1 year(+) Post Pill-How are you doing?

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    I can certainly add to the experiences in that some effects of the pill are long lasting, perhaps forever lasting.

    I was on it for about 14months when I was 20-21 years old.

    a list of what I had while on the stupid pill:

    the BAD:

    - depression: (over 3-6 months, first signs after 4 months or so) slowly developing into full blown depression crap thinking of killing myself and crying about small things and generally just feeling like my head was under water, drowning, and that I was not in control and thus not possible to get my head out of/over the water. I was not agressive at all, but if someone happened to argue with me, I would feel extremely depressive about that too and would display these negative emotions to the talking partner (crying, negative thinking). I'll add I probably had other emotions affected by the pill, but not entirely sure (not all bad either).
    - recurring cystitis, on average once a month, this also started after 6 months of taking the pill, pretty horrible stuff, antibiotics for 10 days in each month and lots of suffering
    - liver enzyme levels upping several hundred percents (200-400%) though it was still ok according to the doctor. I didn't feel any symptoms so I would agree that it was ok...just scary looking at the numbers growing so high!!

    the GOOD (or not bad):

    - 90% of the acnes on my back (some were on my face but mainly my back) magically disappeared after a few weeks
    - change of taste for food: most of the foods that taste sweet almost completely lost their taste...over time, this caused a kind of aversion in me to these foods. I also lost a lot of appetite which may be related to the taste change or just a different side effect of the pill. OTOH, salty foods didn't lose their taste....heh, well, result of all this: loss of weight!!
    - cycle in every 28 days on time, haha, that was good I guess

    ...when I got off the pill:

    what was gone/changed:

    - depression, the original reason why I tried to go without the pill for a while, was gone in a few days (I think maybe a week). I was completely back to my old self, oh god it was so great.
    - cystitis stopped recurring - though there is still a certain circumstance under which I will still get cystitis. but I can easily avoid this circumstance so no issues for me...unfortunately I don't know if this would have been the same prior to taking the pill as I did not get any chance to be under that circumstance (sorry for talking about this so vaguely). do note that with the pill I got it not just under this certain circumstance but a lot more often than that...so it was definitely the pill acting.
    - originally I didn't notice a change in sexual drive but after stopping the pill, within a couple of weeks there was some kind of crazy "rebound effect" where I would feel a lot of drive for a few days...but I suspect this was just my own hormones coming back (because you would normally get extra drive during a few days in your cycle, right?)...so the pill did seem to suppress those hormones, but sex was ok because I kept a positive attitude to it, the depression didn't affect it.
    - my metabolism also "rebounded" and I lost some extra weight, ok there wasn't much really, I just lost the remaining little fat I guess...and I looked better than ever in my life before! (I was 21 at this time.) I'll add here that my metabolism was somewhat screwed up prior to starting the pill, but that's another story, not contraception related.
    - my cycle went back to a bit irregular and more frequent than 28 days haha...oh well.
    - liver enzymes back to old levels, mostly...perhaps not as low as before the pill but pretty normal range.

    what stayed with me and will probably never go away: let me first say that this actually happens to be pretty good for me but other people could feel upset about this if they were in my place.
    - my original appetite and taste didn't return...well, taste partially returned, I could enjoy sweet foods more, but could never fully enjoy some of these foods. in tandem with that, my appetite was only partially restored...as a result I have no trouble keeping my weight [​IMG] and I would say that's good after all...I don't truly miss being able to enjoy a big table of chocolate...why should I? I know some people would disagree here, though.
    - I almost forgot to say: acnes on my back for the most part didn't return [​IMG]

    and my final conclusion? I think I got out of the whole thing pretty good...I ended up better than I was before taking the pill. though who knows, how cancer risks etc. are affected.

    OTOH, I decided I would NEVER risk this thing again, I know there are many hormonal pills out there and I would probably respond differently to each of them. I could even end up worse then. so I will NOT risk anything. I'm not going to experiment with my body like that, i.e. not playing with artificial hormones!

    I mainly wanted to write about my story to point out that: yes, the pill can have long lasting effects and you can't see that in 3 or 6 month clinical trials of these pills. I truly hope that doctors will realize this one day.

    on another topic...the anxiety. I don't know if any of it was related to the pill. I didn't have anxiety while on it, and I never had it in my life but after stopping with the pill I got a little bout of it in a few months then a few more months later it got to be full blown anxiety attacks...the thing is, there was no reason for it to develop, no life issues or anything...but I didn't even think of linking it to the pill until reading stories here...maybe it is related?! umm... however, this is ok now because I managed to solve the anxiety issue, but it took about 3 years of suffering from anxiety before I stumbled on the solution that worked for me.
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    Tevelygo: thank you for sharing your story. I am about 5 months off birth control. I took birth control in some form for about 9 years. Most recently I was on Yaz for 2.5 years. While on yaz I felt angry and irritable. My period eventually just stopped coming. Acne cleared up. Sometime while I was on birth control I started getting Migraines.

