Cloth Diapering??

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  1. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Does anyone here in the AWH community use cloth diapers?

    We are definitely planning to cloth diaper at least a portion of the time. They have come soooo far with how well the "technology" works, all the options, etc. Good for baby, good for the planet, good for the pocketbook. Everyone I know who does it, loves it. There are so many options that it's overwhelming! But, I've found some great website resources, narrowed down the type (pocket diapers) and brands we may tinker with at first (well, maybe not right at first... we'll probably ease into it), etc.

    I just wondered if anyone else here is using them or has used them. I'd like to know more about what you use, your diaper changing logistics, etc.

  2. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    you might want to get in touch with Myste, i know her son is only 2 weeks old, but she is cloth diapering, and using reusable cloth wipes as well!

  3. Myste

    Myste New Member

    MW, I am cloth diapering, just switched over yesterday!

    I started out with 2 dozen flannel wipes, 12 all-in-one diapers, 12 birdseye flats and 6 chinese prefolds. Tried all of them at different times yesterday.

    I think Dee is also doing cloth diapers.

  4. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Myste... It was actually your ticker in another post that reminded me I wanted to start this thread, lol! I was thinking you must be CD. What brand AIO do you use? I'm going to try pockets, for the shorter drying time. Probably BumGenius, but I'd like to try some with snaps as well, since some people complain about the velcro (aplix) over time. And I'm worried that the one-size diapers may be too big initially, despite the one-size claims - esp if my and DH's birthweights are any indication of how (not) big our baby will be! So I may get a few small sized diapers for the newborn stage. I'm not quite brave enough for prefolds, even though everyone says they are way easier than you think! I'm still trying to decide how to approach it all. I imagine we'll have to use disposables at child care, unless I find someone who is willing (willing to learn how simple it actually is!).

    Tell me how the CD, and the cloth wipes work out for you! Tell me how you are setting them up - in water or a solution??

    Hopefully Dee and/or others will chime in as well.

  5. Myste

    Myste New Member

    Right now the AIO I have are the BumGenius 3.0 one-size. They're actually a little too big for him right now but they do ok. You'll probably want to hold off on this type for a while though, they're stiff and come up high enough that it knocked his umbilical stump off a bit early, even though I had it folded down as much as I could.

    The chinese prefolds are simple and I really like them, but they're also too big (I got the small instead of the Newborn size - we were expecting a much bigger baby 'cause all the males on DH's side were huge!) - I don't know whether ordering some smaller ones will be worth it or not at this point though.

    The birdseye flats right now are my favorite because they're so simple and I can easily fold them to whatever size I need, they're not as bulky as the prefolds. The downside is they're nowhere near as thick and absorbent as either of the others, so he tends to soak them and soak through - definitely have to use the plastic pants/cover with them!

    Oh, and even the Newborn size bummie's plastic pants I have are too big, and the one-size Blueberry diaper cover is a bit big too. I have some Thirsties covers (x-small size) coming next week so we'll see how those do. He's not a tiny baby but he got my short waist and has pretty skinny legs(oh if only that was also from me!).

    As for the cloth wipes, I started off with a kit that had a wipes warmer, 24 flannel wipes, a bottle of Bumgenius bottom cleaner spray and a diaper lotion potion concentrate to refill it with. 24 wipes last *maybe* a day, so I suggest getting more. I got some cotton terry/knit cheap wipes and some Thirsties Fab Wipes to try different kinds. So far the jury's still out on those, I'm leaning toward the plain flannel ones as being my favorite but haven't had a chance to use and wash the others enough. I keep the wipes in the warmer and put about a cup of water on them, and use with the bottom cleaner spray or by themselves. I've got some soap bits on order from someone on Etsy to try as well.

    So far my recommendation is to get a few of everything you might want and experiment, find what you like best and what works for you and your baby.

