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    Thank you so much for your post and the links to articles on copper allergy. Here is my story with a paragard copper IUD (warning, not positive):

    -Paragard Copper IUD placed in uterus in 2007 at 30 years old. Slight cramping at time of insertion. No big deal, though. Periods sort of heavy for first month or two and then light and easy.

    -From 2007-2010, steadily develop neuropathy, chronic major (untreatable) depression, migraines, circulatory issues, tremors, urinary hesitancy and urinary urgency.

    -2010: Diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

    -2010: Undergo cutting-edge medical procedure (no MS drugs) and 90% of MS symptoms go away (and stay away) EXCEPT urinary issues.

    *--->I figure that these issues are from the MS. (So does my doctor and everybody that I see for it.)

    -2011-2012: Urinary issues get WAY worse and eventually render me completely incontinent. I go through 8-10 maximum absorption Poise pads a day, wet myself regularly while driving, have absolutely NO control over my bladder. Practically housebound. Medication for urgency does NOT work at all. It is as though the urine just falls out whenever I sit, stand, carry groceries, talk with someone, exercise, or get the sensation to urinate. I cannot make it to the toilet in time about 95% of the time**.

    ---->** Totally disheartened. Is this the MS? If so, is it now getting worse? Will I soon need a catheter and bag all of the time?

    -Late February 2012: Start to wonder if it could be the IUD. Find this forum, read the testimonials, decide to get the IUD removed, set up appt with doctor.

    -Mid March 2012: Have IUD removed by doctor. (Very easy. No obvious issues whatsoever.) Only 1 urinary urgency issue within 24 hours of IUD removal, following exercise. Already a MAJOR improvement, considering that I would normally have between 5-8 incontinence incidents in that time period.

    April 2012: 2 weeks since IUD removal and COMPLETE RESOLUTION of urinary issues!!! Ability to hold urine and get to the bathroom in time to urinate on the toilet 100% of the time. No problems at all. NONE!!!

    Summary: Over time, the Paragard IUD eventually made me completely incontinent. Removal of the copper IUD eliminated these issues. This is a direct correlation.

    Moral to the story: If you have bladder issues along with having the copper IUD, you may have something similar going on. It certainly is worth investigating. Don't let your doctor tell you that is impossible. It is possible. I'm living proof! For me, I think that it was constantly causing irritation and inflammation that impacted my bladder and ability to hold my urine. Now that it is gone, I am like a new woman!

    Best of luck to all!
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    Funny that I'm posting here after all this time, but I'm pretty sure I was having a reaction to my NovaT (it's been in for 6.5 years) and today I had it removed!

    I've had a weird urinary urgency/frequency since I started being sexually active in 2004--it got worse after having the IUD placed in 2005. My periods were all over the place, but they always have been. The urinary problems were never really properly diagnosed but I had all the symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis.

    about a year and a half ago I got a patch of what I thought was psoriasis on my left ankle. My dermatologist thought I was allergic to wool (I was wearing Uggs a lot) and it never really cleared up. For a while I thought it was related to wheat/not moisturizing/whatever. Recently though, I noticed lots of itchy patches on my arms, legs, back and back of my neck--as well as itchy and scaly patches on the insides of my ears that got really flaky. I'm wondering now, even though it was a later onset, if I was having a delayed reaction to copper or nickel?

    Anyway, the IUD is out now and I'll keep you all posted! I'm curious to see if this clears up.

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    IUD is good method of birth control. It is necessary to have proper check up every month. If you feel pain then better is to remove it otherwise it can injured your internal skin.

  4. Rhodora

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    Hmmm.... this is very interesting. I just had my Paragard IUD removed last week, after having it for over 2 years. Recently I had a horrible UTI, which went away with antibiotics, but was followed up by strange urethral pain-- stabbing pains randomly throughout the day and especially after finishing peeing. I kept going back to the gynecologist, trying to figure out what this was. . . was given another antibiotic on the chance it was an urethral infection caused by bacteria the first antibiotic did not get rid of. BUT I just felt like there was something wrong going on-- the IUD has always caused cervical pain during sex, and stabbed me when I cough, sneeze, or laugh really hard, and since getting it I have had more yeast infections that I've ever had in my life, and a number of UTIs. Recently, I've had acne in places I never had it before-- like my neck-- and it won't go away no matter how many creams and lotions and things I treat it with. Ugh!

    So, after thinking about everything, I decided to have the IUD taken out and see what happens. So far, my urinary problems have abated somewhat (though I am taking lots of herbs to heal that part of me as well, and I still don't feel like my normal self before the horrible UTI), which is something of a relief. The discomfort during sex, coughing, etc., all went away immediately. I am really hoping that having the IUD removed solves my urinary issues, though!

