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    Birth stories from our members!!!

    Donovan Alfred Shetty

    7 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 inches

    Born August 3rd, 2007 2:01 am

    Well, he's here! I just returned from the hospital and wanted to let everyone know earlier than today, but I did not have Interent access until now.

    So, here it goes....After having bloody show on the morning of Thursday, August 2nd and leaking some kind of fluid, I called my husband at work so he could take me to the L&D unit of the hospital. Once there, they examined me and montiored the baby but it turns out everything was still in tact and I was still only 1 cm dialted, as I had been for 2 weeks. We got discharged, and we were hungry so went out to get something to eat. I found that, despite being hungry, I could not eat very much as I just didn't feel all that well.

    We arrived home and I decided to try and make myself feel better by going to have my nails done at around 3pm. A few hours later I was sitting on the sofa watching some TV show, trying to take my mind off the discomfort I felt in my lower abdomen. I could not get into a comfortable seated or lying position and even walking around didn't help much. At around 8pm, I called the doctor on call at my OBGYN's office and described it as "pelvic pressure." She said I could go back to L&D and she would prescribe an ambien to help me sleep or suggested I take a warm shower and try some benadryl for sleep instead. I opted for the warm shower, since I already been to L&D once that day, but the pain got really bad while taking my shower so I dried off and called for my husband. He was on the phone with one of his sisters and I told him I thought we needed to go to the hospital. Then, I doubled over in pain and screamed bloody murder and his sister started screaming at him over the phone to take me to the hospital and off we went!

    Once in triage, I found out I was 4-5 cm dilated and the contractions were 2-4 minutes apart. I couldn't believe it! I was in labor and in a few hours I was going to finally see my baby boy!!!! The first question I asked after that was about my epidural and they told me once I got my IV and they moved me to a birthing room then I could get it. Unfortunately, there was a woman just before me who wanted one so she was getting hers first and it was taking FOREVER! The contractions were SO intense by then and I didn't know it but my water had broken by that point and I was probably 6-7cm dilated. I started to scream and cry that it was going to be too late for me to get the epi if they waited any longer and my husband started to get really mad as well, so finally the dr. came from the room next store and quickly administered it to me. In 20 minutes I was feeling SO much better. I don't know how anyone gives birth without one of those. IT HURTS!!!!

    A little after 1 am, it was time for me to push and I have never pushed so hard or worked so hard for anything. I was crying and screaming that I couldn't do it, and the dr. and nurses and hubby were all coaching me on and I just wanted to relieve the pressure. After about 40 minutes of pushing, they placed him on my stomach and I have been in shock ever since!!!!! I went really fast for a first timer, from what I was told, and did not have to push too terribly long either. The experience was much more intense than I ever imagined. My husband was amazed and can't get over me or our son right now. It's great!

    Anyway, we're home now on Sunday. Since I arrived at the hospital in the evening on Thursday, I got two nights after that to stay in the hospital. I am so glad to be home. I am sore from where I was stitched up "down there", but that's to be expected.

    Donovan has been an angel so far. Hubby is awesome with him- a natural- he has to show me what to do!!!! He's an absolute doll. We're just crazy about him! I can't believe how much we love him already....

    Here are some photos....

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    My little pork chop in the bathtub....he gained 2 lbs in four weeks and was 9lbs. 4 ounces at his last dr.'s appt!!!!


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    Birth stories from old & new members

    Sadie was 9lbs 2oz when she was born and 21 1/2 inches long. Today, at four days old, she went to her first doc appt and is now 9lbs 13 oz !!! She eats like a champ! I am bottle feeding her and she picked up on it right away.


    She's just gorgeous to me, but I have no idea where she got that dark hair from, I have dark blonde. I guess daddy gave it to her [​IMG]

    Well here is my horror story to share with everyone. I don't want to scare you all, but I have too [​IMG]
    I went the doc for my regular weekly appt on Thursday Aug 9th and had high blood pressure, which I never had the entire pregnancy, I had a perfect pregnancy. So they sent me to triage to be monitored and tested, and my blood pressure never went down, and they said they thought the baby was 9lbs 9oz so they wanted to get her out before she got bigger.
    So I got induced Thursday night with Cervidil, and started having painful contractions Friday morning at like 7am. At 9am I asked for an epidural, which didn't hurt one bit!!!! Blood being drawn hurt more than that did. I can't imagine doing that without an epidural never ever ever!!!!! At 4pm I was dilated but didn't start pushing till 5pm because I didn't feel the need to push at all.
    WEll, I pushed continuously for 3 hours!!!!! They wouldn't use the vacuum or forcepts on me because they said I was pushing so good and making progress on my own,,,,but then they cut me!!!! Yes, they cut me. Which I didn't feel at all with the epridural. Even though they cut me, when she came out, she tore me even more and into my butt!!!! I told you this was scary and it is gross!!!! I didn't feel any of this, but they took an hour to stitch me up, and I coulnd't even ask how many stitches I had. I don't want to know till I am all healed.
    I am on Perkiset? and stool softeners and IB Profen.....But each day I feel better and better and better. I am just scared to make a bowel movement [​IMG]
    I would say that my abs hurt more than the soreness in my privates. But after one day my abs were pretty much not sore anymore and my bottom doesn't burn or anything, just sore to sit on but like I said it gets dramatically bettter each day!!! Thank God. The doc said I should feel fine by the end of this week, and made my hubby look in my butt to see what it should look like in case it gets infected or anything. My poor hubby saw me in a way he should never have had too [​IMG] But I love him, he took care of Sadie mostly the whole time in the hosptial becuase it was so much work for me to get in and out of bed to help her.
    But now I move around great and am trying to take on most of the work.
    It was a long and somewhat painful experience, but also the best of my life. My Hubby and I couldn't stop crying when she was born. I couldn't be happier!!!!
    Good luck to all who are next, it is quite a ride. Sorry if I scared you, but if you have to be cut or tear, I would say it really isn't that bad (if you have an epi)


