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  1. Cami

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    Ok so im sick and tired of having a revolution with my keyboard, Im takin it up a notch. I am collecting stories of womens experiances while on birth control and creating a package to send to Oprah. Send me your info inlcuding the brand you where on, for how long, the side effects you suffered, experiances with doctors, and how you felt if you decided to quit. Email all your stories to me at
    There is no point on my contacting them until i have dozens of emails to print out so keep em coming. Tell your fiends, spread the word.
    We tried contacting her once before with an email, it was ignored. Now Im going to courier her dozens, hopefully hundreds, of letters from women and all of the info to links we have posted on here. HA! lets see them try and ignore that!

    This isnt possible unless we join together. Our strength is in our numbers!

  2. person

    person New Member

    Depo Provera....was on for 10 years my doctors knew this. Found out last summer it's reccomened to be on for only 5 because of the risk of bone loss and weight gain. Of course didn't find this out from a doctor, got a pamphlet on birth control and that is what it said. Asked if it was true doctor said yes. Stopped it right then and there.

    I knew about the weight gain, I knew about the moodiness (especially since you aren't having periods the hormones are rather wacked out of sequence), was upset I had to quit other medications make other forms of birth control uneffective. This now meant my husband and I could only have sex with condoms and was reccomended to try the sponge at the same time as a fail safe.

    Took a couple months though to get back to "normal" with my feelings and emotions. Started losing weight without doing anything.

  3. SupaKat

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    I will write up an essay and send it to you Cami. EXCELLENT idea. Oprah has a huge audience, primarily women. You get on Oprah and A LOT of people hear what you have to say.

  4. Cami

    Cami New Member

    come on ladies, send me your stories! I cant do it without your help!

  5. Cami

    Cami New Member

    thanx supakat!
    you heard her ladies, Oprah is a potentially huge resource we can tap into...lets get on it!

  6. Alex_C

    Alex_C New Member

    I e-mailed you my story, Cami... and I hope everyone else does the SAME!

  7. Cami

    Cami New Member

    when you email me could you please put your screen names as well...sometimes this account gives me problems. This way I can make sure I am recieving what you have sent Alex C, you emailed me...but im not sure which is from you, therefore im not even sure i recieved it. Just wanna make sure no one gets overlooked

    thanx for all you help ladies!

  8. Alex_C

    Alex_C New Member

  9. Cami

    Cami New Member

    as i suspected! I didnt get your story alex! Try it again but this time send it to both the above one listed and my school If one doesnt work the other will!
    and let me know on here when you try again...stupid hotmail!

    If i continue to have problems such as this all Oprah emails will be switched over to my account which is an awesome server. But i check my hotmail one more often (cuz im an MSN slut) so for now lets keep all stories being sent there since im notified ASAP via Msn


  10. Alex_C

    Alex_C New Member

    I tried again, did it work??

  11. amylou

    amylou New Member

    Hi Cami,

    I have emailed you about getting in touch with Oprah.

    Hope you get it, i sent it to your hotmail address.

    AMY XX

  12. aschka

    aschka New Member

    Hi Cami,

    I tried to get in touch with Oprah myself a few months ago, but no response. I think your "critical mass" idea with our stories is excellent! I will send you my story as soon as possible. And thanks for doing this [​IMG]

  13. Cami

    Cami New Member

    Ok so these are the poeple I have recieved emails from so far:
    Amy, Terasume, alex69876, Susan T, Gini M

    Thanx ladies! If your name isnt on here and you emailed me please let me know, our two email providers might not work well togethter, i have an alternant acount.

    Keep em coming laides, were not even close to enough yet!!!

  14. guest1818

    guest1818 New Member

    Hi Cami,
    I too sent my story to Oprah just the other day.
    It's kinda long but here is my hell story.
    I'm 27 yrs. old. and I just stopped taking Yasmin. I started off at age 24 about 137 lbs, by having my doc. tell me I should try this new pill. I ended up at age 27 at 165 lbs. feeling like I was a fat old 90 yr. old women.

