Am I pregnant?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Shannon:), Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Shannon:)

    Shannon:) New Member

    So I thought I was pregnant as I had all the symptoms.. Sore breasts, nausea, extreme fatigue, milk coming from nipples, really bad mood swings (especially being very emotional) and aching back pain. I had really bad cramps but now, 2 days before my period was due i have bleeding. At first it was light and orange but now it has gotten a bit darker and heavier. I'm just wondering what you's all think.. I was going to buy a pregnancy test and not sure if to do that now.. and if so, when should I do it?

  2. angelm

    angelm New Member

    Definitely ASAP I recommend it happens that woman can be pregnant and till have a period home it goes well

  3. Alina Silviu

    Alina Silviu New Member

    I think you are pregnant, but it's better that you consult your personal doctor.

  4. Fariha Lee

    Fariha Lee New Member

    the situation about which you are talking about represent that you are pregnant, you must go with MTP Kit to terminate your pregnancy only if you want. You can buy mtp kit online from any of the genuine & approved pharmacy.

  5. Donna345

    Donna345 New Member

    According to your symptoms I think you are pregnant.


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