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    On the other hands, the EU (European Union) plans to launch the male contraceptive in 2010.

    It has been widely tested in Europe but has not been widely accepted by European men. Despite the early result indicated few side-effects of the male contraceptive, most men remain infertile 3-6 months after stopping the male contraceptive pill.

    European men still prefer the condoms over the pill ! LOL

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    I don't know if you're stilling doing this but count me in. I want a way to tell everyone that I had Pulmonary Embolism from the Nuva Ring. I want women to know that like me, even if you have never smoked, have no family history of clotting disorders and are active you can STILL get this life threatening problem. Women need to be educated because, like my gynocologist who gave me the Nuva Ring, I don't think they know their product.
    Whatever your plan, I am with you.

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    If you are still looking for someone to email your story to you can send it to me at
    sounds like you had a serious situation and that story should be told!

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    welcome to use my posts but ps not my screename! thank you...great idea!

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    Please feel free to use my posts! Thank you [​IMG] :p

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    Hey hey!!! It's great to know i'm not alone... i'm new at this "HBC" game (which I thought was a form of cholesterol?) anyway i just started taking mine yesterday so I will be posting all the effects I get... feel free to use whatever you wish, just let me know what you're using and where, if ya could... peace!

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    Cami, I don't know if you'll be able to use this post but I just spoke with a girl with an incredible story. To make it short, her doctors had diagnosed her with cancer, she bled for months on end, spend her last semester of school in the hospital and had her gall bladder taken out... all before her fifth doctor suggested she simply go off the pill. She is an amazing person and has mostly recovered now. She told me she knows "so many girls" with stories like ours.

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    Natural woman,

    Thats amazing,could you maybe give your friend my e-mail address and ask her if she wouldbe kind enough to mail me her story along with any others that she knows.She is indeed amazing to get better after all of that.I am working on a smimilair thing to Cami and will pass on her story if shes willing.

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    hey cami - it's been a while - how's your plan going? have you sent the stuff yet? or have you been too busy studying? hope you've got a lot of good material! [​IMG]


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    For medical backup:

    British Medical Journal year=1994&fdatedef=1+January+1994&sortspecbrief=relevance&andorexacttitle=and&andorexactfulltext=and&RESULTFORMAT=1&tdatedef=10+June+2006&hits=80

    This may take a little bit of time to come up but it does all come up.

    Click on >Full text on right hand side of titles to see see full letters. There are 258 letters. The webpage to which I have given the link has 80 of these. To move on to the next page, go to the top of the page "Results 1-80 (of 258 found)" and click on "Next 80".

    A lot of these are well worth printing out and sending around because these are doctors talking with studies to back up their conclusions. The titles may not jump out at you at all being concerned with the Pill and similar drugs but if you look at the letters you will see how it all ties up. A lot of these letters are by Dr Ellen Grant but in some of them she is only one signatory with others. Dr Grant was one of the doctors in the original trials of the Pill in the UK (when all doses, high and low doses were tested). She was pro the Pill at first but soon came to realize that the problems of the Pill were intractable whatever the dosage - even if women and girls seem not to have symptoms because the Pill is immunosuppressive and sometimes masks symptoms.

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    use my posts go ahead,...i love the idea and go ahead use my screen name

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    I just want to say this is an AWESOME project!!
    I just got off the pill last fall and am still trying to get pregnant. I was shocked at the withdrawal my body went through, and I will never go back on the pill. Ever. Kill the pill!!

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    where has cami gone? havent seen any posts in awhile.

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    Feel free to use my posts!

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    oh im around....sent of my package. will let you now when i hear anything

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    you can use my posts and screenname. i am happy to help and contribute.

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    Ok ladies....I heard back from Oprah

    And its a no go from the looks of it. My package was returned to me via FedEx with a brief but polite letter. Apparently their "lawyers have advised" them to not use any "un-copyrighted material" and they could only keep my personal letter I had written and list of websites I had provided...

    OK so I think its a load of crap and they just dont want to tackle the issue for fear of pissing of the pharmaceutical industry just like when they pissed of the beef industry.

