1 year(+) Post Pill-How are you doing?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by Tempting Toffee, Jul 17, 2008.

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    hello ladies.

    i was a big poster here towards the end of 2010 and in 2011.

    dont want to re-hash my whole story, but in a nutshell bc pill has put me through hell !

    went off bc in october of 2010. pretty much life was unbearable for a long time after stopping.

    now most symptoms have 100 % stopped. thank goodness. however i had such horrible anxiety and panic attacks, which at some point turned into something i can only explain as OCD. (intrusive thoughts, thought cause anxiety and cause more obsessive thinking, ect..)

    so in october of this year it will be 2 years since stopping bc and things are still not right. (intrusive thoughts/obsessive thinking)

    i guess i am looking for some assurance, that this nightmare will end...

    (i still get emotional right before period, sometimes right after. i have been getting yeast infections. i have had reaccuring sore throats as well.) who knows if this is at all connected. (left arm is constantly aching/sore, and my neck feels sore on the right side. have sharp pains in my head that last only minutes, then go away.)

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    Hello Clark

    You don't know me but I have read most of your old posts, thanks because it helped me to see that I was not alone in this hormonal hell [​IMG]

    I am so sorry to hear that you are not 100% so long after you stopped BC [​IMG]

    How are your hormones levels? Did you try counselling?

    Did you see your Gp or gyno to ask them to check your hormonal levels with a blood test?

    So sorry to hear you are still not 100% better, I hope there is a little improvement compared to how you used to be when this mess began !

    It's been 7 months for me and I still have anxiety, I feel angry for nothing, bad pms, headaches...etc (Like you I had a sudden and horrible depression, anxiety, tears, ocd etc...)
    Like you I feel bad before period and sometimes after, it looks like I cant' bare any hormonal change [​IMG] And I don't know if I will really feel better one day [​IMG]

    I guess it can be very long for us to get used to our natural hormones again, and it can also comes from the fact that our hormones levels are still not normal, it can be a lack of one of the hormones, or a problem of balance between the different level .

    I really hope you wind find answers and feel really better soon !

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    thanks evanessa !
    i had hormones tested about 3 months after i stopped bc (dr said i needed to wait this long to get an accurate result)

    at that time my progesterone was low and testosterone was high.

    i started natural progersterone at that point and did it for 3 months per dr.

    had hormones retested at some point after that (dont really remember when) and testerone was back in line, but proget was still low.

    at this point i was not taking anything and decided to let things try and balance naturally. (have not had hormones retested since)

    i did try counceling at the ver beginning of this mess. i went once a week for a while, then once ever 2 weeks, then once a month. it helped some. and i eventually stopped going.

    went once more when the nightmare of OCD started. she explained that it was another spin-off of the anxiety .

    i just kept trudging along ,with faith and hope it would soon end. then as the months turned into a year and now i have hit the year and a half mark, i dont know what to think anymore.

    hope you feel better soon as well !

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    thanks for this posting this. i went off the pill a week ago because i stated to feel like i couldn't be alone i was afraid of my own thoughts. but this made me feel a bit better. i honestly thought i was going crazy, which is odd because i had never had these feeling before. i don't know what made me think that it was the pill i was talking that was making me feel this way. your response made me feel better about getting better

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    How's everyone doing? Any new stories? You can see my extremely long story on the effects of stopping birth control part 3 post...

    Clark...how are you doing? I too am on bioidentical estrogen and progesterone creams....they actually brought on a natural period for me the first month I was on! Still waiting for the mood issues to subside though...I can handle anything but the anxiety and obsessive thoughts are the absolute worst. I just want to be able to enjoy my boyfriend and my life again [​IMG] ...remember, thoughts are not fact!
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    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new here [​IMG]
    It has now been a year since I completely stopped using birth control pills (I used it for 6 years before that).

    Every since I stopped, my mood has been great, no more anxiety/depression, I feel emotionally healed since I stopped it...But then one issue started a couple of months after I quit the pill...
    I had never in my entire life had ANY sort of acne, my skin was very good and not even in my teenage years I had anything. But then I quit the pill and now my skin is CHAOS! Acne everywhere, it's always popping up in several areas of my face, blackheads and SUPER oily skin. It's been a year and it wont go away! I tried all kinds of products for acne and oily skin and NOTHING helps [​IMG]
    Has anyone been through this? Has it ever stopped or how did you get rid of it?? I appreciate any insight on this!
    p.s: I just now saw the forum specifically related to this, but apparently not a lot of people got rid of it [​IMG]

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    I stopped the pill in October 2012, and I had a really rough time for several months following that. I was incredibly weary of stopping to begin with, because despite the awful side effects from the pill, my natural periods are HORRIBLE (possibly due to endometriosis). After stopping the bcp, I struggled with anxiety, depression, and intense mood swings. They went away eventually, and I honestly feel better than ever! Since the pill, I've opted to use the symptothermal method (FAM) for birth control, and I'm beyond happy with it. I'm still working to perfect my hormonal health using diet, exercise, and supplements, but I can't even begin to describe how happy I am that I stopped taking the pill. It honestly changed my life.
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    Hi Jennifer. Did you have a problem with hair loss or acne after stopping the pill? Can you share with me what supplements your taking? Thank you for any advice. I made it 7 months last time off birth control and got back on it after hair loss and acne. I have hypothyrodism...probably brought on by the stress from different birth control now that I think about it. I thought my Armour thyroid just needed to be adjusted. I had no idea I was detoxing from estrogen overload. Good for you for taking back control of your body! I'm glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel:).