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    Welcome Journey Love!

    Hey everyone, this is a novel but I wanted to make sure I noted certain details so I could print and remember it! It's kinda graphic and pretty honest so be warned.

    I started having what I thought were Braxton Hicks every 10 minutes or so starting at around 10 pm. By the time I got home from eating sushi (yes, I still ate it throughout), I was nervous enough to call the nurse. I was more curious to just know what the difference was between BH and real contractions. The nurse told me that regardless of their frequency, during BH, I’ll be able to continue doing what I’m doing without real discomfort; whereas with real contractions, I won’t even want to be touched because they hurt so bad. She said that the pain should be so bad that I want to go to the hospital to get pain relief. She asked where I was pain-wise and I told her I was at about a 5. She said when they become even more painful, to call them back.

    So, I watched TV for awhile and ended up falling asleep at around midnight or so. At 3:15 am I woke up to a pretty real contraction. They started coming every six minutes. I decided to take a shower at around 4 am since I knew I would be going to the hospital soon. Plus there was a part of me that was just hoping to be able to relax myself if these were still BH.

    Finally at around 5 am, I decided to call my OB back. I finished packing my bag in the middle of contractions. The nurse told me to go ahead and head to the hospital. I called my friend to come watch DD, told my mom to get ready to go, and called BD to let him know it was time.

    Once I got to triage, I was contracting every 4-6 minutes. When the nurse checked me I was 3 cm dilated. She said they wouldn’t admit me until I was at least 4 cm. When she called my doc, she told me that the doc said to admit me and to give me an epidural as soon as I was ready for it. By the time I got to Labor & Delivery, I was past ready for my epidural. After finishing my first bag of IV solution, they called anesthesia and I finally got hooked up with the good stuff. Before that, the contractions were ridiculous and I was sure I was going to pass out from the pain.

    The epidural was nothing compared to the pain of contractions. It was pressure between my spine, then burning, and a little more pressure. After about 10-15 minutes, I was able to have a real conversation again. After awhile, the epidural stopped being effective and the nurse asked for an extra dose to be added to my line. Again, I was happy. Shortly afterwards, only the left side of my body started to feel the pain. In came the extra dose of meds (again). Finally, the right side of my body started feeling the pain. By then, I was a full 10 cm dilated. My nurse told me that the epidurals were definitely doing their job, but because of how fast my body was working, they weren’t able to keep up. When the epidurals weren’t working as effectively, I was sobbing because of the pain. I tried breathing through them and it worked to a point, but there is only so much that breathing can do. The pain is indescribable. I can’t even describe it to a woman. For those of you who haven’t been there yet, you’ll just have to experience it in order to know.

    In between my epidural and the 1st extra dose, my doc came in to break my water and hook me up to Pitocin (not really sure why she decided to speed things along). This is what started the ferocious dilating. Having either one or the other usually speeds things along, but both at the same time was just asking for trouble! Having my water broken didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t even feel it with the epidural.

    Once I was 10 cm dilated, my nurse called the anesthesiologist for the last time and asked for a “delivery dose”. Whatever was in that dose was enough to knock out all of pain of the baby moving into the birth canal. Somehow, I slept through the final 30-45 minutes of labor. I remember still feeling the pressure (I was told that no amount of medicine will ever get rid of that feeling) and pushing a little bit in my hazy sleep. I remember thinking strategically that since it didn’t technically hurt, I could help the pushing process by getting her as far down as I could.

    After that, they got me set up to start pushing. I went through three contractions, which were coming at about a minute apart, and pushed three times for a total of about five minutes. She was out. That was it…

    I didn't tear in my perineal area. Worse... she tore my clitoris and labia! I didn't even know that was possible. I haven't lost all feeling though (thank god) because when I use the water bottle to wash up, it's very sensitive. Phew!!

    Afterwards, I just kinda lied there not talking or moving or reacting really. Just kinda lied there and took it all in. Journey only cried for the few seconds it took to pull her out of me. Then she was done. She didn’t cry again until they gave her the Vitamin K shot. She still hardly cries now!

