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Discussion in 'General Health' started by rosey, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. rosey

    rosey New Member

    ok, this is kind of an embarrassing question, but here goes. Does anyone have trouble going to the bathroom when camping? It is a problem that I have kind of always had and I just deal with it, but it sucks. I think it is kind of a nervous thing or something, I also fear the uncleanliness of it all. If anyone has had this problem and gotten over it, I would love to hear how, or maybe it is just a practice makes perfect kind of thing. [​IMG]

  2. curcuma

    curcuma New Member

    Number 1 or number 2?

    For number 2: on long trips it helps to eat kind of greasy foods in the a.m. If you are cooking on the trip, then bring some eggs.

    Dried fruit is also your friend, but use moderation! Otherwise you'll get the runs and that's no fun, either. Definitely no more than a small handful of any dried fruit per day.

    I personally find cheese helpful, but I may be the only one-- I find that it not only makes things a little less "loose," it also increases the gas factor, so the train picks up a little more speed towards the station.

    I used to pretend I was an indian. that made me laugh, and laughing relaxes the bowels.

    number 1: the outdoors are generally far cleaner than an indoor toilet. Nothing will jump up there, and every other animal you see out there does the exact same thing. I don't know what the brand name is called, but there are reasonably biodegradeable wet wipes on the market, which might make you feel better about the cleanliness.

  3. shopaholic85

    shopaholic85 New Member

    get some hand sanitizer and rub it on your bum or something after you use the toilet... lol

  4. rosey

    rosey New Member

    Thanks for the replies, good tips curcuma. Unfortunately it is #2 that I was talking about, #1 would be an easier one to overcome.

  5. feelinggood

    feelinggood New Member

    I can't go # 2 anywhere when I travel. Nice hotel, camping, person's house. It sucks. Generally after a few days, I'm pretty cranky and when it finally happens I do a happy dance and announce it to all that will listen!! There's a product called Swiss Kriss. It's a natural laxitive. You take 2 before bed and when you wake up you go. It does work. Maybe just keep a bottle with you. It's gentle and won't send you running. Also, I find figs work well as well as the old standby, prunes or prune juice, but like Curcuma said, moderation. Oh another thing, I always have to have reading material to distract me so I can relax my bowels. Can't tell you how many cans of air freshner and bottles of soap I've read!

  6. rosey

    rosey New Member

    Thanks feelinggood, it's nice to know I am not alone, I too have have problems just about everywhere, camping just seems to be the worst, I guess because once you finally do doo [​IMG] , you have to run off and find a private place, maybe dig a hole, and squat with the bugs.

  7. Abigale Bell

    Abigale Bell New Member

    Yes it is true pro-blame many peoples have think about this trouble but not share to any one, any way when we are plan to go camping we already dicide in our minds to face problem like this but other side is more excitement than this problem so I think leave this and enjoy the trip .


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