Allergy to copper IUD

Discussion in 'IUDs' started by biochemical, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Raunchy-Row

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    Nicole, I would go in and be reassessed by your doc or nurse practitioner, those definitely aren't normal reaction symptoms to your IUD!

  2. UncleHannah

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    I'm definitely having my IUD removed. I've had many similar symptoms to what I've been reading on dozens of forums. So many stories--it can't be merely a coincidence!

    Thanks for sharing your stories,

  3. jamielynne1031

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    Wow, thank you everyone for all the information! I read through this entire thread - I just stumbled across this website and was amazed at the wealth of knowledge I got from reading everyone's personal experiences.

    I just had the Paragard copper IUD inserted on 7/23/09, and thought the procedure itself wasn't as bad as I'd expected (though I'm used to dealing with intense menstrual cramps normally, so that might have had something to do with the less-painful-than-expected procedure.) I had some decent cramping the day afterwards, and it has been diminishing ever since. I am still bleeding on and off, but fairly heavily overall, from having the procedure done. I too have noticed a couple of odd symptoms and was extremely relieved to see that I was not alone, nor going crazy, about this! My skin, somewhere during the evening hours last night, started to itch. I broke out in a few hives (mostly on my arms and top of my legs) this morning and the itching is bearable, but there. I also tried to feel for the strings as I was instructed to do, and found them, but also found that my muscles all around my cervix were swollen - I'm guessing this is also due to my body getting used to this new thing that's there. I do wonder if this is my body getting used to the IUD being there, or if I too am experiencing early signs of an allergy to either (or both?) the copper and nickel that makes up the device. Having been somewhat negligent on taking vitamins recently, after reading some of the earlier postings, I took one as I was reading through the thread here. I will stop in to a holistic store this evening for some Zinc supplements, as well. Hopefully I am just getting used to having the additional level of copper in my body, but the information on this site is EXTREMELY helpful as far as what to watch out for - SO much more information here than anyone "official" is willing/able to provide! Thank you so much, everyone, for sharing your stories and experiences. We'll have to wait and see if I follow the same path as many of you have had to, post IUD insertion. I'll keep everyone posted. Good luck to all of you lovely ladies!!!

  4. jamielynne1031

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    PS - For anyone that is suffering from itchiness down there, one thing I've found that has historically worked better than any yeast infection medication (OTC or prescription!) to relieve the itchiness is DESITIN (for babies) - the "original" formula works like a charm, just put it on before bed and you'll assuredly notice a big difference when you wake up! Hope this helps... I don't think the creams they give you really do a whole lot, and this info was passed down from my Nana to my mother to me. Thought someone could benefit from this, here, too!

  5. Raunchy-Row

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    Good luck, and keep us posted! I didn't have any itching or anything after mine so I'm not the best person to give you input but welcome!

  6. lalipop

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    I've been asking jeeve, yahoo, and google all morning about hair loss and thinning associated with the Paragard copper IUD and I'm amazed to find so much information that I wish I would have researched before my insertion Dec. 08. My experience has been typical of most of the accounts: heavier,longer periods, cramps that are now more bearable, sharp/tingling sensations up my legs when nearing cycle, and the horrible, foul discharge a few weeks after my first cycle following insertion (took Folic Acid and Acidopholis to treat that). I'd say my body has adjusted at this point, except for the fact that my hair is shedding excessively daily and I can recall it beginning around a mont after insertion and hasn't let up yet. Many of the forums and articles have described copper toxicity resulting in hair loss and acne. I've switched to natural shampoos and conditiners and recently started using Biotin, can't detect any change just yet. I've read suggestions about taking Zinc supplements. I'll add that to my regimen this week. If anyone has experienced hair loss from the copper IUD, please share any solutions you've found. Particularly if Zinc curbed or stopped the shedding. I've also been craving ice incessantly the last couple months. My aunt asked if I was anemic. Read a little about that and how the high levels of copper may also be counter acting my iron absorbtion. This is just too much and of course there's no mention of any of this by doctors who facilitate the procedure nor by Paragard in listing side effects. I'm thinking of removing it but it's so ideal, I'd like to hang in there but not at the expense of losing my hair. Help!

  7. ResearchingIUD

    ResearchingIUD New Member

    I'm researching copper IUDs before I get one and I'm really glad I found this information. Thank you to everyone who posted.