    About 31 hours later and I'm not feeling half bad. Of course my nani is sore, but considering what it's been through, can anyone blame it? My boobs also look like huge tubular water balloons. I think they are at about a DD and will continue to grow until the milk goes away. I'm bottle feeding so I'm wearing two sports bras in hopes that I won't become engorged in a few days.

    I STILL haven't slept, but not because of the baby keeping me up. She sleeps throughout the day (almost entirely) and wants to eat every 1.5 - 2 hours throughout the night. I stopped even trying to sleep once my mom got here at 10 am. So I am definitely running on pure second hand fumes here.

    So… with all of that being said, here are some pics of the baby.


    And here are a couple of shots of me 5 days postpartum. Take a look at the diddies! They're HUUUUUUUUGE. That was me engorged and in pain. Today they're MUCH better. I have a belly button again too! I'm soooo happy about that.


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    Elliott James is here...YIPPEEE!!

    Hi all -

    Elliott James arrived on Sept. 8th at 9:29 p.m. He was 8 pounds, 1 ounce. Here are some pictures. I am still working on the birth story and will post it very soon!!




    He's peeing off the table at the doctor's here!


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    Re: Elliott James is here...YIPPEEE!!

    Thanks everyone! Okay, finally finished the birth story. Sorry if it’s a little over-detailed! I don’t have time to go back and edit!

    I arrived at the hospital for an induction at about 7:45 a.m. Saturday the 8th. I was amazed at how quickly I got checked into the room and hooked up to everything; the doctor came in sometime before 9 a.m., said I was still about 3 cm dilated (same as Tuesday…I was shocked!) and tried unsuccessfully to break my water. She said it wasn’t breaking and I must’ve had a “bag of steel.” The nurse also told me she had never seen my doctor unable to break someone’s water. So I thought that was strange. But they got the pitocin started around 9 a.m. and said that the contractions would probably break the water later.

    The contractions started pretty quickly, but they were quite mild for the first three hours or so. My doctor came back in to check me sometime before noon, and said I was 3.5 cm dilated (grrrr!) and tried unsuccessfully again to break my water. Jeez! So she said it would either break on its own or break when I actually pushed the baby out…I didn’t know it was possible to deliver with an intact bag, but I guess it is! They upped the pitocin a little bit, and about a half hour later, things started getting extremely intense. I went from like 3 on the pain scale to an 8 or 9 in like 20 minutes. It was crazy! I started asking for the epidural and by the time I got it I was in serious pain. Overall, I was in BAD BAD pain for a little over an hour, I think. But once the epidural kicked in, things were a dream. And it only took about 20 minutes once he came into the room to get it in and working. THAT wasn’t painful, at least in comparison to the contractions. My blood pressure dropped a little bit after the epidural, so they kept switching me from one side to the other, but the baby was fine throughout. The nurses checked me and I was a 7. I was BLOWN AWAY and so happy. Then they checked me again about three hours later, and I was 10 cm. That was at about 4:45, and I started pushing at 5 p.m.

    Basically, I pushed for two hours on my back, and the baby made progress, but you couldn’t see the head unless you sort of opened me up and looked for it. At that time, the pain started coming back and got really intense. I started to sort of lose it and was telling everyone I wouldn’t be able to do it. I knew since his head wasn’t showing that it could still be another hour at least, and I just didn’t think I could take it. I asked the doctor if she could try to vacuum and she said he wasn’t far enough out, so I said I had to have a break and more medicine in the epidural b/c it was wearing off. She warned me that more medicine at this point could make me go two ways: lose the sensation to push (which I didn’t really have anyway, but they still said I was pushing fine) and end up needed a C-section or get over the pain so I could push. I said I knew I’d still be able to push and I needed more drugs. The baby’s heartbeat was great during all this, so the doc said I could take as long a break as needed, as long as he continued being monitored. So the doctor and one nurse left, then the nurse came back and told me the anesthesiologist wanted me to just press the little button on my epidural, which would give me just a tiny dose of medicine. Well, that didn’t do CRAP, and at this point I was moaning and crying out pretty badly. I made my husband go tell the nurse to get that anesthesiologist NOW, and when he came in, I let him have it, asking why in the hell they thought it was a good idea to let the medicine wear out at this point, and to give me some more damn drugs! So he did, phew! Once that kicked in, I was fine again. And what was weird is that I finally HAD the urge to push down low in my bottom, which I HADN’T had before. So, girls, I just say listen to yourself and demand what you think YOU need to get you through.