    When I went off yaz 5 months ago, I started having panic attacks, strange fears (I couldn't leave my house for 2 weeks and my mom had to come stay with me to help me), chest pain, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, increase in migraines, nausea, sadness, etc. Now I just recently started getting bad acne.

    I'm on medication now for the anxiety, so that is helping a bit, but I feel like I'm so far away from being my normal self. I'm glad you feel that you got better. I hope I will too.


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    I am reposting this information here, but I also gave it it's own thread...

    Alright ladies, I have happened upon something that may help you recover from hormonal birth control. I was at my wit's end a short month ago. I've stopped using NuvaRing for almost 3 years and was STILL struggling with its AWFUL side effects. They were ruining my life. I felt horrible all the time. Severe joint pain. No sex drive. Couldn't smile. I knew I wasn't depressed. Even though my thyroid levels were tested and came back as "normal" I knew something was wrong.

    I was in misery for years after ceasing to use Nuva Ring (I cringe every time I realize it almost ruined my entire life). For the first time in more than 6 years I have actually wanted to have sex. For the first time in 6 years coffee actually affects me. For the first time I can smile in earnest at strangers or relatives. I no longer need 10 hours of sleep to feel like I can get out of bed. Mood swings are gone.

    All this within just days of first taking this. It's bovine colostrum. Mother's first milk. If you can get some from a raw organic dairy and drink 1/2-1 cup every morning on an empty stomache. It will reset your thyroid. That is exactly what it has done for me and I have my life back. I had forgotten what it was like.

    You can also get it in supplement/tablet form but I cannot speak about it's effectiveness. GOOD LUCK!!!

    Just a sidenote... I took about 3 quarts (over a couple weeks) and am now on hiatus... mostly because I gained 5 pounds in a couple of weeks because it's very rich. (It actually doesn't taste bad, basically like whole milk, with all the fats intact) I don't want to bulk up, and need to figure out how to cut calories elsewhere and will then proceed to take colostrum again as needed if I feel like I'm slipping again.

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    I used the Nuva ring up until about a year ago when I quit my job to become a SAHM and lost my Rx coverage. $60/mo? No thank you! I never realized how bad the side effects were until I was off of it for a while. My mood improved, I lost weight, I got my sex drive back (didn't want it AT ALL with the ring). Only drawback is my skin got worse and my hair started thinning a bit. Oh yeah and cycles got heavier and less predictable. But still very minor compared to how crappy I felt when on hormones!

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    Hi everyone new here! I came off the pill 6 months ago and my life was turned upside down! I was fine on the pill and happy in my relationship of 5 years. After stopping it I became paranoid and anxious and questioned my boyfriend about all aspects of my relationship, past and present, and even thought about breaking up. Is this my hormones?? Thought this happened on the pill not when you stopped!! Thank you x

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    Ive been off for 6 months now and i am still 'crazy' so i call it. Still doubt everything i do in life...still get very low and anxious...especially if i have a free day, which most people love. I dream loads, my bowel movements are really slow...i often wonder if i have thyroid problems i think im going to book a doc appointment next week. I just generally know I am not myself, I have never been depressed or low...infact the happy go lucky one of my friendship group/classes. It's soooo much better than it was...but I know I am still noot 'right.' Can't believe it's taking so long. My periods are also irregular...I usually get one a month but ive had 2 in one and my last was 2 weeks late...silly things really! I have a great bf...but i too question our relationship...i often wonder if im over my ex...stupid things that usually would not even enter my head!! xxx

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    almost 8 months for me and still not over either. really gets me down.

    my periods are better but still not regular. this month was 2 weeks late. but that is the least of my worries.

    i have had my thyriod checked twice and both times normal.

    how funny i was starting to hope it would be my thyriod cause there is a fix for that. an answere . a medicine.

  9. Cheryl175

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    im goin to book a doc appointment tomorrow...i have had nothing checked just waiting it ouut...i know what u mean about hoping it is the thyroid...i just think this long is not normal! I am prob a bit anxious about leaving uni etc but even so...ive been like this since september now... enough is enough as you all know!

    Have u had ur hormones checked again clark? My periods are everywhere too...grrr! xx

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    hey cheryl

    1st time i had my hormones checked the dr only checked my progeserone, which she said was low.

    i switched dr's after that and my new dr tested for all the hormones and thyriod again.

    she said progesterone was low and that my testosterone was high.
    i am doing natural progesterone and will have these 2 hormones tested again at the end of this month.

    i also, on my own, had my adrenal and cortisol levels tested. i have not got results back yet. the pharmacy i use have free kits for all female hormones and all you do is pay for the lab results.

    it is a saliva test you do. spit in a tube at 4 differant times in a day.

    should have those results monday.

