Cloth Diapering Part 3!

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by gutterflower, May 20, 2011.

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    Lol-maybe you can talk them into letting you "work from home" becaue it's getting "too uncomforable to be at the office all day" :). Just think of all you could get done with 10 toddler-free days before baby!

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    HA! Like that would ever happen! Not with my jack@$$ boss (who has yet to say a single word to me in the past week or so)!

    In my bored searching, I came across this listing of crochet videos that might help you, DG. If you click on the picture it takes you to YouTube to play the video and then has a link for the left hand version, so that might be a help to you! I don't hold the yarn the same way the woman in the video does, but to each his own I guess. I put the yarn between my pinky and ring finger, then up over my index finger, and then hold the stitches with my middle finger and thumb, if that makes any sense.

    I guess it would help if I actually posted the link, lol! Here it is:

  3. BunnyGirl19

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    I don't recommend using a snail shell design in a diaper. They just don't work well. The gDiapers leak really bad with that design and if your kid is active everything shifts around and doesn't catch all that it should.

  4. BunnyGirl19

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    What are some good recommendations for NB diapers? I absolutely loved Lil Joey's when I borrowed my friend's for RJ (she's since sold off the majority of her stash as she's done with kids and is working on trying to potty train teh 2-year-old) and I was debating about buying a few this time, but it just seems like $28 is a lot of money to me all of a sudden considering the materials used. I guess it's more a matter of SO complaining that I bought diapers when I make them. LOL! I just don't know if I will have the time and energy to make a full NB stash to be worn for only 4-6 weeks followed by another full stash of the next size up plus hoping to be able to get a start on the next size after that (which RJ needed at about 5-6 months) plus still keep up on RJ's stash as he grows. I guess this would be a good argument for one-size diapers, but I just don't prefer them. LOL

  5. labby06

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    That's why I'm going the flat route this time around. We couldn't use the one size with Olivia until she was about 8 weeks old. At least with the flats you can fold them to whatever size you need. I've been researching different folds to try for a newborn. I'll probably try to sew up some quick fleece soakers once she's born and I have a better idea of her size. They should sew up pretty fast.

    I made my first pair of longies tonight. Overall I'm pretty happy with them, although I'm afraid they are going to be huge on her. The picture doesn't really do justice to how big they are, lol. Length-wise they are the same as a pair of her pants that fit well, but they are bigger in the wasit and obviously hips since I took the measurements with her nighttime diaper on. I should have made the wasitband a little shorter, but then I worry it may not fit over her huge fluffy butt. They were super easy though and sewed up super fast, so I think I will be going to get some more fleece in some cool prints/colors to make some more if I like how these work out. I may end up just taking these in a bit if they are too big and then I can let them out in a few months if need be.


  6. BunnyGirl19

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    I can't see your picture on my work computer since images are blocked, but I'll have to check them out later.

    SO definitely won't want to go the flats route so that's likely out unless I make a point of having to do every single diaper change until baby grows into the the next size of diaper. I've done cotton flats on RJ a few times before using the old-fashioned diaper pins (and my mom's cotton gauze diapers from 1969) and it wasn't too bad, although I am by no means good at folding flats, probably due to lack of practice.

    I've been thinking of ordering like 6 Lil Joey's, but I'll probably make the decision much closer to the time I will need them, which is still months and months away. I don't have any personal experience with my P/NB diapers since RJ had outgrown them by the time I got to my redesign so that size has not been tested yet. I actually just drew up the front snap, hip snap, and fitted in that size over the weekend (still working on side snap) so I need to get some sewn up to see if they need revising or not. I couldn't get in the mood to work on RJ's stash so I started working on my patterns again, which is necessary, but not as urgent as RJ's diapers. LOL

  7. KawaiiNot

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    If you want fitteds I've heard great things about Orange Diaper Company's Loops line. In XS they are $14, have a belly button snap down, and are all natural organic fabrics as I know you prefer.
    Congrats on your pregnancy!! [​IMG]

    Great longies, labby! What kind of fleece did you use, are they single layer?

  8. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'll have to check them out. I'm not familiar with that brand. I'm not sure what I want to do yet. I'm just trying to line up some options in case I can't complete my own stash.

  9. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I was looking at Orange Diaper Company for their bamboo terry flats, but they are always sold out! Seem to be very popular.

    Thanks, Kawaii! They are a single layer of fleece and I think it may be anti-pill fleece? I'm not sure since it was stuff I had laying around forever. I think the high rise is what makes them look so big, but I had to make it bigger to fit over her huge nighttime butt. I want to try to get it in the washer before I leave for work so we can maybe try it out tonight. She wore a disposable last night (I still only have 2 bamboo flats and that appears to be the ONLY thing she doesn't leak out of) and she woke up soaked this morning and with that nasty disposable smell. I really need to get more bamboo terry to make at least one more flat for wash nights, although once I'm home with the new baby I will be able to wash during the day and have them dry by night so it shouldn't be as big of an issue.

  10. desertgirl

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    Thanks for posting the crocheting tutorial!

    Labby, cute pants. The anti-pill stuff is what the etsy shop person is using, though she has another layer sewed in the soaker. Or something. I'll take some pictures when it gets here...which, with my etsy luck, might be never.