    I rested for about 25 more minutes (45 minutes total break from pushing) and started again right at 8. This time I was on my side when my leg supported by a bed prop, and this was MUCH better than being on my back. I also had new nurses who gave better pushing instructions (push with your abs, not your face, tuck chin in and tilt pelvis up…they kept repeating in on every push, which was great). Things started going well again. But after another 45 minutes or so, we could BARELY see the head, and it would slip back in between pushes. The pain started coming back a little bit, so I asked again about the vacuum. The doctor came in, but this time she said she thought I was too far along for it to get a good suction. However, she was going to try. She was able to get it on and pull him a little further out, but then it slipped off, and she said he was now too far to get it back on. But by then, the head was crowning, and I got my confidence back again. She asked if I wanted an episiotomy to give him more room to come out, but I said no…had already told her I didn’t want it unless medically necessary, so that kind of annoyed me. Things still look a LONG time…they kept saying the next push would do it, for probably about five pushes. BUT, the good news is that I didn’t really tear at all. I had one small (1-2 stitch) vaginal tear, which is supposedly better than a perineal tear. Oh, and there never was a gush of liquid during delivery, so no one can figure out what happened to my bag of water! It’s a mystery!

    The head came out and after that, it was just one small push for the shoulder and one for the placenta. When they put him on my chest, I was so incredibly happy and ecstatic. Everything is going well now. Breastfeeding was frustrating at first, but I met with a lactation consultant and my milk came in Monday night…now it’s going just wonderfully, which is so pleasantly surprising!

    Okay, this is getting too long, so I’ll quit, but if anyone has questions let me know! Here's an after delivery pic [​IMG]


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    Laurana is home at last (birth story)

    We have finally walked through the door a few hours ago and Laurana is fast asleep - though I'll need to wake her up soon and feed her.

    I went into the hospital on Thursday night at about 22:00 - it took a while to get booked in cause they had lost my prebooking - luckily they found it while I was filling in the forms again and then I got taken to the ward. The gynae came in at 23:15 and just told me what to expect the next day and then I slept on and off (not at all well, but that was to be expected cause I was so nervous)

    At 05:15 I was woken and given an enema and then taken to delivery at 06:00 for the induction. Phil arrived at 06:10 and they discovered that no one had ordered the prostin gel, so the induction could not start til the pharmacy opened at 08:00. It was a bit boring lying around there, but Phil and I chatted and time passed and then they got the gel and started the induction at 08:20. I also got some breakfast at 09:00, but by then I had already started feeling some back ache and cramping.

    Despite not having very strong contractions, things did progress - I was 1cm at the start, about 2cm by 10:00 and 3cm by 11:00 when my waters broke - that seemed to speed things up a bit. They stopped me having any food or water after 10:00 because they thought I might need a caesar, but actually I did eat ice chips throughout the day (cause my mouth was so dry) At about 11:00 (I was losing track of time by then) I had some pethidine and that gave me a break for a while. By 13:00 though contractions were stronger and I was about 3-4cm dilated so I started mentioning an epidural.

    By 15:00 I was begging for an epidural - I was now past 5cm dilated and contractions were strong and comiung about every 2mins. They gave me gas and air and it made me high - I was half asleep at the beginning and end of the contractions and fully aware of the pain at the peak so maybe I wasn't using it right. I just kept saying: I want an epidural. At 17:00 I was 7cm dilated and the anaethetist (I think he was the eighth one they had called) came and gave me the epi - because I was contracting so much he had to give it twice as it was hard to sit still. It was bliss and I could talk again at least.

    Things moved very fast from there and I was fully dilated in about an hour and a half and feeling a lot of pressure to push. The epi was only topped up once, and I could feel my legs the whole time because it was done so late they didn't want it to be too strong so I could still push. At 19:00 the gynae was called and she arrived at 19:20 while I was told not to push (it wasn't too bad, cause of the epi) At 19:20 I started pushing, but needed to be told when and how as it wasn't something I'd been over in classes and I still didn't have enough feeling to know what I was doing.

    After almost an hour of pushing I was getting a bit panicky and so was the gynae cause the baby was big and not moving much and it was now too late for a caesar. She wanted to call the paedetrician in case the baby was in distress, but the heartbeat was still fine. They used the vacuum about 10 times and I had an episiotomy that was extended at least four times. The last fifteen minutes I could feel everything again and that helped me be able to push the baby out. It was such a relief to feel her head slip out and the rest of her body came out easily after that. It took only a few seconds til she cried and that was the best sound in the whole world.

    Because of the vacuum she had a large haematoma (blood clot) on her head and was sent to ICU for that reason. They also found out that her blood glucose was low and she needed some oxygen so they put her on a drip and O2. I was allowed to hold her for literally 2 secs before they whisked her away and I was stitched up - they had to give a lot of local anaesthetic because the epi was gone. Then I was supposed to lie there for an hour to recover - yeah right, I wanted to see my baby. So I got them to help me up and went to have a bath with my mother and husbands help and then they brought a wheelchair and I went to ICU.

    In ICU I wasn't allowed to hold her cause I still had a drip in my arm for the diabetes. It was a lonely night back in the ward, but in the morning I burst into tears and told them to take the drip off and finally I could hold Laurana.

