Cloth Diapering - Part 4

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by gutterflower, Dec 10, 2011.

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    My biggest piece of advice for people starting out in cloth diapering is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Definitely start out with a few different brands/styles. That was my biggest regret when cloth diapering my first. I invested a lot of time and money into BumGenius, both buying and then making some modeled after them, and they really didn't work all that great for us. I had good luck with the Itti Bitti Tuttos with her, but she was such a massive wetter that we always had leaks. I wasn't thrilled with how they held up either. After not even a year of use all of my inserts started falling apart.

    When my second came along I decided to go the flats route. I LOVE them and so wish I would have given them a try with my first. They can be a bit intimidating at first, but they are so much more versatile as far as different folds to get the fit/absorbency that works for you. Two flats folded together with a Flip cover have been bulletproof for us at night. With Olivia I couldn't even use cloth at night because we would always have leaks. They also wash better and dry faster, and will make good cleaning cloths once diapering is done, not to mention how cheap they are!

    I recently got a Happy Flute cover from MW that she got from a co-op. I love that one too. They are cheap, cute, and it has worked really well. I'm now using flats inside my Tutto covers, but I can only use one flat because two creates too much bulk that the Tutto doesn't quite cover. Caitlin is getting a bit too big for just one flat these days, so I've been contemplating replacing them with more Happy Flutes. The one co-op I just joined just had them but I missed out on the good prints and couldn't justify spending money on ones I don't like!

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    I bought three Happy Flutes and they all delaminated in a couple washes. [​IMG]

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    I've had good luck with my HFs so far. Labby, a co-op I am in will be running an order for custom HF covers soon, send me a PM if you're interested in an invite (the group is secret).

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    Thanks ladies! I'm thinking I'll do a trial at one of our local stores before we do any big buys. I remember folding cloth diapers for my younger sisters when I was little, my Mom just used the plain absorbent cotton squares and folded them herself!

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    If you can do a trial that would be a great place to start. I don't know of any places around here that offer anything like that, but it's a great option. I can remember my mom using our old prefolds as cleaning cloths for YEARS after we were out of diapers. I've never used prefolds, but now I essentially fold the flats in the same way. When Caitlin was an itty bitty baby I preferred the origami fold with a snappi to hold it in place. It provided great coverage and I would still use it if it weren't for the fact that she got too big. If I overlap 2 flats I could probably get the origami fold to fit her, but it's a bit cumbersome to do that and now that she's bigger she needs more of the absorbency through the middle.

    I also recommend getting a diaper sprayer. I didn't use one with Olivia but decided to get one before Caitlin was born. What a difference! I don't know how I survived without one! If your DH is handy he can probably make one up pretty cheap using a kitchen sprayer. That is what we did and it has been great and all of the valves are metal so we have no leaking issues that I've seen others complain about with some of the commercial diaper sprayers.


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