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  12. Cheryl175

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    Hey clark how were ur results? I'll check out the link...cheeers x

  13. Guest

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    hey cheryl

    all my cortisol levels were high. i go to the dr on tues to show her the results and she what she thinks.

    how have u been ?

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    I am extremely glad I found this site.
    I was on Yasmin for 2 years to help with my cycle and decided to go off of it in August 2010. While I was on it for that 2 years, I only noticed a slight change in my emotions.
    In September 2010 I started dating one of my best friends who I had been close with for 12 years. I had never been happier!! He's such an amazing guy!
    In February 2011, my mum convinced me to go back on Yasmin, so I did. Since I did, I have been acting like a crazy person! constantly doubting that my boyfriend loved me, questioning every aspect of our relationship and it felt like I was always picking fights for no reason. I worried about nothing. And I've been crying a lot more which is really weird because I never used to be an emotional person.
    After reading all these other posts, I've decided to get off the pill for good because it's making me insane!
    What I'd like to know is:
    To the women that experienced similar problems with their boyfriends, will it get better? Or will I keep acting like this because all these thoughts are already stuck in my head? I just want to be the same girl he fell in love with, not this needy, unconfident person anymore. Not just for our relationship, but for myself. I was so much happier those few months I was off the pill! I just really want to know whether I may be able to get back to that point with my boyfriend or whether anyone else has with theirs?

    Thankyou everyone for sharing your stories! [​IMG]

  15. HWG#2

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    jazzy-it gets better. Funny it feels like these thoughts will be "stuck" forever and you'll never again feel as you did before, but the brain is a miraculous thing...it heals :). Give it time and consider some of the remedies discussed here and before long you'll look back and wonder how you ever could have believed those thoughts.

  16. HWG#2

    HWG#2 New Member

    I'm not new to the site, but I haven't been in this area for a while. I love that there is this great place to share stories and give hope to those just beginning down the path of recovery from hbc. I guess it's time to share my story (bear with me...it's been a long journey).

    Started hbc in Jan 2004 (sorry, can't remember what kind). After several years of uncomfortable side effects (really enlarged breasts, low sex drive, etc.) i quit (mid-pack) in Jan 2006. BAM-one week later I was a wreck. The best way to describe it was that the world just looked wrong. I'm a very glass-half-full kind of girl normally, but all of a sudden life was just wrong. Felt all kinds of anxiety about my boyfriend (now DH), but had no idea what was really going on. So, after weeping for a few weeks, I started researching. My NP at the health center swore that quitting the pill wouldn't cause this, so I was on my own. Well meaning supporters suggested therapy.

    I tried everything: B complex, 5-HTP, St. John's Wart, Agnus Castus, ad nauseum. Nothing helped. Little did I know, I was buying really crappy, probably low-potency stuff.

    After 6 months, I finally accepted Prozac. I felt very fuzzy and drowsy while on it, but it was the turning point for me. I only used it for a month and didn't feel 100% after, but I did finally start to feel like me again. I gradually improved from there and found that sometimes were better than others, but I usually just dealt with it when it rolled around. At somepoint I started using Progesterone cream, and that helped quite a bit.

    Fast forward to 2009 at the birth of my son. Looking back, I realize the depression set in sometime at the end of my pregnancy, but I was too afraid to acknowledge it. Within days of his birth, I was a wreck. Full-fledge depression had set in and I accepted Lexapro immediately. I stayed on it for 10 months and since then have been more or less okay.

    I've since done lots and lots of tests with my Naturopath to find the various weaknesses in my body chemistry and found severely depleated essential amino acid levels, extrememly depressed adrenal function, gluten intolerance and sugar intolerance. All of these things have gone a long way to help me understand ways to impact my own wellness and health.

    Now pregnant with my second, the depression has reared it's ugly head. It sucks...seriously sucks. BUT, now I know. I know what causes it, that I am predisposed to it and have many natural tool at my disposal to begin trying to combat it. Everyday is a struggle, but knowledge is power.

    I don't blame the pill for these ongoing problems. I think that having taken the pill shed light on a problem that otherwise would have been brand new and extremely scary when DS was born. The silver lining is, once you know what you're dealing with you can control your recovery. Seek help from professionals (holistic, chinese medicine or traditional western medicine-whatever your fancy). Ask lots of questions. Keep a journal so you know what is working. And most of all, remember the first time you actually, legitimately begin to feel better. Hold on to this memory because it is your touchstone for any future relapse you may (MAY) have. This could very well be a one-time event for some, but having had three major depression events in the last 8 years, I think it's helpful to be prepared.

