Cloth Diapering??

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    That's a good point. I never even considered checking the dryer hose to see if it's clogged with lint or anything. I know it's more likely to get clogged if you use dryer sheets with any of your loads.

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    We actually clean it out every few months (I grew up in a family of firefighters, so that is something that was drilled into me from the time I was a kid). We also just moved our dryer to another wall so we could vent it better and gave it a good cleaning in the process. It didn't seem to help much. I think it's just the fact that it is an old, cheap dryer that was here when we bought our house. I really want a new washer and dryer, but want to wait until I get my addition with a laundry room instead of having them in the garage. I don't use the dryer much anyway, especially in the summer, since I like to hang stuff outside to dry. I may just take the diapers to my parents house sometime and run them through their dryer. They have a nice new one that never gets used.

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    It rains here far too much to try to hang anything to dry! Plus, some asshat would probably steal our stuff off the apartment patio if we had a clothesline.

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    I FINALLY got my confirmation that my Itti Bitti is shipping out tomorrow, so I should have it in about a week now. I also got an email from them that they'll be available in the US soon too, after they go to some baby expo in Las Vegas next week, or something like that (I only skimmed it). I wonder how the pricing will be for the US market then considering the much decreased shipping costs (the shipping now costs nearly as much as the diaper!). With the exchange rate, the snap-in-one diaper came out to right about $24, but then it ended up costing $20 to ship. Without the high shipping from Australia I'd say the price is otherwise perfectly reasonable. I'd pay up to around $30 for a diaper (not including shipping) before I'd start having issues with the price, especially if it's made with bamboo, minky, or other "luxury" fabrics (these are minky and use bamboo in all the absorbant parts, topped by suedecloth that I'm not too crazy about). If it were just plain old PUL and some polyester microfleece or suedecloth I'd consider them definitely overpriced (they shouldn't cost over $20 if there isn't any bamboo or minky or other more expensive fabrics used in them anywhere).

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    Yay! Can't wait to get H's Bunny Tails diaper! I am very excited about it, it'll be fun to try something new for sure. [​IMG]

    Oh, BG. My SIL has some itti bittis and she is very happy with them. [​IMG] They are very cute and pretty snug on her youngest.
    They are visiting on sunday, I'll see what she has to say about them in detail.
    On the pricing, they are expensive here though. $34 for a snap in before shipping. But a bum genius pocket v4 is $35, so everything cloth is expensive. :-/ Kinda sucks, because I do wish I could afford to experiment more with different types.

  6. BunnyGirl19

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    I think after much pondering, I'm going to cut the foldover soakers in half to cut down on bulk because they are seeming far too thick for the diaper. They'll just be a one piece, non-folding soaker now, which means figuring out how to unpackage Kawaii's diaper without destroying the envelope and hoping I can still feed it okay under the presser foot with snaps on. Why didn't I come to this realization before? LOL! The only thing I'm less than thrilled about is the reduced absorbancy by half (5 layer equivalent instead of 10). I think they'll work and fit better this way though.

  7. labby06

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    BG - perhaps you want to make both style soakers available? I know the foldovers create more bulk, but I happen to like the extra bulk in the front, especially for my belly sleeper. If I don't add extra absorbency up front then we get major leaks during nap times. So maybe it would be a good extra add on item for people who need the extra absorbency. I'm still using disposables at night, but since we have a long weekend this weekend I'm going to try the cloth at night again and see how we do. I just got sick of changing sheets in the middle of the night all the time, lol.

    I finished up some soakers with my bamboo terry and so far I really like them! They stay so soft, and even though they are in a pocket and not next to her skin they make the overall feel of the diaper a lot softer, if that makes any sense, lol. I wonder if it would be ok to put the bamboo terry next to her skin? Hmm. The only thing I think that might be hard with that is washing the poop out of the terry, lol.

    If I get time tonight I might experiment with steaming some scrap minky, PUL and suedecloth and see if it melts. If not, maybe I will do that to try to seal up the PUL. I should have done that with the hairdryer too, but I really didn't expect them to melt! Luckily it was the blue dot minky diaper that has the longer nap so I was able to cut a lot of it out without making it too noticeable, plus it was only the inside strip that melted so you don't see it anyway but it is against her skin so I wanted to get the rough stuff off. Hopefully the melted parts of the suedecloth won't bother her skin and will still wick the moisture. I guess we'll see tonight!

