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Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by Mogirl, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Mogirl

    Mogirl New Member

    I'm not sure this site is really very active anymore, but I started saheli on March 30, 2017 with the loading dose.

    I would be interested in getting the discussion going again with any new users who might be lurking. If you're out there, please respond :)

  2. Mogirl

    Mogirl New Member

    I figure other people are reading this forum, as I was, so in the interest of full disclosure...

    I am 39. My long term bf was told he was sterile. Surprise! He wasnt. I decided to terminate, and it took place on March 31, 2017. I decided to start saheli at that time (eg. Never want to be in that situation again). I took the loading dose on March 30, 2017. To date, I have taken the loading dose, and 2 weekly doses. I have had minor cramping (could be from the abortion) and minor hot flashes. I will update from time to time, for others who may be interested in the outcome. I have been able to find very little info on this topic except one line somewhere during a google search that mentioned starting saheli the day of the abortion.

  3. Mogirl

    Mogirl New Member

    Yesterday was 3 weeks since my abortion. I was told to expect my period in 4-8 weeks. I took weekly pill #3 on thursday.
    Today, I woke up and I have light bleeding, maybe my period? Possibly saheli bringing on my period earlier?

  4. Mogirl

    Mogirl New Member

    I took my 6th pill yesterday. Seems to be all good. Only "period" so far has been light spotting on days 24 and 25...not sure if that was my period or not. Very minimal side effects so far...occasional light cramping (seems to have gone way now), and occasional hot flash, also seems to have gone away.


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