    My favorite description of depression: it's as if your brain has found your biggest fears and then replays them over and over in your brain constantly poking at your weakness and making it weaker. Remember that there is a difference between what your heart of hearts truly feels and what this awful illness is trying to make you feel.

    Sorry for the novel...good luck ladies. Hang in there.

  17. BeeBee

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    HWG#2 - thanks for sharing your update and tips! Trying the naturopathic route here too. I do hope your pregnancy depression eases soon.

  18. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    Hello ladies,

    just sharing my story here:
    I first used a copper IUD for about 2.5 years. First, it was great, no side effects apart from a slightly heavier mens....and the nagging feeling that there is nothing at all I can do to make it saver, i.e. either the gyno put it in right or he didn't. Then I suddenly didn't stop bleeding after 2.5 years of no problems at all. The gyno said it sits textbook perfect, cannot be the IUD and put me on the pill for cycle regulation. I couldn't stop crying while on it. Every little thing set me off. My partner was freaking out with me around. The bleeding didn't stop either. After 3 months I gave up and had the IUD removed. What a surprise, the bleeding stopped after my textbook perfect fitting IUD came out.

    Then what to do...I was suggested the NuvaRing because it releases hormones more evenly and is supposed to have less of an effect on your mental health. Did that. Two years went by and gradually I could not ignore the side effects any more.
    They included:

    - pain during intercourse, it was as if I was tearing apart inside. It was too painful, we often stopped halfway through. Sex life slowly died.

    - constant migraines. I have never been one for migranes, but there they suddenly were.

    - tiredness. I was soooo tired all the time, I definitely needed a mid-day nap. I snook out of work early at some stage so I'd be home for 5pm and have a nap from 5 to 7....

    - I got very anxious and questioned everything I did in my life, one day my partner lost patience and shouted at me "you can only be happy if you are unhappy" and stormed off

    - always swollen and tender breasts. Please don't touch!

    - constant vaginal infections. Yuck!

    - One day I woke up with extremely painful legs. I had done no excercise before and it came out of the nowhere. That was the day I took the nuva ring out right away. I am never going back on hormonal BC!!!! It's evil stuff!

    It took another week for the legs to be normal again. Another two for the rest of the side effects to mostly go away. I am now in my 13th cycle post nuva ring. I still have migraines every now and then as part of what I would call PMS, but they are managable and restricted to that time of the month and don't occur absolutely every month either. No more pain during sex but it seems hard for my partner to see me in a sexual way again after years of being troubled that way.

    Healthwise I am mostly good, although my cycles were quite knocked out of it for a long time. I'd say the most damage was done to my relationship. We are slowly rebuilding it. I am getting a ladycomp now and I hope that the traffic light system it provides for fertility classification will help my partner to get more involved and maybe more interested in me again. I have done FAM charting for the past 13 cycles but the charts scare my man it seems.

  19. AlyssTG9

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    Hi Ladies!

    I'm off the pill over a year now (as of April 7, 2011). I can say that I've been a whole lot better since then, but I've still had lingering but mild anxiety. I have been under the care of a Naturopathic doctor since July 2011, so almost a year. With natural rememdies she has restarted my endocrine system and helped me to digest vitamins and minerals from food better, which has helped tremendously in my recovery.

    This past April I did a saliva test (took samples over the course of my menstrual cycle) at the request of the Naturopathic doctor and this past Saturday I got the results back. Even though I had been off of the pill for a year when I took the samples, the results show that I STILL have estrogen dominance. My progesterone levels are so low compared to my estrogen, which would explain my lignering symptoms. The normal range for the ratio of P/E is 30-40. Mine is 14. I have to start a progesterone cream regiment during the middle of my next cycle and use it for 3 months. Then I have to get another blood panel done to check my levels.

    According to my doctor, the pill didn't necessarily CAUSE my symptoms, but it seems as though I have always had a minor imbalance (my period was very irregular before the pill but I had no PMS) and then the pill pushed my imbalance way over the edge. She said even after a year off, my body has still yet to recover on its own, hence I have to supplement progesterone into my system.

    I hope everyone is doing well. My advice is to get off of the pill all together if you're not feeling like yourself. If you have the money or health insurance, please consider going the Naturopathic route; it has worked wonders for me. Take vitamins and drink plenty of water. Watch what you eat (avoid caffiene, alcohol, sugar). Rest as much as you can. Listen to your body.

    Be well!

    - Alyssa

  20. Jenna0777

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    Thanks so much for the update Alyssa! Glad you are feeling better!


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