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    What a journey Starbug, congrats on your baby. I know the feeling of being out of it, I was with my second after I received the gas, I kept it on my face when they told me only during contractions and I was soo out of it. I ended up pushing for 2 hours and then had an episiotomy and forceps with my 1st, my second went much better, couple stitches and pushed for like 20 minutes (can't remember, lol). Anyways just goes to show you, labour isn't always perfect like some. My friend was in laobur for over 30 hours and she will remember her labour for the rest of her life and won't have anymore kids. I on the other hand went on having a 2nd after a traumatic first birth (9 lbs 9.5 oz and she even fractured her collarbone on her way out).I also didn't heal from my episiotomy for 7 months due to the stitches falling out prematurely. I got pregnant a year later unplanned and afraid and had a great labour.

    She is adorable congrats!

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Kinley Loril Smith February 16, 2011 1:19 AM
    8lbs. 12oz 20" Head circumference of 13 3/4"

    My story of my unforgettable VBAC!

    On Wednesday February 15th I went in for my regularly scheduled OB apt hoping to hear I made some progress after the previous week being told I was 3CM and 80% effaced ( 38+4 ) all week I was on the birthing ball and walking as much as possible. I checked in at 1PM did the norm ... pee in the cup, weigh-in, blood pressure all FINE! Time for a cervix check! I was almost a 4!! Better than nothing I say. Dr said "we will try and stretch you all the way to a 4" So, she starts pushing and doing what she has to to try and move things along. (It was not painful at all it just felt like someone pushing their fingers into your vagina as far as they can) All of a sudden, " OOOPS!! " " Here, quick lift your butt and put this under you" As she grabs the snake light and shines it down to get a better view of my "parts" to see what was going on. "I think I may have broken your water" She says to me. I asked if it was a bad thing and she replied " Well, I would like for you to have been contracting on your own first" Everything seemed to be ok and I didn't have any fluid leaking or gushes, so she helped me up and said "If your water is not broken it is just barely intact" so she hands me a big cloth like towel and tells me to take it with me and to not bother making another apt because she doesn't give me 24hrs before I was in the hospital.
    It was now 1:29 as I got into my car and drove home. I came inside and made myself some cookies and milk and sat on my ball just hoping that things would start up if I could get some braxton hicks going ( which always happened on the ball ) I was chatting with my sister when at 2:24 I had my first REAL contraction! The pain started in my back=, worked its way around to my pelvis and stuck for almost a minute with TONS of pressure. So I grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper and just wrote it down in case it could be the start of labor. I did this 17 times varying between 2-5 minutes apart at 3:00 my mom arrives ( my sister called and told her she had better leave work because I was alone and contracting on my own ) Noah was with her( my sister ) so at 3:28 when my mom sees how bad they are tells me we needed to leave right then and got all of the bags and seat into the car. I had to stop a few times and breathe through because of the immense pain shooting up my back.
    Once at the hospital we had to admit through the ER ( what is the point in pre admission???? ) I was clearly in labor and the they told us to take a seat and someone would be down with a wheel chair from labor and delivery! 10 minutes later my mom grabs a wheelchair and tells me to get in it and took me herself ( this after 3-4 contractions in a lobby full of people! )
    Once in labor in delivery ( things where fine as the girl on her way down was a friend of my moms from the hospital she works at [​IMG] ) So, in L & D I am taken into a room and asked the slew of questions about my home life and signed all of the VBAC consents ( I could not focus on ANYTHING I was signing! ) found a nice focal point ( HAHAHA a peg on the floor to s top the door! ) and told I had to have a bag of fluids ran and wait for my blood work to come back before they could start and epidural. SOOOO it was going to be at LEAST an hour. Upon arrival I was at 5CM the contraction where off the charts on the monitors and I was doing the best I could but man oh man where they strong! I could feel them right bang near my scar which made me a little scared but I was not backing out now, NO WAY! My dr was on her way to break my water and the fluids where almost done. Once the blood work was back the fluids where beeping and in came the epi man. I thought to myself right then, who the hell would want to do this with out meds? It is crazy and I would no way willingly do it. ( hard for me to admit that! I thought making it to 6 with pitocin contractions was a huge deal! ) Well, this man never shut up the whole time he was doing it and I am not wanting to have a conversation with ANYONE while contracting and hunched over being told to stay very still.... SHUT UP DUDE, PLEASE! ( No, I didn't say this but I was close! ) all of a sudden a had a JOLTING pain shoot down the right side of my body ( like that nerve reaction when someone hits your leg in the wrong spot, like the drs do ) and it was AWFUL I of course screamed out in pain and it wouldn't stop for a good few seconds. I busted out crying like a baby as well ( soo shameful! hahaha ) finally he had it in and the dr came in to check my just as he finished and I was at a 9! I did not have my epidural until 9CM! Holy freaking cow! I was feeling pretty good about myself although I would have taken it earlier [​IMG] those contractions where sticking sooo bad in my back it was insane.
