Cloth Diapering??

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  1. labby06

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    Thanks! She's. Wearing it now. So far so good but it's only been about an hour. Fingers crossed! I really like the softbums too so I hope it works out!

    I steamed the minky diapers so we'll see if that helps at all. Only burned my fingers a few times in the process!

  2. BunnyGirl19

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    The only patterned disposables I'm aware of are the denim-look Huggies and the blue/green polka dot Up and Up diapers. Guess I'll have to pay a visit to the diaper aisle next time I'm at Target. Maybe I can drag SO over there after our planned Build-A-Bear trip tomorrow, LOL!

    I'm in a state of broke too, which is annoying the crap out of me because I saw a few diaper cuts on ebay last night that I wanted but I didn't have the money to buy them and the listings ended this morning. Grrr!!! I have found several unique polyester PUL diaper cuts that I'm paying way too much for to hoard for my own future use. SO told me I was crazy. I cut out a few shells out of the tie-dye last night and I told SO I was probably going to cry when I mailed off the one for DG. Which reminds me, are you wanting an M or L for P? I can just barely squeeze a large AIO onto one of the diaper cuts (can't fit an AI2 on it due to the angles of the wings being completely straight across). I can probably get it done to send out when the testers go out.

    I ordered more OBV so I can finish cutting out the linings for the testers so hopefully in the next couple weeks they'll be ready to mail out. Right now they're all in various stages of "together" but only the one I mailed to Kawaii is completed. Oh yeah, and the post office said about a week or it to get there international priority mail.

  3. desertgirl

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    So the meds go from 20-26lbs and the larges from 26-30 lbs? Or did you adjust the weight ranges? I can't decide between a med or a large. She's just over 24 lbs right now. I haven't measured her rise yet.

    I can't even remember what the printed Pampers looked like. A print for boys and a print for girls (so something blue and something pink). I wonder if they were more expensive. I still have never seen the denim diapers. My mom buys the Up and Up diapers, and that print isn't so bad--I prefer the polka dots over the disney/sesame characters that come on the huggies I buy.

  4. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    That was what I listed the range originally as (based off the weights listed for children's clothing sizing). I then adjusted them slightly to be more in line with what other brands say the ranges fit so they are 20-30 and 26-40 now (I believe). My friend's just turned 2-year-old is 27 pounds and just into a size large. She's a bit taller and thinner. She could probably still wear the medium, but it's getting a little bit short in the rise. Her 9-month-old weighs right about 20 pounds and he's in a small. P probably is a good fit in a medium right now, and and at the bottom end of being able to fit into a large.

    Maybe a large to have longer use out of it?

  5. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Well, my BumGenius diapers officially need some help. I think I figured out why they have been leaking. After washing and stuffing diapers this morning and having them all stacked up I noticed the leg elastic is totally shot! So I guess I need to get to work on reviving them.

    I also found some cracks in the PUL in them which is disappointing. I am wondering if it is because I had been adding a small amount of vinegar to my washes to control the stinkies. I stopped doing that a while back, but perhaps it was too late and that is why they are cracking. I also sometimes used a small amount of bleach in stripping them as per the BumGenius instructions, but I have read elsewhere that bleach actually eats away at the PUL and not to use it. Hmmm. So I'm wondering if this stuff really works and if it would help to seal them back up. Anyone have any experience with this? Thoughts?

  6. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I haven't heard that vinegar is a problem for PUL or causes it to wear out. I have heard that bleach is a big no-no for PUL. I didn't realize their website recommended it?

    I've used some DWR (durable water repellant) stuff before on a tote bag and it didn't really hold up too well. It wasn't that brand I don't think (I don't remember what kind it was, but I found it in the camping section for waterproofing gear). It either wore off pretty quickly, rubbed off with use, or something. I know after the second time I washed the bag stuff started getting wet inside it pretty easily where it started out fine when I very first sprayed it (it would get soaked walking from the parking lot into work). I know I've seen on diaperswappers that supposedly all diapers will leak if they aren't treated with DWR and allegedly all commercial diapers are DWR but not WAHM diapers, meaning that WAHM diapers are leaky unless they are DWR treated (I also happened to notice this lady was then selling her own homemader diapers stating they were treated with DWR so wouldn't leak like other diapers, so probably mostly a gimmmick on her part). I can't say that is the least bit true because I contacted a few diaper companies and specifically asked if they used DWR, which they said they didn't. In short, I have no idea if the DWR treatment there will help or not because I've only tried something like that once on something and had no real luck with it. I've never used it on anything else.