  6. eve07

    eve07 New Member

    hi MW, i've been using and experimenting with different cloth diapers on my son for 2 years now!

    bumgenius!!!! hands down. i have tried flats, prefolds, fitteds w/ covers, etc etc etc etc.

    for my new baby (due in 3.5 weeks!!!), i have 18 xs bumgenius and 18 OS bumgenius. the xs will fit right away and are AIO, so wash, dry, and go. no stuffing diapers at the beginning. once she grows out of those, she should be able to go right into the os.

    i used 10 OS bumgenius on my son for 1.5 years. it will be good to have more in the rotation.

    i stick with aplix, tried the snaps, they are not as adjustable. the trick i learned with aplix is that you need buy extra aplix (1.5" - 2" wide) from the craft store. cut the fuzzy side of it into 2" strips. use these fuzzy strips to attach to the 'sticky' strips on your diapers before you throw them in the wash/dryer. this work a lot better than the fuzzy tabs on the diapers. you won't have to pick lint/hair out of your velcro. the velcro does not loose it's 'sticky-ness'. if it seems to, just run it in the dryer on a higher setting than you normally use, that 'resets' it.

    also, once your diapers are older/used enough and your velcro starts to curl up, you can use a piece of loose 'sticky' side velcro to place over the top velcros when the diaper is on your baby. it's kinda like putting a little 'belt' on the front of the diaper, just about 4" long. and it keeps the diaper on secure.

    the other crazy thing about CD is the wash method you use. the type of detergent you use can make or break it for you. there are 2 all natural detergents that i have found that really work, country save and allens. i used purex free and clear for a while, but i don't know if they changed their formula or what, but i got build up which results in stinkies. diapers smell like ammonia after a pee. yuck.

    also, i use wool dryer balls. they keep the diapers nice and soft, but you definitely have to use the extra aplix/velcro strips on the diaper tabs to keep your diapers from attaching to the dryer balls and the aplix getting full of wool. what a mess.

    we use both disposable and cloth wipes. we use just water with our cloth wipes, but that is because we have the other wipes for back up messes. we like the flannel and we also have some little wash cloths that work well.

    if you have any specific brands you want to know about, let me know. i may have tried them or had a friend that tried them. i also have some good websites for buying them...!!!!

  7. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I've been using cloth diapers from the beginning--the diapers are cute, easy to use, and haven't been a problem to wash. For the first week, we used ____ without a diaper cover--they are perfect for the umbilical cord and the baby doesn't pee enough to soak through. Meconium totally washes out, it's the breastmilk poops that stain! When Piper's umbilical cord fell off, I moved to prefolds (prefolds with a cover are way easy) and the____ with a _____ cover. (Sorry about the ____, I can't quite remember the name of the diapers, but I'll come back later and fill in the blank!) Now my favorites are Bumgenious OS. I hate stuffing the diapers, so I just place the inserts on top. The OS are too big at first, but babies grow so fast-they are still a bit big on Piper, but fit better every day. I also have Bumkins AIOs, and they work pretty well too.

    Wow, thinking about the diapers--I have a bunch of diapers and covers I haven't even used yet! Buying the diapers is so addictive!!

    I use cloth wipes too. I got an awesome deal on flannel/terry wipes from Green Mountain Diapers. The first week, DH and I were running to the bathroom to wet the wipes, waiting for the water to turn warm, then running back to the changing table--I ordered a cloth wipe warmer, and things have been much easier (never thought I'd use a wipe warmer!) since the wipes are right there. We don't use any sort of solution, damp clothes seem to work just fine. The antibacterial pad that comes with the wipe warmer instantly gave Pip a rash, so we threw it out. I clean the wipe warmer out every day with a wet wipe and alcohol to keep it fresh and clean, otherwise it does smell kinda mildewy.

    I'm using Green Mountain Baby Free and Clear to wash the diapers and baby clothes. So far, there haven't been any ammonia smell, but I can only find the detergent online, so I may switch to a brand I can just pick up at the store.

    Oh, and I did the same as Myste--tried to fit Piper into a bigger diaper before she was ready, and made her umbilical stump tear off a bit and bleed. One of my first mommy mistakes.

    I have used a couple of disposable diapers-I hate them! They make the baby's butt cute and small (cloth diaps are so bulky) but everytime Piper has a poop blowout in disposables. Not worth it!

    I do love cloth!

  8. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Desertgirl... I thought you put the ____ in there b/c you were worried about "promoting" a brand name. (Thought you might be extra worried since your hypnobabies post... which, btw, we decided is fine coming from an established member anyway).

    I'm thinking I want to get some kind of sized diaper for the newborn stage - enough to tinker with a couple brands, probably CD part-time till we get a feel for it (and so that we don't make as big of an initial investment until we are sure), etc. I keep saying no way do I want to try pre-folds, but everyone keeps saying how easy they are!! I plan to try the trial pack at jilliansdrawers, since you can try a wide variety and you send back whatever doesn't work for you, minus $10 and whatever you want to keep! I don't want to get a huge or expensive newborn stash, since she'll grow out of them, so maybe I'll buy used once we decide what we like (if she doesn't grow into one-size diapers before I can make a decision, lol!). Gah, it's really rather overwhelming! And then I figure we'll try some one-size pocket brands, I think pockets will go over best with DH and our lifestyle.