    SOO feeling pretty good, my water was broke with nice clear fluid my mom, husband and sister came into the room and we where all having a good time. The dr checks again soon after and I am 10CM but still at -1 station so it was going to be a while and she thinks because of labor comming on so quick that baby's face was facing up and this was part of why it was going to take a while to get to a good station and start pushing and not to waste time pushing yet so that I would have the energy when it counted.
    So we where all hanging out and I was feeling A LOT of pressure and pain slowly creeping back ( this was about an hour after the epidural ) it just kept getting worse and worse and I asked when the "epi man" came back in to check on me before he left for dinner. It was about 20 minutes later that I knew for a fact that the epidural had stopped working. My legs felt as if I could get up and play hop-scotch and the contractions had me yowling in pain no matter how hard I tried to breath through them. I was screaming and my mom was getting frustrated that the "epi man" was called over 30-40 minutes ago and nothing was being done. She was checking out the machine and seen that the tube that the meds run through was pinched shut in the bottom of the epidural lock box ( they keep the bag of fluid in a clear box that is locked ) and no meds where being sent out since he left after putting it in ( so I only had the initial dose! ) well now they are on top of trying to get a hold of him and he is at O' Charleys about 10 minutes away! Awesome! He comes in trying to talk AGAIN and I can not even think of looking at this guy as he tried to explain away how this happened, umm suck it up and say oops dude! a little longer and bliss is here! Whew!
    Now we continue on being checked every so often to see what station I am at and around 11-12 I was at a 0 station and we could work on pushing to see if it helped ( since +3 is crowning ) we had something to work with!! She pulled out a full sized mirror and put it in front of the bed since feeling was not yet back ( the epidural was turned wayyy down to just barely running but the feeling was still pretty up there at that point, I couldn't even feel my right leg but when asked about my left not thinking I kick it straight up in the air and kicked my mom in the face [​IMG] ) good thing she laughed it off. So, as said the mirror is in front of the bed and my dignity is out the window and now my mom, sister, husband and MYSELF are staring my vagina and butt square in the face ( why hello little hemroid, say hi to my family! ) [​IMG] The mirror is to show me that even though I c an't feel exactly where to push yet I can see and understand what to keep doing when it is in the right spot. So we push with each contraction ( 3-4 times ) and make some progress I was at a +1 and we could see her nice head covered in hair! We needed to make MORE progress though so she grabs a sheet from the bed and removes the bottom part of the bed as well. She ties a knot in each end of the sheet and has hubby get in front of the bed and hands him one know while I got the other. With each contraction we both pulled as hard as we could while I would push into my butt as much as I could while fighting the "tug" AGAIN! more progress and we did this for a while! Now that I had SOME feeling but not enough to do myself she had my mom and husband get on the left and right of me and with each contraction I would stand up, put my arms over their shoulders and we would all squat down while I would push as if I where "pooping in the woods" after about 10-15 times of this the baby was low enough that I could A. take the forceps or B. try pushing her on my own which looked like it could be a while. I thought for a few minutes and she told me it was ok and my decission to make. I told her "lets do it" I was wore out and could have still gone on but didn't want to push things when it was all right in front of me and baby did so well the entire time it just felt right. So she slid the forceps in and told me to push as hard as I could ( I had all my feeling back now ) and PUSHED, PUSHED, Stopped so she could suction her mouth, seen that she had meconium picked up some scissors to cut, changed her mind I PUSHED WITH ALL MY MIGHT 2 MORE TIMES baby was thrown up onto my chest, hubby got to cut her cord ( didn't with N ) and everything was done to her IN the room with us the whole time! With the last push I had a 2nd degree tear both ways and I shot out enough blood that there was a mini panic because it was after the baby was out and nothing more was being done and my body just let out a TON of blood. She thought my uterus was rupturing but turns out it was ok. So as she stitched me up for about 30 minutes we all got to watch the baby get cleaned up weighed and laughed and joked until I was done. The dr walked over and told the nurse to pull the bed down a bit so I could see her, the nurse (baby nurse) said "well, I'm almost done" and the Dr tells her " She hasn't even gotten to see her yet!" and the nurse brings her over to me so we could start breastfeeding right away, which by the way she was the talk of the hospital about how well she feeds! She is AWESOME!! Although she is constantly wanting to eat at all times! She only lost 4oz before leaving the hospital. Not one single mark from the forceps either!