    So to review thus far, it seems as though the "unofficial" side effects of the ParaGard Copper T IUD are:

    -Bad vaginal odor
    -Hair loss

    Good to know. If I get any of those, I'll get rid of it quick. I wish those people who were removing their IUDs posted back, but it's hard to remember to post something when you want to forget the entire ordeal I guess.

    Thanks again for the info.

  8. VOLBH

    VOLBH New Member

    Hey! I am a new member! Trying to find topics related to copper allergy! I start thinking in a different way, what if we call this copper intoxication, like in to much copper into your body, like copper imbalance? Simple google search and I found this:

    It's not even funny how many of these symptoms I have!! I have the copper IUD for 10 months now, 6 weeks ago I had my first allergy reaction to (i conlcude today) copper imbalance. What do you guys say?

  9. VOLBH

    VOLBH New Member

    By reading more and more, I understand that the doctors may be right when they say that allergy to copper is rare, but the copper imbalance is the starting point for many allergies, including food allergy!

  10. Raunchy-Row

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    It's entirely possible, VOLBH, but it's something to be carefully researched and decisions should be made based on how your body is reacting and how you feel! It sounds like you're finding a lot of good information, welcome to the boards and keep up the good work!

  11. cardigansrule

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    I had found out that I was allergic to nickel and possibly many other metals around February 2008. The allergy all of a sudden hit me and ever since then I have been a nickel mess.

    I wanted to be responsible and take the best contraceptive which I thought was an IUD. I was only 19 at the time, and I had heard that IUD's are not especially for women who have not had children so I was a bit weary, but I wanted the most effective tool.

    I asked TWO doctors in my town who volunteered at Planned Parenthood (the location of the implant) if I could even get the copper IUD because it might contain nickel. And they assured me that it didn't and one even said that they looked it up before my appointment and said it was 100% nickel free. So I got it done the morning of July 3rd 2008. It hurt SO BAD!!! There was a nurse who even held my hand when I cried. Horrible. And I had to walk down the street to where my friend was (horrible walk). My cramps were still going highstrong after a few hours of the placement.

    The whole day I lay in bed. I feel sick and vomit later in the night. I end up not going to work and began vomitting bile. I was by myself, and wanted to run a bath but on my way walking to the bathroom I passed out, for who knows long. I was dizzy, dilerious, and puke central. I couldn't communicate to my friends when they asked me questions. They luckily called the doctor who gave the IUD, but he didn't answer the phone. But they waited a few hours and by 6pm they ended up taking me to the ER.

    The ER doctor, who was one of the Planned Parenthood volunteer doctors demanded that I tell her what was wrong with me (so my friends told me who were in the ER with me) but since I was so out of it I couldn't answer let along comprehend her, she said "FINE, I won't help you until communicate with me" and my friends were baffled! They told her "She's sick! It's the IUD, you need to get it out!" And the doctor told them it was none of their business and told them to leave and said it was impossible that the IUD was making me so sick.

    Finally the doctor took my blood, and injected some medicine into me, three injections. Finally after the third injection I could talk and understand what was going on.

    My doctor came back and declared my red blood cell count was sky rocketed and that it was defending itself from the IUD, which my body rejected. She took it out right after she told me and said it was essential that she take it out.

    I felt 100% BETTER WHEN SHE TOOK IT OUT! I FELT LIKE I WAS BRAND SPANKING NEW! --Except for some cramping. And like that, I was let free to go, after spending almost 5 hours in the ER.

    I never recieved a follow up for which I asked for...
    I even told Plant Parenthood about it and asked for them to look into it, and no reply...
    I have asked them over 3 times to answer me, and they promise they will get back to me, but they never do...

    My doctor said this was a rare case and he doesn't know what happened.

    I believe it is because I am highly allergic to nickel.

    My body swelled up
    I was itching
    I was puking non stop, dizzy, dry mouth
    it was a nightmare.

    And I hope this helps someone out there, who is allergic and is wanting an IUD...

    I don't think it's right to tell people it's safe when it's not.

    Plus to top it off, the hospital violated a HIPPA right and sent my billing to the wrong people who opened my mail. And I'm trying to fight my ER bill by saying they violated but they keep telling me that they won't reduce or even drop my bill.

