1 year(+) Post Pill-How are you doing?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by Tempting Toffee, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. prettybrowneyes

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    I'm so glad I found this site. It gives me hope that I can finally be free of the pill. I stopped taking my BC in September of this year because it was driving me crazy (anxiety, depression, loss of sex drive). I had been on it for 15 years. I am happy to say that so far, my periods seem to have hit a routine and the anxiety mood issues are gone. But I have insomnia now. I don't know what to do. I don't want to take yet another drug to assist with it, but fear I may have to. I've been reading on this site about melatonin, but do I have to take that forever? Does this insomnia go away?

  2. Nickolka

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    I'm so happy to see that other women are/were feeling the same way I was on birth control. I honestly thought that I was going crazy. I have always been an extremely happy person and was always laid back and sort of care-free.

    About 2 months after starting the pill I noticed little changes in my mood and the way I thought about things. I started caring way too much about the smallest things and yelled at my boyfriend over everything. Then the anxiety came about 4 months in, I got really bad panic attacks and my mind was constantly racing. It got so bad that I thought maybe I had some sort of mental disorder. After a few weeks of feeling anxious all the time I started feeling really depressed. I couldn't deal with it anymore. I also had gotten really bad acne, I was always tired, had NO sex drive and just wasn't interested in doing anything.

    I decided to research and found out the pill might be causing all of this. I went to my doctor and she told me that it's unlikely. I still decided to stop using the pill and started taking vitam b complex, flaxeed oil, cod liver oil, and other supplements daily. After about a month all of my symptoms disappeared. I was no longer anxious or depressed, my acne completely cleared up and my sex drive came back. I can finally get really happy over the smallest things like I used to. [​IMG]

    I'm looking into other forms of birth control, like Essure. It doesn't involve any sorts of hormones.

  3. msjackiedt

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    I never realized this could have been my birth control.... I started back on my anti-depressents after my miscarriage, but maybe all along it was my pills ... interesting and maybe I won't need my antidepressents for long... and if I get pregnant, I will be stopping them for sure!

  4. Janine Wooden

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    I was and I emphasize the word was excited about hormone free BC that Essure offered. I hated the pill because it made me throw up all the time and wasn't covered on insuance!

    I so wish we all could find a really safe BC method that didn't take the fun out of it. I really do!

    I'm looking forward to a hysterectomy soon, and menopause anyway. I'm nearing menopause age anyway. My mom started not to much older than me anyway. But she had been in a horrible car accident from a Ford Granada that had broken in the late 1970's. What a mess in court that was! My Grandmother was mutilated in that one when I was 10yrs old!~ My Union Dad Took on the Ford Motor Corp!


  5. mountain honey61

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    Your story sounds just like mine. This is exactly why I decided to have the Essure procedure. ( ofcourse I didnt want anymore children )I usually say I havent been on BC hardly at all because in my case I cant get past 2 weeks with anything. I have tried several thru the years , but by the 2 weeks I'm a basket case. I know what the Doctor and most would say is that I need to wait it out , give it a chance , but if only they knew the drastic change in me , everyday I get worse literally . So, with this experience I decided to go for the Essure because I didnt want another moment where I felt crazy
    on hormones from BC. It just isnt worth to me. So , the Essure so far is looking like a blessing for me. I was sore for several weeks after the Essure , glad I didnt have to be on my feet for long periods and glad I could lay around a bit. My HSG test is only 7 weeks away and Im so excited. I feel good about my decision to go with the Essure so far. I have no soreness , pain whatever ever now.
    I often think how many women are on BC and could be very emotional or agitated and not even realize it is the BC. This is sad , for those who are effected by them. Honestly this is what I think..if you know you are 100% sure you dont want children anymore then do tubal or Essure.....the BC "could" be affecting the way you think and behave.

  6. narayan

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    I am new here.I found this topic helpful thank you for making this type of discussion.