    A VERY, VERY unforgettable birth!!

    Welcome to our world sweet baby girl!


    So proud!!

    Big brother

    Home ( with her new bows from Erin that where in the mailbox waiting for us [​IMG] )

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    wow Ash that is some story!!Im so glad things went so well! I had the exact same thing happen to my leg with my spinal this fing 10 times before he got it right..sucked doesnt begin to describe that feeling. lol. She is so beautiful!

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    Ash, she's beautiful! So glad you got your VBAC!

    I wanted to pop in really quickly and just share with you all (not my own birth story, not pregnant, nothing like that!) that I was lucky enough to see my niece born at home on February 11th and it was the sweetest birth I have ever attended. I've never been able to just enjoy the experience without documenting and coaching, and my sister is AMAZING, I had heard how calm she was with her son 4 years ago but I couldn't believe how Zen and QUIET she was during the whole thing, it was nuts! She seems to be one of those very few women who doesn't make a sound, the loudest sounds she made were the pushing noises at the end! She had a 12 hour labour start to finish and we were home with her the whole time, the midwives came about halfway through and it was so sweet and relaxed and perfect. I know it's not for everyone, and can't be offered to everyone, but it was just a blessing to be able to be part of it.

    And yes, now I am looking into midwifery school! I think I was always headed in that direction anyway, but the whole experience was just so different from what we provide in the hospital, it made me inspired!

    Of course, now I want babies! [​IMG] Anyway, had a 2 week hiatus and wanted to say congrats to the new mommies! I always follow this thread, it's wonderful to hear your stories!

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    Wonderful story Ash!!

    Raunchy, I have a coworker who had a successful home birth a few months ago, and was assisted by 2 midwives. She had always said that she aspired to be a midwife before the birth of her daughter. After the birth, she said that she had such a positive and empowering home birth experience with her midwives, that it has made her that much more positive that she wanted to go into midwivery. I think midwives are wonderful! I wish my OB's office let you see only one practitioner throughout your pregnancy, rather than all of them, cus I would choose to only see the midwife with my next pregnancy. BUT, I have a feeling if that were possible, the MW would be completely booked, because she is so awesome!

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    Wonderful story Ash!!

    Raunchy, I have a coworker who had a successful home birth a few months ago, and was assisted by 2 midwives. She had always said that she aspired to be a midwife before the birth of her daughter. After the birth, she said that she had such a positive and empowering home birth experience with her midwives, that it has made her that much more positive that she wanted to go into midwivery. I think midwives are wonderful! I wish my OB's office let you see only one practitioner throughout your pregnancy, rather than all of them, cus I would choose to only see the midwife with my next pregnancy. BUT, I have a feeling if that were possible, the MW would be completely booked, because she is so awesome!

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    Lovely story Ash [​IMG] So pleased you got the VBAC you wanted so badley!

    Ash and Starbug both of your little girls are beautifull!!!

