Blood during sex.. were we safe?

Discussion in 'Reproductive Health' started by Marie23, May 7, 2016.

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    Blood during sex...Were we safe?
    May 1 my bf and i had intercourse (unprotected) so i took Emergency Contraceptive Pill and today, May 7, we had intercourse again but this time with condom. However, during the 1st round, there were traces of blood. What could this mean? I am so bothered. Please help.
    it has been 7 days since i took ECP and i havent gotten my period yet

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    Sorry for being so late to respond you... Sure thing you've already figured it out but I'm going to respond maybe there is somebody else who would need an answer to this question... yes you were safe and if you're afraid of not becoming pregnant odds are that you're not... 1st: it is hard to get pregnant for a while after taking the emergency contraceptive pill. 2nd: having unprotected sex makes the chances bigger for getting pregnant but still very little as long as the man doesn't finishes inside (and the second time, with condom, chances are near to 0), and 3rd: traces of blood during sex is normal. there are a lot of girls finding traces of blood after or during intercourse. I can't say what exactly does it mean, but it happened to me and not only me so don't worry... again, sorry for late answer.

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    A very topical issue and topic. thanks to the author

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    Apparently began monthly


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