    A new brand on the market looks intriguing, based on price, marketing, and initial reviews... SmartiPants. I also figure we'll get some BG 3.0, seems you can't go wrong with those (for most people, most of the time) so they are worth a try. And perhaps other popular brands.

  9. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Oops, I cant' go back and fill in the ___ anymore! Okay, this is what I meant to say...we used Kissaluvs Size 0 for our brand new baby. These diapers worked wonderfully for the first week--left her umbilical cord free and clear. We still use the Kissaluvs with a Thirsties diaper cover.

    MW, for newborn stage, we also used the extra-small BG Deluxe. Worked great, but Piper grew out of them in only 2 weeks. Of course, she was (is) a big baby! I liked the BG AIOs so much that I'm probably going to go ahead and order some mediums. Or the BG Organics with snaps...can't decide yet!!

    I would have never bought used at first, but now that I've been there, done that, I would totally buy used!

  10. dee

    dee Active Member

    hi MW [​IMG] yep I am indeed using cloth nappies! We got ones that come in 2 sizes and the outer wraps come in 3 sizes so it covers nicely. I never found that the newborn ones leaked or anything, but they did sit high on his tummy and looked uncomfy at the stump. So for the first 10days or so we used Pampers Newborn (lol). As soon as I could I switched over to the cloth and I LOVE them. (From time to time suchas if we are going away somewhere or out for the whole day we use disposables as it's jsut easier, but I feel guilty the whole time lol. We also had to use them for a while when J had thrush. It was jsut too uncomfy for him when we used the cloth ones during that time)

    We got ones called Bambinex, but I think if I remember rightly they're not available in the states (?) They're bamboo, so even *more* environmentally friendly than cloth as it grows so fast, and more absorbant (this is what swung it for us). The downside to the absorbancy is that they take slightly longer to dry.

    You don't need inserts for these ones but you can get them for added absorbancy eg nighttime.
    We had 18 wraps and inserts, and 5 outer (waterproof) wraps in the beginning. (you need about that many outers as the breastfeed poos are really runny and just came out the side of the nappy into the outer. Never leaked from the outer though) That gives us enough for 2 days in the bucket and a day waiting to be used. Meaning on the 3rd day we can wash and dry the bucket load and still have enough for the 3rd day. I think in the very beginning we were washing every day though.
    Now he is in the second size outers we only need 3, and apparently only 15 nappies. (waiting to find out as he still fits the 1st size)

    These are aplix fasteners and I haven't found them to lose theur stuckyness at all. The only thing with these particular ones is that the band is really wide so as J started to sit it would dig in to his tummy a bit and ended up scratching his skin. [​IMG] I found though that if I stuck the cotton edge onto the top edge of the rough side and then fastened it as normal it got rid of that. But there are other wraps that fit so just as a heads up you might want to find a wrpa with a narrower velcro band.

    Sorry this is alll jumbly, I'm really hurrying as he has just woken up and wants his tea!!

    Will come back later and check if this makes sense lol
    Good Luck making the choice!

  11. dee

    dee Active Member

    Oh, and they're shaped ones. [​IMG]

  12. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Those bamboo diapers are so soft! I couldn't find Bambinex available here, but I did find Bambineo diapers at Costco--Costco online also has Bumkins AIOs, fitted, as well as the bamboo diapers. I'm reading the tag on the Bambineo diapers now, Size 1 fits 7-22lbs. Piper is just fitting into them (she's close to 13lbs now). Oh, and the tag says these are only 90 percent bamboo, 10% poly.

    I bought a package of the Huggies "Natural" disposables--the cover is organic cotton, but they are still filled with all the gel stuff. I'm not sure they are any more convenient than cloth for short outings, however, we'll be taking Piper on a couple of trips this summer, and I will be using disposables on the trips. The thought of coming home from vacation with a sack full of dirty diapers is not pleasant!

    Lately I've been wondering which is worse-cloth or disposables. We all know the pitfalls to disposables, but after my water bill jump 60% this past month (and I have a HE front loader), I'm wondering if cloth were such a great choice (for southwest anyway)! I'll have to tightened my water belt elsewhere!

