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  1. Smaly Jo

    Smaly Jo New Member

    Hi, everybody. I have some problem, and I need your advice. I have a very tough Ashermn’s syndrome. My womb is full of synechias. I’ve already had several hysteroscopies, and now there is a coil inside my womb. My doctor doesn’t give me any hopes. She just says that my problem needs treatment, and I have to wait. However, my husband and I are sick and tired of waiting. Actually, we’ve been waiting for nearly 2 years. We’re dreaming of having a baby, and we’ve decided to ask another woman to carry and give birth to our child.

    As we don’t have a female relative or a close friend to do it for us, we’ve decided to ask a reproductive clinic to find a suitable surro mum for our baby. At present, we are dealing with the Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom. It’s situated in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.

    All in all, the clinic has loads of favorable feedbacks in the internet. However, when we came to Ukraine we’ve found out that the things were quite different there.

    We liked the way we were met at the airport and treated afterwards. However, when we came to the clinic for the first time to meet its representatives, we were a little bit shocked.

    The clinic is tiny. Narrow and small halls and too overcrowded…

    I wonder, if the clinic is really small, why do they take so many patients? We spent hours staying in the queue in order to speak with the clinic’s representatives.

    In addition, I saw many couples with newly born babies. Why don’t the clinic owners open a separate office where couple with small children would come??? I don’t think it's right to make them come to overcrowded clinic where you can meet people from over the world. You never know whether a person who is near your baby healthy or not. I saw how a man was coughing constantly and a couple with a newly born baby was staying near him. It was really disgusting!!!!

    The staff of this clinic is really awful. The administrator at the reception desk is extremely unfriendly. She doesn’t know how to treat her clients. The first day we came to the clinic, she answered us in a loud unfriendly voice. When we tried to get some additional derails, she asked us to contact our program manager and started to speak with another couple.

    The same can be said about the clinic’s doctor. She looks very confident and you want to trust her, but she speaks with you very formally. Frankly speaking, I don’t like such attitude. I would like to get a warmer reception.

    We’ve decided not to sign up a contract yet, because we didn’t like the building where the clinic was situated and the way we were treated there. However, the clinic was overcrowded with patients, and I saw loads of couples with small children. Can it be a good sign? Or maybe, it’s better to go somewhere else where the staff is friendlier???

    P.S. Maybe, there is someone here who has visited Ukrainian reproductive clinics, especially I’m interested in Biotexcom. Would you please share your experience with me???

  2. cinderella2016

    cinderella2016 New Member

    Hi, I think you should trust your gut in choosing the clinic. Unfortunately, health is a nice business nowadays: especially, a reproductive medicine. There are loads of reproductive clinics, but the number of good specialists is rather small. I’ve written that you saw quite a lot of couples with small children. For me, it’s a good sign. I don’t think people wouldn’t visit a clinic where bad specialists work. I’d also want to ask you how you’re going to find a surro mum for your baby. I guess it’s the key point in each surrogacy program…

  3. freewoman

    freewoman New Member

    Hi, you’ve written quite a lot of unpleasant things about biotexcom. But I would like to tell you my story too. I’m not infertile, but I have some problems with my kidneys. I can’t carry a child and give birth to him. I’m from the USA. Here surrogacy is quite available, but you need to have a good sum of money in your bank account to afford it. We decided to go to Ukraine because our close friends tried their luck and succeeded with biotexcom. Nearly a year ago, our baby son was born in Ukraine thanx to this clinic’s specialists and the most beautiful surrogate mother too. He is such a small angel!!! I think we’ve succeeded only due to the clinic’s specialists. They are real experts. Our surrogate mother was able to become pregnant only after the second attempt and only after I took a vitamin course to improve my oocytes’ quality. Yes, you have to stay in a queue and meeting a doctor takes quite a lot of time, but the result is awesome!!!
    P.S. I would agree with you that they do have a very rude administrator at the clinic. I told about this top our program manager, and she said that this lady is very effective in her work. I just can’t understand this… She doesn’t speak properly with the clients!!!! She doesn’t even give you enough time to open your mouth!!! For me, she is really bad!!!!