    I have never been able to wear cheap nickel-containing earrings for long-- my earlobes get extremely itchy and sore-- and once when I had a copper ring, my finger would start to itch intensely and the skin would peel after wearing the ring for a day or two. Why didn't I think about this more before I got the IUD??!!

    I will update soon, if my urinary troubles go away. . . after having that thing in me for 2 years I'm not expecting to feel better instantly, but I'll give it 2 weeks or so and let you know if I think the IUD caused my urethral pain problems. I'm going to be trying centchroman as my birth control method.

    I'm glad this thread is here!

  5. Raunchy-Row

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    So far no change in my itchy patches etc. but my urinary problem did get way better when I started Metformin for PCOS---leading me to think that maybe insulin resistance is the reason for my urinary problems at least. Frustrating!

  6. Tiphaine

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    This forum made me see sense after 5 months of hell.
    After 8 months of copper IUD insertion, itchy hives started appearing on my feet (I thought I had bed bugs) Gradually over a month the itchy bumps spread all over my body and would be worse morning and night. I was told after 6 weeks that it was chronic urticaria and 99% of sufferers will not have a known trigger so the best thing is to manage it with drugs and destress. Hmmmmm, not easy when you're bosy is not responding to the drugs and is clearly reacting against something. Only did it click that it could be IUd related when I saw a nutritionist who said I could have a copper toxicity. Then I found this forum and had my IUD removed. It has made a HUGE difference 3 weeks on, I feel so much better. Hives are not 100% gone but they are on their way out as Imagine my body is eliminating. Nb other symptoms of IUD were recurrent bladder irritation and infections and 10 day periods. I can't believe i did not link it all up sooner. I am angry that doctors do not have the holistic awareness to identify these symptoms in women. I am appalled that although I gave very detailed descriptions of my symptoms, dermatologists/sexual health care profs are unable to recognise these side effects. Hopefully they will with more time and importantly more public awareness. Any advice or feedback welcome.

  7. Jenny Wren

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    I have been reading all the letters here and it has inspired me to join the discussion and share my experience of the Copper IUD, Nova T380. I have had it for nearly two years and removed it yesterday because i am now totally convinced that it is solely responsible for my low moods, irritability and most of all the awful acne/white lumps and redness on my face, diagnosed in June this year as sebhorreic dermatitis (which is of course a yeast imbalance problem). i became suspicious because it is not classic Seb Derm, it doesn't itch but flares up as red patches and pimples and then now permanent white lumps under my skin on the chin area below my mouth, and either side of my nose its horrible. i have never had any skin problems in my life before and i know i am lucky in that respect. I also had no result with the prescribed hydrocortisone cream which I used for the recommended two weeks (unhappily because it is not the best thing to put on your face!).

    once my suspicions were aroused i looked back and thought about when the skin issues started and in my diary i had noted the date of the insertion of the IUD and that the flare up either side of my nose started a month later. i thought it was the nose pads on my new glasses that i had just got so had to change them, at a cost, but no real result. i changed skin lotions etc....nothing just gradually worse and spreading from my nose to my lower face.

    I hoped it would go away, but it didn't. Then i thought about other problems, general down in the dumps feeling, low self esteem and sex drive, hair looking lack lustre and limp, tiredness, mood swings and irritability, all things i have not suffered from before. I thought perhaps it was my insides, maybe a gut problem, so am taking probiotics which did make me feel a bit better temporarily. Goodness, i have thought about this so much, i thought i was going mad. Then i found the chat forums and followed the copper subject and it was like a shining light in a sea of despair. I became convinced my problem was the IUD so I yesterday I took the horrible thing out! My body, my choice! I plan to let my body readjust and go back to its normal, natural state without the 'foreign object' stuck in my uterus.

    I am feeling better already and amazing! face has settled down since yesterday, the redness has subsided, the white lumps are less pronounced and i feel less jittery. i feel my old calmness coming back.

    If anyone else has been here, i will keep you posted regards changes in my skin etc. It is so important that we talk to each other. everyone is different and i now believe that the Copper IUD is not for me and, as yet not proven but, i had an allergic reaction to it but in my body's own particular way.

    Sorry this is such a long post but it has taken me a long time to get to this last!

    I think if you are suspicious, then try a different form of contraception, there are other ways.