    BG, I'd order 6 Lil' Joeys too. Um, they are just too cute not to, and 6 won't get you far anyway. You can still make a ton of your own diapers for newbie.

    I finally bought a package of diapers that I used to use on camping trips with P--the Huggies organic kind (that aren't really organic at all). What is nice is that they are super soft AND they do NOT have that nasty disposable stink when peed in. Now that I'm not using disposables on her consistently at night, a package of dipes will last quite a while and I don't mind spending a little extra $$ for the soft and nonstink factor.

    I am anxiously waiting shipment of a wool cover from Woolybottoms: , and the etsy fleece longies. Now I'm kinda "eh" on the woolybottoms because I don't remember what color I ordered (I hope not pink), the sizing seems too small and it finally got cold here so longies make about a million times more sense.

  11. BunnyGirl19

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    I want Tulip, Amethyst, Luxe, Sunshine, and Eco Owl. I can get all but the Eco Owl individually from a particular website, but I've only found Eco Owl Lil Joeys at one website and I have to buy them in the two-packs of the same color instead of mixing like the other site does. If they had the owl I'd probably get a red one instead of two owls.

    I have two outers (minus hidden PUL) cut of my P/NB pattern right now (fs and hs) and will be putting tails on them when I go to my mom's today. I was able to squeeze two onto one Bubblegum Giraffe diaper cut. It's a super cute but hard to find print. I'm still kicking myself for not buying the 2-yard piece off etsy the moment I saw it! I think I'm going to keep these diapers for myself instead of having them be testers. LOL

  12. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    hahaha, oh, I'm laughing hard right now. I googled bubblegum giraffe print, and here's the first thing that popped up. I was like, $28 for a teddy bear diaper????, and then read the listing. HAHAHA. good stuff.

    Oh, cute print though.

    Crap, it gets even better, with a matching hoodie.

    Again, cute combo. But the ridiculous of a dog wearing a diaper AND the hoodie? I think the expression on the little whippet's face says it all.

  13. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    damn, the whole site is filled with doggie clothes. I will do my best not to snark the doggie apparel.

  14. labby06

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    Lol, dog apparel always cracks me up. My dog would never let me put stuff like that on her. I had crocheted a bumble bee costume for her for Halloween a few years back. That didn't go over so well.

    I've been amusing myself at work for lack of better things to do by browsing this site called They basically take some of the stupid stuff people post on etsy (of which there is a ton of) and make fun of it. This one had me laughing so hard I was crying, especially when reading the comments. This one had me laughing pretty hard too.

    I got the longies washed this morning so we're going to give them a try tonight. I just hope she's not too warm in them since she likes to bury herself under lots of blankets. I hope they aren't too big either. I'll post a pic if I can get one. I posted in the toddler thread about having to clean up for an interior appraisal on our house for refinancing. I guess that means I will have to pack my machine up for the time being, so I won't get to make another pair of longies with a soaker built in, at least not for another week or so [​IMG]

  15. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I love Regretsy. LOL

    and I saw those too when googling DG. I can't imagine trying to put clothes on an animal. It just seems so ridiculous most of the time what people think they should wear, like dresses for dogs. Really, aren't they just going to pee all over the skirt part? LOL

  16. labby06

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    Not sure if anyone saw, but zulily has fuzzibunz on sale. They are the Elite ones though and are getting trashed in the comments for how ugly and stupid the sayings are. I have to agree. I was actually thinking about picking a couple up to try since I never tried those until I saw they were the ones with the sayings on the back!

  17. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I'm dying, I JUST saw the elephant thing on Regretsy yesterday. I JUST found out about Regretsy yesterday too, when I read about the paypal vs regretsy thing. Too funny. The comments killed. "Merry Christmas, Grandpa! I got you something to put your penis in." Died.

  18. BunnyGirl19

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    I just got my Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 in the mail so maybe I can try it out tomorrow around the house. I'm not sure how I feel about the lycra wings though.

    I'll probably make 18 NB dipes and buy 6 Lil Joeys to use. That should hopefully be sufficient.

  19. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Lol, I found out about regretsy yesterday too because of the Paypal thing. Some of the stuff on there is just too much! When I was looking at the elephant trunks I started laughing so hard that the guy next to me peeked over to see if I was ok! The comment that really got me was the one that said about making it a flower so you could watch it grow, LOL!!

    Well Olivia loves her longies! She has them on now but with no diaper because I wanted to see just how big they were. They are big, but I think they will be doable. She keeps pointing at them and saying "like daddy's!" DH has fleece pants that he usually puts on when he gets home from work and somehow she knows these are like his, only a different color and lacking fish, lol! I'll try to get a pic after her bath when she has a diaper on.

  20. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Well here are the longies over a diaper. Overall I'm happy with the fit and will use this pattern for more except make the wasitband smaller. I may end up taking the waistband out of this one and make it smaller, as you can see the gap in the back. But around the hips and the length it seems to fit pretty well. Hopefully they will stay on her during the night since she moves around so much! Between her sticking her belly out and her huge fluffy butt she looks so disproportionate in this pic, lol!



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