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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Jenisha, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Jenisha

    Jenisha New Member

    My baby is now 6 month she have cough. It happen before 1 month i am giving her BRICA-BM (Paediatric Syrup) and SPORIDEX (Paediatric Drops) still her cough is not gone.. Also i am giving her Dabur Honey In morning and evening.. What should i do now to make her free from cough.

  2. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Could she have pertussis?

  3. Jenisha

    Jenisha New Member

    iampm.. she don't have pertussis. She don't have fever & don't have whooping cought.

  4. AnnaM

    AnnaM Member

    got cat or dog in the house? or has a tree/plant come into flower, has the doctor cleared her for asthma? Does the cough sound kind of wet or dry and bark. I would have thought that if none of the home remedies are having any effect that they aren't going to, and given that she has had the cough for, Does the cough bother her, like does she become distressed or have difficulty breathing after a coughing bout? What has the Doctor or child health nurse recommended? Is it only in your house at night? If you have central heating/cooling that can make the air really dry and you could try placing a bucket water (out of her reach) in the room to make the room air moister.

  5. AnnaM

    AnnaM Member

    pertussis and whooping cough are same thing acutally. I was thinking asthma.


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