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    I am so relieved to have found this site. I am 31 y/o and have been on the birth control for approx 12 years (with the exception of my two pregnancies and a few months off here and there over the years). I consider myself educated (I am a registered nurse working on my masters as a nurse practitioner), yet I have never, ever heard the birth control pill can eliminate your libido, and cause such intense mood swings, as well as many of the other sides mentioned (yet none of which are not so clearly stated on the drug insert).

    I have for many years battled with a mild anxiety disorder. I have gone on and off meds trying to alleviate this problem, yet many of those meds decreased my libido even further and made me unable to reach orgasm. Looking back on the last 12 years of being on the pill, I have to wonder…was it truly an anxiety disorder or was it the pill? It brings me to tears to think about this. I also feel for my poor husband. I enjoy sex with him….but the poor man has to work really hard to get me in the mood. I am very attracted to him physically and mentally, although I have a hard time expressing this intimacy. I have discussed all of this with my gynecologist and we have explored other birth control pills as well as alternatives. However, he has never mentioned to me that perhaps it is the birth control pill in general, regardless of hormone concentration.

    For the past 2-3 months I have been more acutely aware of how many women experience decreased libido as well as mood swings from the birth control pill. I have brought it up in many conversations with many different groups of women as well as many of the women patients I see daily working in an emergency department (when appropriate) and the general consensus is as discussed above. I find it liberating to realize how many women are experiencing these problems…it’s not just me. Why is it so important that we make sure the men are satisfied as demonstrated by the billions of dollars spilled into Viagra, Levitra, etc, to manufacture, distribute, and market for erectile dysfunction? What about the women and our sexual pleasure? This makes me feel second class….as if as women our sexual satisfaction means nothing…in other words we are here to please. Now you can see how emotional I am regarding this subject!

    To conclude, I have decided to go off the pill…my husband is very excited about the possibilities and so am I. I am now searching for an alternative, non-hormonal method of birth control. Wish me luck and thank you to all that contribute….and to you Cami for bringing this to the forefront. I wish you luck with contacting the Oprah show. Knowledge is power and with or without Oprah we need to let women know about the “secret” sides of birth control pills.

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    I have struggled with anxiety and depression for the last 13 years. Only just now did I ever make the connection to birth control. I have been on several different pills since I was 15 (I am now 28) and also had an IUD for about 4 years. The worst experience I had with the Pill was when I took Ortho Tri-Cyclen. Within a week I had drastic mood swings and gross physical (TMI) symptoms. I stopped taking it after just 7 days. I took Yasmin for a year before I tried to conceive. I had headaches, mood swings and, you name it. I am now 7 months post partum from my first child and I have been on the mini-pill (Micronor) for literaly one week. I felt great before I started taking it, and in the last 3 days I am tremendously sleepy all the time and have felt depressed for no good reason. I want to stop taking it immediately and get another copper IUD, but I feel pressured to give it 3 months (the time in which it takes for most side effects to subside). My husband and I both hate to use condoms, but it's better than a decreased quality of life.
    I can't wait to see an Oprah specail about birth control.

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    Lets all call this law firm. Fox Firm they are currently working on a suite against the makers of the Ortho Evra Patch that women have died on.

    Please lets BOMBARD them with calls at or 866-369-3476

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    The law firm when we call I am talking about the Depression side effects and all else. I didnt die phsically taking the pill - but my life as I knew it sure did die.

    CALL CALL CALL - maybe then Oprah will gives some attention


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    Be careful, Perri, this could be construed as advertising. It would be better if you could give some URL links to news stories concerning this case rather than be seen to be promoting one particular law firm when there must be a number of law firms dealing with this (I suppose the insurance companies must have also called them in).

