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    send it to me via email if you dont

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    Great idea - you are more than welcome to use ANY of my posts. [​IMG]


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    I just opened a blog this morning. If there is anything you Ladies need help with please let me know. It would be my pleasure to help.


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    Yeah you can use my posts too. No-one will know who I am and even if they did I wouldn't care, everyone I know knows I went through hell on BC anyway!! Good luck becs x

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    You've got my support !
    After reading so many comment's with the same story it's clear that something has to be done.

    Good luck


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    am begining the daunting task that is transfering all your emailed stories over to MS Word so they are easier to print in one go, and checking for spelling errors....and WOW!!! I seriously had to stop half way through because it was touching me so to hear you all share your truths! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you for sending in your stories...they are moving and insirational. You should all be very proud of yourselves for listening to your bodies and stopping the pill

    I have over 50 PAGES of stories alone to send Oprah...This will be one hell of a package!

  7. Juicy-Juls

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    I thought maybe you could help...I was perscruibed trinessa took it for 10 days... worst ten days of my life. I quit after the side affects and then found out it was recalled. I found on that it was recalled because it failed stability assy or essay ? do you know what that means. Could this have hurt me.. I have endo and concerned it made it if you can...thanks

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    I cant find my posts...I have posted on here regarding the ortho evra patch. I had ministrokes for 7 months. Facial numbness for 2 weeks and hemiplegic migraines at least once a week for 3 months. I thought I was going to die. I plan on messaging you, cami, with more details for the oprah thing...I just dont understand why I cant find the thread I posted on....hmmm....

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    poess--up at the top of the page there is a little thing that says "search" right under the "new topic" and "post reply" buttons. You can search for your own username and it will list all of the threads you've been active in [​IMG]

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    aaahhh! thank you!!! I love you!!

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    lol that's nice to wake up to in the morning!

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    Just thought I would let you know that I am happy with the pill and have been for years! No mood issues here. This is also true for my friends on the pill - except, of course, those who have gone off to have healthy pregnancies. Can't help but wonder what motivates you to be frightened by women who are able to control their lives? Any medicines can have side effects - every body is different and what might work well for someone, may cause someone else's body to freak out. If the pill doesn't work for you my solution is simple - go off it and use condoms or female condoms - they are easy to use once you try them. Just thought I would chime in with My Experience.

  13. Raunchy-Row

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    Don't quite get what you mean by that sentence--but glad it's working for someone!
    I know quite a few women who are on the pill or have been and I would say it's worked for about 1/3 of them without any noticeable problems. That's still not enough for them to claim it's "safer than aspirin"

    Still, nice to hear a positive story!
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    Happy with BC... What about us women with endometriosis and ovarian cysts who need the pill, but have the nasty side effects...will condems help cure that..I have endo and cysts and suppossed to take BC to control pain and shrink cysts but can't do that cause the BC is worse than endo..

  15. poess

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    Happy with BC, maybe had my doctor told me I had a chance of dying if I tried the ortho evra patch I wouldnt have chosen it. My doctor did not tell me of the risks he said and I quote "this is proven to be just as safe as the pill with the same number of side effects" well, I lost my job, had debilatating migraines for 3 months, facial numbness for 3 weeks and then ministrokes every five minutes for 7 months. Have you ever had a stroke...mmmmkay...well maybe these women need to understand what could happen. Doctors are paid by the prescription company to get more people to buy the prescriptions, which unfortunately sometimes leads them into making bad decisions for their patients who arent doctors themselves. Doctors told me I was going to die. I have 3 young kids that I was worried about leaving alone in this world. People need information, and if the doctors arent willing to do it then someone has to. Thats just my 2 cents...and its worth alot more than 2 cents. Information is power...if your scared of it then thats your deal...other women may appreciate being fully informed. I would loved to have known all of the factors before I ruined my life. Thank god I dont have the strokes anymore but I couldnt walk, talk, chew, comprehend my surrounding...hell, I didnt even know I had children and one point. Try living like that...not fun at all. I dont mean this to be offensive but I took offense to your statement...I'm glad you didnt have problems, but I wonder...would your statement remain the same had you lived my life? and accumulated 30,000 dollars in medical bills trying to find out what was wrong. I think not. Life is a beautiful thing and I cherish every day with my children more than I ever thought possible. Strokes are a living hell...especially when you think you are going to die...and my father died when I was 6 so I know the feeling of abandonedment that comes along with the death of a parent, I would never want my children to feel that. Sorry for this super long note...but I feel its important for you to know we arent just trying to scare women, but merely to give them all of the information they need to make and educated choice, unlike what I had.