    I remember reading somewhere that you can strip diapers by using lemon juice or you can strip them by scrubbing with a toothbrush and Dawn dish soap, which really sounds like a PITA considering all the time and effort necessary to strip a batch of diapers. LOL

    Meanwhile, I cut out some PUL for covers and/or my own personal diaper stash in the last few days and took them with to embroider the tails today. Of course I manage to somehow screw up two of my diapers, not the ones I was making to sell. LOL! One of them I apparently got distracted or something and "forgot" to trip around the tackdown stitches before doing the final satin stitch around the outside, so now it looks a little off, kind of like a puffy tail is sitting on top of it (of course on one of my tie-die ones, waaaaahhhhhh!!!!). It's still functional, just a little funny looking. Another one I had kind of a hippy-looking flower print PUL and I don't know what I did, but for some reason the tail stitched the tackdown stitches in the wrong spot from the initial placement stitches, which meant I had to pick them all out and do it again. Grrrrr!!! Fortunately they look okay and there is only one tiny area where I can kind of tell something *might* have happened to it, but it blends in with the busy print so it's probably fine and will look okay after it's turned into a diaper. first diapers with PUL outers. LOL! Not exactly my thing, but since I found some rather unusual print PUL diaper cuts on ebay, I figured I'd give it a try, that and I freaking love the tie-dye PUL!!!!

  7. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    From the bumgenius site:
    # I think my diapers have detergent buildup. What should I do?

    1. Wash once in hot water with one teaspoon (for high efficiency machines) to one tablespoon (for regular washing machines) with original liquid Dawn (blue formula) and up to 1/2 cup bleach in the wash cycle.

    2. Do two additional hot water washes with no detergent to completely rinse the diapers clean. If you still see suds, keep rinsing until the diapers are rinsed clean.

    Yes, up to 1/2 cup of bleach! This is what I followed to strip my diapers. I've only done it maybe 3 or 4 times though and that's the only time I used bleach so I'm not sure if that would have been enough to cause the PUL cracking or not. Being that the stuff is carried on the cottonbabies site, I have to imagine that they have at least tested it. I saw the stuff mentioned on diaperswappers which is how I came across it.

    So I got another email from the SIL with the subject "Cloth Diapers". I was afraid to open it, lol! All it said was that they went to BRU today to register for some things but they "couldn't find any you didn't have to pin closed". She wants to know where I got mine so they can try a few different kinds. Hmmm. Sounds to me like she has done NO research on these or else she would have said that all they could find were prefolds, and she would have known before even going there that they don't carry that type of thing. I'm still debating my response. I really just want to respond to her saying "it's called Google", lol. But then part of me says no, be nice. It will probably end up being something in the middle. I think I'm going to sleep on it. I would send her your way, DG, but I wouldn't want to put you through the wrath of her if there was a leak or something, lol!

  8. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    The BRU by me sells gDiapers in the store and the website sells at least one other brand of cloth diapers, but you really have to look hard to find a store that sells cloth diapers other than flats and prefolds these days. They are all concentrated to speciality boutiques in my experience, or websites only. I'd just tell the obnoxious one that she could probably find out a lot more information by googling than what you could provide, or just very simply tell her to "look here" and paste a link to a site that explains the different types of cloth diapers.

  9. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I think I'm going to respond "Amazon". Technically, that is where I got my bumgenius (even though they came from cottonbabies). I'm sick of being nice and trying to help her out and getting nothing in return so it's time to give her a taste of her own medicine! And I think I'll wait until, oh, maybe Tuesday to give her the courtesy of a response, lol. I'm so not good at this being mean thing though, it's just so not me!

    Oh, and I steamed all of my minky diapers and I think it helped! She was with my mom most of the day while DH and I worked on landscaping (sooooo sick of digging!!!) and when we picked her up she was in the same clothes she left in! AND she was in one diaper for almost 5 hours including a nap!!! That got me thinking, I wonder if some of these bigger manufacturers do anything like run them through some sort of heat/steam process before packaging. Do you know, BG?

