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    why? one word-lawsuit

    excellent post i totally agree with all you have to say on the topic...but I personally just dont think the producers of the Oprah show want to let another topic air that may cause them to get sued, again (like the beef industry tried to do).

    personally I dont like Oprah, never have, I find her fake and condesending. i only sent it to her because so many women watch her and love her. And I thought hey, this will really tell if the show is a champiopn for womens rights or not. Well the letter i recieved just confirmed my opinion of the show and I wont be trying again.

    If anything I will be contacting local news publications and womens centres...starting smaller.
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    What I'm tyring to say is that if something is out of copyright it can be used. And there's no comeback. It's out of copyright.

    If something is in copyright you have to seek the copyright holder and ask them whether they will let you use the rights eg thinking of a talk show, first US broadcast rights. So from what you say the person who wrote the letter seems very confused about copyright and rights. Unless I've understood wrongly?

    It's great what you're doing, Cami. I for one really appreciate it and I can see from this lengthy thread others do too.

  3. Cami

    Cami New Member

    no I dont think it is confusion...they are proffessionals and do this kind of thing all day. I think it is just a big fat ol excuse


    FLOWERPOWER New Member

    Oh, it may well be. But someone has still written it in Oprah's name, from what you say, and it is totally wrong. It may be an excuse or it may be plain ignorance but, if I have understood what was written rightly from what you say, it is also untrue. An excuse is one thing. It's another thing putting in writing something which is factually incorrect.
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  5. Cami

    Cami New Member

    it wasnt written in Oprahs name...but the producers

    and yeah i agree its all total bull#$%^...but then again I have allways thought the show was kinda full of it. Oh well I gave em a chance and they blew it. Theyre loss


    FLOWERPOWER New Member

    Yeh. But I just hate it when they treat people like they're stupid? And send back answers which are factually wrong.

    If they'd said something like "Unfortunately we cannot accept emails which are not from the original sender as our liability insurance would not cover using these emails on our programme. However we do appreciate all viewers who take the time and trouble to write to us about topics which are important to them and have noted your concerns. Oprah is a very popular programme and we have to run a very tight schedule. Our programme schedule currently is fully booked but we shall keep your correspondence on file." blah, blah, blah. In other words, thanks but no thanks but at least faintly plausible.

    But for her producers to write that they don't use "uncopyrighted material"?!!!!! It also spreads myths about copyright and what it is and isn't which does have implications when people are trying to be active about a matter. It can scare people off (but not you Cami! :) )

    Of course I mind that you were fobbed off, but they could at least fob you off with a plausible letter instead of writing things which they didn't need to write and which are untrue. Whether or not it's the producers, it's still in Oprah's name.

    I realize you're on to the next possibility now and it's all time consuming.

    But I hope someone someday will write back when they receive a dumb letter like that and make the writers feel small for putting something so stupid and untrue in writing, especially when they are writing on behalf of someone else who doesn't know what they're wriing. I mean it's one thing saying something dumb on the spur of the moment on the phone which noone can prove. But in writing!!!

    I think to be fair to Oprah (because, as with us, you can never underestimate people) this is a letter written on her behalf but not by her. I'm not a great fan of any of these shows but they are a format which hinges on the host and they are vastly successful around the world. And this letter wasn't written by her.

    Hey, tho, how about a chat show, "What's the dumbest and untrue-est letter you've received from professionals fobbing you off ...?!!" lol [​IMG]


    FLOWERPOWER New Member

    Hey, do you think Oprah has now read this website and, in true showbiz style, turned it into great PR? lol [​IMG] She has now apparently given her lawyers and certain people in her production company a dressing down. OK, so it's not about us, but it just shows what can be done in a celebrity's "name" ... The lawyers went after the person for "trademark and copyright infringement" and Oprah now says it was an "overreaction" ...

    But maybe, Cami, you'll be getting that phone call too ... [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    That or they copied all of your un-copyrighted research, then they do a little more research of there own and voila...Oprah has a new show that suppossedly she came up with, and you get no recognition for all of YOUR HARD WORK....Which I think truly is a blessing to women, and I think a bunch of crap that they could pull it off....

    Just watch for that. I would not put it past them...

    Cami...I'm new to this side, but do you think it would help if we all emailed them or something to that effect?

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    You are more than welcome to use my posts, but I don't have many up yet as I am new to the sight. Just to make a quick note. I think the depo shot should not be allowed to be given out. My aunt it 30 years old and is boarderline osteoporosis.

  10. sweetness8253

    sweetness8253 New Member

    Also you are more than welcome to use my screen name. Anything else I can do to help out just let me know. I would be more than happy to help out. Some of this needs to be stopped before more woman go through agony.


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    All steroid contraceptives can cause osteoporosis. It's not only Depo. Because they can cause tiny blood clots to form in the bones (microthrombi) and also seriously deplete the body of zinc and magnesium which are vital for bone density.


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