!

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    I'm going to cut out a medium for O before I go home to pick up my mail since it seems to be the most likely fit for her. If I cut it out before I leave I can put the tail on it today instead of Saturday. [​IMG]

  6. desertgirl

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    labby, good luck with the spray. I've never heard it mentioned before, hopefully it will save some of your cracked diapers!

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    Wohoo! My Bunny Tails diaper came today and it is ever so cute!
    It's in the wash as we speak, and hopefully it'll be dry for the first run by tomorrow morning.
    I'll let you know how it goes. [​IMG]

    And I'm sure there will be pics of a supesoft stripey scandinavian butt too. lol

    Oh and congrats sooo much on your signature, BG! I hope you have your plan going to make sure it sticks, I have a good feeling about this one. [​IMG] hugs!

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    Glad it arrived so soon. Can't wait to see pictures! Hopefully he didn't grow too big already. LOL

    And thanks! I'm going to be a nervous wreck until I get my ultrasound and Lovenox within the next week!

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    Yay, BG! I didn't even notice that! I'm usually in such a rush when I'm posting that I don't even pay attention to tickers! Sending sticky vibes your way!!! [​IMG]

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    Congrats BG!! So excited for you!

  11. BunnyGirl19

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    Thanks! I don't usually notice stuff like that either. LOL

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    Well we had our first run with the minky softbums copy and so far so good! I put it on her as soon as we got home even though they had changed her not long before I picked her up from day care. I wanted to maximize her time in it to get a good test out of it. So it went on around 3:45 and then she went down for a nap and slept for 2 1/2 hours!!! When she got up there were no leaks so I left it on her. I ended up pushing her bath back a bit since she took such a long nap so she had it on until almost 8:00 - a little over 4 hours! When I undressed her for her bath I felt all around it and no leaks! When I took it off the insert was pretty saturated, so I was super happy that it didn't leak. The only thing I did differently with this one is that I steamed it as soon as I finished sewing it and before washing it. I don't think that would have made a huge difference, but who knows. I have some hope now though! Let's hope it continues! [​IMG]

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    Yay!!! It's always nice when something works great!!! We wanna see pictures of minky butt. LOL

    I finally got your pieces cut out today after my nap since I had the day off work. Yay! I only have kind of "girly" fabric right now which is either pastel stripes or hot pink with skulls and flowers left over from a custom order. I decided the pastels were a little bit better for you because it also has yellow, green, and blue in it besides some pink and not full out screaming girl. Unfortunately, I also only have light pink bamboo velour for a lining or a super dark purple which didn't match (plus it's for something else so didn't know if the piece would fit on it until I cut out what I was planning on using it for in the first place), but since it's on the inside you don't see it much except kind of around the edges when it's on. So, you'll end up with a girly diaper instead of a more neutral one. But, if you'd prefer something more neutral I can make a trip to the store and pick something up tomorrow after my blood draw. I've had my eye on some cute aqua/blue with monkeys print which would work for either so not an issue if you'd prefer that (I was planning on getting it anyway to make some minky covers with). I'd just have to wait for my order of the natural color bamboo velour to arrive so I can put in the normal plain lining as it definitely doesn't go with pink or purple. I can just put the more girly diaper in my store or keep it for myself since it's so cute! Not a problem at all whatever you decide. I just hope Fabric Depot isn't out tomorrow! If they are I'll have to get the orangey-yellow monkeys instead. LOL

    Here's what the monkeys look like (the cuddle ones, not the other print):

    This is the stripes:


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