15 Signs You're Pregnant

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by gutterflower, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. *mel*

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    The only way to tell is to take a pregnancy test. If you conceived 2.5 weeks ago it should work by now.

  2. rhi rhi

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    Hello, I'm new to this site, I was wondering if I could be pregnant, over the past week or so I've had like mild period pain even though in not due for another week or so and I've had light pinkish spotting, I've woken up every morning for the past three days feeling sick and with killer headaches, this morning I woke up and went to make a cup of tea and obviously smelt something I didn't like and started heaving uncontrollably for no reason whatsoever? Thank you x
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  3. Peg Colbert

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    I am a 46 year old woman in good health. I had a tubal ligation 21 years ago. Remarried 2 years ago. My husband and I are fairly sexually active (3-4 days a week). My periods have always been regular and last 5-6 days. My last regular period started Jan 8th. On Feb. 5th just some spotting for a few days, but no period. Mar. 5th, no period. Mar 13th started some light spotting. Past few weeks have been experiencing tender breasts, fatigue, light abdominal pain, mood swings, increased sensitivity to smells and a few headaches. Could I be pregnant after all this time?

  4. ShanynEngwicht

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    finding this thread is like finding a gem. got pregnant without experiencing the symptoms and i know of a friend who still had her period a month before she discovered she was 2 months pregnant!

  5. zahabu

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    Would love some ideas plz
    Well me and my fiance had sex on the 13july and hr came in me. Well I have be having really bad dizzy spells nausea headaches and food cravings. Taken 2tests and they say negative. ..

    Wat do u all think could I be pregnant

  6. Peg Colbert

    Peg Colbert New Member

    Got my period about a week after last post, but it was different. not light day or two to start. Had some abdominal discomfort, then sudden heavy menstrual discharge that had some clumps with it, went on fora couple of days. Never took a HPT before period. I have been regular since until now. I am again late for my period. I think I was pregnant before and had an early miscarriage. May take HPT soon if I don't get period soon.

  7. ShanynEngwicht

    ShanynEngwicht New Member

    PT kits aren't 100% accurate at all times. you can get your blood tested. or it could just be anxiety about being pregnant that causes your dizzyness and just purely be psychological. :)

  8. Tatizilla

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  9. Tatizilla

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    Hey just wanted to see if you guys can help me out just a little? So I think I may be pregnant but not really sure since I tested although I was eager to know and it might have been a little too early so it came out to be negative. I'll try testing in about a week since it's around the time my period comes. I've been bloated, moody(usually irritated), tired, sore breasts for about a week now, my gums are a lot more sensitive(bleeding), I've been eating & gained about 5 pounds just trying to get some opinions. Thank you!! <3

  10. Ann Kristine

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    Hello :) ! just need help !
    I experience spotting on last november 10..
    on the first day of december i was cramping and i noticed that i have a swollen breasts and i also feel lower back pain and always burping.
    I was surprised on Dec. 12 because my menstrual flow has come. I already tried Pregnancy Test now but its Negative.
    But still having the symptoms.. Am i Pregnant ??

  11. CarrollMama<3

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    Hello. I am new to this site and happened to run across this thread. My husband and i are ttc, but its our first time and we dont know much so.we are just going about our business and hoping for the best. We have been trying since january with no luck. My periods are really irregular and im not really sure how to track my ovulation. But about 5 days ago i started getting really REALLY tired. I have slight nausea that comes and goes and ive been getting headaches and lower back pain started today when i.would try to.stand up. I took a PT after work but it was neg. But im still concerned because its been almost 6 weeks since my last period and i feel like this. Oh, and ive reallybeen been craving spicy foods.

    Any suggestions?

  12. Cristina3w

    Cristina3w New Member

    I feel like everyone is asking the same question but my breast are tingly my areola seem bigger and I've been nauseous however I haven't missed a period yet.. if I am pregnant it could only be by a couple of weeks.. last year around now I had a miscarriage and I'm afraid of that happening again.. but I'd be overjoyed to have a baby.. what do you think could I be pregnant?

  13. Usagi78

    Usagi78 New Member

    hi so im 18 i have had pregnancy scares in the past but i want a baby. me and my fiance have been not having safe sex as much anymore and the other day he jokingly said that i could be pregnant. i am always hungry, i get awful headaches, i am always tired, i constantly crave sex, i had a very light period april second but didnt get it in march. Just curious on what you all thought about this. Is it possible I could be pregnant?