    I agree that midwives are amazing! Here in the UK they are a big part of our pregnancy and birth. When I was in labour I had a trainee midwife with me throughout the whole thing and she was so good. She was so dissapointed because she waited an hour after her shift had finished because she wanted to see me give birth but then had to leave just as I was going into theatre as the carpark she was in was closing. On the Friday when I was still in hospital she came up to the ward to see me. I will never forget as I was being wheeled into theatre and I was so frightend, she whispered in my ear "You are one of the strongest women I have ever met" She probably says it to everyone in labour! lol! But at the time it really helped me [​IMG]

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    Ashley, I've read enough of these stories over the years, but this one of only a very few that brought me to tears. So proud of you and your baby girl is just gorgeous. Congrats!

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    Beth, that;s what I said when I first read about her.

    I have a confession. I am so out of it with lack of sleep lately, that I was reading starbug's story and thinking, this looks familiar because I read the brief version before. Only when I read, "lifted out", I thought, "SAy what? I thought it was normal". It was looking familiar because I had read STARBUG's full story before, not Ash's!!!!!!! I'll read it later, Ash, but Kinley is gorgeous and you're looking great too.


    PS: That doesn't read clearly. I thought I was reading Ash's but was reading Starbug's. Doofus, me. How am I going to go back to work and work in a LAB???????

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Mel--she probably meant it entirely! [​IMG] I really am passionate about that kind of care becoming "the norm" across the world--that encouragement, recognition of the amazing strength it takes to labour, birth (whichever way the baby eventually comes out!) and nourish a baby should be a huge part of the care provided. I just feel like most midwives do that encouragement better than the OBs I have met thus far.

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    Wow Ash, I just read YOUR story and wow! Noah and Kinley look like dolls. So cute together. How is he taking to her? Are you in pain from the tears?

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Thanks guys!! We are loving our new family soo much already.

    Beth- You are so sweet! [​IMG]

    I am very proud of the VBAC, for a little bit it was uncertain as to if it would happen or not because she (the dr) never once tried to get my hopes up because she is very realistic. I have to say she is one of the best people I have met in my life ( right up there with my first RE, the one who passed away just after I was released from practice to leukemia ) Not because of what they did FOR me, but because of how caring and compassionate they where while doing it or trying to. It's hard to find people who do not try and take the easy way out when they can but actually still care about the meaning of their jobs ( nurses will know exactly what I mean because they are over looked all the time for the hard work they do while the drs get credit )

    I am working on a thank you gift for her. Included with a nice letter and picture of Her, Kinley and I just after she was born.

    Noah is doing pretty well with her I guess, it is strange. I thought he was going to be ALL about the baby and make things kinda tough with me worrying about him getting to her while my back is turned, but he does his own thing only stopping by once or twice to say "baby" or "Emy" Emily is his cousin and she is 7 months old so all babies are now "Emy"

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    No kidding!! You make it a point to mention VBAC every chance you get [​IMG]

    Thank you!!!
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    Nothing wrong with that nessa, she should be very proud! Everyone has at least one thing or moment in their birth that really stands out, and it makes you want to just tell everyone! Lol

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Never said there was [​IMG].

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Ash, what a GREAT story! I especially love those little tidbits of your sense of humor lol! I'm so happy and proud of you that you accomplished what you wanted, a VBAC!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!! Congratulations for that and congratulations on your beautiful daughter!!!! :))))))

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    So here's our story of how little Eddie came into the world…

    Around midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning I started getting kind of crampy. I had that happen several times in the past two weeks without it ever going anywhere, so I wasn't too excited. But I was having trouble sleeping, so I stayed up and got some work done instead.

    Around 2:30am I started having some bleeding, and at 4:00am I passed some small blood clots. Yikes! I called the hospital and they wanted me to come in right away and get checked out. I woke up DH and we packed up the car just in case we ended up not getting a chance to go back home before the baby came.

    We got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors. Baby passed with flying colors, and I had a few contractions. They called the doctor and he recommended we just stick around a few hours until he came in (wasn't really worth driving home and back).

    We dozed for a bit, and in a few hours the midwife came into see me. She checked me and swept my membranes. On Monday, I had not been dilated at ALL, so it was encouraging to see I was at 3-4cm. Normally they would have just sent someone home who was as early along in labor as I was, but since I was a day shy of 3 weeks overdue, they said I needed to be admitted.

