15 Signs You're Pregnant

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by gutterflower, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. TeedyKatt

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    Sounds like your Pregnant to me!! Get a test Girl and Good Luck :)

  2. Jader

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    Hi im new to this group. But i need some advice me and my bf had unprotected sex a couple times in January and February right aroud the time im ovulating and for the past almost month my breast have gotten very big and feel tender, im bloated and it seems to be getting worse, the past week or 2 i been very fatigued and when it came time for my period i usually get very crampy and grumpy but this month it wasnt like that and when i did get my period it only lasted 24 hours and that was it which is very abnormal for me could i be pregnant

  3. Lana06

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    Hi all...
    I am 26 and have been trying to conceive for many years... used contraceptives but have been off them for 4/5 years now...
    I am with my bf for 4 months now and we have been trying EVERY NIGHT/DAY to conceive... He has kinda given up a bit but for the past month I have been experiencing that my boobs are getting bigger and my nipples are VERY sensitive and sore, also I have had this pain on my left side of my uterus and it feels hard, sometimes. I have also had period-like menstruation 2 months ago and missed my period last month, waiting to see if I will miss it again this month... I did 2 home pregnancy tests, was at the clinic but all NEGATIVE...
    What concerns and excites me is that I have 14/15 of the signs mentioned above and then as I have mentioned the pain, cramps and swollen belly.... I cannot identify lower back pain as a sign, as I have back problems and experiencing pain there is normal for me

    So back to my question.... AM I PREGNANT or is it WISHFUL THINKING again....?

  4. Lana06

    Lana06 New Member

    morning all... SO it turns out it was not WISHFUL THINKING after all... I am really pregnant.... +-5 weeks along already

    We are ecstatic with this news.....

  5. Sian

    Sian New Member

    hi guys I'm new to this and looking for some advice. Me and my bf had unprotected sex the day before and the day after ovulation, We have been trying on and off for a baby and have not been so lucky as of yet. For the past week or so I have been getting pinching type pains in my stomach, headaches every day all day, increased hunger, tender boobs, my body is aching especially my hips and lower back, severe fatigue and moodiness and I'm going to the toilet a lot more than usual. I am due to start my period in 2 days so am doubting that it could just be that but I have never felt like this before. Does it sound like there's a chance I could be pregnant?

  6. Sammi86

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    I am new on here and want to ask some advice. As I'm confused about symptoms. I have protected sex with my boyfriend but I know that even protected sex isn't 100%.

    I always have very irregular periods and have now since I was 13. I am now 30 and the days between are always anything between 30-60 days before a period. I think at present I am currently 38 days late.

    I had some extremely bad cramps the other day and it made me think my period am be coming and I had some light spotting.

    I have had a bit of discharge as well but no soreness or itching.

    I have been a little nauseous recently but I have to mention I am on a cruise ship working so it may be a little sea sickness however have felt it a few times when on land in the last couple of weeks.

    I have been extremely tired and unmotivated sometimes sleeping in late and not being very motivated to do any normal things. Which is unlike me as I'm always an early bird.

    I'm also very sensitive and emotional which I'm usually quite sensitive anyway but this is really heightened.

    Yesterday I got ready for bed and I had the worst pains and sensitivity in my breasts and I never usually have any sensation in my boobs. It was excruciatingly painful just to even stroke them. I never even get that before a period.

    I'm also finding it tough to sleep through the night and last night had lots of anxiety.

    Hopefully someone can give me some advice and maybe I'm just being silly but would be good to know what else to look out for and if there could be another explanation.

    Thank you for listening xxx

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