  8. crystal c

    crystal c New Member so glad i found this site.ive had the coil for over 6 months.i get awful pain in my lower back and womb.its just random but seriously crippeling.ive also started getting acne about a week before my period (im really healthy and never had it before)
    i get awful itchy hives appearing all over, itchy scalp and my skin goes really red. i get them treated and they go away,then come back about 4 weeks later.
    i thought it was insect bites of some sort or allergies.
    ive had blood and skin tests. and treated my house and my kids so many times.ive detoxed.and to no avail.
    tomorrow i will get the coil removed as the itching and spots are driving me insane.
    the doctor doesnt know whats causing it all,so i hope it stops after removing

  9. tiina

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    while it is true that copper allergies are rare...that is: epidermal contact allergic reactions to copper are rare...what is being discussed here is intrauterine absorption of a heavy metal...mercury, also a heavy metal, used to be the primary treatment for syphilis until most everyone who was put on that heavy metal regimen died horribly painful deaths which had nothing to do with syphilis...then they moved on to trying arsenic...same result...finally penicillin was discovered and so syphilis can now be cured...the moral of the story is: heavy metals are toxic and no one is immune to their toxicity...some people are just more sensitive and go into toxic shock within minutes or hours of having a copper IUD inserted into their uterus...we no longer put lead in paint because it is toxic when ingested...we no longer put arsenic in rat poison because it is toxic when ingested...these are all heavy metals...heavy metals are not meant to be ingested or inserted and then absorbed by the advice: for external use only...the third article posted contains a lot of very good information and covers just about every concern mentioned by the women here

    i read on another site how one woman is searching for class-action lawsuits against ParaGard...i believe you ladies have a case and i believe Dr. Wilson would agree Metal Poisoning

  10. eastonb

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    I hope you dont mind that I shared this with my girl, she didnt react too well to copper

  11. gdawg

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    Just thought I would post my story and will update if/when symptoms resolve!

    I had the copper iud put in. Within six weeks I developed eczema as a small patch on my face. It was so small I just assumed it was a patch of dry skin. It got bigger and I went to the doctor who gave me hydrocortisone cream and advised me to moisturise more. As the months went by it got worse and I got patches in other areas including my back, belly and bikini line. My back itches terrible. I also began to get quite anxious to the point where I would google cancers etc as I was convinced the skin issues were more severe than just a bit of eczema. I began to worry about things in life that I had never worried about before.

    I had the IUD removed three weeks ago today after having it in approximately six months. I have seen no improvement thus far however after having it poisoning my body for such a prolonged period of time I should think it may take a while. Doctors don't believe me. They think developing eczema was just bad timing. There ARE links out there! You need all but google 'contact dermatitis copper IUD' to find articles all over Medscape documenting a link between the two.

    You know your body. If you have doubts then take it out!
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  12. Srann0506

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    Hi I know this was a while ago but my itching. Very similar is driving me mad. Had it over 4 years now. Did removing iud stop the itching? Thank you x

  13. nettylou

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    So helpful to have found this site. I've had the copper coil now for 8yrs. Starting getting thrush around 5 yrs ago and had it at least once a month since then. It's completely affecting my sex life and my moods. Not to mention having to constantly take fluconazole to try to get rid of the thrush. I've tried all sorts. Wearing loose clothes. Eating a special diet. Not using soaps. Changed my washing powder. None of which made any difference. I'd asked my doctor if the coil could be the cause and was given an emphatic NO. I'm never out of the doctors just trying to find a reason or a solution. Now I've read this I'm going straight to the doctors and getting this thing whipped out in the hopes that this is the problem. Fingers crossed! I'd be the happiest lady on the planet just to be rid of this.

  14. deep

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    hello I removed my copper iud there two weeks and a half after I wear 6 month o would like to know after how long side effects leave?

  15. Amy5h

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    I am 47 year old and got the Paragard Copper IUD inserted in March, 2014. I did experience heavy period in the first couple of months. My period started getting back to normal from June, 2014. One night, I was sleeping, felt a little bit itchy of my nose. I rubbed and scratched a little bit, then going back to sleep. After a few days, a red spot on my nose did not go away. I went to see 2 dermatologists, they gave me some creams, non of them really worked. Then I got really upset in May 2015, I tried some home remedies, including garlic, lemon juice, cinnamon powder, tea tree oil. Then the situation really got worse because of the tea tree oil, then I saw another dermatologist, he gave me other creams, the inflammation got better, but the small blister/pimples on my nose are not going away.

    In last August, I had strong shoulder pain. Eventually it was confirmed that I got frozen shoulder. The frozen should is getting much better now. My should mobility got almost over 90% recovered.