    I cleary pointed out that the stories I recieved were all private emails sent to can I copyright that? The article I submitted was writted BY ME AND PUBLISHED BY ME, with proper sitation of the source it was published in, and the clips of info I sent in all had authors names, dates and wesite address provided! There was only ONE article that didnt have all the necessary info cuz I couldnt find it but I sent it in anyways.

    So that was extremely disapointing and I am royally pissed off! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    when I am calmer i am going to send an email but Im not expecting a response, I think they gave me the brush off.

    Regardless I still have my package and I am going to make copies to leave in the womens centre at my school for York Uni women to educate themselves.

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    you could use my posts as well


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    Hi Cami,

    The thing is Cami, I don't understand what they mean by "uncopyrighted material". Uncopyrighted material is just what they can use.

    It's the copyrighted material which causes more problems if they don't get permission from the copyright holder.

    And in fact many people in the media use private material sent to them to act as a springboard - they may get private material sent to them which, although true, may attract lawyers trying to tie things up in the courts in the adversarial system (unfortunately things are run in an adversarial way instead of an investigative way).

    But they still use the material to investigate even if they don't name names of the people involved. They get what they can stand up in the public domain and is verifiable and broadcast that. It's not as if this is a small matter not impinging on many people's lives (including men's lives as well).

    Another thing people could do, I suppose, is contact insurance companies with their own individual problems if they are under insurance companies but keep in touch with each other on this website.

    As you've said Cami, the material is out there in the public domain. I've indicated Dr Ellen Grant and there are a (few) others whose material is not refuted and has been published both in books for the "lay" reader and in peer reviewed journals.

    That is copyrighted material with an attributable source and doubtless the docs and journalists also concerned (like Barbara Seaman) will be willing to have their material used if approached.

    Plus they can always ask for people with experiences to phone in with a telephone number at the end of a programme.

    It seems to me that whoever wrote about "uncopyrighted material" perhaps is very confused about the nature of copyright and is confused about how investigations are carried out. And it's a shame that from what you say such confusion reigns on such a show as Ophrah which is supposed to be such a professional outfit.

    It's not like the things which are said even by anonymous message board posters are not already verifiable. So even if someone came on with a screen name saying she was "The seventh Marx Brother's widow" and had been terribly damaged by the drugs in a way that is verifiable by research and clinical practice reality which is documented, does it matter whether she is anonymous?

    She's a woman, she has been damaged in a way that is verifiable and any TV show can indicate the huge, huge numbers of postings on women's health boards which are talking about the verifiable detrimental effects of these drugs. So bring out the verifiable research that has been done and is not refuted.

    And she may not be "The Seventh Marx Brother's widow" but she's someody's daughter, somebody's mother, somebody's sister who has had her life taken away in utterly avoidable circumstances. And Ophrah must also have had a mother and perhaps a sister and may has got daughters.

    Nobody is wanting to mess up Ophrah's life but so many women and young girls have had their lives messed up by these drugs through no fault of their own. And when nothing is done their lives become even more messed up. And leaving them unsupported is messing up their lives and skewing them out of the direction they would otherwise have taken.

    There's no copyright on suffering or lives that have been skewed and harassed by the drugs and politics of people who should know better that goes on around the damaged ones who have been prescribed these drugs.

    Because it's not only about contraception but how these drugs are indiscriminately prescribed for a whole range of symptoms and the women and girls can then develop a whole range of full blown conditions not even because of a choice they made for contraception but because they were told in an ambiguous and sometimes downright misleading manner that there was no choice but to take these drugs for medical reasons.

    Am I right in thinking this letter about "uncopyrighted material" was written in Ophrah's name? It sounds a very sad situation if it were. What has been written may not be anything to do with Ophrah herself though or it may be. I don't know. I can't speculate why you've received the letter you have and I haven't seen the letter.

    But there certainly is enough evidence to make a programme which nobody could refute. And I'm not just talking about the postings on this website. A lot of the evidence is in the manufacturer leaflets themselves, although the vocabulary can be very ambiguous. And that's another angle which I think could be pursued and broadcast: how ambiguous vocabulary used by the medical profession and manufacturer inserts is leading women and girls and their parents (in the case of girls prescribed these drugs for what appears to be medical reasons) quite understandably into wrong assumptions.


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