Cloth Diapering - Part 4

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by gutterflower, Dec 10, 2011.

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    I've seen a lot of people raving about charcoal bamboo inserts as well.

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    I never even heard of charcoal bamboo until just now! I haven't been reading up on new CD stuff lately though since I'm perfectly happy in my flats routine. I love those things! I'm waiting to see what kind of Black Friday deals KC will have because I want to get another pack of them since daycare is starting full time in 3 short weeks! Next week she will start going with Olivia for some test runs, so we'll see how it goes. I think I'm just going to use flats folded up in a Tutto shell for daycare and have everything prefolded and laid in there. Then they won't have to reuse covers and they should still be pretty straightforward to put on. I just hope they put them on tight enough which was the biggest problem I had with Olivia. I may even add some snaps to the flats if placement becomes a problem. I've pretty much totally given up on my Tutto inserts at this point since there doesn't seem to be much absorbency left in them at all, but the shells are still working great so the flats are a great way to get some more use out of them.

    I also want to see about picking up one or two trainers to give a try. I think it will still be a LOOOOOONG while until Olivia is diaper free at night and I am so tired of spending all that money on pulls ups and how much they STINK! She throws them away in the bathroom trashcan so there is a constant pullup funk in the bathroom which drives me nuts! I just hope I can get her to try the cloth, and that they hold her massive pees without being too uncomfortable for her bulk wise.

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    Oh Labby, I meant to comment on trainers for night time... I packed away Allie's cloth trainers for the last month or two before baby came because they sat too long before I would have a load worth washing. It was a nice break from diaper laundry. I got them back out and now she won't wear them at night because they are "diapers". Ahh!... I can't convince her and don't feel like fighting it. Maybe if I let her help me pick some herself, or something? I hate the sposie pull up smell too. And the cost, feels like such a waste to buy them over and over, Lol! And I wet the bed till age 8, was on medication even, so my hopes for night training any time soon are zip. :-/

    I ordered 10 of those charcoal bamboo inserts, I will report back! The per insert cost with co-op fee and shipping comes to about $1.70. We shall see...

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    Yes they are newer. I have a two size 1 and two size 2. And I must say, they look exactly the same size next to each other. I ordered these diapers in the spring, so not very old. I can't find my stained glass looking one after SO thought it was a good idea to clean and organize my sewing room without my permission while I was at work. I normally keep the diapers in the living room but that ine needed the waist elastic fixed since it broke.

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    That is the same thing that happened with us! We were doing so well with the fleece soakers I had made holding her over night, but then she wasn't using any diapers during the day and I couldn't justify washing just 2 diapers so we went to disposable until Caitlin was born. But then she wouldn't go back to cloth! The thing with cloth trainers is that they have to be absorbent enough to make it through the night, but they also have to be easy enough for her to get on and off by herself since she does on (rare) occasion get up to pee. I'm thinking of giving the SuperUndies overnight a try, although they are a bit pricey. I may get one, see how it works, and then maybe try to copy it if I have good results. If it doesn't work for Olivia then at least I have Caitlin to use it on down the road.

    For anyone that's interested, Joann's has the Babyville stuff on sale for 50% off from Nov 29 through Dec 1. Although I don't really NEED any, I'm so tempted to stock up on some more PUL. I get an additional 15% off sale prices with my teacher card, so that's a pretty good deal and PUL comes in handy sometimes for a variety of other projects.

  6. BunnyGirl19

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    I don't think I need any Babyville stuff, but I had an idea for something with the buttons for a Secret Santa gift depending on who I get.

  7. labby06

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    So as you all probably know from the toddlers thread, today was Caitlin's first day of day care. I'm not very optimistic about the cloth diapering there and think I'll be sending 4 outfits a day like I had to with Olivia. I folded up some flats to lay in the tutto shells since my tutto inserts are shot. I also folded a few and sent along a Flip shell to demonstrate how to use them, and she had a Flip on when I dropped her off. Our provider seemed a bit dumbfounded when I was showing her the Flip and how I lay the inserts in and when I explained that I wipe out and reuse the shell a few times, so I don't think that will go over well. Then I showed her the tuttos which I also used on Olivia and said the only difference was the insert and figured those are pretty darn simple. When I put the tutto on her there is one open snap in the middle. When I got home with her today and took her pants off the diaper came off with them! It was snapped using ONE snap on each side, on the very last snap! So I'm going to have to explain that they need to be put on tighter, but I went through this over and over with Olivia too. I rarely have leaks since going all flats (which I ordered more of yesterday since I'm starting to have to double up during the day too because she is peeing more) but I think she will constantly leak if they put them on that loose! I just don't get it because our provider is a bit old school and kind of hippie-ish so you would think she would be all about cloth diapers. She told me she used them with her kids too but you sure wouldn't know it!

