Cloth Diapering Part 2!

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by Penguin-Goon, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. labby06

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    I had that happen to me too! Our washer is in the garage (which I hate BTW) and the genius the designed it had it on an outside wall with BURIED pipes! We had issues with the pipes freezing in the winter and then I couldn't use the washer! So we moved it so it wasn't along an outside wall and the pipes could be insulated. I wanted DH to tie it in to the drain for the sink that is next to it instead of just running the drain hose into the sink which of course he didn't want to do. The first time I used it in the new location the same thing happened! Luckily it was just the garage which has a concrete floor and there is a drain in it so it wasn't too bad, but a lot of stuff still got wet and it was still a mess.

    No progress in the potty department here. The other day she peed all over me and the couch, lol! Every time I ask her if she needs to go potty she says no. She will sometimes walk over to it and grab her crotch like she needs to go, but by the time i get her undressed I think she already goes. As soon as I take her diaper off she will go get the potty, but won't sit on it long enough to go and usually goes soon after getting up...on the floor. Hopefully she will get the gist of it soon!

  2. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    omg, I'm browsing through FB right now, and has posed the question, "What do you do for your heavy wetter?" The diaper solutions people are posting are crazy! I can't imagine the butt-size of some of these babies!! I should be more grateful that P is not a heavy wetter.

  3. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Lol, do they have any good advice? I've about had it with cloth at this point. She went through so many pairs of pants yesterday that she came home in someone else's! The extra microfiber just adds way too much bulk. I can hardly get her pants on, and I think it affects the fit which causes leaks from not being tight around her legs. Ugh, I can't seem to win! I hope #2 doesn't pee as much as she does!

  4. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    RJ seems to pee a lot, but he's in preemie Pampers which don't absorb much in the first place so it might just be that it spreads in there and looks like a ton. If he does pee a lot, the one piece soaker might not be enough in his first BTs. The other sizes all have a double soaker so should be a lot better if that's the case.

  5. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    labby, I read a lot of hemp answers. But also a ton of 2-trifolded prefolds, plus microfiber, plus hemp insert. And an insert called Lollidoos or something? I think it's bamboo? I think P's diaper is bulky when I add a super thin hemp insert to any of her diapers, and I seriously can't ever imagine trifolding 2 prefolds, much less anything else, into a diaper. But then again, I don't have the frustration of dealing with leaks!

    BG, your diaper works great on P--still very absorbent, no leaks. Are you still taking tester comments? If so (and I guess whether you are or aren't), I'm finding the wings of P's diaper (size large) are too short for her. Everything else fits, but I can barely velcro it on, and when I do, the velcro starts scratching her thigh since it's not all on the white strip. I know P's super tall for her age, but she's pretty lean as well, so I think it would still be an issue with shorter, normal weight toddlers as well.

  6. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I may have to lengthen the velcro strip across the front to solve that issue. I know my friend's son has the same issue, but he's also quite chunky. P's diaper is in the size ranges that have double layer soaker pad. The P/NB has half that much.

  7. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    DG - I'm having that same issue with my diapers since I added the microfiber towels. They are SOOOOOO bulky that I can barely get them closed! I think I'm going to just stop using the towels because they don't seem to be helping. I think the added absorbency helps, but causes them to leak other ways. Plus they turned EVERYTHING yellow. I'm going to strip the diapers this weekend and maybe use a tiny bit of bleach to see if takes the yellow out of them.

  8. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    That Rit color remover might work to take out the yellow too.

  9. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I bet your newbie diapers will work for RJ when he'll fit in them. I suppose you could always add a small bamboo doubler from scraps?

    Well, labby, my mom says those microfiber towels are awesome for dusting and cleaning the house with, so, not a total waste!

  10. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    If he weren't so skinny in his abdomen he'd be able to wear them now. I suppose I could make crossover tabs with the velcro for him so he could wear them now. That's the only real hangup now, he's long and skinny with long legs mostly. The tabs need to cross on his preemie Pampers too.

  11. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Yeah fortunately our basement does not have carpet, but I couldn't believe how far the water spread. There is a room with a furnace near the room with the washer and dryer and it spread in there. That room has a few boxes of random crap that was in the house before we moved in, like floor tiles or whatever. All of the wet cardboard has to get tossed. *sigh* DH went out and bought a clamp for the stupid hose, and drilled holes in the super ghetto utility sink to clamp the hose down. So we shouldn't have this problem again! Apparently the previous tenants did something similar, DH and I just never noticed because they filled the holes back in.

    BG, I think the newborn size disposables are pretty much worthless, they barely absorb anything. I was glad when we used them all.

    Eddie is usually in the OS FuzziBunz now. I don't have them all adjusted yet, so sometimes I still put him in an XS, but he can pee through the XS soaker pretty quickly, and I've been getting more poopy blowouts from them.