  8. desertgirl

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    I think I found a seam ripper in a sewing kit from about 12 years ago. Scary looking pointed dagger-type thing?

    Labby, my front loader SUCKS for washing diapers. It just doesn't use enough water and it doesn't have an option for adding, as a tip, look for a front loader with that option! Mine is 4 yrs old, and I'll bet the extra water feature is standard now.

    Okay, I'm totally getting rid of my BG 3.0s. And my FuzziBunz. If anyone is interested, shoot me a pm. They just aren't getting any use anymore, and cluttering up my stash, lol.

  9. BunnyGirl19

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    My mom has an LG front loader that has a bazillion options for washing including adding extra water. They got it at Home Depot.

  10. labby06

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    Yes, that would be a seam ripper, DG! [​IMG]

    I can't wait to get a front loader. Just need a laundry room first! I don't want to get a fancy washer and dryer only to have them sit in the garage and get all grimy with garage dirt like the ones we have now do!

    So I got my cord locks today, YAY! I didn't get ripped off! Haha, they never sent any sort of shipping notice, and they definitely came from China! Only 8 days to get here, not too shabby!

    So I quick finished up my softbums mock up. I have to make a few alterations, but it didn't turn out too bad! I mainly have to watch the casings for the elastic to be sure it's tight enough to not let the cord lock slip through. I also need to work something else out with the opening in the front for adjusting the elastic.

    Here it is on the smallest setting with a regular bumgenius insert snapped down to the smallest setting:


    And here it is with the BG insert on the largest setting:


    And here's the inside with the elastic sticking out the front opening, and the back flap open to show the insert:


    Once I get Olivia to bed tonight I want to try to steam some scrap pieces to see what happens to them. I had another minky diaper leak through the seams when we got home and I just don't get why. It was wet, but it wasn't overly wet so it shouldn't have leaked. I'm using a small ball point needle, 100% polyester thread, and they have gone through the dryer so I don't know what the deal is. It's got to be that the holes just haven't sealed back together because it really feels like it is coming through the seam of the elastic casing. If the steaming thing doesn't work then I'm going to take them to my parents house this weekend and have a run through their dryer to see if there's any improvement.

  11. BunnyGirl19

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    Yeah, I'm not sure why they are leaking either. I know a few of mine did okay without me sending them through on hot so seal but one I did that with leaked. I know to some extent they will all start leaking at the seams when they get super wet in the area of the seams, so maybe her pee ends up distributing out to the seams and leaking through because of it?

    Your diaper fully small reminds me a little of the Happy Heiny overlap and the inside definitely a BG. A true "hybrid" diaper. LOL! Hopefully this style ends up working out well so you didn't waste money on cord locks. Were they as tiny as the Softbums ones?

  12. labby06

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    Yeah, I don't know what the deal is. She is a super heavy wetter (and drinker, hence the heavy wetting) so maybe it's just something we have to deal with. Even the real BG diapers have been leaking lately. I try to limit what she drinks, but I don't think they do at day care. You give her a sippy cup with some water and she will have it emptied in seconds and then fuss that she wants more. I don't know if she is just that thirsty or just likes to drink. I try to let her only have one sippy cup in the evenings, but I also don't want to be denying her if she's thirsty. I think it is something we will need to talk about at our next dr. appt because I don't know if the amount she drinks is normal or not.

    The cord locks are identical to the softbums ones. I got 20 of them which is enough for 10 diapers. Should be plenty if this one works out. It is in the wash right now. I also want to try one with minky just to see how it works.

    Speaking of minky, how do you think a minky bean bag chair would hold up? I've been looking for a small bean bag chair for Olivia for her birthday, but can't believe the prices that these places want for a bunch of styrofoam balls! I've seen places like Kmart carry refill beans so I'm thinking of just making one for her. Then I thought of making a minky soft and comfy would that be!! I just wonder how it would hold up. I know I'm crazy for adding yet another thing to my project list, but I figure if I don't get to it by her birthday then Christmas isn't too far behind, lol! I don't think it will be very hard or even take that much time to do, so we'll see.