    Health care is pretty ridiculous.

    I hope I helped someone!

  12. Valerie

    Valerie New Member

    I am greatful because my husband is actually the one who find all these information for me. I was already going into a depressive mode when he first prayed for me, and then afterword, started searching on the internet regarding skin allergy using IUD. My nightmare started about five months ago. I didn't feel like getting out of bed some days. I felt depressed, angry and did not want anyone around me.

    When it came around my period, all these weird lumps will appear on both my thighs and my upper arms, and will itch so much; it will then spread through the rest of my legs. I used to think I my clothes was just to thight, because any clothes I wore that was thight will trigger the inflamation and the lumps to appear on my body. I supected the IUD, but doubted myself. This will occur everytime I excercised, or close to my menstrual cycle.

    I went and saw the doctor who advised me to put it, and she told me I was just allergic to soap or something in my environment. I asked her about the sad and depressive moode I was feeling, and she send me home with some form to keep track of my state of mind and come back in three months for evaluation.

    I changed laundry detergent, changed soap, and it is still occuring. I knew for sure it was the IUD this weekend of columbus day, because I was sick with the flu and did not eat for two days, and as soon as I started getting better, suddenly both my arms were full of lumps in a form of "c" like shape. As I write, they are itching so much. I can't wait until morning to go and take this off. This is definitely a product I will not recommend to anyone. Before I found this site, my plan was actually to go and do a complete blood test at the clinic. Thank you for helping me keep that money in my pocket.

  13. IUDRemoved

    IUDRemoved New Member

    Hi Everyone

    I had a copper IUD put in 08-2008. After three months of having it in I started getting the itchy rash and bumps all over my face. They kept getting worse and worse. About 10 days before my period and then while I was on my period they would be the worst. i would wake up in the middle of the night itchy my face. Then it would start to get a little better. I went to a dermatologist and he said it was definitely an allergic reaction to something, but he wasn't sure what. I went on allergy pills twice a day and all kind of creams and lotions which did help, but not to clear it up completely.

    I came on this site and realized it was probably the IUD. I have had allergies to nickel in cheap earrings so I assumed it was from the nickel or copper.

    It got so bad that I took out the IUD 8 months later, after doing the typical doctors visit, changing lotions, soaps, detergents. The doctor almost refused to take it out and said that it was not because of the IUD. I told her I appreciated her wonderful advice, but I wanted it out now. It has now been 5.5 months since I have taken it out. My face is significantly better and the huge red itchy bumps are gone. I have to say that my face will get a little itchy before my period but nothing compared to what it was with the IUD in.

    For everyone out there that is experiencing the itchy red bumps, I would STRONGLY suggest REMOVING the IUD. It definitely worked for me.

    I hope this helps!

  14. cntrygrl

    cntrygrl New Member

    i got my copper iud in november 2008.i also experienced severe cramps and heavy bleeding.i have never had children and dont plan i thought this was for me.i cant take any hormones, they give me horrible migraines.i eventually quit with the heavy bleeding and cramps.i also have just recently started the uti symptoms.but no uti infection.could possibly be my colon??have had colon problems since getting iud, or atleast increased them. i also have experienced severe hair thinning in the past 3-4 months.i think it is iud related.and reading more about it on here im convienced.i can live with the symptoms, like different discharge and odor, but not the hair loss.ive always had thick unmanagable when i pull my hair back you can see my 23 and shouldnt have thinning like this!it doesnt run in my family and my doctor is a more natural dr, not the type to shove you pills and send you on your way.and she is puzzled. please please if anyone finds something to help the hair loss let me know!! i dont want my iud removed and take the risk with condoms!!

  15. cntrygrl

    cntrygrl New Member

    i keep reading about these cervical blocks and numbing agents?!!?!? i didnt get crapo.and my cervic was cut not once but twice b/c i had a partially blocked cervic from never having children! was the worse pain i could have ever imagine! you girls have it lucky!