    She came out of ICU that morning and was put back with me in the ward and I felt so much better. Unfortunately just before we were due to go home yesterday, her bilirubin was high so we spent another night in hospital with her under lights for jaundice. Poor Laurana was pricked so many times I wanted to cry for her. I am so happy to have her home now where we can just love her and no one will hurt her.

    The gynae did tell me that the next baby must be by C-section. She also said that she had been hoping all day that they would phone and say the induction was not working so she could just do a caesar. I am very glad that I did get the chance to give birth naturally though. I would do it all again to have my little one - she's gorgeous.

    Photos: in ICU a few hours old; in the incubator (wearing shades) with jaundice; finally home with Mom; in her carry cot fast asleep at home


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    My Birth Story !

    On 7th September when I went in for my appt, my blood pressure was high and the doctor thought I was going to get pre-eclampsia . She checked me and told me I was 5 cm dilated . she talked about inducing me soon since she didn’t want my condition to get worse since I was already dilated .so they took some blood work and told me that based on the results they would decide whether I need to be induced or I could go on for 1 more week.

    Later in the day she called me and told me that my blood work was borderline and she thought it was safer to induce me . so I had to check in at the hospital on the 9th sept at 7 am in the morning .

    9th sept I called the hospital to confirm the time and we were at the hospital by 7:45 am . I was checked in pretty fast and was put on an antibiotic IV immediately bec I was positive on the group B test . Later they put me on Pitocin and I started having contractions immediately . then a nurse came in and checked my cervix and told me that I was only 3 cm dilated and not 5 , this was a complete shock to me and my family as we were just not prepared to hear this news . I don’t know how a doctor could make such a major mistake .

    Anyways I didn’t progress much and it took a long time before I reached a 5.
    The contractions worsened and I asked for the epidural which was heavenly . I wasn’t dilating very fast and was stuck at a 6 , they even upped the dosage of the pitocin and even that didn’t work . Then I was stuck at a 7 and the doctor came in and talked to us about a c-section since it was 9pm already . I wasn’t ready for a c-section and asked the doctor for some more time . even though the chances were slim that I would dilate another 3 soon . I was getting exhausted as well and then I decided that maybe C-section it will be for me .
    So at 11pm the doctor came and told me that most likely ill be having a c-section and I asked for 2 more hours .

    So at 1 am when they checked me I was still stuck at 7 and they wheeled me in for the operation . I didn’t even know when the operation started and when it ended . Suddenly I heard my baby crying and I saw my baby and then husband was asked to leave with the baby for his check up .

    So at this point everything was fine , they were stitching me up and I started getting these shivers which were really bad . Then I started getting dizzy and I heard them saying that I was hemorrhaging, I was passing huge clots . I was almost passed out at that stage , they gave me some blood and put me in pitocin to contract my uterus . Nothing was working and then they told my husband that they would have to block my arteries in my uterus to stop the bleeding since nothing else was working. They called the radiology dept and before I knew it I was being wheeled in for another operation. I was still shivering and didn’t know much , though I was conscious . They also told my family that if this operation didn’t work they would have to remove my uterus. I didn’t know about all this though till I was out.

    The operation lasted 2 and a half hours and thankfully the bleeding stopped , I was then in the ICU for another 2 days and was being monitored every 1 hour .
    Thankfully I survived it all , then I spent another 2 days in the recovery room . I must say this was an ordeal I was just not expecting ,and I hope no one has to go through what I went through .

    So in all I was in labor for 14 hours , had a c-section and then another major surgery . (cant recall the name of the second surgery )

    I am on pelvic rest for 6 weeks and I am taking it one day at a time . But its all worth it in the end when I hold my little baby in my arms !

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    Brendyn John is here!!