    I also had this epiphany the other night. I've been contemplating getting a pair of Super Undies overnights for Olivia to get rid of these darn pull ups. I was sitting here staring at them about to add them to my cart when I realized that I could probably use the fleece soaker pattern to make up something similar. So I altered the pattern a bit and cut out some Babyville PUL I had and then used fleece for the sides so that it was stretchy enough to get on and then made the waist and legs out of fleece too. I also took some other fabric I had and made a "pocket" type thing on the front and back to hold the insert in place for pulling up and down, much like the SuperUndies have. I couldn't remember what size soaker I had made for her before so I went with the extra large. It looked HUGE when it was done! I folded the bamboo flat I had made to lay in it and also put in another insert I used to use for her overnight. Well by the time I had it all stuffed it didn't look so huge anymore and I actually had a bit of a struggle getting it on her! It looks SOOOOOO incredibly funny on her. She has a total shelf butt! She kept walking around waddling her butt, but was actually happy to leave it on. I'm interested to see how it works and if it goes well I'm going to make a few more and will be so happy to be done buying pullups! Here's a picture of little miss shelf butt, lol!!


  8. iampam

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    Love it Labby! How cute!

  9. labby06

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    Thanks pam! It was a success!! I will definitely make a few more but I think the waistband needs to be a bit more snug. I also don't think I need to stuff it quite as full as I did because the bottom layers weren't all that wet, so I will try again with maybe just the bamboo flat and see how that goes. I may also try making a large and see how that fits. It will take some experimenting to get it just right.

    I'm actually contemplating possibly making some of these to post on Etsy since I don't really see anything quite like this style. They are pretty easy to make and sew up pretty fast so it would be a good way to make a few extra bucks if there is any interest in them. I would sell the shell only and then you can customize the absorbency however suits your situation. I figure anyone looking for cloth trainers/pull ups probably cloth diapered as well and probably has a whole stash of various inserts like I do. Hmmm, anyone have thoughts/suggestions on this? I never really got into making diapers to sell because there are so many variables and so many different sizes/shapes of kids that I really didn't want to deal with someone being unhappy with fit or complaining because of leaks which I always seemed to have a lot more of with homemade diapers than commercial ones.

  10. BunnyGirl19

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    I think it's a good idea, and technically regular training pants you want to leak a bit to get them wet and uncomfortable to encourage toilet use. Granted, it's totally different for nighttime though. I am looking at doing something similar to Ditto Daddy for training pants, i.e. boxer brief style for RJ, because they look so much like regular underwear versus just a new style of diaper like a lot of cloth trainers appear to be to me.

    I'm sure people would buy training pants from you if you made them. I don't know what kind of pricing though. I haven't really ventured into price comparisons on those, nor have I made any for a rough materials cost.

    Oh, and Pam, I was going to be revisiting my OS diaper pattern in the very near future and I will be needing an itty-bitty to test as well. I'm making one for a 14-month-old already so have the larger end covered. My main concern is just what type of insert to do and size of it as it's an AI2 and fits roughly 10-40 lb. I think I've pretty much nailed the shell part aside from some minor adjustments to the rise snaps.

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    When I saw the picture my first thought was "hmm, that looks kind if original!" And my next thougt was "I'd totally try that with Allie!" So sign me up to try one if you want a tester or want to sell me one.

    Oh @$#%^@. Allison just swallowed a penny. Gotta go...
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    I can certainly make some for you to try, MW! I bought some more PUL yesterday to take advantage of the 50% off sale (which they NEVER have on the Babyville stuff, and combined with my extra 15% off sale prices it was a great deal!) I'm going to make another for Olivia in the large size to see how it fits in comparison to the extra large. Then I will take some measurements on her and we can compare them to Allie's measurements to see what size would be best for her. The extra large is working on Olivia, but it's not really as snug as I would like around the legs and waist, so hopefully the large will give the better fit. She's been dry the past 2 nights though, so it makes it hard to test really well - go figure!

  13. MyrtleWarbler

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    Sounds good! Maybe Ican get Allie excited about a brand new pair of special nighttime undies! She just sees her current Snap-EZ trainers as "diapers" b/c she wore them while PT. plus said the side snaps bother her legs (maybe they are a tad too small now). Hit me on FB if you need to, I come here in spurts lately!

