15 Signs You're Pregnant

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  2. I feel you I think I'm like 5 months pregnant and I've to the hospital 3 times asking them what's wrong with today they gave me another urine test and all they know is there's nothing wrong with my pee I am afraid in pregnant and haven't been doing anything to prepare

  3. Hi I have 6 out of 15 symptoms do think it can be true even with confusing pregnancy test answers

  4. Softkitty

    Softkitty New Member

    Hi you guys :) This is the first time I'm posting here, but I have been reading your posts for the last couple of days! We have been ttc since Easter and so far it hasn't happened, but hopes are high hah the deal is that just now I went to the toilet and as I wiped I saw a rather unusual blood splash-bright red and I have no idea where did it came from- I wiped few times afterwards and got nothing-just a regular white cm. I am one week till my period hits, with cramps and tender nipples, bad headaches and back pains. My question is has it something like this ever happened to any of you? Could be my period starting or should I visit my doctor? Google has proved itself useless in this situation hah :)

  5. Charrmed

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    I have pcos, so my period is extremely irregular. Right now it's been about 70 days since my last period. And this has happened a few times so I don't think much of it. But I've have some mild to intense lower back pain and very light nausea, and I used to crave cheezits but now I can't eat them really. And it's only been about 3 days of the back pain and nausea. I'm debating on a test but I don't want to be disappointed again. So do these symptoms sound like I might be pregnant?

  6. PurpleHeart

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    This is all new to me I don't know the lingo so excuse me but okay so I have no kids I was on the BC implanon I got it removed on the 18th of September had my period the same day up until the 23rd I had unprotected sex about 2 weeks ago. 2 days ago I started feeling really dizzy when I stood or sat down even laying down sometimes yesterday lower back aches and this morning went for my usual cup of coffee and instantly my mouth rejected it when I took a sip and went running for the bath room I have lost my appetite I just feel really weird and I decided to pick up a home test today on the way to work and it's negative but it was a cheapy one and advice or help you could give me would be greatly appreciated

  7. Eli

    Eli New Member

    Im so new to this lol.. but I was reading some information. I'm very opened , but I had un protected sex un September 19th I believe , I took a plan b the next day. I got my period a week later. A day before i got my period i had like light bleeding & clear discharge which i knew it was the pill cleaning me right. Then I had unprotected sex on October 1st which was on a Thursday also i was on my lady days. Then again i had uprotected sex on October 5th (i was off my lady days by the way ). After 2 weeks and a day i woke up 2 times at night with nausea & cramps. I took a pregnancy test & it came out positive , but I didn't wanna believe it so I just kept telling myself it was my period. I took another one like 5 days later & it came out negative i felt more relieved!! A 1few days later i had a metallic taste (this happened to me one time)Then maybe after 2 weeks I had light spotting & mild cramping , so I was expecting my period any time soon cause I was suppose to get it on October 27th. Now I have a missed period , kinda dark areolas, tender nipples & soreness on the side of my boobs , nausea , cramping , clear discharge , headaches , hungry then usual & I've been sleeping in more then I usually do .. can someone please tell me what's going on with me!!! It's been a month already lol...
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  8. Kaitlyn Steers

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    So I have been having all these symptoms including hot flashes and cold flashes but when I take a test it says negative, what should I do? and when is a good time to tell my husband?

  9. Eliza90

    Eliza90 Member

    I would definitely agree with all symptoms and i will add nervousness, swollen toes and morning dizzy feelings. During my first i had also some odd symptoms like hair loss, teeth damages but it all depends on different women organisms.

  10. Hope❤️

    Hope❤️ New Member

    Hi there. I have a question. I wasn't entirely sure of my ovulation date, but I knew it was November 6th or 9th, well me and my man did the baby making process, on both dates and between dates. It's been 2 weeks today, my boobs hurt, my lower back aches, I'm extremely tired, and I have sudden feelings that I'm going to be sick. Is it possible it worked? Could I test and get a positive result? Sorry, new to this and anxious to find out Thank you very much!!