  16. poess

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    oh, and CAMI...did you get my email? my email account acts stupid sometimes so I wanted to make sure you recieved it ok..

  17. Cami

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    "Can't help but wonder what motivates you to be frightened by women who are able to control their lives?"

    I am not frightened of women who are able to "control their lives", it is actually whatt we are CAMPAIGNING FOR. I am not seeking to pull the pill from the market but rather to increase our options so that all women can have the kind of experiance that you did...because clearly it does not work for us all other wise brands such as Ortho Evra wouldnt be being sued by hundreds of women suffering HORRIBLE side effects...and women in third world countries wouldnt be used as guinea pigs for our benifit. Had you read all my posts you would understand this though...

    One can hardly "control their own lives" if they are suffering crushing anxiety, excessive menstrual bleeding, mini-stokes, migrains, lowered libidos, depression (do I need to go on?) There is also the fact of course that the W.H.O has openly stated that the pill is highly carcenogenic and linked to many of its forms, including breast cancer. Hardly sounds like something that will allow us women to control our lives.

    I am glad that it worked for you, thats great!! I am happy when women are happy, that is my goal as a womens health activist. But dont trivialize the experiance of others for whom it didnt...becuase their are more of us then you think!! And maybe we arent satisfied by condoms, yuou obviusly arent or you'd use them and not the pill. All we want is the simple right to have access to something that works for us...not to take away what worked for you. Is it too much to ask that ALL women can have a positive experiance? That ALL women can use something that not only liberates them but doesnt make them ill?

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    to others...yes I got a number of emails over the weekend. Did you send them under screen names or real names, because then I will know if I got yours. You can just private mssg this if you would like. And thanks for your suppport

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    History repeated itself how the medical community systematically killed women.

    From late 1950's to 1971, American doctors gave diethylstibestrol (DES) to pregnant women and resulted in documented development of "Clear cell carcinoma of the vagina" of the female offsprings of the mothers who took DES.

    Once again, from mid-1980's till 2000, doctors across the world gave estrogen replacement therapy to post-menopausal women. Even Harvard Professors in 1980's championed the estrogen replacement therapy as cardio-protective, improved bone loss (osteoporsis), cognitive functions and even slowed Alzheimer's Disease.

    By year 2000, we all know estrogen causes slight increase in breast cancer in post-menopausal women.

    I think it is an excellent idea to send e-mails to Oprah but you are up against the multiple-billions dollars pharmaceutical companies.

    The amount of money spent on health care in America is 1.3 trillion dollars per year and is equal to the GDP of Canada.

    The amount of money spent on drugs is 400 billions dollars in America each year.

    I would rather encouage you to submit proposals to universities to conduct double-blind multi-centers international trials which documented significant side-effects of certain brand of birth control pills.

    This would support the government agencies to force the pharmaceutical companies to change the formularies of the BCP, to add warning labelling (i.e. estrogen replacement therapy not to be used for more than 5 years) and take some of the dangerous drugs off the market and protect the public and our future generations.

    But the most effective ways are to raise funds through a foundation and designate specific research projects to be conducted at prominent universities to document those side-effects and also develop lower dose, safer birth-control pills.

    For more than 40 years, universities and pharmaceutical companies have not developed a new birth control pill for "men" only ?

    Is it so difficult to block the luteinizing hormone, the follicle stimulating hormone in men's brain with a "men's only birth control pill?

    Why are "men" not take control of their reproductive function ?

    If Pfizer made hundreds and hundreds of billions since 1997-1998 on Viagra, then I think Pfizer can spend 1/10 of that profits to do research on male birth control pills.

  20. Cami

    Cami New Member

    Actually, Oprah is just the tip of the iceburg...many of us plan on sending our packages, once completed, to all sorts of agencies. I personally Im droping a copy off at all the womens centres at each university here in Toronto and at various womens health clinics. I do agree with you on all your points...but I think it is important to raise awarness as well as target the "big guns" so that women can make informed decesions and demand better options from a place of knowledge and power. Otherwise all the uni's and labs would be testing away on a new product and women would still be swallowing one that could potentially harm them...that and as consumers their dollars are a major influence.


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