    We got our pick of birthing suites and checked in. Most of the day was rather uneventful. We took a nap and went for a long walk. The contractions were pretty erratic and not super strong. Saw the midwife again around 6pm and was at 5cm. She swept my membranes again and this was effective at putting me into a more active labor.

    The contractions started getting stronger and closer together. I spent an hour or so in the jacuzzi tub they have, but it is a weird shape where you can't really move around, so eventually I got out and switched to the shower. All of my labor pain was concentrated at the bottom of my uterus and it felt really good to blast the hot water on it. They checked me around 9pm and I was 8cm and hitting transition.

    The contractions were really strong and painful at this point, but everyone kept reassuring me that it would be over soon and it would feel better once my body was ready to push. About an hour or so into things, the midwife talked me into letting her break my water. Everyone was really concerned about meconium since he was 43 weeks, and in theory, breaking the water could speed things up.

    So she did, and it was clear so everyone (other than me!) felt a lot better. It made the contractions even more painful but I never progressed. I tried to move around to help the baby descend, but they got so painful that nothing I did helped. After several hours were so painful that anytime I tried to move at all it seemed like it started another contraction, and half the time I wasn't really getting much of a break in between, the pain would lessen but not really go away.

    So after about 5-6 hours of being in terrible awful pain, I finally started talking drugs. We tried Stadol which did NOTHING except make me more loopy in between contractions. I didn't think an epidural was even still an option when I was this far along, but it turns out it was. I think at this point they checked me again and I had actually gone a little backwards, like back down to 7cm or so.

    So eventually the anesthesia guy made it up. It took him 5 tries to get the epidural in!! I guess I have super strong ligaments and muscles in my back and he had a hard time getting through them or whatever. I had to move into a bunch of awkward positions and was contracting almost the whole time. It was horrible but he finally got it in.

    An epidural was NOT something I had planned on getting or wanted. Once I agreed to get it I was afraid it wouldn't work right or I'd have some nasty side effects. But I gotta say, he got it in there PERFECTLY. All of the contraction pain disappeared, but I could still move my legs and feel things, and when the time came later to push I was able to do so effectively and feel my body telling me when to push.

    Once the epi started working, I was able to stop hollering all the time and my mom and DH pretty much immediately fell asleep. I was able to finally relax. I got a little sleep but not much. The night is kind of a blur… I think at one point they had me lay on my back and my blood pressure dropped quite a bit and I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy so they gave me epinephrine? Something like that. It was later listed as a potential reason why baby's HR was high.

    In the morning, they told me (surprise, surprise) that the contractions had slowed down and I needed pitocin to speed things back up and make progress. The midwife and I discussed alternatives, but decided that pit was the best choice for avoiding a c-section. Fortunately the baby tolerated things pretty well. His heartrate was running a little fast the whole time, but he did just fine through the contractions. They ended up doing some sort of internal monitor to measure the contractions… so NOT the one where they poke the baby's scalp, just one that slides up in there and measures pressure.

    After a few hours he made great progress and was in a good position for me to start pushing. This part actually went really well until the end. For most of it, it was just me, DH, my mom, a nurse, and a PA student. Everyone was very calm and relaxed. I could feel when it was time to push and push effectively, so I didn't need a lot of coaching. The pushing was hard work, but not painful at that point (thanks in large part to the epi, I'm sure)

    After about an hour of pushing though, the baby seemed to be having trouble getting past a certain point, and I was getting super swollen. As he got lower it was starting to get pretty painful for me as well. The doctor wanted to do a forceps delivery. We had talked about this in advance, and I was OK with it if it was needed, and at this point it was. Forceps have a bad reputation, but in the hands of an experienced doctor (in other words an older doctor) they can avoid a lot of C-sections.

    Me pushing/the doctor pulling the baby out was pretty uncomfortable and painful. The baby came out and I think he pooped as he was coming out, because all of the fluid before he came out was clear, but after it was meconium stained. So of course they all immediately freaked out and clamped the cord and took him to the warmer to work on him. His first agar score was only 5 and he was all purple and floppy. His second agar score was 8 though, a lot better.

    I had hoped to do delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin contact… but when it came down to it I didn't really care because holy crap it HURT after the baby came out. I think my epidural ran out. All I know is I could really feel everything after that. The doctor did an episiotomy and I had some tearing inside, and then had to deliver the placenta on top of that. It was all extremely painful and caught me off guard.

