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  1. pootches

    pootches New Member

    To everyone who has posted their experiences with hormonal birth control on this forum:

    We'd like to put together a document using posts from this forum that will describe what hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of women are experiencing due to HBC. The posts will appear unaltered as they do here, with only screen names as identifiers. We plan to send the document out to health agencies, research centers, media publications, TV shows, university medical departments, women's action networks...anyone who might care that this is happening and have the means to publicize it. We hope this project, informally named the Birth Control Revolution Project (BCRP) for now, will help us educate more women about these effects, and start the search for a better way.

    IF YOU DON'T WANT US TO USE YOUR POSTS, reply to this post and we will not include posts by your screen name. If we may use your posts, but you'd like your screen name omitted, let us know that too. Or if you prefer, you can email me at and let me know your preference.

    We understand that this is forum falls in the public domain and the posts are anonymous, but we wanted to let everyone know what we're doing. By allowing us to use your words, you are participating in a powerful step towards a better future for women everywhere (I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true!). Thank you all for your courage and your honesty. Sharing what you've been through makes you a heroine. [​IMG]

  2. Cami

    Cami New Member

    just bumping this so everyone is aware of what we are up to...
    also there is a webpage for those interested in following what we are up to or geting involved...the more women who join us the stronger we are!

    And pootches is bang are all heroines for sharing your stories! Thank you!

  3. loopylou25

    loopylou25 New Member

    Cami and pootches, you are more than welcome to use my posts.

  4. pootches

    pootches New Member

    Another bump, so everyone sees this.

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You may use my posts, but please do not include my name. Thanks.

  6. aschka

    aschka New Member

    use all my posts. PLEASE!

  7. aschka

    aschka New Member

  8. pauli

    pauli New Member

    feel free to use my posts, but please don't use my screen name. good luck!

  9. atrophia

    atrophia New Member

    Feel free to use any and all of my posts. Don't care if you use my screen name.

  10. Netemedtotrolde

    Netemedtotrolde New Member

    Please use my posts as well... if Ophrah wants to interview me you know where to find me - right here [​IMG] .


  11. pootches

    pootches New Member

    Thanks ladies--I'm keeping a file of these requests, so everyone's wishes will be respected.

  12. Gini

    Gini New Member

    I would rather my posts be used than having millions of unsuspecting women continue to be "used" by the secretive medical community. You can use my posts, name and location. I emailed Oprah on my own also, but we do need the sheer volume to get some attention.

  13. Cami

    Cami New Member

    right on!

  14. Cami

    Cami New Member

    im starting to go through the second birth control and depression string...just to clarify are you doing the one that was 'closed' and im doing the newer one...right?
    Ill just save em all in MS word format so it is easy to email back and forth...and you should check ou the WHO press release i posted I think it is a good resource to add to your/our collection

  15. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Just a note--if any of you want to email Oprah separately, please do so--sheer volume is going to get attention if nothing else. It helps to have everything compiled but it also helps to make a blip on the radar by bringing it up again and again.

  16. pootches

    pootches New Member

    Rowanthe--good point. I like the strategizing.

    Cami--Yes, I'm doing the one that's closed. I haven't checked out the Depo Horror Stories link yet, but it sounds like it fits in nicely with our project.

    Thanks again to everyone for the support and sharing.

  17. Cami

    Cami New Member

    yess.....bombarding Oprah is probably gonna get attention.
    I think once my story level hits 20ish (at least of course! gotta make it worth while!) Im going to send the stories I have so far, a sampling of the posts from "birth control and depression 2", a couple media/web links and of course a letter saying that this is only the TIP of the iceberg we are busy all uncovering....because she honestly probably wont respond right away BUT if that is followed by lots of individual letters (the more the better)...and ANOTHER bombardment package from say rowanthe, or pootches, or greentea, or myself etc....followed by MORE personal letters....followed by another bombardment package

    he he he he one hell of a "blip on the radar"! Lets see them ignore us this time...because for those of you unaware other have tried this to no avail. Looks like we gotta get the radar blipping

    see where im going with this thought? Just drown em in our research so they have to sit up and take notice! Gotta make noise if we wanna be heard
    I think rowanthe is really on to something here! I was originally piling up e-mails (whcich are adding up!) waiting until i got at least 50-100 before i put a package together. BUT continuosly buzzzzing like a mosuito in her ear rather than a one time dump of info...MUCH BETTER!
    Also if we each send smaller packages rather than one big one it will spread out the cost...which was an issue pootches and I were discussing
    every one do their little part to make like a mosquito!

    and of course we should make sure everyone elses story levels are starting to add up too before whoever sends out a bombardment we have a fall back to show we arent taking out our arses! It might not look so hot if say I, or anyone else, was to send out a package saying it was "the TIP of a HUGE iceberg" and when asked to see the rest of that birth control 'iceberg' we were sent scrambling

    "sure Oprah....more prob.......duhhhhhhhh....crap!"
    :p :p

  18. Cami

    Cami New Member

    and on that note here is some usefull info natural women private messaged me:

    Hey Cami! Here's what I found on the web:
    Phone: (312) 633-1000 Fax: (312) 633-1976
    Street:110 N Carpenter St
    Chicago, IL 60607-2104

    Here's a link for emailing ideas or personal stories to the show:

    individual emails can easily be sent via that weblink, and larger packages of stories, etc can be mailed in since natural woman is so wonderful and did the digging for us!

    Thanx Natural Woman!

  19. pootches

    pootches New Member

    Oh, this is very sneaky, I love it! We're going to need to take precautions to make sure we're not sending the same stories over and over, though. That would certainly put a dent in our fragile credibility. But the idea of letter after letter after package of hundreds of letters after package of hundreds of letters---brilliant is exactly the word I would use. [​IMG]

  20. pootches

    pootches New Member

    Also, I have a big list of US addresses--research centers, health org's, and magazines. Can we put this on the site, Cami, so people can send things to a bunch of places?


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