  16. Momof 3

    Momof 3 New Member

    H im new, i have been searching the web for the past year looking for a reason why I am now getting monthly yeast infestions and herpes outbreaks. I had my paraguard inserted in Feb 0f 06 after the birth of my 3rd child. I didnt have any insertion problems maybe because i did it at my 6 week ck up. I complained of the yeast infections to my obgyn, it wasnt that bad initialy, she retired and I have been too 2 more obgyns with no reason for the now monthly yeast infection right before my period. I am also having monthly herpes outbreakes. My periods last close to 2 weeks long. I tried going on the pill(with iud still in) but it never works right and I start bleeding the whole month and cramping daily. I tried a heavy hormone pill and a light hormone pill- none worked. My dr sugg taking out paraguard and putting in morena so I could have hormones since he thinks that is what is causing infections.I have also had hair loss but assumed it was because of my age -41 but it really never recovered after the birth of my son. I also have acne now which I have had on and off but it is worse during my period and at age 41 thought I wdnt be having still. After reading this web site I am definatly taking out iud - I cant take another week long yeast infection. Not to mention what is does to my sex life with my hubby. Why dont any of the Drs know this- I bet if a man was suffering from yeast infections monthly they would figure out why..

  17. mary1968

    mary1968 New Member

    I had a copper IUD for 6 months, and I believe even if I did not have a true allergic reaction that the thing still wreaked serious havoc in my body.

    Searching the internet and these forums, I have not been able to find any follow-up stories or experiences from women who have recovered after the removal of a copper IUD. For those of you ladies who had allergic reactions or other physical harm from the copper IUD, how long did it take for your body to get back to normal? Months? Years?

    I had my Paragard removed 4 weeks ago. I had itching and hives on my torso (diagnosed as contact dermatitis), hair loss and acne all which came on within two months of insertion. I also had the heavy, disgusting, constant mucus discharge that others in these forums have described.I have seen an improvement in the acne and hair loss but the hives and mucus still are present though slightly better.

    Could anyone who has had the copper IUD removed share their post-IUD recovery or anything used (vitamins, supplements, herbs) that may have speeded up the healing process? I am already taking zinc, a high quality multiple vitamin (without copper!!) and lots of vitamin C. Thank you!

  18. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    A good friend of mine had a copper IUD in for almost a year and was getting weird dry skin rashes etc and did not know why. Turns out that she had an allergy to copper. She got it taken out and feel 100% better now!

  19. Drache

    Drache New Member

    Hey everyone.

    I'm 23, no kids, and I'm getting a Paragard inserted in about 5 hours. I have infrequent periods as a result of PCOS and hypothyroid so I anticipated having to wait another 6-12 months before going in for this procedure, but luckily my cycle started yesterday and they had room in the schedule for me.

    I have been wondering about copper allergies and IUDs for some time. I think I saw an episode of House where a woman started reacting to her copper IUD decades after she had it inserted. I know I get green skin after wearing copper jewelry but can't actually recall a time where I had itching or swelling.

    I went in to see an allergy specialist to see if I could get tested for a copper allergy prior to getting a Paragard inserted and was told that there is absolutely no effective way to test someone for this allergy. The specialist told us that the scratch/patch tests are generally unreliable. Most people will end up reacting to most/all of the ones on the panel whether they are allergic or not. My fiance is an example of this. He reacted to every single scratch but further testing (RAST and ELIZA) showed he was only allergic to one or two things.

    I'm curious to know if any of you were tested for copper allergies with blood tests instead of the unreliable patch/scratch tests?

    Our specialist also told us that a contact reaction (contact dermatitis) doesn't mean that you will have reactions to the same material if it is implanted or ingested.

    At the end of the day I decided to get the Paragard anyways since I refuse to use hormonal birth control so it's either that or just get abortions when I get pregnant. I hope I wont be back in a few months with a sad story about having to get it removed.

  20. mommy624

    mommy624 New Member

    I had the copper IUD put in two weeks ago and just had it removed yesterday. After non stop heavy bleeding and coming down with flu like symptoms. Which included fever, cold chills, swelling of the hands and face, hives, exhaustion and tremendous mood swings. I finally looked at my husband barely able to walk and told him that I thought it was my body rejecting the IUD since that is when it all started. I scheduled the appointment to go back to the doctor and they had me go in that very minute. When I got there my Blood pressure was through the roof to the point that they kept taking it over and over just to make sure it was!! So long story short the doctor told me that I was having a severe reaction to the copper in the IUD and removed it. It also gave me an infection. So I don't recomend it to anyone with alergies of any kind.


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