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    It's true that not everybody was born notoriously good when it comes to attracting the ladies. And it's also a fact that not every guy has to go through a phase when he's a total loser when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Sometimes, we just don't make use of our options and aren't really that keen when it comes to improving ourselves to be more confident around women. Below are a few tricks to make her yours- attract the girl of your dreams now!

    1) Don't be too threatening. Let me translate that to you: don't come in too strong. That freaks the women out. Sure you got super confidence (being confident is very important if you want to impress the ladies) but coming in too much to the point of actually stalking her will only lose you your tiniest chance of actually getting girl.

    2) Never be too available. Let me spell it to you - desperation. Being too available will not only make you look pitiful and miserable, it will also totally turn the girls off. Now, that's human overkill and it can be a great way to totally make you seem like a loser - which will definitely not win s any girls. So get a life - give in to your passion, do your hobbies and take time to be busy.

    3) Don't push your luck. When a girl starts to show a little interest, don't push your luck and start drooling at her - or thinking she's already into you. Women are complicated and it helps a lot if you know how to read her body language to get what she really means. So take it slow and easy - you'll definitely get there.

    4) Intrigue her mind. It pays to be a smart guy and every girl would fall for one - that includes men who know how to carry the conversation - and making it interesting. Being smart if a great way to mystify and intrigue women - so go ahead and get creative.

    5) Stay cool and collected no matter what. Women love men who can demonstrate control - someone who knows how to take the lead but won't take crap from anyone as well. That means you know how to control your emotions and stay composed no matter what.

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