    DG - Have you tried throwing in some wet towels with your diapers? I remember reading somewhere where people were complaining about their front loaders not using enough water and some people saying that the amount of water is based on the weight of the load. So if you throw in some wet towels it makes it feel heavier and then uses more water (and since they are already wet it won't just absorb the water). It's a PITA, but might be worth trying!

  13. BunnyGirl19

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    Here are some pictures of the finished diaper I mailed out to Kawaii today. I ended up cutting the soaker in half so it would be two pieces instead of a long one that folded over because it was creating so much bulk being loose like that, that I'm not sure you'd be able to stuff a kid into the diaper. LOL! It's down to the standard soaker. It's half of what's in my AIOs, but for some reason, they seem much more trim in the AIOs than they did as a foldover style soaker, probably because it's a bit more compressed and held together when it's stitched for the AIO, so that might be something to consider to try to make a nighttime soaker for these side snap diapers.


  14. iampam

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    Cute cute cute!!!!

  15. MyrtleWarbler

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    Labby... Your Softbums-like diaper looks great! I'll be interested to see how it works... it combines a few diaper types, best of several worlds! And I am loving bamboo terry lately as well! I have some bamboo terry "half inserts" I got from, they are great doublers for my not-super-heavy wetter (though something leaked at daycare today, she came home in her spare onesie!). The bamboo is so much softer than my hemp doublers, which also seem to be stinky for us (more than microfiber, which isn't the usual complaint you hear!). I will probably get rid of my hemp stuff. I sold some things on Diaperswappers lately, which funded... the purchase of one more BestBottom cover and some inserts. [​IMG] (They are on sale at the moment, if anyone is tempted...). I also got my Chelory custom stuff. The cover is adorable and works well, but she messed up the inserts. She put the "female" side of the snap on them instead of the "male." She was mortified and very apologetic. (And said it's one more reason she needs a brief break from making customs!). I shipped them back for "gender reassignment" and she is making me an extra one for free for the trouble! I will say I like the looks of her insert, which is a "flapper" style, so many layers but no fold-over. As I had hoped, her stuff and BestBottoms are interchangeable. And, hers will work in my SoftBums cover - Yay! I have nearly reached AI2 stash nirvana...

    BG, the diaper is so super cute! Love the little tail, such a unique touch.

  16. BunnyGirl19

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    Do you have any room left in your house after all your diaper purchases? LOL

    I had noticed that Chelory had folding zorb soakers as well, and after seeing how mine were like that, OMG those must be bulky diapers! I mean, they don't really seem that overly thick and bulky until they are actually in the diaper and then it's very obvious how thick they are. They do look a bit puffy out of the diaper, but extremely puffy and hard to fit when they are in the diaper. So, another potential option I am considering would be to add a snap attachment to the front/crotch-ish area of the soaker (the part that flaps free) so a smaller extra doubler can be snapped to the front of it for like overnights or something. I'm not sure how that would work or not at this point.

    And thanks on the tail. For some reason I have an unnatural bunny obsession. LOL! Heck, the license plate on my car even says BunnyGirl (well BNY GRL)!!!! I'm just mad that we can't have bunnies at our apartment, much to SO's delight, so I have to stock up on bunny time when I go home to pick up my mail (technically my mom's house, but I still use it as my mailing address and maintain a phone line there as it's where my business is licensed). I ordered a few more yards of bamboo velour last night so I'll be able to get all the linings cut out for the testers plus the last few large AIOs. It should be here in about a week and then I can run it through and preshrink it before cutting.

  17. KawaiiNot

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    Oh so very cute! I'm so excited to try it on him.
    I'll be sure to post some pics to post for you all. I hope it gets here soon. [​IMG]

  18. labby06

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    Thanks, MW! I washed it last night and plan on trying it out tonight to see how it fits!

