Children and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by raxyakunwar, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. raxyakunwar

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    Children are more anxious to know much . Their tendency of curiosity has maximum level. So, parents must be aware of such problems. Otherwise they may be the victim of various disorders. Now we can find many children and anxiety disorders children and anxiety disorders which is the matter of discussion to us .

  2. AnnaM

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    I am not sure about this, I would suggest that children are quite content to pace themselves in experiencing the world, play is their way of practicing and making sense of their world and surrounds. In my experience the parents are the anxious ones, trying to compete with other parents, their own concerns about their parenting style and how their skills/children are doing against the others around them. If a child is becoming anxious maybe the best place to start is with the parent, give kids an opportunity to be quiet and yep, even bored. I believe modern parents have this tendency to over provide entertainment, a kid left to be bored will no doubt find/create some kind of kid friendly (but undoubtedly un adult friendly) activity....

  3. AnnaM

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    if by this you mean that children have a natural curiosity to explore and discover their world then I agree. I am not sure that this has much to do with anxiety disorders though, but maybe more to do with the external pressures that adults place on the kids. I think, particularly in the developed world the constant barrage of technology ( facebook, TV ads etc) plus instructions from parents, teachers, other adults have placed enormous pressure onto kids. Left to pace themselves children are self limiting...

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    I do not get disorder type anxiety for sure but yes, anxiety to a limit that tires me out that I feel every now and then. While sometimes it is with my little's one's health, now that he is growing up, it is regarding his education, as well. Very recently, on a friend's suggestion I have introduced some game based learning, activities, filling up basic worksheets to him. But we are still not sure whether to enroll him for a pre-school yet or should we home-school him till certain age and that seems to put some anxiety on me! Again on other occasions deciding on simple what to cook for breakfast and other meals for the family and specially for the little one also pressurizes me! But seeing other moms, I think this type of tension or anxiety, whatever you call it, is somewhat normal. I hope so, at least! :)


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