3 week old drinks so much!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by als, Oct 1, 2012.

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    My 3 week old is my only child and she is draining me, like literally! I bought a breast pump because she does not care to breast feed. At one week she was drinking 2 ounces a feeding every 1 to 2 hours. Now she is almost 3 weeks and she has been drinking 3 to 4 ounces at a time every 2 hours. Last night was horrible. She woke me up so frequently to feed and I had to feed her every hour because I am only pumping 2 ounces an hour. Shes so hungry - this morning I fixed a bottle of formula because I felt so exhausted and so drained I couldn't pump so I fixed her a bottle and she drank 6 ounces! It just gets worse and worse and the pediatrician said that she should only be drinking 2 ounces a feeding. Any advice or input would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    It's a growth spurt. My daughter was also a voracious nurser, and during growth spurts I was often nursing her 45 minutes after her last session. If you were nursing straight from the breast, these frequent feedings during growth spurts would signal your boobs to start making more milk. It'll be harder to keep up by pumping, so it's great you can supplement with the formula.

    You're doing great listening to what your baby needs. Sometimes, pediatricians give horrible, outdated advice about what and how frequently very young babies need to eat.

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    Yeah 2 oz a feeding doesnt sound like enough at 3 weeks. Maybe for some babies..certainly not all. Its normal for a baby to have a growth spurt around that age..which like desert said should help to up your milk suppy.

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    It's really hard to have an adequate supply be exclusively pumping. Are you seeing a lactation consultant to try to get her back on the breast?

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    At a few days old Luke would drink anywhere between 2 - 4 ozs and would go between 2 - 4 hours so I don't know where they get their advice from! Don't get hung up on how much you are told they "should" be feeding, babies are all different! You have to let baby decide how much they want, feed on demand wether you breastfeed, pump or formula feed.

    I would imagine it will be hard to exclusively pump and if you aren't getting help with your latch you will most likely have to supplement with formula.

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    als I didn't know you had a wee one--congrats!!

    You could try increasing your supply by stimulating more frequently to simulate what baby would be doing at the breast when nursing (ie pump every 2 hours instead of 3 until your supply noticeably increases). It might also help if he does latch at all to try to get him to suck even for a few minutes just prior to pumping to stimulate a stronger let down. If he's not latching at all, try laying him skin to skin for a few minutes (upright between your breasts) and hand expressing on both sides, then pumping right after? Anything that gets your hormones raging!! You could also read about galactagogues--foods and herbs that increase your supply but I would try increasing by stimulation first--you don't want to end up too engorged, no fun!!

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    als-keep listening to your baby. What I have learned is that there are very few "norms" with babies and a lot more individual needs/characteristics. Sounds like a growth spurt. Possibly you have a baby w/ a very high sucking need also? Some babes require lots of sucking to sooth themselves. As an exclusive pumper w/ my first baby, I recommend doing everything you can to get her back to the breast if breast milk is a big priority for you (totally a personal choice). She is young enough that with some intervention and help from a certified lactation specialist you might be able to get her there. I only say this because my oldest was a horrible nurser and I finally gave up and started exclusive pumping at 3 mos. IT WAS HARD...VERY HARD. Keeping up supply with a pump is not ideal (to say the least) even with lots of supplements and constant pumping. Plus, it's like doing double duty: pump, then feed, pump, then feed, ad nauseum... Plus, waking up to make a bottle is far more exhausting than rolling over, offering a breast and going back to sleep.

    If you are comfortable w/ formula and eventually your supply running out (likely) then just keep at it as long as you can! There's no right or wrong, I just remember being so heart-broken when my supply finally gave out (after re-lactating several times) and I hope that sharing that w/ other moms can help them keep from having as hard of a time as I had. And what I know, is that it is much easier to do the work now to make breastfeeding work than to wait until you are exhausted from the pump/feed routine. For help w/ supply and/or getting her back to the breast, contact your local hospital or your pediatrician for names of local lacation specialists. La Leche League is super helpful also (even thier online forums-www.lll.org). Otherwise, if you are happy w/ formula, follow her cues and offer as much as she wants!

    Happy feeding! [​IMG]


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