    I made a bunch of bamboo terry inserts that are just like the softbums one (wider in the back). I left it as a fold so I can fold it down to the size I need to stuff in the cover. I planned on putting snaps so it is easier to get the right size (like the BG inserts) but I haven't gotten around to it and it has worked fairly well just eyeballing it. I am also not a fan of the hemp and kind of mad that I bought 3 yards of it. I'll have to sign up on diaperswappers or something and see if anyone wants it and get some money back. I have some minky and PUL cut for another diaper, just have to cut the suedecloth and sew it together and we'll see how it works. If it works out with the minky then I can make your diaper like that too and I can even put a snap in the back so you can use it as an AI2 OR pocket! [​IMG]

    I steamed some scraps last night with no melting issues! I think part of the problem was the dry heat of the hairdryer that caused it to melt. I was too tired to steam the diapers by the time they were finished washing last night, so I'm going to do that today when I get home if a certain little lady will let me.

    I agree that the folded over zorb inserts are on the bulky side. I made my bamboo terry ones with a layer of zorb in the middle and the are quite thick, but no thicker than the softbums insert. It may be an issue in the smaller sized diapers, but you probably don't need that much absorbency in that size anyway. It doesn't seem to be overly bulky on her though since she's a bit bigger (and needs all that absorbency and then some, lol!)

  19. MyrtleWarbler

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    Actually, the diaper storage area in the living room (b/c most changes are still done there, and it's near the laundry) is getting stuffed and out of hand. DH has finally started to make little comments about all the diapers, but I explained that the latest package coming was paid with PayPal funds, meaning no "new money" involved. So aside from the Chelory purchase, I can say I haven't "bought" any diapers for quite a while! I destashed several things I had gotten just to try, then didn't really like enough to keep using... SmartiPants, FuzziBunz. It was nice to have a positive PayPal balance, so that motivated me to look more closely at what I'm really not using and put it up for sale!

    Be still my beating heart! LOL! Whatever you want to do is cool with me. If you do add a snap, if it's 1 1/2" down from the back edge of the diaper then I can use my various existing snap-in inserts.

    When I was deciding on materials for the custom inserts, I asked about the Zorb and she seemed to imply it wasn't usually necessary for "average" wetters. I had told her trimness was always preferred. She did one of my custom inserts with microchamois (stay-dry) on top and one with organic bamboo velour so I could try that. The bamboo velour is very slightly thicker, so I asked her to make my extra freebie as microchamois. With the softbums inserts, I don't like all that folded thickness *right* in front. I prefer to lay a doubler under an insert in the middle of the crotch. Allie is a belly sleeper sometime (she rolls all over!), but we haven't had any major leak problems.

    Except yesterday, as I mentioned... She was wearing a Knickernappies side-snap pocket. I haven't had problems with it before, I just have the one in turquoise (love the color) that I got on clearance to try. But what's worse... she was in the jumperoo at daycare when it happened, and I guess a wet fold of diaper got against her skin as she was jumping, and she has a blistery spot, like a rash from chafing, just in one little area (about the size of a quarter). Her very first of anything resembling diaper rash! I feel so bad, but we are using CA Baby cream and hopefully it clears up quickly.

    OK, pumping over. Medela... your days are numbered, but thank you for all the work you do in the meantime... [​IMG]
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  20. desertgirl

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    Cute diapers! Labby, great job on the softbums/bumgenius diaper--you got the best of both worlds.

    BG, very cute diaper, lucky kawaii!

    So, duh. I finally figured out what minky actually is, and have had some in blanket form the whole time! Still haven't gotten anything together for the wetbag, but I'm still pretty stoked about the whole project. Especially now that I have a seam ripper, lol.

    I LOVE the softbums cover on Piper. I'm so broke it's not even funny, but when I sell off a few diapers, I'll be getting another cover or two. Well, maybe if I can find some used, the price new is crazy for just a shell. We're leaving for camping tonight for 4 days and I did not have time to do laundry, so I had piper in disposable inserts and cloth covers last night. The Grovia disposable inserts (which are the best I've tried so far) fit into the softbums, as do the Flip disposables, but not the g-diaper (those things are huge). Love, love. If we were just going out of town or had running water, I'd probably use that combination to camp with...but even with the gussets in the grovia, poo still gets on the cover and I'm not cool with washing cloth covers when camping. Yuck.

    Have you all seen the new patterns on the disposables? I think they are pretty cute. The ones I've seen have that scary Dry Max in them, but if Huggies made them AND they were unscented, I'd probably buy the patterns when I used disposables. Just because it's not fluffy doesn't mean it's not cute!


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