  11. Eliza90

    Eliza90 Member

    Well I think that 2 weeks is short period of time to know whether you are pregnant or not but i would advice to check your period dates and compare it to your fertile dates. Anyway consulting your doctor

  12. Curiousmind77

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    My last AF was a 10 day cycle which put me O around the 23rd-28th. It's only been 8 days and for the last past 2 days I've been noticing a sudden mood Shift within. My husband can say the simplest thing and I feel offended. I can come back and it be like nothing had happened. Breast are so sore I can't touch them, have had indigestion for 4 days. But the scary part is, as I was cleaning up the attic lifting boxes my lower back went to hurting and I started spotting which is unusual being I had my MC just2 weeks ago.... Should I be concerned or wait to see if I miss AF this month

  13. Possum

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    Hi all, my first post too. my period is now 7 days late, feeling extremely tired, tummy is feeling really full, I cant lay on my back to sleep anymore as back pain will wake me up and feeling the round ligament pain when I cough or sneeze too. I'm a primary school teacher so its going to be interesting going back to school and somehow getting through the day without a midday sleep. glad I'm not the only one feeling all of these symptoms so early. :)

  14. NDSAnderson

    NDSAnderson New Member

    Help.... I have all signs of pregnancy, going on 6 days late. Took an at home pregnancy test and it is Negative.

    This would be my third, I never had this problem with my first two..

  15. Batdepupple

    Batdepupple New Member

    Hey everyone this is my first post and would appreciate any help!!:)

    My ovulation date was 30th December and now I am 12 DPO and also 7 days late for my period.

    Me and my OH have been TTC for around 2-3 months now - my periods have never been regular but I came off the implant around 2-3 months ago and my period came around a few weeks later for around 5 days (the most normal period I've ever had!)

    For the last week or so I have had these symptoms:

    Dizzy spells
    Nausea (All day! But never thrown up)
    Tired all the time
    Sore and sensitive and swollen breasts
    Mild cramping
    Back ache
    Tummy feels heavy at the bottom(?)
    My nipples are becoming darker
    Hungry ALL the time!
    Frequent urination

    And I have taken 2 HPTs and both are negative!! To say I'm disappointed is an understatement!

    I just feel as though something isn't right, I don't know how to explain it but I just feel pregnant!!

    Someone please tell me if either I'm just imagining it or it sounds the same to you!
    Thankyou guys!!

  16. Jojo

    Jojo New Member

    Hi, I'm new here. I have 3 boys, well actually on 26th Nov 2015 I gave birth to another beautiful boy at 38 weeks but he was born sleeping, Giorgio's death was the result of the umbilical cord tight around his neck. Had to deliver my baby knowing he'd passed. A new year, a new start, me and my hubby decided to just go with the flow and see what happens! This week I've had terrible skin breakout, headaches, cramping on and off, sore boobs, nipples turned very dark, nausea throughout the day and bloating, cm increased lots. All the symptoms I've had with all my pregnancies. Negative test result but don't know when to test as can't go by last period. With my previous pregnancies I got pregnant 8 weeks after my middle son was born even when breastfeeding! I just don't know if I am or not and when to test?? Any suggestions?

  17. Flowerdee16

    Flowerdee16 New Member

    So it's probably been about a week but I want to say today I'm just exhausted. Walking around doing some errands and out of the blue I threw up in my mouth and I couldn't understand why. Also having some strange dreams which one consisted of my boyfriend dying and me hysterically crying. Lately cannot stop being bummed out and moody...
    Oh and weird cramps coming from the side of my stomach on and off

    Just wondering if a week is too early to experience and if these are relevant signs?

    I've only had one other pregnancy which I miscarried so I forgot what it's like...

  18. Kayla Sadler

    Kayla Sadler New Member

    Okay guys, I have a question. 2 weeks after my last period I started spotting. It was just when I wiped and only lasted half a day. But now I'm 2 weeks late on my period, sore breasts, mild cramping and bloating and mood swings. I also ate a whole pizza to myself the other day and I have never been able to even eat 3. Could I be pregnant or is this just a sign that I could be getting ready to start?

  19. TeedyKatt

    TeedyKatt New Member

    Hey Everyone, My Name is Teedy and I have been reading everyone's post and I also have a few concerns myself.....I am a 24 Year old female, Never been pregnant a day in my life, but I have had a history of Ovarian Cyst that looks a lot like pregnant symthoms....BUT the difference now is that I am very sexually Active and I had a very now beautiful period in February, but this month I was suppose to start March 27-29 and I started bleeding a little on the 27th but it was only when I wiped and the color was dark reddish brown and then on the 28-29 it was pinkish brown and then Stopped! I am experiencing some lower back pain and some Nausea and Vommiting and also some mild cramping after the spotting stopped....BUT I just got over a really really bad Sinus infection and I think I had a stomach virus at the same time because I had a lot of Vommiting and diarrhea and bad stomach pains.... SO I'm really confused

  20. TeedyKatt

    TeedyKatt New Member

    Oh and I have been experiencing some Nightmares and I feel Hungry A lot , but please keep in mind I am a very Healthy woman with some SIZE on her lol .... If you catch my drift :)


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