Can I call for participants in a research project?

Discussion in 'Messages for Mods' started by rpacant, Feb 17, 2014.

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    This survey seeks to investigate the influence of age and gender has on the factors of trust in e-health sites. Trust in relation to online activities is a difficult concept to define. It is hoped that investigating the determinents of trust and the influence of age and gender will provide some general conclusions about these elements that may be of use to both healthcare providers and users alike. There is a brief introduction to the research on the first page of the survey. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

    To take this survey, please go to the following address:

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    Hi rpacant,
    Sorry for the late reply. In order to call for research you need to identify yourself and your project and post your contact information here in the forum. As a general rule we prefer to see research that pertains to the area of women's health. Please repost your call for research in the "Off Topic" area with the above changes made.


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