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Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by desertgirl, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Great news Spitler! Glad to hear bf is going so much better this time around. Great weight gain, Leo!

    Good news on my end too. Piper's lazy latch went away and my nipples aren't sore anymore.

  2. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    awesome desertgirl! I have found Leo does the lazy latch thing too but I pop a soothie pacifier in for a minute and it seems to remind him to suck properly! Thank goodness! Glad to hear Piper is doing so well!

  3. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Ha, I looked back on the dates and what's been happening since then...the sore nipples were from ovulation, not from P's latch. I started my first pp AF on Feb 14th. Working on my 3rd af since the lovely returned, and get the super sore nipples for 3-4 days around ovulation.

    Still breastfeeding. Going to stop pumping at work soon, and I guess she'll have some cow's milk bottles during the day. Don't plan to quit bfing for a while.

  4. SweetestTea

    SweetestTea New Member

    Wow, I dont know what I was doing that kept me from finding this board, but I read the ENTIRE thing and BLESS YOU LADIES! Breastfeeding has been going well, but of course has ups and downs. Darrien has lazy latch too and the only thing that helps is aggravating him until he takes his frustration out on the nipple and gets a strong latch.

    I dont think he has a nipple preference and could careless about anything that would confuse him. He's had 4 types of nipples and takes them all the same (although he has problems keeping his pacifier in sometimes. Ive found hand expression to be easier than using the pump (this was of course after I already bought the bump and I was out with my sister and so engorged I HAD to get relief).

    lol and I thought I was the only one with a baby that tries to view the world around him with my breast in his mouth.

  5. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Sweetest, that's great that Darrien and you have got the breastfeeding down. Maybe your pump will come in useful if you have to go back to work? I never could get hand expression down.

    I can't believe your baby is already 5 weeks old!

  6. SweetestTea

    SweetestTea New Member

    me either desert! And he's so smart. He's trying to talk and giggle already. He makes more and more noise everyday, I think he's getting the hang of his noisemaker lol. He's such a happy baby and he loves eating.

  7. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    anyone have any tips for dealing with not getting any sleep. Its really affecting me and my ablity to function and take care of my daughter during the day. I know he is little and will still need to eat at night probably for a while, but I'm losing it and seriously starting to consider formula. My daughter sttn at 6 weeks old, she was unable to latch right and was on formula after about 3 weeks. I'm SOOOOO tired. Even Dh who has been very pushy to this point about sticking with the breastfeeding is starting to say he thinks we should switch so we can all get some sleep. I dont knwo what to do anymore.

  8. Myste

    Myste New Member

    Tonya as much as I hate to say it, formula is not always the answer to getting babies to STTN. Kids wake at night on formula as well as BM.

    The answer for us was just co-sleeping, I could pop him on and go back to sleep while he ate. If it's possible, try to nap during the day but I know that's nearly impossible with two (oh lord help me, too). Or you could get a pump and try pumping during the day so you could offer bottles of BM during the night if that would be quicker and easier - Wes was a slooooow eater (20-40 minutes every time) when breastfed but once we got him to take a bottle, he'd finish off 6oz in 3-4 minutes easy (at 9m).

  9. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    Myste, thanks. We were co sleeping, but it seems he woke up every like hour that way. Once I moved him to the bassinet (which is right up against the mattress), he did better slept a little longer. If it doesn't get better soon, I may try the co sleeping thing again and see if he'll sleep better that way. I'm honestly at a loss. I've fought so hard to get it to work this time since I couldn't do it with my daughter I really dont want to quit, but Im starting to come apart at the seams.

  10. SweetestTea

    SweetestTea New Member

    I strongly suggest pumping or hand expressing to save up some bottles for night feeding. Even getting Darrien's dad to take 1 feeding during the night allowed me a longer period of uninterrupted sleep. I've never had to stay up during the day and care for another little one so I really cant imagine what youre going thru but I think its worth suggesting.

  11. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Spitler--are you switching breasts during the same feeding? Try keeping LO on the same side for the entire feeding. Breastmilk is carb-loaded at the front and protein-loaded at the back. If baby isn't draining the breast completely, he'll keep getting just the carbs--great for him anyway, but they burn off WAY faster and he'll be hungry again sooner. Babies who get the protein at the back tend to stay satisfied for longer as it's digested much more slowly (that's the reason a lot of FF babes sleep for longer periods--it's really hard to digest and it basically exhausts them and keeps them feeling "full" for longer on top of that). The proteins might make his poop look "seedy" (little white flecks). That would be my first suggestion and it may take a few consecutive feedings of nursing one breast at a time for your body to catch on but I know it's worked for a lot of mums!

    You could even try pumping off the foremilk and feeding "hindmilk" from both sides. If you're nursing on one side only, and your other breast gets engorged, you could also nurse him on the one side to drain the breast completely (should feel soft and "empty" after he's done) and then switch to the other side if he's still hungry, making sure to alternate which breast he starts on each time.

  12. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    Thanks Row, thats what I was told by the LC too. I make plenty of milk to just keep him on one side per feed. He was getting an imabalance or something of foremilk/hindmilk making him hungrier and fussier like you said. So since I've done that, he is sleeping a bit better at night. Going about 4 hours stretches so far. So I think that was the ticket!
    Thanks a bunch for the feed back guys! I really want to stick with it,and getting a bit more sleep is helping me feel like I can!