  10. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not really sure, but I've been tempted to take them down to the laundromat to use one of the big commercial dryers to tumble them around for like 30 minutes to make sure they are all sealed. I've done some of my diapers with a tumble through the dryer to seal the stitch holes, but not all of them, and I never even gave it a thought before I sent the tester out to Kawaii so I hope it's okay. Then again, I didn't run any of the smaller "custom" orders I've done for friends lately through the dryer either and they said they weren't having any problems, so hopefully they are okay and/or get sealed well enough in the prewash to prevent all the leaks.

  11. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Where's my tester???????? Is it ready? I can PM you with shipping info. Don't try to pre-seal mine. I'll see how it goes.

  12. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I might have a couple more ready to go out by the end of next week. All the soakers are done and I've got the PUL on the minky now and they are in various stages of construction with the lining attached or not attached depending on what size they are. I had to order more bamboo velour for the linings since I didn't have enough left to cut them out for all the sizes. I don't recall right off the top of my head what size you asked for without looking, but if you're in a size Small on down, you are closer to being done than the other sizes due to the lining fabric.

  13. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    She must be round about 13 lb now. Small, is my guess.

  14. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I checked the list and you're down for a small.

  15. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Looky DG! I finished Piper's tie-dye this morning! I'll send it when I send your tester to cut down on shipping costs, but I thought I'd at least show it to you. I love it!!!!




  16. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    omg, bg that is the cutest diaper ever! Totally love it!!!

    let me know how much $ to send you when you send it out w the tester.

  17. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    No problem! I did discover I need to adjust my stitch length when topstitching on PUL outer diapers because the stitch length looks a tad too close for my preference(I can't really see it with the minky, LOL).

  18. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Super cute, BG! Piper is going to be the hippest kid in a diaper, lol!

    I'm still jealous of your leg casings. They looks so nice and neat compared to mine, lol!

    I've been reading some good things about the waterproofing spray that they sell on cottonbabies on diaperswappers and many people saying you can get it at WalMart or Dick's Sporting Goods. I ran out to both places at lunch (helps that they are next to each other!) and neither of them had it! Grr. I guess I will have to order it and try to save my bumgenius diapers. 2 of them are out of commission at the moment because I took off the tabs and took the elastic out to replace and haven't gotten around to putting them back together yet. Hopefully tonight!

  19. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I know most stores have waterproofing spray in the section with all the shoelaces and shoe polish usually too. Not sure if it's the same stuff.

  20. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Yeah, Walmart and Dick's both had some, but it wasn't the same brand as cottonbabies and the stuff people were recommending on diaperswappers. This other stuff might work just as well, but I'd rather go with what has been tried and tested and recommended.

    So I'm really starting to get irritated with the whole leaking issue. She went through 4 outfits again today and I asked them if they are changing her because of diaper leaks or because she's spilling water/milk on herself. They said the majority of the changes are because of the diaper leaks, occasionally food/drink related. Today it was one outfit for every diaper change! If her "report cards" are accurate, they are changing her about every 2 hours or so, which should be fine. Today she had all minky diapers with the bamboo inserts I made. Folded over, these inserts are 4 layers of bamboo terry and 2 layers of zorb. I can't really add much more absorbency than that! I'm just getting tired of all of the laundry. On top of diapers every other day I'm having to wash her clothes every few days because while she has a lot of clothes, they go quick when she's going through 4 outfits a day! I did tell them to make sure they are snug around her legs and the lady said when she changes her she is sure to check that. So I don't know what the problem is. Maybe she is just too heavy of a wetter for cloth diapers? Ugh, I don't know what to do. I love the cloth and don't want to give it up, but this is really starting to get annoying. I'm hoping maybe the waterproofing spray might help with the seam leaks too. We'll see I guess.

    In other news, I finished my minky softbums-like cover tonight and am pretty pleased with it so far (of course I haven't tried it out yet). The cord locks seem to be fine with the thicker minky seems, you just have to do a bit more adjusting to the gathers which I don't think is a big deal. It will go through the wash with tomorrow's diapers and then I can try it out. Even though I'm discouraged by all of this leaking, I'm still obsessed with making them, lol!


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