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    The following link will take you to a summary of ALL the survey responses from the most recent version of the Centchroman Users Survey: Summary of Survey Results

    A total of 54 people took the survey, although 3 of those surveys were not completed. A few questions were added after some people had already taken the survey, and not all of those users returned to the survey to complete those questions. Each question is listed, along with the total number of people choosing each response, and the % of people choosing each response; The total number of people who answered that question will be listed as well (Depending on the question, not all people may have had reason to answer it). Sometimes the total % will exceed 100% because it was a question permitting multiple answers. Next to the "Other" category, you can click "View" to see what other answers were provided.

    These are "unfiltered" results... meaning, there is no way yet to draw any correlations, for example, comparing the prevalence of a side effect relative to recent past use of hormonal methods. In upcoming weeks, I plan to further summarize the results so that we can make such comparisons. These results simply show you the "raw" number or % of people with particular side effects, experiences, or personal/lifestyle characteristics, but you can not yet "cross compare" those factors.

    A few tidbits of information to note (with more detail to follow later):<ul style="list-style-type: disc">[*]30 of the 54 respondents are still using Centchroman, and the other 24 are users who tried it and then stopped. A number of AWH members who were confirmed as users did not read the private message announcing the survey. I do not know if they 1) found out about it through one of the other email groups, 2) read it on the forum but did not read their PM, 3) have stopped using it and moved on, or 4) are still using it happily and have no reason to keep looking at the forum. I suspect there are at least some in each category. I'm sure some women tried it, stopped, and moved on... and I'm also surprised periodically when a user returns to the forum and posts after months of being away.[*]16 current users have been taking Centchroman for over a year; 7 users have taken it more than 6 months (but less than a year), 1 user has taken it over two years, and 1 user has taken it over 4 years; This does not include myself, who used it for about 1 ½ years. (19 total over 1 year)[*]The most commonly reported side effects (side effects that persisted, listed in descending order of the % of women experiencing): vaginal dryness (19%), hot flashes (17%), abdominal pains/cramps (13%); Some additional women experienced some of these side effects, but they ceased after a period of time and did not persist.[*]The side effect noted in clinical studies – longer cycles (&gt;35 days) – was experienced at least once by the majority (~70%) of women. [*]The majority of women noted at least some symptoms suggesting ovulation during at least some months, including pinch/cramps (39%) and fertile cervical fluid (28%); 12% of women confirmed ovulation with the detection of a basal temperature shift, however I do not know how many total women were tracking their temperature, and if any of those that were temping could never detect ovulation that way. At least one woman felt she could never see a shift while on Centchroman.[*]3 women reported a pregnancy while using Centchroman; Interestingly, all 3 of these women also stated they had a pregnancy PRIOR to starting Centchroman (demonstrating known fertility); This surprised me, and made me wonder if they misunderstood the question, or if they are just clearly women with healthy fertility.[*]21 of the other 51 women reported a pregnancy prior to Centchroman, including 12 of the 30 women still using Centchroman.[*]A Pearl Index was calculated as described here; The calculation was based on the number of months, not cycles, because of the common deviation away from a standard 28-day cycle. The questions needed to calculate the Pearl Index were only answered by 28 of the 54 women. A Pearl Index based on calendar months for this small sample group is: 2/409*1200 = 5.87. Clearly this is higher than the 1.2-1.3 found in various clinical studies. This would translate into an "effectiveness" rating of about 94%. The sample size of only 28 women is not scientifically sound (even 54 would not have been), but this group represents women different in ethnicity and lifestyle than those who were included in the published clinical studies.[/list] I also plan to make similar summaries of the responses from the first user survey that was done, including a look at repeat survey takers based on the "tracking names" provided. This represents just a quick look at the raw data of this past survey.

    The Most Important Thing!... In order to make efficient use of all the survey data, I must have specific questions in mind to answer. I do have some of those questions in mind (for example, "Are side effects more common in users who recently quit hormonal methods?" and "Are there any common factors among the women reporting a pregnancy?"), but I want Ideas from You! Please post them here, or send them to me in a private message.
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    great job mw!

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    Seconded-great job.

    Just to note, my gf took the survey, but I am not active here much anymore. We continue to use Saheli and are quite happy with it.

    I look forward to seeing some of the stats!


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    What about seeing if there's a correlation between side effects and diet or supplements?

    And third, great job!

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    I finally had a chance to prepare some comparisons from the Centchroman Users Survey.

    I have uploaded a PDF report and Excel workbook, onto the YAHOO Centchroman club, where I am able to upload files (unlike here). Members of that club will receive an email notification that the files are available.

    The PDF report is a summary of ALL responses. The link above still works, but I’m not sure if it always will because the survey account has been closed. I also have PDF reports for “filtered” subsets of responses (e.g., only women with recent birth control use, etc), but each one is separate so it’s hard to look at them all and compare. But if you are interested in a specific one (e.g., just the responses of women with No Recent Hormonal Use, etc – see comparison subsets below), let me know and I can send it to you.

    The Excel workbook provides a side-by-side look at these subsets! All of the questions are reported, but I divided them onto separate worksheets to make it easier to find what might interest you (“tabs” at the bottom)… Demographic information, Past Birth Control, Side Effects, etc). I figure the Side Effects are what most women are interested in. The problem with the Excel sheet is that it was too complicated to include side-by-side comparisons of questions involving multiple timeframe choices (e.g., many of the specific side effect questions, regarding frequency of hot flashes, when things started/stopped, etc). So, the last worksheet has the “unfiltered” (all responses together) for these questions, and the total women responding to each is listed. These will be the same numbers as in the PDF report of all responses. If you have some spreadsheet program besides Excel, let me know… I can create a file that you can open in another program.

    For each question, there are THREE comparisons…

    Recent Hormonal Use (meaning, just before starting Centchroman, whenever that was) vs. No Recent Hormonal Use

    Still Using vs. Not Still Using (as of when the survey was taken last fall)

    Pregnancy vs. No Pregnancy (Only three women who had a pregnancy completed the survey, however, so this comparison is not very useful. I wish the other 3-4 known pregnancies had as well, but they didn’t).

    Next to each question, under each comparison, it will show the number of women giving each response, and the % of the total that represents. These are three totally separate comparisons, meaning that the total number of replies for Still Using vs. Not Still Using equals the survey total… and the total number of replies for Pregnancy vs. No Pregnancy equals the survey total… Etc. Make sense?

    Now that all this number-crunching is done, I need to revisit the comparisons and pull some of the more interesting findings out and post them here. But in the meantime, visit the “Files” section of the Yahoo club, or PM me your email address and I can email the files, if you are interested in seeing them.
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