  13. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I actually just ordered 4 of the BumGenius 3.0 OS from Amazon. I figure if I order a few every month or so it would defray the huge cost all at once. I did a lot of searching around and the BumGenius seemed to get the best reviews. A friend of mine got a bunch of different cloths (prefolds, different brands, etc) to try with her son who is almost 6 weeks old now. She used disposables until he lost his cord and then moved on to the cloth ones. She hands down LOVES the BumGenius, so based on her advice I started to order some. She said they are still a little big on her guy, but hasn't had any leaks or blowouts. We will probably use the disposables until our girl loses her cord as well since we were given a TON of them from a friend and then move to the cloth. We will probably have to use the disposables for day care too, but at home I am all for the cloth! We have a well, so we don't have to worry about water bills, but I'm sure the electric bill will go up from running the washer so much more, but that's inevitable with a baby anyway!

  14. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Yes, I started buying diapers early too--they are expensive!

  15. eve07

    eve07 New Member

    g-diapers are good too. the inserts are flushable, but they are a bit pricey. they are good to have on hand for vacations, outings, babysitters, etc.

  16. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Eve... so you have used g-diapers? I have heard mixed reviews, although most of them positive. I'm worried the inserts wouldn't do well with our septic tank, though we do have a small compost bin we could use for the wet ones. I may get a starter pack to try them. I have also heard people liked using the cover and waterproof liner with regular cloth inserts or doublers! Besides... our last name starts with G, so those diaper covers with the little g on the back would be too cute on our girl, lol! [​IMG]

    Labby... So, I see you are over in this thread, lol! Duh. Are you registering at Target? has BG 3.0, and I plan to put a few packs on my registry. I may also try the trial pack at Jillian's Drawers. And if you think you'll like BG, check out SmartiPants - new brand, getting great reviews. I plan to try a pack of those as well.

  17. Myste

    Myste New Member

    I got my Thirsties covers yesterday, size x-small. Love them! I can take one of the birdseye flats, fold it into quarters and then thirds and use it with the cover and it's perfect, and the covers fit perfectly! Soooo pleased, between those and the BG 3.0 OS diapers I think we've found our diapering system! Either prefolds or the flats work great with the covers, of course I'm sure a fitted diaper would work great too.

  18. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Myste... Do you use those snappi things or pins? I'm still intimidated by prefolds, lol! But the nice thing about the trial pack from Jillian's is that I can try it, and maybe I'd be surprised! I can see that some prefolds or flats and covers would be a pretty cost-effective system for a newborn (esp if you buy some used covers), until they grow into some of the nice one-size options out there. Cotton Babies has a good "try it" pack for prefolds, and I may get one of those.

    It's kinda funny... I have read that cloth diapering is "addictive" and it seems most everyone who tries it loves it, even if they weren't sure at first. Now that I've done all this research, when I picture my yet-to-be-born baby, I don't even picture her in disposable diapers. I automatically picture her in cloth. (Even though I know disposables will play a role in our lifestyle, esp at first I suspect).

    You ladies who are CD now should post some pics of your babies with their fuzzy butts! [​IMG]

  19. Myste

    Myste New Member

    I'll do that MW!

    Honestly with the Thirsties covers I just fold them into basically a "strip" and lay it in the cover. When doing the plastic pants cover I put the flat/prefold on with a newspaper fold and use a Snappi - I'd planned on using diaper pins but ended up liking the Snappi.

    I wish I'd gotten the "try it" prefold pack, 'cause right now I'm stuck with 6 prefolds that are way too big, and I'm very glad I got the dozen flats too, since that's all I'm using!

  20. eve07

    eve07 New Member

    i like the snappis too, but i've never tried pins. the snappis were very easy.

    g-diapers are good and versatile. like you said, you can use cloth inserts with them. you can also use the g-diaper inserts in your bumgenius OS. i couldn't use them full time b/c of the price, but they are good to have around!

    i thought they were made to work with septic too, but i'm not sure..? but you can always 'shake' the poopies out in the toilet and throw the insert in the trash, i guess. i think you can also keep a bucket of water and put them in there to dissolve and then flush maybe? could be pretty gross tho....

    you should get some of the covers tho! they are so cute, and they would be personalized just for you - cool!

    (they have them at babies r us too, for those of you that are registering there.)


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