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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by leeaman7777, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. BunnyGirl19

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    I used to get excited if I had a big dip mid LP or a second small rise and generally it's meant nothing. My BFP charts are typically steady temps with a very tiny upward trend after 14DPO. Years ago in my NFP class they said it didn't count as an implantation dip unless it was .5-.6 degrees and that typically you'd see a dip of .8-1.0 degrees for implantation, which was quite rare. I've only seen it happen that way a handful of times in looking at hundreds of charts so don't get too disappointed if you aren't seeing one.

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    Yeah and we weren't even TTC until the last 5 months. I marked BD on a lot of them, but he was pulling out when it was in my fertile window which seemed to work for us.
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  3. WhiTniZZle

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    Lol, I'm trying not to get too disappointed in general. Why is it so hard to maintain limited expectations??? Damn these natural instincts to want to be pregnant!!! I am glad to know and see that implantation dips are not essential to still potentially be pregnant. What if my post O BBT stays low? I know the coverline has no significant value other than a visual aid, but it creeps me out for my post O temp to be on it.

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    When you are TTC and wanting a baby so bad, the months of TTC ending in AF can be very frustrating. But it will happen, and you must be patient!! Good things come to those who wait!!! Is this your first cycle TTC?

    Not sure what influences post O temps to be high or low. Its usually a sudden drop at around 13 or 14dpo, or a gradual decrease in post O temps around 11dpo that can signal AF coming, because the progesterone levels are decreasing.

  5. WhiTniZZle

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    Yes, this is our first cycle TTC, how could you tell??? Lol. You are absolutely correct in saying that patience needs to be my key focus. I'm just so excited to begin planning, but I feel really silly planning when I'm not pregnant yet. But I can't wait to pick names and tell everyone and decorate, get that gorgeous bump! I suppose I just have to really check my faith, because I truly believe it will happen when it is supposed to.

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    I am surprised FF put your coverline so high. I think it should be quite a bit lower, I don't think your temps are actually dipping at or below it right now.

    You also might have ovulated earlier than it shows, so if it looks like AF came early, you might want to reconsider the O date.
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    Here it is, Whitnizzle.

  8. WhiTniZZle

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    Pam, were you thinking that I may have ovulated around CD10? In which case my cover line would be quite a bit lower, and I would be approaching AF in the next 3 days (my LP is typically 14). ??? Because this was also my initial thought, but FF changed it and LC says its CD15 also.

    I know only time will tell, I'm just trying to also learn this charting thing as I go.

    Thanks confused, the more charts to see and compare, the better.

  9. iampam

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    Remember that LC won't determine your ovulation date until after your cycle closes, so it doesn't matter what it says right now. The blinking light right now is just a prediction based on past cycles.

  10. WhiTniZZle

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    AHHHH HAAAAA, OK, that makes sense. I guess FF can'r REALLY say your O' day either, since they are both dependent on the length of your LP. This morning I had a nice temperature jump. A little comforting for today.
    I think I'm having a bit of a rough time recording my CM correctly, as I don't seem to have a TON of it, and so I really just record what I think I've got. Also, We BD alot . . . we're newly weds . . . so sometimes that gets in the way of accurately observing my CM. But I'm certainly not complaining! [​IMG]

  11. kizzy

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  12. Ilona377

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    Has anyone else experienced fluctuations in BBT between oral and vaginal? I ask b/c my oral BBT is lower than vaginal BBT and I'm not sure what to follow...

  13. Prisca

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    i have been charting for 3 months now and trying to conceive since beginning for jan 2012 but unfortunately it is not working for me.
    If i forward you my charts can you help and guide me?



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