  14. Hopeing_praying

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    Hello my period is in two days but for the past two weeks I've been nauseated vomiting tired my bf says my boobs look bigger but doesn't really hurt I've been peeing a lot and I can smell things that my bf can not I sometimes feel dizzy when I stand up I have cramps just wondering could I be pregnant or am I crazy

  15. Silently>wishing

    Silently>wishing New Member

    Hello I'm totally new to this website and new to forums :)
    I'm currently experiencing a few things I was slightly worried about but I'm so confused and frazzled right now I am unsure what to do... Sorry for the long post in advanced and some descriptions x:

    A few weeks ago I began ovulating and usually I can't tell when I ovulate as it happens when I use the bathroom and I just don't see it but a couple of weeks ago I did notice it and was surprised and embarrassed because my husband was around when I did and I told him I was ovulating he didn't seem surprised as it was the right time to ovulate.
    I have a wild cycle sometimes I don't have a period and sometimes I do however...

    Around a year or so ago I got pregnant and experience allot of symptoms
    I experienced hormonal swings
    I did crave apples allot unsure why but I ate 5 apples one day for lunch alone aside from that I didn't have any other abnormal cravings.
    I got so tired during the day
    My breasts were tender at the start, and I drank allot of water which caused me to have to tinkle more often but aside from that I didn't have too many symptoms it's more like I knew I was pregnant.
    Unfortunantly when I was on the third month just about to move to the second trimester I had a misscariage, my husband helped me throught the ordeal.

    My period didn't return for a little bit and when it did to my surprise it was now normal! Every month to the exact day I have my period only, now my breasts and nipples both become very sensitive every time for the week before my period then go away the day I start.(I wasn't very happy with that one)

    Every pregnancy is different and I know age, stress and previous pregnancy can change your cycle.
    So to pick up, I ovulated as usual only I actually saw it and I don't use charts or anything like that..
    Currently I am supposed to be on my period but I have yet to start but here is where it get odd..
    For the past two days now I have had cramps a little back ache and cramps but not even a drop of blood! I keep thinking I'm going to start all day yet I never seem too. I have tender breasts and they are slightly swollen but I figured that's just usual period. I have extremely severe cramps usually and only get then literally the second I start bleeding but so far no blood yet I'm getting cramps as if I'm going to start (the cramps aren't bad in the beginning it's only very light and uncomfortable) it goes on and off not constant.
    I have as lightly increased appetite and am drinking more liquids but I also usually increase appetitive every period and when I actually begin I lose my appetite all together so it makes up for it haha!
    Another thing I noticed was (please excuse this) increased fluids, it smells like nothing whatsoever but a feint female scent and is white sometimes water sometimes creamy (so sorry for the descriptions) I honestly thought I had thrush and now feel silly I took medicine for it just in case and am now worried what if I am pregnant and I just took that I doubt it's good for a baby at all!!!
    I have been feeling feint and fatigued but not as tired as I was the first time around I've never had cramps and no period nor feeling feint so it is a bit worrisome. Im unsure if I should take a test or not, basically I'm only 2 days past af so any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated! :) I also don't want to take a test and get all worked up and end up not being the disappointment is too much to go through and I don't want to get my husband excited only to turn out to be my imagination or just an unruly period.

    I forgot to add that my cervix is a bit sensitive when I'm with my husband .... Sometimes it hurts if he bumps against it (so sorry about that too)
    And as an added note: morning sickness doesn't run in my family strange to say all the woman in my family that we can track going to my great (4x) grandmother has never in pregnancies got it however sometimes we get night sickness so far I have had none last pregnancy I only got it a total of three times and had to eat some bread because I was so nauseated I felt like I had to have bread to keep the acid down.
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  16. Nervousgirl

    Nervousgirl New Member

    I need help.. I'm a week late for my period and I've had multiple symptoms.. which consist of nausea, fatigue, cramping, frequently going to the bathroom, extremely hungry and cravings. I've taking two home tests already and they both come up negative. What should I do?

  17. gioconda

    gioconda New Member

    1. I'm 16 I had done it with my bf day right when my period ended. I've never really had a lot of PMS symptoms usually the basic cramps only but recently I've been hungrier more tired n pee a lot can I be pregnant my period hasn't past yet it usually comes torwards end of month I'm waiting on it to know if I am pregnant

  18. Mindimarie

    Mindimarie New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this site and have been reading SEVERAL stories about the same situation I'm in.

    My period was suppose to start July 22. I am always on time, if not a day or two later but nothing more than that. It has now been almost 3 weeks with no period.

    Yes, I have had unprotected sex with my significant other. This was around the weekend of the 11th of July.

    I have had frequent urination, VERY tender breast, change in appetite (eating like crazy), very tired, back pain, cramping as though I'm about to start my period bit nothing other than a white milky discharge.

    I have taken about 5 pregnancy test and they all came out negative. I took a few earlier on and took the last one this morning with another negative.

    Is their anyway that this could still be happening and I just am not producing enough hormones to get a positive? Should I wait longer? I have a pap smear scheduled for the 24th of this month and hopefully can find out then.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!!!

  19. Manasa Reddy

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    Hi everyone!

  20. Hi have you been pregnant ? How true do you think things are even if you have negative pregnancy test?


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