  7. kmac

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    I joined this site almost a year ago, but have not said too much since my original post. However, I am amlost coming up on a year of being off birth control which is so exciting. I started bc the summer of 2005 (bc: Apri) in order for my doctor to put me on accutane for my acne problems. At first everything was fine, I had no symptoms. Then after almost a year, I started becoming more emotional and angry at the smallest things and I got switched to another form of bc (Yasmine) but then my insurance did not cover that so I switched to another generic form of bc. I stayed on it for a few more months, then realized that I was just not happy, and very upset and starting fights with people especially my boyfriend and I realized how much bc had changed me. At this point in time I had stopped taking accutane and had been off of it for a few months. I stayed on bc because my doctor convinced me to stay on it, as it was also supposed to help keep me from getting acne. However August of last year I did some searching because I was not convinced that bc was as innocent as the doctors were telling me. I was convinced that all my symptoms were related to the bc and the accutane I had been on but no one would agree with me. Thats when I saw this site. I finally felt some relief and decided to stop bc. I noticed huge improvments! However after a couple of months I noticed that I had anxiety issues from time to time, and still got more emotional then I ever had, and I started feeling have thoughts that nothing was going to work out and that i was not happy when clearly I was. At first the anxiety attacks or panic attacks were more frequent then they started coming around the time I would get my period. My boyfriend at the time (now fiance) stuck with me through all the ups and downs and agreed that we did not want anything to do with bc ever again and that we just needed to wait it out because my body had not gotten rid of all the bc yet. I have had significantly less anxiety issues although from time to time they do come and it freaks me out! I am currently planning for a wedding and my fiance and I are looking into buying a house sometime soon so I know there are alot of stressors that come from that which I think is causing some of the anxiety. But I just want this all to end, because I never had any issues before I went on bc/ and for that matter accutane. I am hoping that I just need some more time for my body to get back to how it was and since I am coming up on a year this August I am hoping that time comes soon. Anytime I do feel anxious I come to this site to help me get through it and realize that I have come so far and that I have a little more to go. Thanks so much for having this discussion and for sharing all your stories. It has helped me tremendously and I can now look forward to my life and all the good things that will be occuring especially in the next year! Thanks again!!

  8. Rachellia

    Rachellia New Member

    Here's my update: I've been off the Pill for 9.5 mos. (was on for almost 10 years!) and I feel better than ever.

    For the first 6 months, I did have more acne, but that has since calmed. Also, I've lost 11 Lbs. without any extra effort, I feel less anxious, and I just feel healthier in-general.

    The only downsides? My cycles have gotten steadily longer and slightly irregular (35-42 day cycles), but my periods are no longer or heavier than when on the pill. Also, my 34DDD breasts have not shrunk. I was hoping they would, as I went from a 34C to a 34DDD, independent of weight gain (which was less than 20 lbs.) during my 9.5 years (from age 16-25) on the pill. [​IMG]

    As for birth control now, my husband and I use a diaphragm w/spermicide combined with some charting (so, to be extra-safe, we stick with condoms when I'm more likely to be ovulating). It can be a pain in the ass at times, but it beats hormones by a mile!

  9. Taterbugpbj

    Taterbugpbj New Member

    I wanted to mention that phytoestrogen cream, magnesium, calcium and B vitamins (and of course exercise and good healthy food), have helped me to get back to normal, the cream made a HUGE difference.

  10. Orangail

    Orangail New Member

    Wow, am I relieved to see this thread. I've been taking BCP for the past six months and it has been torture. To begin with, my eyes are dried up little raisins and I've had to buy KY for the first time in my life to alleviate the other dried parts. That is nothing compared to the emotional disaster that I've become.

    For the past six months I have been picking every battle, rational or not. I can feel my blood rushing in my ears and I'm in a sudden rage when nothing of any significance has happened. I'm anxious all the time and suspect gloom and doom awaits around every turn. My reactions are completely out of proportion to every situation.

    My husband and I have a great relationship, but I've sure put it to the test lately by constantly asking for reassurance, wondering about his every facial expression, and freaking out over silly things. This feeling of anxiety is overwhelming and pervasive.

