15 Signs You're Pregnant

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by gutterflower, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. gutterflower

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    I found this on Yahoo this morning and thought I'd post it, so you have a list you can go by if needed. Keep in mind that you will NOT have all the signs. EVERY pregnancy is different in EVERY way [​IMG] When I was pregnant I had 9 out of 15 symptoms tender breasts, fatigue, nausea, smell sensitivity (big time), elevated basal temperature, missing period, unusual hunger/cravings, and definately feeling faint (never had that happen to me before in my life, so definately obvious) and OMG the mood swings I had at the very beginning were sooo bad!!

    1. Swollen and tender breasts
    Soreness or tingling in breasts is one of pregnancy's most common symptoms. Early in pregnancy breasts will fill out and change shape as they prepare to produce milk. Breasts may become very tender and sensitive for a few months as a result. But, Teresa Pitman, doula and lactation expert, notes: "that not all women experience these changes, especially if they have been on birth control pills."

    2. Darkening areolas
    For many women, hormones can cause the areolas, the circles around nipples, to widen and darken during pregnancy. This occurs as the body prepares itself for breastfeeding.

    3. Spotting
    About five to 10 days after conception, some women notice light spotting when the embryo implants in the uterus. So if you've had a light period this month, you might still be carrying a little bundle of joy.

    4. Urinary frequency or constipation
    When you're pregnant, your uterus presses directly on the bladder leading to more frequent urination. The added pressure and intestinal changes may also cause constipation. Of course, the more a baby grows, the more the uterus presses against the bladder and other organs.

    5. Fatigue
    Many women feel very tired early in pregnancy (it takes lots of energy to create a baby!). In fact, fatigue is often one of the first signs of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, chances are you'll start to feel less tired around week 12, when the placenta is fully formed.

    6. Nausea
    Nausea is one of the most common side effects of pregnancy. It's caused by an increase in hormone levels (about 80 percent of women experience "morning sickness" during the first 3 months of pregnancy). For many, this nausea is not necessarily confined just to the morning - some feel it all day long. Click here for all the facts on morning sickness.

    7. Smell Sensitivity
    No, the smells on the bus are not in your head: Many women have a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy. This symptom is one of the most common early signs that you could be pregnant. "Some researchers have speculated that it might be to protect women from eating ' spoiled' or tainted foods, thus protecting the baby from any harmful toxins," says Pitman.

    8. Elevated basal temperature
    If you've been tracking your basal temperature, a positive sign of pregnancy is an increase of about one degree that lasts for more than two weeks after the "dip" in temperature that indicates ovulation.

    9. Missing period
    The most obvious indicator of pregnancy is a missed period, but a missed period doesn't always mean a baby is on the way. Stress, diet or an irregular schedule can also be the culprits, so it's best to get tested before making the big announcement.

    10. Unusual hunger or cravings
    Pregnant bodies are working hard to grow that baby, and need about 300 extra calories a day. Some women find themselves craving food they would never normally dream of eating, while others simply feel hungry all day long.

    11. Headaches
    The frequency of migraine headaches can increase with pregnancy. Many women who get hormonal migraine headaches find they get more of them during especially early in pregnancy, explains Pitman. However, some people have the opposite experience and actually get a little reprieve from migraines while expecting.

    12. Mood swings
    Many women experience emotional mood swings throughout pregnancy. It's natural to go through a variety of emotions as hormones are adjusting and the body is changing.

    13. Feeling faint or dizzy
    Shifting hormones, combined with the heart beating faster to pump more blood through the body can cause blood pressure to gradually decrease early in pregnancy. As a result many women experience periods of dizziness or feeling lightheaded.

    14. Metallic taste in your mouth
    Some women complain of an odd "metallic" taste in their mouths during pregnancy. While there is no scientific explanation for this symptom, for some it can last throughout their entire pregnancy.

    15. Vivid dreams
    Dreams during pregnancy often intensify. So if your dreamin' has become more dramatic this could be a symptom you're expecting. (Thank your surging hormones for this one!)
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  2. shelleyinatl

    shelleyinatl New Member

    Oh, the joys of being pregnant! Just to chime in, lower back pain is another common sign/symptom... in fact, I had radiant lower back pain from a couple of days post-O (on my BFP cycle) until about 5 weeks. Never had quite that kind of back pain before, it was almost like I had been riding in a Jeep along a very bumpy road for too long! Anyway, it was so uncommon that I decided I had to be preggers, and I got my BFP a full week before AF was due.
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  3. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    I wonder if this should be posted in ttc as well....