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    Hi Ladies,
    This is my first time posting. After reading all of your comments I felt that I had to say something about my situation as well. I realize that I am too late to have my story incl. in you info that you sent to Oprah. I don't care if my info ever makes it to OPrah, I just want other women to read what happened to me so they will consider that before they make a choice about contraceptives.Like many of you, through my twenties I've taken different kinds of BCP's (on and off).I've been on Orthtricyclin, Mircette, & Orthoevra. I kept switching because with all of them I was suffering various syptoms (i'll generalize to save time) and my biggest bone to pick was the serious serious migraines that I suffered while on those pills. I had the best luck with mircette not causing the awful migraines, but then I felt like I just wasn't myself, much like a previous poster...I had NOOOOOO libido, no interest in sex whatsoever and my husband and I had previously had a truly fantastic relationship. Finally got off of pills altogether and had my second child. After the birht of my second child, spoke with my OB who herself was on the Mirena IUD, and loved it. Actually spoke so fondly of it she called it, "one of the best inventions ever made for women...hands down". Now, it was great for her but it was the most awful thing I could've done for myself. Before I get into what ahppened, a side OB didn't say this, but a nurse told me that she thinks that a bad batch of Mirena was sent out around the time that I got mine because they had soooo many complaints around the time I had mine in...but before that, people were raving about Mirena...anyway, I was told that after having Mirena inserted the bleeding would stop after a couple of weeks, bleeding on and off for awhile and then it was probable that over time my periods would lighten and stop completely...I had it in from Oct. of '04 to April of '06 and I bled the whole time. Spotted on and off for those long 18 months. I began having herrendous dizzy spells, weight gain (very bloated), bad acne, depression, the migraines were name it I was suffering from it. The dizzy spells got so bad...that I was actually beginning to pass out and one day I was sitting at the table with my two little ones (age 4 and 1 1/2) and I felt a dizzy spell come on...I put my head in my hands to try and will myself to stay upright and the next thing I know I wake up on the floor of my kitchen eating 4 yr old and baby are screaming (I had no idea how long I was unconscious)and crying (I was the only adult home) 4 yr old is "screaming MOMMY MOMMY...I COULDN'T WAKE YOU UP, I COULDN'T WAKE YOU UP"...I didnt know what had happened but I couldn't move, talk, etc. for several minutes...things were toppled on the table, my chair was toppled, I had wet 4 yr old got the phone and thank god she knows her daddy's cell phone #, and my mother's #. She called them and they spearately raced over to take the kids and take me to the emergency room. ER did every test under the sun...catsan, EEG, EKG, ECG, every blood test they could do, heart halter monitor, everything that applied...and my tests all came out that there were NO PROBLEMS. The doctors kept saying "on paper you are a perfectly healthy 27 year old woman. WHy did you have a seizure?" They speculated that it was a seizure due to my unconsciousness, incontinence, and my 4 yr old said that I had "bubbles" coming out of my mouth. Anyway, the next day after this happened I went ot see my OB and she didn't believe me that my test had all been fine and that I thought that Mirena or the combination of progesterone in my system had done this...she said that I had already had my mind made up that Mirena was bad and that she might as well take it out...and I might get better but it would probably be the placebo affect. I did have her take it out, but I was just so upset because she basically said that she didn't believe me...Anyway, after my OB's reaction I went to my primary doctor who did believe me and said that hormones are crazy weird things and that anything is possible...he ordered redundnat blood work, and extra tests...all were healthy no problems...a week after getting Mirena out I was feeling much dizzy spells, and in one week I lost 10lbs...all fluid, i suspect. I really felt like a new person. 5 months later, I have stayed off of all homronal contraceptives and I've been doing better than I have at any other stage in my life...I am fighting the fact that my husband and I don't want to have any more children, and we don;t like to use condoms, but I still do have bad in theory using the pill would be nice....but I'm scared to try any sort of BCP again. We haven't decided what we are going to do yet...anyway, I'm sorry to have written so much..I just ahve gone through alot much like everyone else who has posted and I want you to tell your friends about the dangers of Mirena too! I know some women have great things to say about it...but I had that horrible experience, and another good friend of mine, also had the awful dizzy spells (no seizure) but got rid of Mirena and all was better. Anyway, thanks for listening and I hope my story helps someone.

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    Wow, Andidrea...thanks so much for sharing your story. i'm so glad all turned out well and that the babies were ok while you were out. This story is certainly worth telling, and maybe we'll even get another batch of stories to send out. Thanks again!


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    I look at it this way.... So many women I have met here have helped me and I have helped a few women myself. Just keep passing the word, someday some how the right person will hear us loud and clear!

    This month marks the 1 year anniversary since my life was changed by BC. I am much better but still have a way to go. The only thing I can say to some of the women on this board is to keep your Head up and your faith strong and try to remember it does get better.

    My love goes out to all of you



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    The sad part is that our stories may never make it to public T.V. Due to the fact that America and other countries wants young girls on BC so they don't get pregnant. And if something like ths was ever aired on T.V. people would have **** fits!!!

    I look at it this way.... So many women I have met here have helped me and I have helped a few women myself. Just keep passing the word, someday some how the right person will hear us loud and clear!

