Aroused by the touch of another woman's hand

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by jennifer coale, Jul 3, 2016.

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    As a bisexual and one who appreciates other women, I was curious if there are any other women out there that have a sensual reaction and arousal from the sensation of a soft female hand touching yours. I was at a wedding yesterday of a gentleman I work with and his lovely Lithuanian bride, with a predominantly Lithuanian theme, food, music etc. There was a series of short stories from immediate relatives, and everyone formed a big circle around them. We were asked to join hands, and I ended up between a pre-teen male cousin of the bride and a lovely 25ish female cousin with gorgeous blonde hair and skin to my right. I clasped the boy's hand and reached extended my right hand for the girl in a "clasp" position to join our hands. She slowly and carefully placed her hand to mine and instead of clasping my hand she slid her fingers in between mine and interlaced them , with a gentle squeeze. I got a mini hot flash as our hands entwined and I felt how crazy soft they were! She gently squeezed my hand , and I looked over and she was smiling at me, and we exchanged glances and smiles. I complimented her on how soft her hands were and asked her what type of lotion she used. She kind of giggled and said she had just had a paraffin wax earlier that day, and she told me my hands were really soft too and asked me if I had a paraffin as well. I told her all I had was my favorite lotion and she asked if she could see it when the circle ritual was over. When the circle thing ended the boy to my left released his hand quickly and ran to see friends, and instead of separating hands we walked hand in hand to my table and then released so I could get the lotion from my purse . She checked it out and put some on her wrist and rubbed it in with one finger, her hands were really beautiful. She got called over by family and extended her hand to shake and tell me that she enjoyed meeting me. I clasped that soft hand one more time , made sure to make it a long one by talking a bit, and then slowly dragged my fingers across her palm on release. Then I took a deep breath and realized I was totally aroused. Anyone women out there ever felt that with mere hand contact with a woman?
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    The first time I was seduced ny another woman it was wonderful, as we spoke she slowly touched my hand then my arm , it was so soft and sensual I was putty in her hands, after about half an hour her hand was on my bum tracing my panty line she moved and whispered in my ear " your mine now " I just nodded as she led me to her room x IMG-20131207-WA0000-2.jpg
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    Please, could you let us enjoy the rest of your fascinating and open minded story??,,,,

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    Yes I can I didnt anyone would be interested.

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    The girls name was Gemma she had a beautiful rounded figure and blonde hair she was with her partner Jon a tall black guy. Gemma literally seduced me with her words and touch, as she felt my bum and traced my pantie line I was gone she looked into my eyes and she knew too. We moved from the bar Gemmas other hand cupping my bust as they moved me to the lift.

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    Once inside Gemma stood in front of me and Jon behind ,Gemma leaned towards me and slowly kissed me her lips were so soft and she smelt wonderful, her tongue darted into my mouth I could feel myself shaking it felt so good , Jon moved his hands onto my bum pushing us closer together his hands squeezing me as he did I was in heaven, the doors opened a they led me to there room , once inside Gemma sat on the bed and I sat next to her, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me across her lap, jon moved forward between my legs my dress had rucked up and my white panties were visible, jon took a pic of us , I felt Gemmas hands unclip my dress pulling the top down to reveal my tits jons hand moved onto my pussy I closed my eyes I was theirs 13645150_261203477591881_5610225128709059500_n.jpeg 13645150_261203477591881_5610225128709059500_n.jpeg 13709842_261203597591869_3839102371039935889_n.jpeg 13709842_261203597591869_3839102371039935889_n.jpeg
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