    I was on Yasmin for a little over 3 yrs. It was great in the beginning, no complaints. Then about 1 1/2 yrs. into it I started to develop serious migraines. I couldn't do anything, they were blinding, literally. I went to PCP, and he presribed me Migraine medicine. They lasted about 6 months. Then they were few and far between. I just figured it was hereditary or something b/c my sister got them sometimes.

    About 6 months ago I started getting severe chest pain, shortness of breath, numbing in my arm, leg and face, severe anxiety weakness, and no energy, literally had to drag myself out of bed. It got so bad, I had to even stop running 4 days a week and just walk for 20 minutes at a time. I was lucky if I got in 2 days a week.

    I went to my Dr. 4 times, in 6 months he told me it was basically in my head. (I am normally very healthy haven't been to doc. in yrs) He didn't even take any blood or anything. I was literally making myself crazy, I told him i knew my body, and something was wrong. He told me my body is just changing or I had a pulled muscle in my chest, or it was just allergies, or stress, the list went on, but in his mind there was nothing wrong with me. When I mentioned the sudden weight gain, he told me I don't have a small frame. When I started this my measurements were 38, 28, 38 at 5'5". I did have a small frame, always been a size 6 etc.

    At this point I left the Dr. office so mad. He actually looked at his watch and said he had to get going. I was at a loss. I remembered my OB told me about a yr ago that I shouldn't be gaining weight on Yasmin. (I was up to 148 about a yr. ago),but ignorned his request and lost the weight myself) In the past 6 months I gained 25 lbs. So I decided to have it checked, first time it was borderline, second time Ok 3rd time ok.

    I went to a new Dr. and he did a full panel of blood tests, everything normal, chest xrays normal too. Oh I forgot to mention right before the full panel was taken I had such horrible anxiety, I was convinced I was dying. I have never had depression, anxiety, or anything in my life. I could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had a good job, great b.f. of over 3 yrs. great friends etc.

    So when I got the blood tests done, the new Dr. asked me what medication I was on. I told him only yasmin. He told me that he didn't like Yasmin, b/c It ran a very high risk of blood clots. At this time I started taking an aspirin a day just in case. I didn't know what to do. This is when I started researching Yasmin side effects. I found a site and found so many people that had the same symptoms to me. At this poing it was riduclous. I had horrible tingling and numbing in my right arm, leg and face, chest pain, like someone was crushing my chest, hard to breath, anxiety, slight depression, etc. I went off the pill that day I found the site.
    It has now been 18 days post Yasmin... I never put two and two together. Now since I've been off it, I am feeling soo much better. I am definitely not back to 100% normal. But I can run again, I'm up to about 25 minutes running and 15 walking, but that is really good considering what I had been able to do. I also exercise at night so I'm doing at least an hr. or exercise. I have a lot more engery, however, I still get tingling in my face and arm. My leg every so often. I haven't had an anxiety attack yet this week, but the past two weeks I had a bunch of them. (And again I didn't even know what it was when I got the first one)
    It's amazing, I had every doctor telling me I was crazy and should see a therapist or take anti depressants.
    It's amazing how doctors will push pills on you. Oh and along the way I was prescribed medication for an infection and an inhaler, just in case that's what was wrong with me.
    Nice huh..

  15. guest1818

    guest1818 New Member

    said I got it tested 3 times, but forgot to say it was my thyroid they tested that was fine. Also forgot to say OB said there is no way it's the pill causing these problems, "best pill out there". Yeah right.

  16. JadeDragon

    JadeDragon New Member

    Hi Cami, I'll be sending you a story in the next day or two - as soon as I have time to write it up (I have an art history paper due as well, heh). =)

  17. Cami

    Cami New Member

    thank you ladies!

  18. Moirae

    Moirae New Member

    I sent you an e-mail Cami. Let me know if it gets through or not.

  19. Cami

    Cami New Member

    got it! thanx Moirae!

  20. Alex_C

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    Cami, do you plan on emailing this to her or sending it by mail somewhere? Maybe email isn't the best way... they probably just pass over most of the emails that are sent, I'm sure there are millions every day.


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