    I am very healthy, eat healthy food, excise. I wonder whether the rednose and frozen shoulder are related to the copper IUD. I am thinking about making an appointment with my OB to get it removed, even I like the IUD, so I don't need to remember taking pills everyday. But that rednose is so annoying. I hope the small pimple blister will go away after the IUD is removed. Praying......

  16. Genzana

    Genzana New Member

    I've had my Nova IUD for just 6 weeks. I found this thread after googling, because the IUD insertion seemed to coincide with slight incontinence. I've also had bad thrush since getting it, though I probably get thrush about once a year anyhow.

    Interesting to read that the incontinence probably won't get better... Oh dear.

  17. Cynth

    Cynth New Member

    I had my IUD inserted in February and within a month I broke out in the most itchy, irritating rashes all over my arms and legs. I visited the dermatologist who could not find the cause through blood and urine tests. I told her the only change that had taken place was having an IUD inserted, but she said she hadn't come across an allergy to IUDs and prescribed a topical steroid which reduced the rashes.
    On a visit to the Gynecologist, she too said she had not come across an allergy to a copper IUD. I told her that I have allergies to metals and can only wear pure gold or silver jewellery, but she still did not attribute the rashes to the IUD. I decided to give it a few months just to be sure it wasn't the culprit, but meanwhile the rashes kept coming and going on different parts of my body and the constant itch was killing me.
    Finally, five months later, my body decided to solve the problem by itself and expelled the IUD. I went back to Gynecologist to have it fully removed as it was half out. She found that my uterus had swollen quite a bit and advised me to steer clear of IUDs.
    My rashes and the itchy skin have since stopped and my period is back to three days of normal flow, unlike the 10 days of extra heavy bleeding I was experiencing during the IUD days.
    Though I now get a rash on my foot a week to a week and a half before my period. Now on research into that, I guess the rashes may have been caused by Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis aggravated by the presence of the copper. However, the swollen uterus was definitely the copper.


  18. jaye786

    jaye786 New Member

    I had the Paraguard put in about a month ago. I have a curved cervix therefore it was fairly horrible being put in. I knew it would be since I had had the Merina in a few years ago and the insertion was very painful. The first week after insertions, I was in sever discomfort. This included severe bloating, cramping, shooting pain down my legs as well as hand and foot tingling. I called to get into the Dr and they were in no rush to get me in. I ended up pulling on the strings which I guess moved it into a better position and it stopped hurting.

    Two weeks later I went for a check where my Dr. said everything looked ok. I had slightly started bleeding at this point. The day after my check up I started an awful period. I also broke out into crazy horrid hives. I had just adopted a guinea pig and thought it was perhaps from him (which seemed odd since I had been around them a lot before with no problems). The hives started on my neck, then arms. Moved to my face, eye and lips. The next day I broke out into more hives on my neck, chest and back. These hives coincided with the start of my cycle. The rest of the week my neck and face were splotchy and would itch. My body was itchy. My lips itch.

    This IUD period was the worst and grosses I have ever had in my life. I was constantly stopping work to change tampons. I was afraid I was going to bleed through my clothes while I was out. I bled all over my bed even though I had recently changed tampons. It was ridiculous.

    Thankfully I had already booked an appt with my Dr. for the following week that they had not yet canceled. I went and had the Paraguard removed a month after it was put in. They acted like the Paraguard wasn't causing my itchy hives but I knew better after reading up on it. No one warns against all the crazy side effects. It has only been a day but mentally I feel better knowing it is gone. I am still having splotchy red marks on my neck and face that itch but I am hoping they go away soon. I plan on getting some zinc.

    Thankfully there are forums like this where people can see the many complications others have had. No, you aren't crazy. If you feel side effects from your IUD get it out ASAP. There are other birth controls.

  19. AlexS.Homenko

    AlexS.Homenko New Member

    Hello ladies!

    I just really wanted to post my experience onto here because finding this thread has changed the game for me entirely and I hope that me sharing my experience will help someone else along the way, too.

    I'm 21 and my boyfriend and I finally settled on a Copper IUD after it became clear that we're a very long-time deal (like, let's move out and get married after University is over, type deal). It was the most amazing thing in the beginning at it did really help with the spontaneity and it was just great. It hurt being put in and was kind of freaky after that but I just loved it in the beginning! That didn't last very long, unfortunately...

    First, the period: I have an amazing cycle. It hits the 28-days on the dot, almost every month and the periods are never very bad (a bit of ibuprofen-treatable pain on the first day and some constipation are my biggest and only problems). My first period with the IUD was insane. I was bleeding so much I thought something was wrong with me! I just soaked through pads like mad. I would put a tampon in and a maxi pad under it and within an hour or two the tampon would be completely useless! And the blood clots! Those things were insane! But, that was just the first period. It was all better after that. The only issue was that I started spotting a week before my period so essentially it was like a two week thing... But that, too stopped after 5 months. So periods, not so bad.

