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    Yeah, and why on earth do they seem to be unable to put two and two together when countless patients come in with BC-related issues?...and insist that these symptoms have nothing to do with the BC...even when they go away once the BC is out of their patients' systems???

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    I knew about the doctors, but was not aware of the FDA shenanigans, until the last year or so, Call me naive, if you want.

    I, like most people, didn't pay attention until something affected me. My husband still thinks I am overreacting, a bit. How he can still trust doctors, the FDA or pharmaceutical companies is beyond me. Especially after he's seen what I've been through. [​IMG]

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    who should i email my story to-i have had horrible anxiety, and have been treated for 5 years-not until i went off the pill did i realize that it was caused by the pill. i am not doing so well. I found this web site luckily since i thought i was going insane. i am very upset that my doctors did not warn me, considering i been to so many. I have gayle kings fax number if needed.

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    Cami that's terrible. But I want to thank you for collecting everything and sending it. It was a lot of work and I really appreciate it!

    We can try each of us to email Oprah en masse, but i doubt if it will change anything. I think it is not to her advantage to have this topic on air. Well stuff her. There are other ways. Just have to think...


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    i am so glad i found this, i started the pill 5 days ago and i already feel like i am going crazy! i haven't been able to sleep for the last 2 days, and thats why im on the internet looking for answers at 5 in the morning. do you guys think that i should stop taking the pill, or that it'll go away?

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    Bummer about Oprah's response. That's unfortunate and I would've expected different from her.

    What about Dr. Phil??

    And I'm happy to post my story as well. Thanks for all of your help in trying to spread the word! Knowledge is key. [​IMG]

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    I had my Mirena IUS inserted August 17, on the 7/8th day of my usual period. Today is September 14th.

    I'm 32. I haven't had children before, and I don't want any.

    The doctor at the local clinic had to use a sound to widen my cervix to allow the insertion.
    Insertion hurt, a lot. I had a combination of cervical pain, uterine cramping and lower back pain for over two weeks afterwards. I might have even acquired an infection.
    No ultrasound, sonogram, or other imaging equipment was used during the insertion (nor could I have obtained it even if I'd paid); I'm guessing the Canadian system doesn't believe the added expense is required.

    Another side effect has been continual bleeding and passing of small clots. I opted for the Mirena because the copper IUD is supposed to cause heavier periods, and mine were heavy and drawn out to begin with. However, I haven't stopped bleeding for more than 8 hours (happened only once) since the beginning of my period prior to insertion, which would have been about August 10th.

    I seem to have gained some weight, although I can't tell how much since I don't own a scale. At the approximate date when this months period was supposed to start I experienced bloating, retention, painful breasts, etc. but that has passed.

    So, I'm not a happy camper. The whole reason I went with this form of birth control is because the side effects seemed less than a botched Tubal ligation (the only form of permanent sterilization offered to Canadian women aside from hysterectomy) and heavy bleeding during my periods is contributing to existing health problems.

    But if I have to bleed for 3-6 months before my periods stop altogether that is NOT acceptable, particularly because I have chronic Lyme disease; whilst bleeding, I'm a walking biohazard to my current sexual partner.
    Either I stop bleeding within a week or two, or I have it removed.

    By the by, Mirena wasn't covered by my 3rd party insurance, and isn't covered under any health plan in Manitoba for any reason - so I'm $380 poorer for no good reason.

    Mirena is definitely not for me.

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    Proof that Oprah is "bought and paid for" to be a distraction for stay at home women. Let's not talk about the REAL issues & how the pharmaceutical companies and medical community are knowingly and/or ignorantly poisoning women's bodies... No, let's instead laugh and chat about finding the yummiest burger in America... or discuss who has the nicest body or ANOTHER episode of, yes, you guessed it: MAKE-OVERS!

    BUT, just because Oprah & her "lawyers" don't have the guts to talk about this un-main stream media topic doesn't imply that all talk-show hosts would do the same. Don't give up, Cami. What about Ellen DeGeneres? I can't think of any others as I don't watch TV, but the more you send out your story the better you increase your odds of someone taking it on. "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." Good luck!

  10. Cami

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    Thanx Linzy and yeah i agree...I mean come on...make-overs like I sooo cant get enough of them! GAG ME!!!! I cant stand Oprah, but I hoped that maybe beuase she claims she is oh so pro woman that she would take up the tourch and that would then reach MILLIONS of women. But no. She sucks.

    Ellen Digenerous...doesnt she just do comical stuff on her show though? Hmm I was thinking maybe CTV here in Toronto...


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    I did a posting about why this might not be taken on here

    But I think that if people can it's worth trying anywhere. Even with staff who work at places, whether or not things are broadcast, it still spreads what's going on.

    You can listen to this CBC program on the Pill.

    You can see that instead of having a discussion between Barbara Seaman and Ellen Grant (which would have been really interesting), they seem to have recorded them separately which lessens the impact, I think. But they still managed to get in quite a bit. The whole program is not a whole hearted endorsement although it doesn't spell it out and is a bit cryptic sometimes.

    Part 2 is the interesting part to us, I think. But you can see what I mean about how the religious/moral lobbies polarize the debate from the structure of the program.