    Brendyn John
    Born at 3:42am Tuesday Sept 18th. 6lbs 10oz 20 inchs long
    I went in for an induction at 5:30am on Monday morning and they started me on pitocin. It took about 12 hours for me to dilate to 2cms. It was only mildly uncomfortable during that time but apparently I have a better pain tolerance than I thought because every time a nurse came in to check my contractions they were absolutely shocked I didn’t need an epidural yet. I think I was just too distracted being hungry to think about the pain! Lol! IDK the times everything happened because I didn’t pay attention, and I kept the labor room dark because it was nicer that way. But whenever it was, I was at 2cms the Dr broke my water. That was a strange deal because none came out at first…I just had random gushes throughout the rest of labor and whenever I got up to pee. Well the contractions got MUCH more painful and close together very quickly after that, but I held out as long as possible before my epi in hopes of not slowing everything down. I think it was probably about 5ish hours later that I decided it was time for one, because the contractions were right on top of each other and very painful. The epi was seriously the most painful part of everything. It hurt SO bad I was bawling and I couldn’t stop arching my back when it was being done—it was a reflex! I couldn’t believe how painful it was! The Dr said either ppl don’t feel anything or they say it hurts like a SOB, but no one has ever told me that it hurts! But it was smooth sailing after that. I felt SO good I chatted with visitors and just felt great! SO great I was even able to sleep. I had student nurses try to put my catheter in…O boy that was great! [​IMG] They couldn’t get it and kept tryin and tryin, mean while Im spread wide open for half the nursing class like its some kind of show! Lol Their teacher eventually had to do it…I was just glad I wasn’t feeling what they were doin or I would have probably kicked those girls in the face. So anyways during my nap I woke up sometime around 1am and the epi had worn off(despite the fact that I was told it was continuously running in…I quess the first dose is much larger and after that it wasn’t enough for me) So now I’m really in pain…from contractions, his head pressure, and the fact that Ive been laying in the same spot for hours and hours. So around 3am my Dr came and informed me I was still only 4cms and had been for awhile and the babys heartrate had been showing signs of distress so it was time to get him out. So I went in for a c section, I wasn’t too upset considering Id been through nearly 24 hours of labor and was just ready to be done. Well I got in there and I had been shaking all night long..since my epi. I guess it was my body’s way of reacting to pain they said. Well they gave me another dose of epi meds and started poking to see if I was numb…well I wasn’t numb enough…after 3 doses of meds I was still feeling sharp pokes and then my shaking got worse because now I was scared too. SO they said we will give you something to “relax” you ok! It wasn’t 5 seconds after they injected whatever it was I was out cold! I don’t remember anything about my son’s birth! DF even said I was snoring(very loudly!) when he came out! I’m told DF woke me up and held him up to my face right after he came out and in the recovery room I held him….but because of whatever they gave me I have NO memory of any of this. The only thing I can remember is being rolled from recovery to the postpartum room. They told me when I got in there, that the baby was in the nursery and would be for about an hour for routine tests and monitoring. Ok….5 hours later(and about 50 calls to the nursery, my nurse, and everyone else I could think of) he still wasn’t back and as far as I was concerned I hadn’t even seen him yet! I didn’t even know what he looked like. Thinking about that still makes me cry…I was SO upset and no one would let me have him or tell me what was going on or anything. But finally after lots of screaming at lots of nurses, one nice nurse actually stood up for me and made sure I got him. He was perfect. I was on heavy duty morphine that day so even though we had a LOT of visitors I don’t remember much lol. I noticed he had a milk mustache …soo I tried to find out if he’d been givin a bottle. I had givin strict orders ahead of time he was NOT to get a bottle or pacifier enless his blood sugars were dangerously low and he NEEDED one. So the ONE nice nurse goes investigating and finds out yes he had a bottle, but their policy is no baby can be givin one without the moms OK first, so she was VERY angry that no one had even told me yet alone asked me, and she chewed some butts for me. I was SO upset because I had wanted to try breastfeeding right away and she said as long as I was awake after the c section(which I was I just cant remember it) then I should have been givin a choice to breastfeed or give him a bottle to level his blood sugar. Luckily though it didn’t mess anything up…he is a pro breastfeeder! The whole experience was awful. I barely feel like this baby is mine because I didn’t give birth! I was preg and then I woke up not preg and babyless for hours and hours. Then the whole time I was there…I just got out friday…they kept taking him for BS reasons(like to take his vitals) to the nursery and wouldn’t bring him back for hours and hours! Even though lots of the nurses took his vitals in the room! Most of the nurses were rude and got pissy if I asked for pain meds or icepacks. It just sucked. And OMG I am in so much pain. My incision is just killer. But I would do the whole thing….the awful pregnancy and the awful birth a hundred times over for this lil guy. Its hard right now because my incision hurts so bad I can’t take care of him very well…DF has to help a lot. But aside from slighty sore nipples things are going great and he is SUCH a good baby. He barely crys, and he can sleep a long time(I often let him sleep on my chest because he likes it plus it makes it a lot easyer for night time feedings because I cant get up or even roll over without DFs help. I cant believe how tiny he is! I thought forsure with the way he felt(he was long and I had LOTS of water) and with my gestational diabetes that he would be huge and hes actually REALLY small! NONE if his newborn size clothes even fit him...we had to go buy preemie size clothes for him! lol. Anyways this is getting really long! Lol. I am just SO in love!

    Here are some pics!! You have to give me a break for looking BAD in them because I was on morphine, peracet and all kinds of other good STRONG drugs! lol.

    mommy and brendyn



    daddy and brendyn


    brendyn wearin daddy's hat




  9. petal4

    petal4 New Member

    Introducing Ethan William

    Hi Ladies,

    Sorry I still havent really had enough time (lots of visitors) to type my birth story but I have managed to get a picture on here!

    Here he is!


    Hayley xx

  10. wirelover

    wirelover New Member

    Harvey is here

    Last time i was on i was praying that my baby would come soon and he did he arrived into the world on monday 8th october at 11.38pm weighing 8lb 4oz.

