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Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by KandC, Jul 12, 2006.

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    GreenTea and/or SusanT and/or KandC,

    I think it would be a great idea if we could submit a modified version of the FAQ to wikipedia.org, the free encyclopedia. It is one of the first sites I go to when I am researching a new subject and I go there almost everyday to look up something or another. There is no entry for centchroman. Ormeloxifene is included in the list of drug names, but there is no article linked to it. Anyone interested? I would be willing to create an article from the FAQs, I just want to make sure that the creators say it is okay.

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    I have a copy of the FAQ including the UBB coding that makes bold text, and includes the links properly.

    It is from when I modified it for the shortlived forumsplace site, and is the one I sent to KandC for uploading here as copy-pasting from the discussion itself loses all the formatting.

    If you want it to start the wiki article PM me your email address and I will send it through.

    I don't mind you putting it up there, but check with the SusanT and GreenTea first, as they did the original work!

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    I personally don't mind, since all the information I got came from other sources, which anyone else could have just as easily prepared into a FAQ (e.g., "I" am not the source, just the original organizer). GreenTea isn't on as often, work has her busy. But I can't imagine she would mind either.

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    well until the survey is done I am going to post this info here as I am assuming this thread will then be updated

    It seems that vaginal irritation, swelling, itching and increased discharge are also other possible side effects of this method to look out for. Should you experiance these a soak in epsom salt can provide some relief

  5. GreenTea

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    Great idea! Go for it.

    And it's (mostly) not my original work either; SusanT did most of the work. I just edited and posted it (and added a little). I give you permission to use anything and everything I did write, though.
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  6. spacegirl

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    Hi! I'm new. Started Centchroman last Thursday. I joined the msn (or was it yahoo?) group too. Quick question - i think the answer is probably no, but does it matter what time of the day you take it? Do you have to take it always at the same time like you do HBCs?

    also, has anyone else had headaches from it? i'll check the "side effects" thread, but just wanted to mention it here.


  7. miss auburn

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    Spacegirl, I just quit centchroman, and i definitely had headaches while using it. I don't normally suffer from headaches more than once every two months or so, and I had a couple a week while on Centchroman.

  8. LilyDreams

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    Just a thought about the headaches--but could it be related to feeling dehydrated? I don't get headaches on Centchroman, but it does make me thirsty--try upping your water intake to see if it helps. I routinely drink a gallon and a half a day--good luck.

  9. dipadey

    dipadey New Member

    > Good Morning and Good day to you. I , Dipa Dey age 26 > years and from Kolkata, INDIA. Friends this 26th of November I am
    > getting married. He is very understanding and
    > cooperative however I am still shy to talk about family
    > planning with him. so I all by myself went to visit a
    > Gynae to know about how safely I can prevent pregnancy.
    > She suggested SAHELI the oral contraceptive Pill which
    > she said should be started with 1 tablet of 30 mg twice
    > a week for 3 months followed by one tablet once a week
    > as long as contraception is desired. She also suggested
    > that the first tablet has to be taken on the first day
    > of the menstrual cycle.
    > Since this pill is non steroidal I feel I am going to
    > be comfortable using it. But due to shyness I was not
    > able to ask her a lot of questions which are bothering
    > me. The questions are as follows:
    > 1. Is it compulsory that the Tablet should be taken on
    > fixed days and at fixed times? IF yes why and if let
    > say I forget what needs to be done?
    > 2. If I take SAHELI on fixed days and Fixed time does
    > it mean my Husband NEVER has to use a condom? he had no
    > early sexual experience and so you could rule out
    > STD/HIV as his HIV test result were okay,and so was
    > mine. He is very uncomfortable about Condoms once he
    > told so..
    > 3.Can I take SAHELI on days I am having my periods?
    > 4. We are planning to have a child after 3 years ,so is
    > SAHELI going to be safe enough and help us plan?
    > 5.I have some sking problem like my arms have become
    > darker and the difference of color is visible enough,I
    > have a more or less clear skin howver some times I have
    > pimples. Does usage of SAHELI going to affect my skin?
    > 6.Is there any health tonic or medication which I could
    > take along with SAHELI to keep up my calcium and Iron
    > level up ?
    > 7. Is it necessary to use any backup (condoms??) while
    > using SAHELI? coz my would be is saying he wants to
    > have unprotective sex on the 28th Nov night (26th is
    > the marriage)????
    > Please answer these questions and I would be ever
    > grateful to you.
    > Thank you very much for your time and patience.
    > Waiting eagerly for youor response.
    > Best Regards,
    > Dipa Guhathakurta.

  10. artemiss

    artemiss New Member

    Congratulations on your marriage!
    I will try to answer your questions:
    1) starting it on the first day of your period seems to be important. I don't think taking it at the same time as as big of a deal. If you forget, take it as soon as you remember. I use the "reminder" feature on my cell phone to sound and alarm on the day when I need to take mine. I will be honest, taking 2 pills the first time you take it, and then just one pill once a week has worked for several of us here. There just isn't a lot of research on that dosage.

    2)Backup protection/condoms are recommended for the first three doses. After that, it seems that you are protected.

    3)yes, you need to take Saheli, even while on your period.

    4) It seems that Saheli will not alter your ability to have children later.

