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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Abbie Katelyn 6lbs 14ozs
    1st April 2013 12.37am

    The day before I was 37 weeks pregnant I had a midwife appointment. At the appointment she felt my tummy and said she thought baby was breech. I had thought this for a while but all the other midwives had insisted she was head down. She made an appointment for me at the hospital the following tuesday and said if I went into labour before I had to immediately go to the hospital.

    The tuesday came and at my appointment they scanned me, sure enough she was breech. The midwife talked me through my options and said I needed to see the consultant. Unfortunately they were too busy to see me that day so an appointment was made for the following Tuesday. I told them I was pretty sure I wanted to go ahead with an elective c-section but I needed to see the consultant to book it.

    On the sunday night at about 9.15pm I went into to the kitchen to get myself a drink when I felt fluid. I thought I had probably pee'd myself a little bit so went upto to the toilet to check. There seemed like alot, I thought it was odd seen as I didn't even need the loo, then I felt more gush out and knew it must be my waters. I sat on the toilet for a few minutes not really sure what to do. I remember thinking that as soon as I let BF know that made it all real, the baby was coming!!!

    I eventually called down to BF, he rang his sister to come over and watch Luke and I called the labour ward. I explained that baby was confirmed breech and I wasn't having contractions yet but with my last labour they started within an hour of my waters breaking and from the start were 3 minutes apart, strong and lasting about a minute. They told me to go straight in.

    We set off for the hospital and I started getting cramps. I told BF that they weren't contractions but I could feel that *something* was happening. My contractions started as we got to the hospital at about 10.15pm. They weren't too intense and were sparodic to start with, probably about 5 minutes apart. Every time I got a contraction more fluid gushed out which was pretty uncomfortable.

    I got to the labour ward and they hooked me up to the monitors. They were very busy that night and actually had to close the labour ward not long after I called. They also told me the other hospital in the city had shut aswell and if I had called an hour later would have been sent to the next city!!!

    The midwife had a feel and told me she thought baby had turned, she was pretty sure the head was engaged and she could feel her bottom at the top. This shocked me, I had been told that if baby turned at this late stage it would hurt very much. I also wasn't really sure how I felt about it, I had made peace with having a c-section and had planned for it, the thought of going through labour again was very daunting. I told her I hadn't felt baby turn and to me she still felt like she was in the same position so she said she would arrange for me to be scanned.

    This took a while and my contractions were picking up a little bit. The pain was pretty bad in my back and I found it very difficult to get into a comfy position. Eventually the portable machine was pulled in and a consultant did the scan. She was still breech! The consultant went though the procedure and had me sign the necessary paperwork.

    As we were doing this another doctor came through, she asked me if I would consider a breech vaginal delivery, I said no. She asked me why? I just looked at her and said I just didn't want to. She got a little mad with me and said there must be a reason why? Eventually I just told her I had had a traumatic vaginal delivery the first time where he had got stuck and only just avoided having a c-section. If the same was to happen with a breech delivery then I assumed this would be quite dangerous. This seemed to satisfy her but she warned me they were very busy and had to wait for theatre and staff to be ready. She said that as my first labour had progressed very quickly there was a chance this could too. She said if I got to about 8cm then it could be safer to go ahead with a vaginal delivery. I told her that I would worry about that if I got to 8cm and she went away, I really didn't like her at all and all the time my contractions were getting stronger.

    There was alot of waiting around after that, people kept coming in and apologising, saying over and over again they were very busy. Contractions were picking up and I was groaning quite loudly through them, still having back labour and still unable to find a comfortable position. I kept moaning to BF that this wasn't fair, I was having a c-section, I shouldn't have to go through labour too!!!

    Eventually a nurse came in to put the canular in my arm. She tried and tried, it hurt like hell. After numerous attempts in both arms she gave in, apologised and went away. A doctor came in to have a go. The pain was way worse than the contractions, the damn needle would not go in and I was crying! He gave in and went away. Then the anaesthetist came in and thank god got it in first attempt. Both arms were black and blue! The midwife came in with some support stockings and said I needed to put them on. This bit was actually hilarious! I obviously couldn't put them on, those things are tiny and with a big bump in the way and contractions coming thick and fast, well it was just impossible. I told BF he had to do it for me. He struggled and struggled and I laughed so hard but eventually they were on and I was in the hospital gown ready for theatre.

    We went into theatre at about 12.15am. My contractions were really strong by this point, they checked me and I was only at 5cm so they said it was safe to do the surgery. On the table I suddenly started to panic and burst into tears. It had got very real all of a sudden, they really were going to cut me open and get this baby out! I was calmed down by a lovely midwife and then the spinal block went in, what a relief not to have to deal with those contractions anymore!

    They checked to make sure I was numb and then got to work. Such a strange sensation being able to feel it but not feel any pain. Abbie was born at 12.37am. The first thing I remember about her was she was blue! They had warned me that c-section babies don't always cry to start with so not to worry, good job they had warned me because she didn't cry for a good few minutes and needed a little oxygen to get going. Once they had got her sorted they called BF over and he got the first hold, just like he did with Luke! lol!

    Before having the c-section I was really worried about the recovery, especially having a 2 year old to look after too, but I can honestly say it was no-where near as bad as I expected. I don't want any more kids but if I were to have more I personally would chose a c-section over a vaginal birth as for me the recovery was much easier.

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Thanks for sharing Mel! That's interesting they wanted to try a vaginal breech birth, I think in the US it's nearly impossible to find any doctor willing to do one, and I'm sure none would ever suggest it! I'm glad everything went well in the end and that your recovery was OK.

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    I agree, awesome to get that offered! We're doing planned ones at my new place of work starting in September and I think it's such a great option! Congratulations and I'm glad you have a healthy, happy little one!

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    I was offered a vaginal breech delivery with Callie when they found out she'd flipped, assuming ultrasound showed her in a low risk position as option 1 followed by a version as option 2 then c-section. I didn't get to find out if she was deliverable because as they were starting the scan my water broke, she came partially out feet first and was stuck in my pelvis with major decels on fetal monitor. I got rushed to the OR and they had her out in minutes. Since I've recovered much easier from my c-section, I think I'm opting for one next time over a trial of VBAC, but we'll see how I feel when the time comes.

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    I don't think they attempt versions here if you are already in labour, it definately wasn't offered to me. It's a good job I didn't attempt a vaginal breech delivery too, her feet were wedged in my uterus! lol

    My recovery was sooooo much easier after a section. If I were to have more childred (not likely as BF is dead set against it!) I would go for a section again. My recovery after having Luke was awful, I just never realised how bad until having a section and seeing how much easier that was!


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