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  1. HereWeGo#1

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    Attention all mommies! Given the tough economic times, I thought it would be a good idea to create a space to share and learn about ways to save money on family/household items. I am particularly interested in baby gear, formula, diapers (cloth & disposable) clothes, etc. But anything family/kid related would be helpful! Include websites you like, coupons (and where to find) and stores that have great sales/specials.


  2. desertgirl

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    I'm not really great at saving money, but one thing I've started to do when purchasing online is to check for coupons. I type the name of the store and "coupon" into google--usually get led to a coupon code site and typically save up to 5% and get free shipping. I think one coupon site I have luck with is called '' or something like that.

  3. enough_already

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    I should be making $200 extra for doing basically nothing. Both Chase and Bank of America are paying people $100 to open checking accounts.

    Bank of America wants you to open a checking account with them for $500. You have to use the debit card like three times and keep over $300 balance in the account for like thirty days. If you meet the program requirements, they pay you $100 by depositing it into your account.

    Chase did the same thing only you only need to deposit $100 and use the debit card five times. At the end of the trial period, they're supposed to deposit $100 into your account.

    I'll let you all know how it works out, but I think it should.

    I keep checking for deals like this regularly. There are qualifications and disqualifiers like you can never have had a Chase or Bank of America checking account before, as far as I recall.

    Just google those banks special offers and get the program details for yourself.

  4. BJ99

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    I just bought a new $150 Glacier Bay toilet for my new house (old one was grey colored which matched the sink I removed) and I got one that was eco friendly as it has a button if you go #1 which uses less water when you flush and you push the smaller inside button for #2 which makes button number 1 also go down as well...this allows more water flow to push down "extras"

    But it's suppose to save 20% to 40% on your water bill

    And since I just watched DIY network and they stated that your toilet uses even more water then your washing machine or dishwasher...I think that's a good way to go.

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    Nice, but our water bill is the same every 2 months, we have a standard amount that they bill us every 2 months, but it does increase every year or 2 [​IMG] so much for saving money there...

    Also I applied online to Huggies and Pampers and they mailed me coupons. I'm still getting coupons from Huggies since I applied for Audrey 2 years ago and now I'm getting some for JAsper. So we are a Huggies family.

    I'm not good with saving money at all, it's an improvement of me using coupons, but I normally won't buy 'me' anything unless it's a super deal and I still thought $400 for 2 pairs of prescription glasses tooo much, but I got 50% off the one pair and the other pair was a sunglasses special for only $129.99 with your prescription lense included, which mine are like over $200 prescription, so that's a super deal for me.

    So basically just looking out for deals aswell!
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    Anyone in the Canadian area can send for coupons from the site I have added below. They get different types of coupons up all the time. Here is a little info and where you can find them online:

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    Brooke is formula fed and she is on Enfamil and I signed up on their website its called family beginnings or something like that and they send you coupon checks in the mail for formula. The first one I got was for 6.00 but the rest have all been small amounts like 1 or 2.00 but hey every little bit helps and its free to sign up.

  8. Confused-Hasya

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    How do you sign up for Huggies coupons in Canada?


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