Can she be pregnant?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Lovleygirl02, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Lovleygirl02

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    Can my friend be pregnant even tho she took plan b a bit late ?
    Okay she had unprotected sex the same day her period ended which was on the 21st her period started on the 17th and ended on 21st. She has a short cycle and she said that minutes before she had sex she had a white sticky clear mucus it was stretchy.( she's not sure if it was fertilize mucus) Then on the 23rd she had unprotected sex again and took plan b , 30 minutes before the 72hours was up. It's been two days that she has took the plan b and said that the first day after she took the pill she was having light cramps on and off like if she were to start her period , her lower back ache too and then the second day she was bloated , gassy and had mood swings also tiredness

    She don't know if she ovulated and got pregnant and then took the pill with out knowing or there just plan b symptoms (btw it's her first time taking the plan b)

  2. Deally55

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    extremely unclear.... what kind of pill? had she taken a pregnancy test? what kind of plan b? you are her bf? anyway... nearly a month passed, how's she?

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    You should do the pregnancy test as it will clear your all doubts.


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