    I was at my dads and my back waters broke at 1.30 so i phoned the labour ward because ive never had my waters go with any of my kids,they told me to come in so we went and picked up my mum so she could get the kids from school and we went to the hospital.When we got there they put me on the machine to see how strong my contractions were,and they told me that he had had a poo inside me so they were keeping me in and going to start me off propper.
    The midwife came in and we were all having a laugh and a giggle then she gave me another sweep OMG she hurt but it worked my contractions started coming more often but i wasnt dilating and harvey kept going sleep so i had to keep moving around the bed to try and wake him up.
    I had been stuck at 4cm for 5 hours,so they hooked me up to a drip i was glad she did it when i was using the gas and air my partner said the needle was like a knitting needle i didnt look [​IMG] It was my worst labour out of any of the others i had no pain in my belly it was all in my back.We all had a bet on what time i was going to deliver my partner thought it would have been in the afternoon but when she told us i was still at 4cm i said 11.00-11.15pm and i had him at 11.38pm.I was so sore after i had him he was the biggest out of all my lads weighing in at 8lb 4oz,hes got his routine for his feeds 11.00pm 4.30 and then 9.00 he is a really laid back baby.

    [​IMG]my 3 year old ben and harvey 1 day old
    [​IMG]harvey 1 day old
    [​IMG] harvey 1 week old
    [​IMG]ben and harvey

  11. RoxyDotMissy

    RoxyDotMissy New Member

    Kaitlyn's Birth Story

    Hello everyone!

    I woke up at 4:30am on Thursday when my water broke (2 weeks early!!!). We got to L&D at 6am and then the fun began. My doctor gave me a choice- I could start contractions naturally (in which case they would give me 24 hours of contractions before a c-section.... TWENTY-FOUR) or they could speed things up and give me pitocin since I was dilated to 2cm. So I opted for the pitocin. My doctor stripped my membranes (NOT FUN) and my contractions started soon after that. Around 11:00am my contractions became more painful so I asked for some pain medication. They said that I was dilated to 4, so I could have an epidural. After the epidural, life was GOOD and I took a 2 hour nap! When I woke up, DH got some lunch and I started feeling painful menstrual cramps. My anesthesiologist told me that the baby was making her way into the birth canal and creating pressure so the medication in the epidural wasn't able to reach that area. He gave me a quick injection of lidocaine (I think) into my epidural line and things were GOOD again. I was completely numb from the ribcage down. At 5:30pm I had dilated to 8cm, and by 6:45pm I was at 10. I was able to feel pressure and feel when I needed to push, so I did, and she was born at 7:23pm. She was 7lb 4oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She initially had some breathing issues where she breathed superfast and wouldn't stop, so the nurses observed her for a while, but she ended up fine.

    Labor wasn't bad because of the drugs I had... I tore and even though the damage wasn't bad, I bled a lot. She's so beautiful! I gave breastfeeding my best shot but it just wasn't working. It was taking 2-3 hours for her to latch on properly, and then when she finally was, she wouldn't suck. Newborns need to BF every 2-3 hours initially, and Friday she ate ONCE at noon. I got really frustrated and upset, I was sore and none of the nurses could help me get her to feed. Literally every time I went to try and feed her, she would just SCREAM and cry. I was getting to the point of dreading feeds and wanting to just pass her on to DH for everything. She lost a bit of weight, and I finally quit breastfeeding late last night. I really wanted to BF but it just wasn't working. Life is much better now that we are formula feeding- her first feed took 10 minutes and she slept for 3 hours after that!! I feel much better today, more human and less miserable.

    So that's my lovely birth story, DH is just in LOVE with her and we are so excited!!! Off to go feed her again!!

  12. smr

    smr Member

    Birth stories from members!!!

    Hi everyone!

    Have been so busy, i havent had time to come on here! Well here is my story. My baby Ellie is now 15 days old. i had a great labour. I thought that my waters were leaking all week and went to the hospital and they told me they wernt even though they were! I had very mild contractions on the sat night but thought they were braxton hicks and went to bed. I had 2 MAJOR contractions in the night but eneded up going back to sleep! I then woke up on the Sunday morning bleeding so went back to the hospital and they told me that my hindewaters were leaking! HA! Anyway. They then said as there wasnt enoiugh fluid around the babe they would have to break my forewaters. I started having strongerr contractions then and needed gas and air. I LOVE GAS AND AIR! The midwife examined me and i had gone form 3cm to 10cm dilated in half hour! Then the big contractions started and i gave in to an epidural. I was in labour for 5 hours. I was fine after and went to the ward but then strated to get severe headache, back ache and neck ache. I had an epidural tap. It was the most painful thing EVER. Worse than giving birth! I am feeling ok now my heahaches and back pain have gone. The hole where i had an epidural filled with fluid that gave me an epidural tap. I had to go back in to hospital and have a blood patch which is the same as an epidural but they take blood from you arm and fill the hole with blood. it was more painful than giving birth!

    Ellie is really good. She is really good in the night. She wakes up once at 4.00am for her feed then goes to sleep till 9.00am!

    Hope everyone is well and i wish everyone the best of luck.
    Gutterflower, have you had your babe yet?? How do you put a photo on here?


