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  1. skittlesfirehawk

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    Re: Presently functional sources of Centchroman?

    how many do i need to order to have a years supply?they come with 8 pills in a pack

  2. GreenTea

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    Re: Presently functional sources of Centchroman?

    When you're first starting centchroman, if you start the way the manufacturer advises, taking 2 pills a week, you'll go through one pack every four weeks, for the first twelve weeks--so three packs in twelve weeks. After that, you'll only take it once a week, so you'll go through a pack every eight weeks. Since there are 52 weeks in a year, that adds up to 64 pills--8 packs--in the first year and 52 pills-- 6 1/2 packs--each subsequent year. If you're just starting, a year's supply would be 8 packs, and if you're already on it, a year's supply would be 6 or 7 packs (6 packs would be 4 weeks short of a year, and 7 packs would be 4 weeks more).

    If you expect to be on it for at least two years, it's probably worth your while to order two years' supply, which would be 12 to 14 packs. Most people lately have been getting pills that expire 2 to 2 1/2 years after they were ordered, and if you're going through All Day Chemist, they've been charging a flat $25 US for shipping, no matter how many packs you order.

  3. skittlesfirehawk

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    Re: Presently functional sources of Centchroman?

    has anyone here used echeck from the usa to order im a bit nervous about ordering.i also saw that reliable rx is 2 dollars cheaper.

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    Re: Presently functional sources of Centchroman?

    Hello all, I'm a newbie here.
    I've read for the first time your forum few days ago, and I will thank you contributors for its usefulness.
    I discover also centchroman, and in the last four days I tried to recover as much information as possible about it, reading all the pages I can and paying particular attention to other's women experiences with it.
    I think it's an amazing thing, not at all publicized, and I wish to try it. Since I came from a family with history of embolism and utherine cancer, I was interdict to use birth control, nor I want to cause I saw disastrous things happen to too much people around me; in the other way I have trouble using condoms (of any type, I tried so much different brands!!) cause although I'm not allergic to its composition (polyurethanic or latex that it could be) they cause me severe irritation and pain.
    So centchroman could be a really changing life events for me.
    In these days I tried to buy it online, without any success: I live in Italy, and all the sites I've found they don't ship here.
    So I'd like to pose some questions, if you please can help me: there is any vendor I can contact maybe in the UK? (I thought UK cause it's in Europe and it's maybe easier that they'll ship here).
    Or what else could I do?

    I send a mail this morning to the manufacturer today, hoping in some help.

    I also want to thank you all for spreading the word about this semi-unknown drug, which is, even if I can't pronounce on it, at least another choice available for us women.

    (excuse me if I made some mistake, my english is not very good [​IMG] )

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    I'm going to be starting this too in the new year... If you still haven't found a way to have them shipped to you, let me know, and I can send them out for you. I'm in Australia and there are no problems with alldaychemist sending them here. Also, I speak Italian, so it might make it easier for you :)

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    I ordered in December 2013 from them and kept coming up with an "error" page when submitting my debit card info. But then I paid by eCheck and haven't had any issues in my account. It's been almost two months since I placed that order, so fingers crossed nothing happens.

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    Hi girls, do anybody know now in 2014 about other ways to buy Saheli? ADC have problems with accepting Visa cards as I see...(((

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    Ormeloxifene (also known as centchroman) is one of the selective estrogen receptor modulators, or SERMs, a class of medication which acts on the estrogen receptor. It is best known as a non-hormonal, non-steroidal oral contraceptive which is taken once per week.


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