    This month marks the 1 year anniversary since my life was changed by BC. I am much better but still have a way to go. The only thing I can say to some of the women on this board is to keep your Head up and your faith strong and try to remember it does get better.

    My love goes out to all of you


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    As just about everyone on this board, I've got my own Evil Nasty BCP stories to tell, but they're relatively mild in comparison to many (Andidrea, I'm amazed you survived yours!!!) But as I posted privately to one person already, I wanted to let the rest of you know, there ARE ways to ditch the pill and not risk getting pregnant either.

    In my own journey to find an alternative to the pill, I came across an AWESOME book by Toni Weschler called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. You can find it on Amazon, your library, or various used book web sites. It's a well-written, easy to understand textbook on your own body -- and I can't believe I wasn't taught this long ago. I absolutely encourage every woman to find a copy of this and read it. My husband and I are so happy I'm off the pill, and we don't have to worry about "oops" babies because we are learning how to read my body's signs and know when the chance of conception is greatest.

    Along with the book, they have developed some great support in the form of charting software (2-week free trial, then a 1-time $40 charge -- WELL worth it, especially compared to the $$ spent on those blasted pills) and a web site with loads of info and a variety of web community discussion forums to ask questions, share problems and insights, and gain general encouragement through it all. I'm participating with one group of ladies called the "Post Pill Buddies" group. Just wonderful support!!! And there are several ladies on there who have used this non-hormonal method successfully for months (even years!) to avoid pregnancy.

    Anyway, the website is I highly encourage women who are seeking a better way to manage their bodies without BCPs to check it out. (And in case anyone wonders, no I'm not a TCOYF employee -- just a very satisfied customer!)
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    Ok ladies....I heard back from Oprah

    And its a no go from the looks of it. My package was returned to me via FedEx with a brief but polite letter. Apparently their "lawyers have advised" them to not use any "un-copyrighted material" and they could only keep my personal letter I had written and list of websites I had provided...

    OK so I think its a load of crap and they just dont want to tackle the issue for fear of pissing of the pharmaceutical industry just like when they pissed of the beef industry.

    I cleary pointed out that the stories I recieved were all private emails sent to can I copyright that? The article I submitted was writted BY ME AND PUBLISHED BY ME, with proper sitation of the source it was published in, and the clips of info I sent in all had authors names, dates and wesite address provided! There was only ONE article that didnt have all the necessary info cuz I couldnt find it but I sent it in anyways.

    So that was extremely disapointing and I am royally pissed off! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    when I am calmer i am going to send an email but Im not expecting a response, I think they gave me the brush off.

    Regardless I still have my package and I am going to make copies to leave in the womens centre at my school for York Uni women to educate themselves.

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    I'm not surprised at the response you received from the Oprah show, but that doesn't mean we can't get the news out into the popular media another way. Let me think about the options--news articles sometimes are a good place to start and then perhaps a documentary style movie from there?? I think it may require more research, but perhaps we can get some of the crusaders in the medical community to start talking about this on a national level?? Maybe start with a think tank of sorts--not sure yet about logistics, but we have to think about establishing credibility before we try to go "big" with it. It would be good to know if there are already these types of discussions underway in the professional community--perhaps a grass-roots effort by some physicians who don't agree with hormonal birth control options--can we get some of us to start looking into that?? By the way, not sure if anyone saw this, but here's a news article about the lawsuits for several more drugs, including OrthoEvra (the Patch)...more later (I'm swamped at work).

    I can also be e-mailed privately at for anyone who wants to talk offline.


  13. D 4 A

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    Please use my posts about DEPO and the pill. Esp YASMIN and DIANETTE.

    Maybe we should all write into them ourselves, bombard them with emails

  14. Cami

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    Deniz...I think private emails is a good route to start from! Once we generate enough interest we could then send over the big packages. I for one do not want all my hard work thrown in the recycling bin or fedexed back to me....

    I am going to email local new agencies here in Toronto so we'll see.

    Lilydreams-the thing is there are grassroots orgs and doctors out there who have been saying what we are saying for YEARS! What we are saying is nothing new, it just fails to reach the broader public via the corporate media because of vested my opinion. That is why I am going to leave copies of my package at local womens centres, get the word out through the people!

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    I like the documentary idea. It would have been great if Oprah would have addressed this issue but I suspect that she doesn’t want to get involved in a potential legal issue like you mentioned earlier. Beef industry all over again.