  4. Carrot

    Carrot New Member

    Odd place to introduce myself, or rather start posting, but I thought I'd add increased saliva production as well.
    What really made me test though was round ligament pain whenever I'd get up from sitting.

  5. Jenice

    Jenice New Member

    Welcome Carrot!!

    Another few symptoms I noticed were bleeding gum (puffy too) and some blood in my nose. I didn't last for very long but sometimes my gums are more sensitive than at other times.

  6. sweet_babydoll

    sweet_babydoll New Member

    I've been reading this site for awhile...you all are so helpful!! I finally decided to join and post...but I wanted to ask...how soon after conception do you start to notice symptoms of pregnancy? Is 2 weeks too soon to start feeling tired, moody, nausea, breast tenderness etc?

  7. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nope it's not to early at all, all women are diffrent and may feel symptoms sooner or later it just depends on your body and hormones [​IMG]

  8. mw7244

    mw7244 New Member

    I knew right away because of the cramping, muscle pains in my stomach, and just a different feeling all together. I didn't get the nausua, mood swings or anything like that until 2 months or so.

  9. snows

    snows New Member

    I had no idea--I felt exactly the same as usual. [​IMG]

  10. dragon

    dragon New Member

    mw7244 - how early did you have your cramping and muscle pains ? I am currently experiencing cramping from what I think is 2DPO to now 9DPO feels like done two many sit ups like pulled the muscles and I also get pain in my right side which last night was uncomgy and ran though to my back and down my leg ? Doesn't feel like AF cramps ?

    Hi Carrot !

    Sweet-babydoll - what cycle day you on?

    Cheers guys

  11. mw7244

    mw7244 New Member

    It was more like 9DPO for me that I started to feel the muscle aches and cramps. I also had really bad lower back aches. I didn't test until I missed my period though.

  12. dragon

    dragon New Member

    mw7244 - thanks for your reply I guess i'll have to wait and see, used to the dissappointment of AF arriving so why should this month be any different....i'm kicking myself for even thinking I could be. Probably immagining the whole thing, feeling a little down today already cried once ! mardy bum x

  13. mw7244

    mw7244 New Member

    Dragon, are you guys going to start TTC if this isn't the month? I read on the other threads that you weren't really trying.

  14. dragon

    dragon New Member

    I don't know we've talked about having kids but I am nervous of TTC because I hate the obsessing that goes with it, I prefer hoping for the odd slip up .... look how obsessed I am over this. I probably shouldn't even be on here you guys don't need me moaning. thanks anyway

  15. mw7244

    mw7244 New Member

    Dragon you are always welcome. We all moan and obsess...that is what this site is for. We are all here to listen and help you with anything.

  16. dragon

    dragon New Member

    I know thanks, I was with my husband for 8 years and we got married started TTC but then got divorced a year later as he was cheating on me whilst TTC ! My new DB and I would love kid but I think if we actually said right lets go for it we would wait until this time next year as we've only been together 14 months and are due to move house in 5 months, it would be the usual one last holiday by ourselves next summer then go for it. I just would like to feel that the slip ups we had were meant to be and that I wouldn't have to go through the stress again ... looking back I know last time I was stressed cos I couldn't get DH to come near me even though he said I should come off the pill so we kept missing ov or being too far from it. Sorry for the long vent I know I haven't been ttc but I originally did start ttc in June 2006 and I still don't have my baby ! the broodyness doesn't go away.

  17. mw7244

    mw7244 New Member

    Dragon, that had to be tough. Just think, this time around when TTC it will be out of pure love compared to last time [​IMG] I totally understand wanting it to be a slip up. I actually was praying for that also. Then you don't think about it nearly as much. It will all work out eventually. I hope you get what you want!!!

  18. SavinGracie

    SavinGracie New Member

    those are some pretty clear signs!! good description!


    BRIANAAAA New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm in an extemely frusterating situation, and need some help. I have wanted to have a baby for so long now, and i finally think i'm pregnant! The Problem is, i think it is too early to start testing with at home pregnancy tests.

    I feel strange because i'm not sure if actually experiencing symptoms or i'm just getting myself all hyped up.

    I've been experiencing lower back pain, nausea, fatigue, nose bleeds, frequent urination and a few others... BUT
    I took a test anyway, and the result are negative.

    Is it possible that it IS too early for the test but early enough for these symptoms?

    I'm hopeful... but impatient :[

  20. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    We really can't tell you if it is too early or not when we have no clue where you are in your cycle... Symptoms can drive you nuts, take it from me and most others on here, it is so hard to know because you can get all of these symptoms and be PG and you can get all of these symptoms and not be PG, so the sure way of knowing is a test...
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