    *Now this is important (and I'll point out how later): in September I was a maid of honor in a friend's wedding and the months leading up to the wedding were very stressful and I'm trying to get into Law school so the months after September were also very stressful.*

    Then: I started having problems with my vagina. I think it first started around September or maybe even August but it seems like I've been having them for forever so... I'm not sure. I developed a metallic-y scent around my 2nd period with the IUD. I didn't notice it at other times before but after that first smelly period I started noticing a more faint version of the smell around other times (particularly in the week right after my period). Besides that I also had a very inflamed vulva and vagina and eventually developed a very irritable bladder. Half of the time it hurt to pee and the other half it hurt (for about half an hour) after I would wipe my vulva after peeing and I felt like I had to pee so much ore frequently than usual. I also had weird discharge all the time! At times it would be yellow and times a grayish white and then a weird pink or a yellow with some fibrous red things (probably tiny blood clots). The pain was a burning pain that was almost unbearable. I also developed a tenderness and irritation at the bottom of my vaginal opening (the end closer to the anus) and along the inner walls of the vagina. At first sex became uncomfortable, then slightly painful and, eventually impossible. Bye-bye spontaneity... :(

    At first, I was diagnosed with Yeast, then with BV, then Yeast again, then treated with insane antibiotics for UTI, then "a stubborn yeast infection" again (prescribed a month long treatment that included abstinence). All of this was done by a doctor that I really liked from a walk-in clinic near my house but I had to admit to myself that with all these treatments he seemed like he has no clue what he's doing. I already had a suspicion by then that the IUD was the culprit because NOTHING helped and definitely nothing helped in the long run. So I decided that it was time to go to my family doctor (my family doctor has three-hour-long wait times so he used to be a last resort option for me but not anymore!). I told him the story with the yeast and the BV and the UTIs and the antibiotics and all the blood and urine and pap tests and the physical examinations and the IUD. He got all of my tests together and told me to stop using all the creams (finish the antibiotics) and come back in a week for a urine test that was not contaminated with Canesten or Metronidazole or all the other stuff and he said (and here's where I feel lucky becuase my doctor trusted my instincts) that after all this it's most likely is the IUD. I came for the urine test and he told me right away (results were rushed) that I'm completely clean and healthy otherwise and that the IUD most likely has to go. I had it removed on Monday (three days ago).

    The symptoms are still there but I'm giving it a week or two before I go to the doc again.

    Here's where all the stress stuff comes in: I've been having insane hair-loss. Unprecedented hair loss, in huge chunks. I've complained about it to people and they have all said that it's probably stress. Lately, I've been kind of concerned with my skin, too. It was never prefect but it also was never that pimply. I thought maybe it was stress and maybe I should be taking care of it more regularly (though my spotty regiment has not changed since high-school and it always worked before). I've also started talking to my boyfriend about my mood. In the past few months I've been feeling overly weepy. I can be a pretty emotional person (I can cry at movies) but I can also be a very tough cookie if I feel like it or know that I need to. This past couple months I've been mostly the first and almost never the 2nd. At first we thought stress, again. But here's the kicker: I've never been particularly prone to stress. I'm not a very stressed-out person... And I've had stresses in my life but none affected me quite as much as my stresses in the past 4-5 months. So what changed?

    The mood swings we began to attribute to the IUD a week or two before I had it removed and all the rest started falling into place after I read this thread. It all makes sense now! The moods, the hair-loss, the acne... Life was becoming very difficult all of a sudden and I didn't know why and now I do! It was that damned IUD! So thank you all for that!

    In conclusion: hair-loss, acne, mood-swings, inflamed vulva and vagina, irritable bladder = 5 months of Copper IUD! IUD removed, just waiting to see if it will get better! Wish me luck! And thank you all again for sharing your stories! You made me completely believe in my own convictions and proved to me that I wasn't going crazy, it was just the IUD!

  20. Nikol

    Nikol New Member

    I have the copper iud for about two years now. I'm not sure if I'm having reactions or not. I have always had a problem with depression. . But after getting the copper iud I became lactose intolerant and my stomach can barley handle anything. Sometimes I can only eat bread with a little butter for days. I have started to take head ache medicine for migraines for the past few weeks almost every day. I am thinking about getting it removed. Idk what to do...I feel like I'm at such a low point right now I just want to feel better. any suggestions?


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