Cajun perserverence

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    An old cajun finds himself confined to perdition's flames, most likely the result of a lifetime of overindulgence during Mardi Gras.

    This old cajun however is not at all troubled by his place in the afterlife, much to the chagrin of Satan.

    Satan, being a prideful one makes it his personal business to torment this rare and bold creature.

    Satan raises the level of the lake of fire. The old cajun just smiles and tells of how it reminds him of the sticky sweltering heat of the bayou's during the summers of his earthly life.

    Now O'le Scratch is furious. His sinful pride make him more determined and he floods all of hell with the superheated lake of fire.

    Once again, the old cajun laughs and reminds the devil that he survived when the levees broke during during Hurricane Katrina, and that this was no worse than what he and fellow citizens suffered through only to rebuild the city. He then pulls out some boiled crawfish and fried catfish and offers Lucifer a bite.

    Now enraged beyond beleif, Satan waves his hand and yells evil commands, he is determined to make this man suffer. If heat won't work, he knows what will.

    Suddenly all of hell becomes deathly cold and ice blue. It freezes solid as the last circle of hell in Dante's Inferno.

    Satan smiles Knowing that he has defeated this simple cajun, for this cajun could never experienced such suffering while on earth!

    The old cajun begins jumping up and down, not to stay warm but to begin shouting "Boo-Yah" with joy.

    Satan screams "How can you still be joyful now"?!?!

    The old cajun smiles and replies:

    "Hell freezin over can only means dat my N'awlin Saints jist won Da Supabowl!!

    WHO DAT!!

    WHO DAT!!


    Congratulations to the (long suffering) New Orleans Saints, Champions of Superbowl XLIV (44)!

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    Ha ha, this is great!

    New take on an old joke... and this one should be preserved for posterity!

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