  4. Smaly Jo

    Smaly Jo New Member

    Freewoman, I’m really glad for you!!! I decided to contact this clinic because I wanted to be sure that my baby will be carried and given born by a good woman. Finding a good surro isn’t easy. Two months ago, my hubby posted on one fertility forum that we are looking for a lady to become our surrogate, and we received loads of messages from women who desired to help us. I soooo difficult… We must do choose the best candidate to get a healthy child! We don’t have a single chance for a mistake!!!

  5. cinderella2016

    cinderella2016 New Member

    Hi, Smaly Jo. You’re 100% right!!! Choosing a good sm is quite difficult. Not all women agree or are ready to carry and give birth to a child for another couple. There are also loads of scammers, and you should be very cautious while making agreements. I think dealing with reproductive clinics is safer than finding a surro mum in the net. If it’s a good clinic, it will do all necessary things to provide its clients with good services…

  6. Smaly Jo

    Smaly Jo New Member

    Hi, freewoman! As far as I know surrogacy is not allowed in some countries, so it’s difficult to come into the country with a baby. I’ve read some information about Ukraine. The Ukrainian law allows surrogacy and states that the intended parents are the true parents of the baby born by a surrogate. Am I right? But at any rate you need some papers to leave the country. Did you get all the papers by yourself? Did the clinic help you with it?

  7. freewoman

    freewoman New Member

    Yes, they helped us greatly with all that paperwork. Firstly, we were provided with a baby sitter. It was very handy because we got the opportunity to visit an embassy or clinic and we didn’t need to take our baby son with us. The clinic helped us to get the birth certificate of the child at the Ukrainian Civil Registry Office where our names were indicated. The translation and legalization of the birth certificate were included. When we got all necessary documents and were ready to leave the country, the clinic’s representatives booked us an auto with a drive to give us a lift to the airport. All in all, it was really handy and we liked it very much.

  8. Smaly Jo

    Smaly Jo New Member

    Hi, freewoman! I would also ask you to tell me about delivery expenses. I know that NHS is free of charge in Ukraine. In fact, people pay for everything there. Who paid for your surro mum’s labor in the maternity house? Sometimes children are delivered earlier than it was determined by the doctors and need special care. Who will pay expenses in this case?

  9. freewoman

    freewoman New Member

    It depends on the package you’ll choose. If you choose the cheapest package, then you’ll pay for the drugs and hospital expenses by yourself in case the baby was born prematurely. I’ve chosen a package of the medium cost, and if the baby is delivered prematurely, the clinic will pay for drugs for the baby. But I don’t think it should happen. If the clinic’s doctors take a proper care of a surro mum, everything must be ok. According to the contract, the clinic will also pay delivery expenses. The intended parents only pay a fixed sum that is divided into installments and nothing more! I mean no additional fees are charged.

  10. Smaly Jo

    Smaly Jo New Member

    Freewoman, thanks for your answers. They really helped me to clarify quite a lot of things about Biotexcom. The clinic seems to be worth visiting. I think, we’ll phone them soon and, maybe, visit Ukraine for the second time. I’d like to ask you one more question about the baby. Was it difficult with your baby angel after you’ve taken him from the maternity house? Did anyone help you?

  11. freewoman

    freewoman New Member

    Biotexcom isn’t just a simple reproductive clinic. They do a great job for their patients. If you decide to become their client, you won’t regret by any means. It seems they’ve thought about every single thing to give their patients the best service. You shouldn’t worry about your little angel while you do a paperwork. The clinic will provide you with the attending babysitter. Every day, the attending doctor will check if everything is ok. If you have any problems, you are free to call 24/7 clinic’s service where English speaking pediatrician can consult you on any issue. I don’t think you’ll have any problems with them.

  12. Smaly Jo

    Smaly Jo New Member

    Freehuman, thanks for your messages. They’ve become a real support to me. I found out so much useful information about biotexcom. I like the way they look for and treat surrogates, but I don’t like that they make their patients wait in a queue. We phoned the clinic several days ago and they are ready to meet us the following month. I think we’ll visit the clinic one more time. If our visit is ok, we’ll sign up a contract.

  13. freewoman

    freewoman New Member

    Hi, Smaly Jo. I think everything will be ok. Biotexcom is a respectable clinic. It does take of its clients. You should just tell your program manager about the things you didn’t like in your first visit, and they’ll try to fix everything. At least, we had such experience with our program manager. I wish you good luck, dear! Xxx


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