  13. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yay! So glad it worked!

  14. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    Ok. I have tons of questions, I'll try to do them a bit systematically.

    I've got the Playtex drop in system for bottles. I'm really hoping I'll have enough milk to do some freezing so that SO can have some feeding time also, plus it would give me some more freedom to do stuff without baby. He really wants to have some of that great bonding that feeding brings also, although I can see that doing mainly breastfeeding is more likely just because it's so practical.
    Do you think this system is good for freezing milk?
    I see that it's not the most economical, but as a start I'm hoping it could be a good option until I see how much milk I actually have to freeze. And the Medela pump & save bags aren't exactly cheap either.
    Are there any other ways of freezing breastmilk in a safe, easy and economical way? Are branded bags really necessary? I'm sure I can't use ordinary ziploc freezing bags lol, but I don't know of real options.

    How do I actually go about the pumping? Where I live there is such pressure to breastfeed, some of the medical staff and midwifes are downright nazis about it. (Which is kind of weird and unecessary since my country has a really high percentage of breastfed babies) Anyway, medical staff/midwifes here don't really recommend feeding both from a bottle and the breast because babies tend to not want to take the breast if they get used to the bottle. I know a lot of you rely on pumping as you don't get the same maternity leave as we do, and you still manage to give breastmilk so it must be possible. (Props btw!) How can I minimize the risk of baby refusing the breast and still use a bottle on a regularish basis?
    Are there any nipples that are better than others in regards to flow, shape or material? (Do the nipples have to be Playtex brand to work on the bottles?)

    To try to make the most of my supply, when do I pump? Do I put the baby on one breast while I simultaneously pump the other one? Do I wait and then pump between feedings? What kind of schedule worked for you? I have the Medela Swing pump if that matters. Is pumping difficult? How long does a pumping session approximately take?
    I have no clue about this stuff, so sorry if my questions are really dumb. Any pointers would be great.

    This one is mainly for Desertgirl if she reads this thread. I saw you recommended the BUTTer for the cloth babies in another thread, do you think it would also make good nipple cream for sore nipples? I asked CJ and she said yes, and confirmed that it is safe for ingesting, but I wanted to hear it from someone not economically invested also. [​IMG]
    (Thank you for the recommendation btw, I love love love her lotion!)

    Sorry for the long post, just trying to prepare any way I can. Only fourteen weeks left! [​IMG]

  15. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    We use the playtex drop ins bottles, and soothie pacifiers for Leo and he hasn't ever had a problem switching back and forth.

    In the begining I would wait a few weeks and then start pumping. And I did it that after I fed him, I would pump what ever was left. Then once Dh started helping with some feeds I would pump whichever feed the baby got from Dh and store that for the next time. You can go to the Le Leche Leauge web site and there is a lot of info on there too.

    Good luck!

  16. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    *sneaking in a shameless bump*

    Thanks Spitler. [​IMG] When you say you pumped after feeding, did you pump from the breat you fed from, and/or would you empty the other breast?

  17. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I would pump from both breasts after feeding, and in-between feedings (I went pump crazy between 6-12 weeks to build up my supply for going back to work. It worked, I'm just now getting down to my last few bags of frozen milk). I think in those early months, P would nurse from both breasts during one feeding, and then I'd pump, so each breast was getting doubly worked over.

    Oh, Kawaii, I'm just now reading your above questions. It is possible to pump and nurse at the same time, but I never did because it is very, very cumbersome! I think it's recommended to wait to introduce a bottle or pacifier until your nursing relationship is firmly established and I think the recommendation is to wait 3-6 weeks before introducing those items.

    Pumping isn't difficult once you get the hang of it. I thought it was very un-natural feeling at first. There is a learning curve, for sure. For the first 6 weeks, I was pumping on HIGH, and pumping hurt a ton. I finally realized to turn down the suction (turned the dial to less than 1/2 way) and suddenly pumping didn't hurt! Cleaning the parts everytime is a pain. I think the recommendation is to start out pumping for 15 minutes and increase to no more than 20 for a full pumping session. I always get a second letdown of milk around 25 minutes, so I pump for at least 30 minutes.

    Oh, and I wish I had known about cj's BUTTer when I was using nipple cream. I would totally use it and feel safe using it for sore nips.

  18. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    Oh thank you Desertgirl! [​IMG]
    I'm sure there will be lots more questions come august...

  19. TDG

    TDG New Member

    For those looking to bf and use bottles, I highly recommend the soothie bottles/nipples. They were pretty good before, but they recently changed the nipples and they are soo close to the feel of real nipples! They are like 2 pieces and kind of a pain in the butt to clean but they are fantastic for bfing babies!

  20. ShanynEngwicht

    ShanynEngwicht New Member

    I agree that breastfeeding is only difficult at the beginning. First time moms should seek help from lactation consultants as well as do some self-research.

    Changing positions and checking baby's latch should be done on the first week so as not to aggravate the discomfort brought about by wrong positioning and latching.


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