  14. iampam

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    Sure Bunny, I would love to test your diaper on baby girl when she comes. [​IMG]

  15. labby06

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    I got a large size made for her yesterday and it fit MUCH better. Of course she was dry again this morning so I haven't had a good test for it yet! The one time when I WANT her to be wet overnight she's not, lol! I will try to get some measurements of her tomorrow to compare to Allie and then we can figure out what size to try for her. According to the pattern, a large has a 19" rise, fits a waist of 17-19" and a thigh of 10-11". I'll see how true to size that is and then work one up to send to you to try out!

    Oh, and I am once again a Tide convert, lol! I bought a small box of the Ultra stuff at the grocery store to try out, and haven't had an issue at all with the return of the ammonia stink. At first I didn't think it was working, but then I realized I just wasn't using enough. Once I upped the amount a bit more I started getting much better results, and since I'm not using synthetics anymore I don't really have to worry about repelling. It's so nice not having to constantly do sanitize cycles and talking up half a day just washing diapers! That is definitely important with going back to work soon. I really won't have 5 hours during the week to devote to diaper washing if I plan to go to bed at a decent hour! I just bought a HUGE box of it at Sam's Club and will probably start using it on our clothes too when I'm out of our current stuff. Right now I'm using some homemade detergent for clothes and while I like it, I think the few loads I tried with the Tide powder got the clothes cleaner. I also think the powder cleans better than the liquid for whatever reason. I have been using the Tide on the kids' clothes for the past few loads because with a crawler and a 3 year old their clothes are always FILTHY and the Tide just seems to clean them so much better. I still miss the original original though!

  16. BunnyGirl19

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    So, I have one charcoal bamboo insert right now and can find nothing at all different about it in terms of absorbency, smell, texture, or anything else. It's just charcoal gray instead of off-white. I was reading through a description on one of the diaper websites about it and they are basically just describing the properties if bamboo. I haven't seen anything that says it is bamboo plus charcoal, just always describing it as charcoal bamboo, which it technically is based on color. At this point, until proven otherwise, I think it's more gimmick or misinterpretation than otherwise. I'll try to find out more when I have the time though.

  17. iampam

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    We had our first poopy swim diaper today. Lesson learned, next time take him out of the water quicker... it was solid but messier than I expected.

  18. labby06

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    We luckily never had in "in the water" poop, but only once we got out. We are going to a birthday party in 2 weeks at an indoor pool place and I was reading on their site that they have a double swim diaper policy for all kids under 3 or not fully potty trained. They require a "snug fitting non-disposable swim diaper over top of a disposable swim diaper." They say that according to the CDC, no swim diaper can contain fecal matter for more than 3-5 minutes, so by requiring double diapering they hope to obtain the full 5 minutes. I have only ever used the shell of a pocket diaper as a swim diaper, so I am a bit concerned about how anal they are going to be about it and if they will actually check. I hope they have disposable ones there to purchase if needed because I really don't want to have to buy a whole pack for one darn diaper.

  19. MyrtleWarbler

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    Labby, remind me how to measure the rise... From the bottom/middle of the crotch to the top? I'm excited to try your trainer, you might be onto something! That's crazy they would require a non disposable swim diaper over the disposable one, I would think most people don't have anything except sposies.

    BG, I was planning to try some comparisons with my other inserts when I get the charcoal inserts. So many people, including my sitter, rave about them. But I agree that could be a "placebo effect", Lol! It may also vary by manufacturer. My sitter loves the ones from the company we just ordered from, so I guess we'll see!

    I just tried Ecos detergent because I can get it for a good price from the Green PolkaDot Box. Too early to be sure but the first load seemed to go well. I've been doing the same routine for so long it makes me nervous to try new wash routines, even if I often think something might work a bit better than what I've been doing.

  20. BunnyGirl19

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    I wonder if the people switching to the charcoal inserts have ever used regular bamboo before? It's fleece, which is a little different than my usual as I use french terry topped with velour. Technically the fleece and french terry are the same thing except to get the fleece they brush the loops on the back of the french terry to make it softer and fluffier. However, I didn't notice any performance differences. There is definitely improvement over the microfiber inserts (what pretty much all my Chinese cheapie cartoon print diapers have) when using the bamboo but not when I've comoared bamboo to bamboo. If there is a difference it is too small for me to notice or maybe isn't obvious yet because mine has only been used twice so far. I know they say the smell is much less, but I don't have smelly diapers in the first place with my wash routine, the normal way and the few I'm still testing Tide Pods on (over 100 washes on microfiber inserts and either suedecloth or microfleece linings and no repelling, stink, or build-up issues). Granted RJ's morning diapers would smell horrendous, but so do the disposables. He's outgrown his fitteds so I've just been putting him in the Pampers Extra Protection 4x night diapers which he still manages to leak out of a couple nights a week.


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