    We're still doing pretty well with the double stuffed OS FB at night. But by morning he's usually done a good job of wetting the two inserts... and he's only 5 weeks old... *sigh* Fortunately they're really big, we've got a lot of room to stuff all kinds of things in there.

  12. iampam

    iampam Active Member


    Here is Eddie in one of his OS FB today. That's just with one insert, they are huge on him when I have two in there.

  13. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, one little pee in the preemie sposies and it's pretty much filled. We change him generally at 3-hour intervals to coincide with feedings (unless he definitely needs it sooner) and his diaper must weigh 10 pounds of gel! The NB ones are too big still and end up fitting pretty loose on him. He's a little over 6 lb now (I find out how much tomorrow) but long legged and skinny. He was 19-1/2 Monday, but mostly it's a leg thing. His body is pretty short and scrawny still.

    My small red Itti Bitti came today along with the spectra print one-size they make. I ordered them when I got my pail liners. I'm pretty sure they won't fit, especially considering they list 8 lb as the beginning weight.

    I'll see about trying a Bunny Tails on him tomorrow and see how they work out. I'm still guessing they're pretty roomy in the waist. I'll post pictures if I get one on him.

    P.S. Poor Eddie is drowning in his giant diaper. LOL! I love that neon orange too.

  14. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    My first Bunny Tails! Now mommy needs to finish the rest of my stash so I can wear them all the time! I love the feel of bamboo on my butt!




  15. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I thought about RIT, but I'm not sure if that will have any affect on the PUL? They just look dingy now with this shade of yellow. I didn't stuff the microfiber in today so we'll see how it goes. I couldn't believe how much extra room there was in her bag, lol! And I could actually pull her pants on without stretching the heck out of them!

    BG - don't worry, RJ's legs will plump up in no time! We had the same problem with Olivia when she was first born. She was 6lbs 10oz and 21 1/2" long, so she was really long and skinny too! We used the NB diapers for a couple of weeks. I don't think I started the cloth with her until she was about 8 weeks old because of how little she was. She gained weight pretty fast though. I remember taking her for her first weight check and they wanted her to have gained 3oz and she gained over 13! She was quite the eater from the start!

  16. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Awwww Bunny RJ and the diaper are adorable [​IMG]

  17. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    omg, too cute. Both babies are adorable in their diapers! I love the pirate skulls. P's in my lap, she loves the babies too, though she really likes BG's avatar!

  18. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well, RJ managed to soak his Bunny Tails in about two hours. We got a little leak at one if the leg holes (the lining wicked, not stitch hole leak). I think part of the issue was that his diaper isn't fully prepped yet. It needs about three more wash cycles first. Then again, the diaper we changed him out of was just poopy and not wet so I'm guessing he peed more than once to soak it so much. He probably could have lasted another hour if not for the leg hole leak as it wasn't fully saturated, but it was pretty soggy in general. Hopefully the lighter absorbancy are enough for him while he fits this size.

  19. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Well, I think we're officially done with all of the XS FuzziBunz. I phased the pointy tabbed ones out awhile ago because they were way tight on his legs, but the square tabbed ones have still been fitting, more or less. I only use them around the house since they don't hold as much.

    Well this morning, I changed him when he woke up, and then again maybe a half hour later because he pooped more, and put him in an XS. About a half hour after that I noticed his sleeper felt wet. I changed the diaper and the entire newborn liner was soaked. I don't know how he could pee that much in such a short time.

    We still have a few leaks and blowouts from time to time, but overall he's been doing pretty well in the one-size FuzziBunz. He hardly ever gets any diaper rash now that he's in cloth all of the time.

    I always thought I would use disposables when traveling, but it's actually been easier to stick with cloth, since they leak less on him and irritate him a lot less. Carrying the dirty diapers around is just not that big of a deal to me. Not sure what I will do during the State Championships in a few weeks though, I'm looking at 2-3 nights in a hotel, I don't think I have enough of the one size diapers to make it that long. Plus if we end up sharing a room with the other female coaches, I don't think they'll be too crazy about a dirty diaper wet bag sitting in the room for a few days. I guess we'll see!

  20. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    RJ seems to be a heavy wetter right now. Then again, his tiny little diapers only have half the absorbancy of the bigger ones so it might just be an absorbancy issue and not mega pee. He soaks his diapers to the point the lining wicks at the edges in 2-3 hours. At this point the diaper is pretty much saturated including the lining wicking the pee all the way out to the velcro tabs on the wings a couple of times now. He'll probably outgrow this size in another week or two since he's just under 7-1/2 pounds now. I still haven't fimished his whole stash of P/NB yet and I've been debating just scrapping the idea and cutting out and starting on the next size up already. I wanted to have all of both sizes sewn before I go back to work in four weeks, but that's looking like a delusional goal at this point. LOL! I can tell you I definitely plan to have my stash of girl diapers completed in the two small sizes long before my due date so I'll have them ready. If I end up with another boy next he can use RJ's and I can just replace any that need replacing instead of making a whole new stash.


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