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    Hey there! I guess I can post here now. It has been...dun, dun, dun...one year, and I am more and more convinced that it will take me another one to reach recovery.

    That is not bad, though. I now have good periods of time when I feel I am one hundred percent myself. The anxiety and dp are no where near as bad as they used to be...not as deep, not as long. I feel like I am on the brink.

    Besides the much milder anxiety, dp, and depression, I no longer have any major mood swings. I still have intrusive thoughts, they are becoming quiter. I still have some insomnia while anxious, but that has only occured once in the past two months.

    It is so much better from being on birth control, and a year ago when I got off of it.

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    It's been almost a year (1 month short of a year) that I've stopped taking Yaz now. I've had horrible skin, acne every week on my shoulders and chin area. Since it's been almost a year I've got high hopes that it will go away soon, but don't want to get my hopes up in case it doesn't. Does anyone know how long it takes for the acne to stop? I take zinc, evening primrose oil and vitex agnus castus already, but they don't do much for me really. I've tried almost everything, and am even taking a prescription topical gel which I put on my shoulders and chin but that doesn't do much either.

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    Hi I know the last post on here was a while ago I hope some of you are still on this thread. I just wanted to share my nightmare with oral contraceptives. I had a miscarriage in 2011 and took Logynon straight after it. Although I felt I had dealt with the miscarriage about a month later I started getting really anxious. This spiralled into depression which lasted for months despite various antidepressants and other meds. My bf was so unsupportive it made me worse, I thought I was going crazy the anxiety was relentless and only when I finished with bf and stopped taking Logynon did I begin to feel even remotely better. I still didn't link my mental state to oral contraceptives until a year later when I got back with bf and went back on them and the anxiety came back with a vengeance. I then went online and found all these forums with hundreds of women posting similar experiences. Nearly four years on I'm still traumatised about the state I was in and still get bad bouts of anxiety, it's horrible! Any replies would be much appreciated.

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    Hi my name is Giselle I'm 24 years old I was on Gildess Fe 1/20 for about a year and 5 months then I stopped and got a low-dose hormonal IUD (it's a little T that they put in your uterus that has a low dose of progesterone) I stopped the pill is August 7,15 and got my IUD inserted Aug 12,15 but removed October 14,15. Ever since September 2015...everything changed.

    I feel like we aren't told what is going to happen when we get off this damn pill.. especially if we have been depending on it for months/years. I got horrible anxiety,sadness,intrusive thoughts,negative,twitching for 5 months straight,feeling off,crying everyother :confused:day due to anxiety/negative intrusive thoughts,guilt,frustration,sadness,hopeless etc. it's certainly all in your head(but not because you want it to is because your body/mind is not balance is all over the place and so nothing is really working well. We are like a car if something is off then the rest of the car will start getting affected eventually. Our brains,hormones,emotions,organs etc. it's all connected.

    My life is pretty good/stable. I have a good men, I have friends,my grades are great, my job is easy...I won a scholarship and my finances are getting better. So I know from the bottom of my heart is not situational/environmental but it's more of something being wrong with my body and all that changed when I started feeling like this is me stopping those stupid little pills -.-

    I keep this to myself unlike I was in the beginning because I am hopefully just like this came it will go away bc it's very hard to explain to someone unless you are going through it. The thing that keeps me sane when I feel frustrated,overwhelm and wondering why am I thinking such awful negative,intrusive,guilt things or when I'm sad,irritated,annoyed:eek::confused::mad::(....I breath and I think "this too will pass:rolleyes:...I will go back...my body is just readjusting and is not something that will happen overnight..little by little. BABYSTEPS.

    I have days were I feel moodswings where I feel happy in the morning or night but not in-between the day. I know right now we are just an up-down and that's okay.

    I read it takes women about 6months to a year to get back to feeling 100% so even if we think we are losing our minds with the anxiety/thoughts we need to be strong and realized that while some people stop the pill and are fine ...others are not (like us). Very similar to women who give birth....after birth theirs a huge drop in hormone levels...some women go into postpartum depression for several months bc there body can't adjust that fast from the hormonal changes (being pregnant then suddenly not being pregnant). What happeneds when we stop the pill is that.....we reintroduced our body to a new way of hormonal change...and our bodies are going haywire trying to regulate,kickstar the hormonal production because when we were taking synthetic hormones our bodies were not producing hormones of our own....You know what the synthetic hormone pill makes you do? It tricks your body into thinking it's pregnant and what you have is a "fake period" every month during the brown pills. ---I stopped my birth control around Sept 2015 and I'm still going through a lot of anxiety/intrusive thoughts. However, I'm learning to manage it a little better...it's a hard process because the more you "fight" not being anxious having bad thoughts the more crippling or powerful they become...because you get so much more anxious about having these thoughts. That this get's you paranoid and produce the worst thoughts. It's like your a prisoner of your own anxiety.

