Cloth Diapering Part 2!

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    Yeah, when we finish this pack of preemies we're going to use the NB ones. I'm just shocked he managed to pee that much in such a short time! He only ate 3 oz of formula at his last feeding and got a fresh diaper at that time. I suppose it's possible his diaper was defective too since the lining was pulled away on one side. I just really hate cleaning up those puffy gel beads. It reminds me of the mold that grows on those lucky bamboo plants of you don't change the water enough, except a lot stickier. Yuck!

    He manged to soak his sleeper, the blanket he was wrapped in, and his stuffed bunny. He's all gussy and upset now that he doesn't have his bunny (it's in the dryer now). He cuddles it and likes to suck on it's nose. I had to pry it out of his arms this morning so I could wash it! What's funny is he has an identical bunny that's white, but he wouldn't take it. He wants his blue one. LOL

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    Just going to lock this one up for archiving in the next few days, I started a new one for you ladies!


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