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  1. Researcher

    Researcher New Member

    I am pleased to announce that a few months ago, I created the Centchroman article on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It is very rudimentary and does not contain much information, but I am pleased that I created it.


    I wanted to let the members of this group know about this article, in the event that any of you can add valuable information to it. If you find an error in the article, that is where you can help! I, myself, am not a user of Centchroman, but I am interested to spread awareness about the use of this chemical as birth control.

    If you are not familiar with Wikipedia, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the local customs and formatting, before making changes. Thank you for reading!

  2. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    I suggest you scroll down to a post called "RAQ - Recently Asked Questions"... Specifically, I don't think the notion that Centchroman actually makes ovulation occur faster/earlier is supported by the research. Some women have noted ovulation symptoms earlier in their cycle, but that's anecdotal, and clinical trials indicated no effect on ovulation. So, that part of the wikipedia entry might not be accurate. If I have time later this week, I can make some edits, or you can do it.

  3. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Woohoo--an article in Wikipedia! It's official now!

    And so cool that one of the links goes right to our message board.

    I'm featuring this topic so we'll all get to see it.

  4. Frogs

    Frogs New Member

    Ah, so that was you, Myrtle! I saw it a few weeks ago, and I think I added something or another (not sure). Anyway, kick a$$


  5. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    No, I didn't create the entry... I'm just pointing out to whoever did that there might be the one inaccuracy. The author is one of our regulars, I believe, just not sure who. I forget. It is a good entry, overall, and I think the ovulation thing is just a misperception.

  6. Researcher

    Researcher New Member

    Frogs, I was the person who created the Wikipedia article on Centchroman, not MyrtleWarbler.

    MyrtleWarbler, I must correct you; I am not "one of your regulars". I have never posted on the Aphrodite boards prior to today's two posts.

    I created the Centchroman article after I read something online which referred to Centchroman. I realized that very little was written on the topic that is not in Hindi.

    I thought a Wikipedia article would be a terrific portal for raising awareness of the existence of Centchroman in English-speaking communities.

    Everyone may feel free to edit the article, once they are familiar with the customs and formatting of Wikipedia.

    I want to thank GreenTea for featuring this post at the top of the list -- thank you!
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  7. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to Aphrodite, Researcher!

    If I may ask, what is your interest in Centchroman? Do you use it yourself? Are you involved with a company that makes or markets it? Are you a doctor or scientist? Do you have a professional or personal interest in making this method known?

    Hope I don't sound too nosy; I just want to know more about who this mysterious person is who's putting information about Centchroman out there (and it's always good to have more people doing that!). Like MyrtleWarbler, I thought you were one of our regulars posting under a new alias.

    And I agree, a Wikipedia article is a great idea. Thanks for writing it.

  8. NYCityGirl27

    NYCityGirl27 New Member

    Love the article [​IMG]

  9. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don't know how to do this on Wikipedia, but the link to this forum will have to be updated. Since the change in software, the URL is different. People who click on the link as it is will be directed to a page that says, "These forums are now closed. Visit the new forums at..." and it gives the URL for the forum list. So people can still find us, but it would be more convenient and less confusing to have the link go straight to this board.

    Edit: Nevermind, I just figured it out and did it myself. The link goes to this board now.
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  10. Nickee

    Nickee New Member

    Two things about the wikipedia article:

    1."It is best known as a non-hormonal, non-steroidal form of birth control"

    I think this came up awhile ago, and it was agreed to not call it a "non-hormonal" BC because it does *effect* your hormones, just doesn't have any artificial ones. Opinions?

    2."It speeds the transport of any fertilized egg through the fallopian tubes more quickly than is normal (Singh 2001)."

    Was it decided if this is true or not?

    I have been linking people to the wikipedia article a lot so I thought I should get these things cleared up.

  11. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nickee - I agree with your first statement, and that's why I have started referring to it more as a "non-steroidal" bc, rather than non-hormonal. But, non-hormonal is still an accurate term, because it is not a synthetic hormone. I just prefer to emphasize the fact that it's not a steroid, to highlight the fact that hormonal bc IS a steroid (let's call a spade a spade, people!), and not to imply that centchroman doesn't have an effect on your homones and how they, in turn, affect your body.

    I'm the one that recently edited the Wikipedia article to clarify a few things. It initially stated that Centchroman caused people to ovulate sooner, and that's not necessarily true. Maybe it is for some women, but that's not "how" it works. I cited the Singh 2001 article because it's comprehensive, peer-reviewed, and "straight from the horse's mouth" - so to speak. These are some of the researchers that brought it to market, so they should know. If you'd like to see it, I can send it to you. Much of the language is medical and technical in nature, but I've read it closely many times and it states in several places that there is "no effect on ovulation." In fact, they indicated that some women had DELAYED ovulation, beyond 21 days. I think that happened to me this month, since I've been charting my temperatures. They shifted a couple days ago and my period is due any day now. It also states that the zygote transports more quickly. I'm not sure why this would affect implantation, but maybe it's because a certain amount of zygote development is supposed to take place while it's still in the fallopian tube, so perhaps it can't implant as effectively (along with the fact that the uterine lining is developing on the same "schedule"). Hope this helps.

  12. RAD247

    RAD247 New Member

    Thanks for the article on Wikipedia, Reseacher. I showed it to my GYN today since it was the first time I've talked to her about Saheli. It's a great resource for us to have so people don't think we're crazy when talking about this non FDA approved drug from India that we're taking :)

  13. spydergrl

    spydergrl New Member

    Wikipedia is written by a 24 year old high school drop out! it isn't a reliable site to quote !!

  14. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    spydergrl... you appear to not know much about how Wikipedia works. Yes, it is definitely a source that should not be blindly quoted or followed because it is written by the readers themselves! But not just one person, as you stated... rather, anyone who has an interest and expertise in the subject at hand. In this case, it was written partly by another member here (Researcher), and partly by ME. I'm a 31 year old with a master's degree in biology. Futhermore, I cited published scientific literature. Dr. Singh is also not a 24-year old high school dropout. The Wikipedia article was written and posted as a way to share a summary of the peer-reviewed, published literature on Centchroman. If you are concerned about the accuracy of any of it, PM me your email address and I will send you the original literature. In fact, I would highly encourage anyone interested in learning more to read that original literature themselves, and not just take our word for it. Hope this helps clear up the matter.

  15. London06

    London06 New Member

    Has anyone been to the site lately? Today was the first time checking it out so I don't know if the banner was at the top of the page before now. It reads:

    "This article or section is in need of attention from an expert on the subject.

    WikiProject Medicine or the Medicine Portal may be able to help recruit one.
    If a more appropriate WikiProject or portal exists, please adjust this template accordingly."

  16. kryssiikins

    kryssiikins New Member

    Thanks a ton!!! I'm very interested in this but I needed more information on it before I decided. I think I will order some online here soon. Thanks for the hard work, but would you by chance have a recommended site to buy from that isn't too expensive? And one that will ship to the states if its not too much trouble.

  17. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Kryssikins - if you're really interested in Centchroman, please read the FAQ. It includes info about how to buy it online, and other information that you should not start it without knowing. Since it's not a conventional choice, those of us who use it need to educate ourselves, and be prepared to educated our partners and doctors.

  18. liljunebug

    liljunebug New Member

    Thanks, it's been so hard to find good info on Centchroman



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