    I know that my body is slowly going back to normal and your body will too! My period cycle is regulating (not sure if this is because I started doing acupuncture) but I know I will make it through the difference from now to before is that now I have some good days yet I still have very bad days.
    My period cycles have been about 31 days,33 days, 45 days (this cycle was so long), 32 days and now it's heading to 28 days. I've had my hormones tested and it showed normal three times but I was told by doctor that sometimes it can be inaccurate. I really don't know another doctor said hormones are fine. All I know is I certainly don't feel fine after stopping pill.

    Before it was all bad days especially around September but now I'm more hopeful. Thing's that have seem to help me: 1. Knowing this is not an OVERNIGHT thing;). That it will in fact take several months for your body/mind to resume to 100% normality. 2. Knowing you are not alone, that although you may sometimes think you are losing your mind and get consume in your anxiety/thoughts being sad. That there are a lot of women who deal with this hormonal transition if you google forums a lot of women of all ages from teens to adults after stopping pill get a list of symptoms from anxiety,depression,mood swings,irritability,,intrusive unwelcome thoughts,OCD,nervousness,acne,hair shedding,weight gain/loss,blurred vision,panic attacks,bloating,chest pain,nausea,twitching,no period for months,dizziness etc. but the ones I mention are the most common. 3.Knowing that YOU WILL get back to your 100% self. This experience will make you stronger and you will feel happy and normal/sane again. Give your body time. I went a few months not really sure what to do...but I decided in Dec/Jan to start taking action...I think it has helped a bit but vitamins take about 3 months to take full effect. I did have a horrible bloating after stopping pill and that went away also I was 123 never been that heavy as I'm 5'2 now I'm 116 pounds.This what I have read online as I read alot and what will be beneficial for your health regardless. 4. Taking a wholefood multivitamin (organic) you can find at places such as wholefoods. I currently take 1. A probiotic, your moods/emotions start with a healthy gut/healthy bacteria. I take Dr.Formulated Probitotics Once daily women's 50 billion. 2. Taking an organic Vitamin Code Raw D3 5,000 IU started taking it yesterday it's from Garden of Life. I don't really get much sun and most Americans are vitamin D deficient. I figured Vitamin D will help elevate my mood through this transition. 3. I take Vitamin Code Raw B-complex (while you are on birth control most of your vitamin/nutrients are depleted) so it's good to give your body vitamin/nutrients at least while you are recovering from this change. 4.My acupuncturist gave me this Chinese herb to regulate cycle...I started going last month and this month I was on a perfect 28-day cycle not sure if it's the herb or acupuncture sessions. I take KPC Herbs "Jia wei xiao yao san" I take 2 pills twice a day so 4 pills total I take them 20 minutes before or after eating (as my acupuncturist told me not to mix with food) 5. I started to exercise yesterday as I never exercise and I heard it is good for stress/elevate your serotonin "your happy hormone in your brain" 6. It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours a night. With lights completely off 7. Three thing's I read to stay away from during this is alcohol (zero alcohol..alcohol is a depressant), no caffeine at all and cut back on sweets/junk food. You can start juicing and eating healthier. 8. Acupunture is known to be helpful. Some health insurance cover it but if yours doesn't then I would suggest to look through www.groupon.com at acupuncture they have really good deals just make sure you read reviews before going to one. 9. I take Megafoods one daily whole food multivitamin....However, if your going to buy a whole food multivitamin I would suggest the brand "Garden of Life" better...I will be buying that instead after I'm done with this one. 10. Last but certainly not least other recommendations was to take OMEGA 3 you can buy from wholefoods. 11. I'm also taking Natural Vitality natural calm a relaxing magnesium supplement. I honestly feel that those who react bad when coming off pill is because ur bodies maybe were not as strong. I know for me for instances, I was eating horrible alot of fast food while taking the pill, I never really drank water,I didn't sleep well, I never ever exercised or took any vitamins. So when I stopped giving my body synthetic hormones my body did not bounce back well. I decided to write this long thing to make other girls/women feel that they are not alone and that I have read of people going through what we are going through and 6months to a year they are so happy and back to themselves even when they though it would never end.I actually have read forums on people first saying how bad they felt and follow them through the lasts post were they said that it does go away but what we need is patience. Writing about this myself is actually really soothing because there's days that I get down and feel frustrated too but writing this also reminds me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. for now we just have to SUCK IT UP and be tough girls and deal with this..be patient yet discipline. :):D

    If anyone has ever gone through this or is going through this. You are more than welcome to share your experiences. This is a forum for women and this way we can let other women know they are not alone and it's normal all this even though it certainly does NOT feel normal. if anyone wants to email or have any questions my email is Giselleacc@yahoo.com

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    I'm just wondering how you are doing now? Better or worse?


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