  12. Guest

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    Hey cami,

    what a skeeze!i can't beleive that ,well i can,it IS a rik,but someone has to do it...Have you thought of a national newspaper?The press will print anything,they get sued all the time..Maybe ask them if they would be interested by e-mailing some of the editors for the top ones,It's a good way to get it out...

    make sure you remain annonymous though so you dont get death threats or anyhitng like that...

    Don't give up though hun...

    holi xxx

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    ****!Leta make a documentory..I can fit you guys in a year or so,LOL,My fiance is big into making films after we settle down (only small ones)but he knows how to,plus it depends how you market it.i mean look at all the other reality tv shows,like cops,cheaters,pop idol,x factor,all the many others,mostly crap,but all reality tv.

    there is a big gap for it in the market,I am sure it would be watched if only by women as it is a point of interest....

    anyway...just an idea..

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    Hello Cami.
    My name is Alicia. I am a 20 year old mother of one and don't really want anymore kids for a while at least. I did research on many of the birth conrol methods and almost none were right for me. I am horrible at taking pills, I hate needles (not to mention how bad the depo shot is for you anyways), and I don't want to use condoms since I am married. Which left me two options. Either the Nuva Ring or the Paraguard IUD (i didn't want the hormones.) I didn't really like the idea of have to insert something into myself every month and then have to replace it myself. I guess I just don't trust the idea. So I got the Paraguard. My Dr. is a really good Dr. He works at the best OB place in the city. I had no pain when they put it in. I had a panick attack because I had heard from so many people that it was extreamly painful. After it was put in I felt like an idiot because like I said, I didn't feel anything. Later I had some very mild cramping. Nothing real painful. More irritating than anything really. Well, about a week or so past and I got my period. Everything seemed normal, until a couple weeks past and I was still bleeding. Month after month has went by. I have had the IUD in for just over a year and I am still bleeding. I have had a grand total of two breaks during the whole time and they only lasted for about 2 days. Honestly, that is the only problem I have had. Which it is a horrible problem to have, I have delt with it. I am not sure yet if I am going to have it taken out yet or not. I have a Dr. appointment coming up and I am going to hear what they have to say and I might get a second or even third opinion, but I am hoping they can do something to quit the bleeding because that is the only problem I have with it. Other than that I think it is wonderful. It is worry free and doesn't require me to do anything. I would recommended the Paraguard to anyone who's body could take it. Most of the other stuff out there I don't even think should be on the market.

  15. youngmommy84

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    what about tyra banks? she does alot of women stuff and is serious about it.

  16. somthnsgottagive

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    I am 23 and have been on Ortho Tricyclen Lo for about 2 years. Until recently I never placed any of my symptoms with BC mostly due to getting dismissed by my doctor. I noticed that I was experiencing extreme anxiety as well as depression and lack of any emotion towards things that I have always enjoyed. Then the panic attacks as well as high blood pressure (never had high blood pressure in my life)headaches blurred vision, mood swings, tightness in chest, aching joints (left hip), no sex drive and the list goes on. Looking back I had symptoms from the beginning but they were not as noticeable.I have read these forums and you girls have helped me not feel like I am going crazy. I went to the doctor and he put me on blood pressure pills and when I called back to say it wasnt helping he told be to just to "double up on pills! I then went to my gyno and she told me that she was 100% sure that my symtptoms were not BC related (which is crap) and didnt would not even switch my pills to see if that would help. I feel as if these pills are poisoning me I am not the same person I was before taking them and I have finally made the decision to get off BC pills for good after my next cycle. Wish me good luck and I hope that my experience helps someone like so many others of you helped me.


    FLOWERPOWER New Member

    I would urge everyone who does have symptoms to look first at the insert that comes with the drug and search for [name of drug - make sure you get the spelling right!] and "prescribing information" on the net. This should bring up the information which the doc gets and which contains a lot more information on adverse effects. I think, somthinsgottagive, between these two leaflets you'll find that most, if not all, of your symptoms are listed.

  18. somthnsgottagive

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    Yes, and the thing that makes me the most upset is that my gyno told me that since I had been on the pill for two years that those effects would not be caused by the pill because my body was "used to it by now". What she said goes against everything that I have read and heard.


    FLOWERPOWER New Member

    It's true that these are immunosuppressive steroids and therefore the body can get addicted to them and sometimes as the body gets more and more addicted to them and the immunosuppression kicks in, in some women the symptoms may go but the basic problems still remain and may break through the immunosuppressive mask at any time. So the processes of the body can be deteriorating without the woman or girl realizing it.

  20. angel8fish

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    Hi, it my first time posting on here, but I just wanted to say how much i can relate to other women saying they felt they were dismissed by their doctors.

    I was on Ovysmen for about 4 years (19 - 23) and felt gradually more and more depressed, anxious, highly strung, emotional etc. Despite mentioning this to my doctor she also said something similar to my body being 'used to it'. It wasn't until I finally went to see a counsellor who said that the pill can sometimes cause depression. I came off it straight away and felt relief immediately - I only went to another 2 sessions with the counsellor because I felt so much better.

    However, I just want everyone to please be careful about coming off the pill. I was only 3 months into a relationship when I became pregnant. There were a couple of other factors involved, but I ended up getting a termination. I've now been back on the pill (marvelon) for 4 months but I can feel the old symptoms again - I'm on the verge of tears everyday! I hate it but I just don't know what else to do!


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