  13. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member


    Audrey Angel Rose
    Born November 6, 2007 @ 5:54pm
    9 lbs 9.5 oz and 23 inches tall

    On Monday November 5th, I had my 2nd membrane sweep done. My doc was much more vigorous and says that he wouldn't be surprised if I go into labor that night. Well DF brings me out for McD's (which I don't like, but thought well it's some quick food) Then we go home and he bakes me 2 raspberry cheesecakes, hehe!!

    We went to bed around 9pm and around 4am, I felt some kind of cramping, but didn't think much of it, until it happened again. Then I also felt a little gush of fluid, but also didn't think much of it again. Another same type of cramp happened at around 4:15am so I decided to time it. It was about 7 minutes apart and then a bigger gush of fluid came and I panicked for DF to get me my glasses, because I thought that my water had broke.

    I went to the washroom and low and behold of course, my water had broke. So we took our time, called a few people then we were off to the hospital, which was 45 minutes away. We timed my contractions (which were very manageable) and they started at 4 minutes apart in the car, up to 3.5 minutes apart consistent to the hospital.

    When we got there at 5:30 am, I was still only 1.5-2 cm's dilated. I was handling the contractions really well, breathing through them and they were off the scale contractions, so the nurse was proud of me to try and pull through them one at a time. But having them 3.5 minutes apart was crazy and it was such a relief in between, but still not enough as I progressed. By 7 am, I was 3 cm's and I was screaming for pain killers, so they shot me up with morphine, which only made me high and didn't take away the contraction pains.

    I think around 10 am, I was about 6 cm's dilated (not quite sure), but anyways, i was screaming for the epidural by that point (which I said that I wouldn't end up getting) but honestly it is a DREAM drug WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it wasn't that bad, except he had to do the procedure twice because I have a curve in my spine apparently. I hate needles, but having the morphine shot was so good to not really notice much, hehe!

    By 12 or 2pm I was about 8cm's dilated. The nurse kept checking to see where the epidural was taking effect. Then around 2-4pm, I was getting quite the pressure feeling down there. The epidural apparently doesn't take that away [​IMG] Anyways around 4pm, the doc comes in and takes a peek and I'm about 9-9.5 cm's dilated and has me push to see if the .5 cm's of my cervix would move out of the way and of course it did.

    So I ended up pushing for 2 hours (that's what the doc allows before either intervening or going to a C-Section. I was pushing really well, but my dear little baby was a tad out of place, so I needed a little bit of help from my doc, so he used the forceps and also had to do an episiotomy [​IMG] There was so much pressure down there, I was yelling and screaming and holding onto DF's mom with all my might, screaming in her ear, the poor lady [​IMG]

    Well after the help of the forceps, I could feel the head down there and it was the hardest pushes I had ever done until then, she just didn't seem to want to come out. But she finally did [​IMG]

    They placed her on me and I just started at her when they said she was a girl and I was shocked at her size aswell. When they took her away, I was asking how much she weighed and I kept hearing 9 something 9 something, but I thought I didn't hear the pounds. Well then they said 9 lbs 9.5 oz, I was soooo shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was also 23 inches long!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOw did my little baby girl fit inside me, I have no clue!!!

    So all in all it went pretty smoothly, I didn't even need the help of using Pitocin, thank goodness, so my body took 14 hours to deliver my little girl, which isn't really bad, and when you are in the hotseat, the time goes by really quick. HOnestly I don't think as of now that I want another baby at all, because it was quite painful at the end (think the epidural wore off, because I felt everything and my doc was surprised too at how much I was screaming), but who knows, because the pain does go away surprisingly [​IMG]

    Anyways that's Audrey's birth story and I probably forgot things, but at least I got the most of it out on here for you all to see.

  14. Lily_Blossom

    Lily_Blossom New Member

    Re: Audrey's Birth Story

    Well done Mel darling! Gosh I am so happy for you and your DF!!! How exciting. Audrey is so precious... what a big girl!! Great job getting her out... and enjoy every precious moment! I really am truly happy for you and your family! It has been a long journey... but a beautiful one!

  15. amber1

    amber1 New Member

    Re: Audrey's Birth Story

    Congrats Gutter, she is beautiful.

  16. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    Re: Audrey's Birth Story

    What a beautiful baby!!!

    Good Job!

  17. briecheese

    briecheese New Member

    Re: Audrey's Birth Story

    Wow, what a cute little girl! Thanks for sharing your story!

  18. RoxyDotMissy

    RoxyDotMissy New Member

    Re: Audrey's Birth Story

    Gutter! Her hair is to die for!

    She's gorgeous hun [​IMG] Good job!!!!!

  19. pringle

    pringle New Member

    Re: Audrey's Birth Story

    Wow what a cute one!!

    Loving all the hair, congratulations.

    All the best Mandy x x

  20. Peppermint

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    Re: Audrey's Birth Story

    Yeah, I like her hair the best! and she is so cute and chubby. Congrats again!


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