    Eventually though the placenta came out and the doctor got me stitched up. At one point they did put the baby on my chest which was a nice distraction, but then they took him away again to stimulate him some more, he was still a little floppy. I guess I lost a lot of blood at this point…

    … because about 2 hours later they tried to get me to sit up to use the bathroom. I got really dizzy sitting up, so they had me lay back down and rest/eat/drink and try again later. So maybe another hour and a half later we tried again. I sat up and felt OK, walked to the toilet and felt OK. Sat down on the toilet and felt VERY dizzy. I told the nurse and she asked if I thought I was going to faint. I said I hope not… and then I did! The nurse caught me and gently lowered me to the floor. I guess I was out for a minute or two. Someone brought smelling salts (which I do not remember) and they started rubbing my chest. From my point of view, I was dreaming and then my chest was hurting, and I woke up and opened my eyes and was the most disoriented I have ever been in my life. My vision took a bit to start to come into focus and I am staring at people I don't know and I am in a completely unfamiliar place. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on. After laying there a few minutes, they had a few people help me into a wheelchair… where I immediately began puking. Fortunately there wasn't much in my tummy and that passed quickly.

    So one very miserable new mom was dragged back into bed, given a catheter and a stat blood draw and hooked up to who knows what via the IV. The blood draw showed my hematocrit had dropped a ton. Like hypothetically I had lost 1/3 of the blood in my body, though it probably wasn't actually that bad since they had been pumping me full of fluids all day. The doctor ordered 3 bags of blood. It took forever and a day to actually get the blood going. Even just resting in bed I felt pretty crummy, but I was able to hold the baby and talk with people.

    The blood transfusion got started pretty late in the evening and went through most of the night. For each bag of blood they had to do a ton of vital signs before and every few minutes for the first 15 minutes of it. After each bag they ran saline through the line to make sure I got the last of the blood. So I dozed a bit in between stuff. The baby got pretty fussy for awhile and ended up spitting up a lot of amniotic fluid.

    Not too long after the blood transfusion was done, baby latched on and nursed for two hours! An hour on each side. My milk hasn't come in yet, so he's not getting that much right now, just a little colostrum, but he managed to stay awake and keep sucking pretty the entire time. I dozed a little here and there, but pretty much went another night with almost no sleep.

    Today has been pretty uneventful. My parents visited for a few hours this morning and afternoon and a friend stopped by as well. The baby saw the pediatrician in the afternoon and everything looked really good. He put him on his tummy to check some stuff, and I guess the baby held up his head really well for someone only 24 hours old! I guess the extra time cooking was good for something [​IMG]

    I've been feeling a lot better today. I got the catheter out and was able to pee without problem. They're keeping us one more day, which is fine by me, it's not so bad being here. I think by tomorrow I'll be ready to go home though!

    So looking back on everything, the birth definitely did NOT go the way I had hoped and prepared for. But I'm fine with how it all turned out. I had a TON of interventions that I had hoped to avoid, but I think for the most part they were all necessary. I knew coming in that things might not go according to plan, and I came out of it knowing that I gave it my very best shot. I can't think of anything I could have done differently to avoid any of it. I am super thankful I avoided that c-section!!

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Wow, Pam, what a long labour and incredible story! In the end, the baby kinda decides what happens, so I'm glad he decided to come vaginally, even if he did need some help at the end. And it sounds like you had a tough recovery period so I'm glad the nursing went well at least! That colostrum is liquid gold, I'm sure it helped him to feel better too!

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    That is a long tuff labor! Im so glad you both are doing good now. Im also super glad bfing is goin good despite the ruff recovery. Im suprised considering how awful you must have been feelin! Thats great the epi worked right even if it was unplanned. Mine was awful--too strong then not strong enough. Congrats again!

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    Re: Birth stories from our members!!!

    Pam, wonderful job! Welcome to the world, Eddie!

    I am sorry to hear about your blood loss, but glad that you're all better now. Colostrum is very important right now to get the meconium out and keep jaundice down. Milk only comes in 2 days or so later, which is as it should be.

    Congratulations to you and your family.


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