    Look at SuperSize Me and Fahrenheit 9/11 (I am not a Moore fan btw - but his message was very public and was talked about a lot). Take it to some film festivals... get an award. :)

    I am a new member and I found this place because I was researching the IUD. I had been on Depo for 1 year (and didn't have a period for a full two years after I went off of it, along with a myriad of other health problems including severe acne and weight gain) and have already declared to my Gyn that I will not take HBC so it looked like IUD was the only option for my monogamous partner and me. My Gyn was really pushing the Minera saying that it wasn't systemic and that it would ease my severely painful periods. Anyway - I found this site (have decided no on the Minera and IUD) and am so happy to find like minded people.

    I have recently seen two friends start HBC pills and I didn't have anything to convince them of the potential dangers of this method except my own story. I will now refer them to this website.

    But!!! Wouldn't it be great to see a SuperSize Me type documentary about HBC and the industry that pushes it? Maybe then they would be forced to research and discover alternative methods... like Centchroman and other SERMs. Maybe a clamp that can be attached to a man that acts like a temporary vasectomy. I am sick of women having to shoulder the majority of the BC burden.

    Anyway, I would love to participate and help in anyway I can.

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    Feel free to use my posts as well. People need to be aware of the horrific withdrawal effects as well. I am in my fifth month off and although I am better, I am nowhere close to normal.

    I have emailed local t.v. stations in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. All of them do consumer awareness reports. The last one was about Yasmin increasing breast size. They were pretty much telling women that if they wanted larger breasts they should run out and get this pill immediately. I seriously wanted to smack the person responsible for that report.

    Let me know if I can help in any way. I will keep everyone posted as to if I get a response from the local news.

  17. jilly

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    Hi i will email you my story. I think this is so important, and it definitely needs to be addressed.


    FLOWERPOWER New Member

    The drugs' industry is a huge industry on which many jobs and pension funds rely. Not only private pension funds but public pension funds.

    The regulatory authorities do not actually test drugs themselves but leave it to the drugs companies to test the drugs and produce the results to present to the authorities (yes, really!).

    This is why drugs' companies can be liable when things go wrong and the regulatory authorities such as the Food and Drugs Administration in the US or the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority in the UK stay in the background. Some would say it takes the heat off the health authorities and the doctors who knowingly prescribe these drugs knowing the possible repercussions on the patients.

    Many western economies and multinationals and stock exchanges depend on the sale of steroid contraception. Occasionally something will come out about an individual brand versus others, but I have yet to see mainstream media talk objectively about the dangers of all this class of steroid drugs.

    This isn't to discourage any letter writing and seeking of publicity for the dangers and impact on people's live. I would encourage it, even if only individuals within organizations get to know, it is a breakthrough because they talk to others even if it doesn't break on to the screen. I'm with Cami that starting at the grassroots and informing individuals can start things rolling. It's like an underground movement, even though it's perfectly legitimate.

    One other thing worth thinking about when telling people about these drugs.

    A lot of people automatically think there are two arguments about steroid contraception: the pro-abortion, pro-contraception vs the anti-abortion, anti-contraception lobby.

    This polarizes any debate in the media about steroid contraception as well. The mainstream media, rarely, if ever, touches on the real health dangers of steroid contraception except if it's shoved in after moral/religious issues have been given the most coverage in a story.

    I personally am not against contraception or abortion but you understand that some people may immediately jump to the wrong conclusions about motivation (I'm not saying that religious people or that parents who don't want their children to be prescribed steroid contraception behind their backs should not be on "our side" but I'm not keen on arguments which concentrate mainly on moral/religious issues as they then distract from the fact that steroid drugs are dangerous and linked to all kinds of problems and medical conditions.

    Religous and moral issues have been with us since time immemorial and resolution is probably impossible to find. The medical issues and very real dangers of these drugs have only been with us since their widespread prescription and promotion.)

    It good to know this kind of thing as background when people are pursuing this. My own agenda has been to inform as many individuals as possible on message boards about the possible dangers of these drugs and how one can be misled especially by ambiguous vocabulary (click on my FLOWERPOWER name at the top and you can view my postings) because personally I have found authorities and organizations a total dead end. But more power to all of you and this is important!

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    One of the national news programs did a segment on the FDA last year. The program stated that the FDA employees get commissions from the pharmaceutical companies for each drug that they approve.

  20. Cami

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    so do docotros...why do you think they hand out the pill like candy?


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