    5) Some people have notice a bit more body hair, and maybe a few more pimples, but nothing really major. A couple of girls mentioned losing some hair from their heads.

    6) Taking vitamins seems to be okay with this drug, and it has even been shown to reduce bone loss in some studies. I can't really say what vitamins would be best for you, however, and being in the USA, we probably wouldn't have access to the same ones.

    7)There is a chance you could get pregnant having unprotected sex then, if you haven't taken three doses by that date.

    I hope these answers help!
    Best wishes!!


  11. dipadey

    dipadey New Member

    Dear Artmiss,

    Please do call me Dipa. Thank you very much for answering all my questions so much in details well

    really makes me feel good about being a part of this group ,I also got reply from SupaKat and appears

    all of you are so active in regards to communication.

    Appears that you insite of staying abroad know more about SAHELI then I do,its quite true that a lot

    advancement needs be done in regards to sex education and family planning. Untill you get married you

    really dont know much about this.

    Saheli is readily available here and it does not need any prescription to be sold .
    I have couple of questions in my mind ,would really appreciate should you answer them for me:

    1. I was informed that after 3 doses of SAHELI you could have unprotective Sex, I mean lets say I take

    my first pill on the 16th (the day I bleed for first time this month) next tab I take on the 19th and

    accordingly I take next week's dose on the 23rd and on 26th i.e I have already taken 4 30mg Tabs of

    Saheli....so am I safe ?
    2. After my first SAHELI period can we have unprotective sex i.e not even using Condom or


    3. After I take the first pill during my period,does it become heavier and also do I get cramps and pain?

    4. Let me know more about SAFE period.

    5. Lets say I have unprotective sex on the 28th Nov so on 29th Nov if I take Morning Emergency Pill like

    e.g NORLEVO does the action of SAHELI gets destryoed or damaged?

    6. can I use TODAY pessary as backup along with SHAELI for the first month after I have taken 4tabs

    of SAHELI on the 16th,19th 23rd and the 26th?

    7. What can I drink along with water to fight the Costipation and the dehydration as caused by SAHELI.

    Thats all for today and I hope I am not bothering you all just to much,but honestly feels great to have you all around.

    Best Regards

  12. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dipa - It's really neat to have a young woman from India as part of our "group"! I'm glad you feel comfortable coming to us. But also please realize that none of us are doctors! We are just women have done a lot of reading, have shared our experiences openly, and most (but not all!) of us have had a good experience with Saheli. You should also develop a good relationship with your doctor, as you become sexually active. That's important.

    A couple comments as you prepare for Saheli, sex, and marriage...

    You must take the first pill on the first day of your period. You mentioned the 16th. If your period is really that regular, great! You can start then. Then you should have had 3-4 doses by the time of your wedding. From what we know, it should be working by then. But, it is also our observation that unintended pregnancies seem to be more common in the early months of use, no matter how many pills you have taken.

    I am still of the opinion that using back-up protection for a while is a good idea at first, until you have a chance to see how Saheli works for you, and give your body time to adjust. But that's just my opinion. You could definitely use a spermicide like Today as a back-up method. That's what my boyfriend (now husband) and I used during the early months.

    You might be interested to know that Saheli can actually work as a "emergency" pill as well! If you use a traditional morning after pill that has synthetic hormones, that would mess up the workings of the Saheli. I am emailing you a lengthy document all about Centchroman (assuming Supakat did not already!), which talks about this option. It's probably not a good idea to do all the time, but if you want to enjoy your first sexual experience with your husband without any back-up or worry, you could take some extra Saheli afterwards, perhaps.

    If you have additional new questions, I suggest that you post them as a new thread ("new topic") in the forum. Most people do not read this "FAQ" thread regularly, and a new topic would jump out at us and you would get lots of responses.

    Good luck!

  13. spacegirl

    spacegirl New Member

    so even though the first few times i took my pill, i took it in the evening (~7p), it will be ok if i start taking it in the morning now?

    It's just easier to remember that way; i don't have to worry all day that i am going to remember to take it in the evening.

  14. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    spacegirl - Are on a 2/week schedule? If so, I say switching your pill time is definitely no big deal. If you are on a 1/week schedule, it may be slighly more of an issue, but probably not a problem.

  15. spacegirl

    spacegirl New Member

    yes - i'm doing the 2/week for starters, then switching to 1/week. thanks!

  16. MissGarbo

    MissGarbo New Member

    I am learning so much here. Just to share a bit of my own learning. This is with regard to a topic mentioned earlier in this thread. It was about fertilized eggs.

    There was mention of the idea that IUDs prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus.

    From what I read, the main action of IUDs is destroying sperm (and eggs?) before they can "get together," and even tho there has been speculation, there is no evidence that they mess with implantation in the uterine wall. Even the "morning after effect" of the IUD and the "morning after pill" itself *may* be more related to keeping the woman from ovulating , or killing the sperm that are there, than from affecting the uterine lining. I got this from wikipedia mostly.

    Definately not getting into any sort of debate, but just because I am obsessive about details. Hope I can help others out as you are helping me.

  17. onyxraven

    onyxraven New Member

    can someone send me the info on the morning after effect of Saheli?


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