    The other night, he went to take the garbage out and he was gone for 30 minutes. I looked outside for him and I didn't see him. When he came back in the house I was fit to be tied. I was convinced he'd up and left or had been abducted or had a heart attack in the yard or...anything else horrid you can, but shouldn't, imagine. He had been in the driveway next door chatting with a neighbor, but I'm too short to see past the bushes. :-/

    In any case, that's just one prime example. That night he finally let me have it and told me to stop taking the pill because this all started when the pill started. He was right. It did. That's also when my job became "unbearable", my family all became "crazy", and I used the "f-word" on the teenage boy next door when he was on my lawn. Coincidence?

    He's made an appointment for a vasectomy consultation. It's been that bad..he's willing to have his bits tinkered with just to have his normal, loving, laughing wife back. I can't remember the last time I laughed until I cried instead of crying until I laugh.

    I will never take another BCP.

  11. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome, Orangail! You're certainly not alone. I hope your symptoms improve once you are no longer taking the hormones. We have a lot of great information here so please feel free to poke around and ask questions--many of us have been through similar, if not identical, experiences with hormonal birth control.

  12. Orangail

    Orangail New Member

    Thanks, Rowanthe. It's really amazing reading these threads. So many posts could have been written by my own hand!

  13. SweetD

    SweetD New Member

    It's now been about 2 years since I stopped BC. I have a post on the first page of this thread from last year.

    My biggest issue lately is my extremely irregular periods. For the last 4-6 months I've been having periods that can last anywhere from 6-30 days! Then they seem to start back up 2 weeks later. My OB has done blood work and an ultra sound, with no reasoning. My anxiety is peaking again when I am menstruating. It's definitely not as bad as when I was on BC, but I notice my moods are all over the place. There are some days where I have horrible anxiety and I'm ready to rip someone's head off for no reason at all. Not fun.

    So my OB said I have 3 choices. Do nothing (which doesn't seem to be working, I'm getting worse not better) go on BC for 3 months - really, been there, done that, not going back. Or go on fertility drugs for 3 months. Husband and I aren't trying to get pregnant, but that sounds like the best option of the 3.

    Beyond that I feel a lot better than I did 2 years ago. I look back at it and it's like a bad dream! Even though I'm still dealing with other issues, life is much better without the BC.

  14. jreilly

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    I'm really sorry that you are still having trouble, but I am glad you have had some improvement. This is a side note and have not had these problems myself, but I would highly recommend a holistic doctor. I had a lot of hormone problems and my period was highly irregular. He did some hormone tests and helped me to readjust my hormones naturally with herbs and such. Sometimes with things like this, you need a little boost to make it better, but at the same time, you can probably do it naturally.

    Best of luck,


  15. Violet

    Violet New Member

    Just posting an update - it's been right around a year that I stopped taking the pill!

    In terms of mood/anxiety/sexuality, everything is great. I feel better than I have in a looong time. I'm not taking ANY drugs, and truly feel much like "myself" again. I only take vitamins and Evening Primrose Oil daily.

    The only bad part so far is the irregular periods. Before the pill my cycle was 28-29 days, like clockwork. Now sometimes it is 28, sometimes 34. As a matter of fact, right now I'm on day #36 for the first time since and wondering what's up (may post a new thread on this). Also, it seems like I have PMS symptoms many more days before my period actually starts, which is not fun. My periods are also heavier and crampier again, but that was normal for me before the pill.

    Another slight issue - my skin seems oilier than before, which I hate - but as long as I feel well emotionally I can deal with it. [​IMG]

    The boyfriend and I have been using condoms, but I'd really like to investigate some other method of birth control that does NOT use hormones. What do you folks suggest?

  16. Meagan

    Meagan New Member

    Hello all:

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting your experiences with coming off of the pill.

    I just stopped taking Yasmin because of all the side effects that everyone else has experienced (mood swings, weepiness, extreme irritability, anger, etc etc). I have been on Yasmin about 5 years and birth control pills in general I've been taking ten years.

    Had anyone else here been taking birth control pills for that long before they stopped? If so, what were your experiences? Does it matter how long you were on them? I'm just trying to get an idea of what to expect...


  17. Nonnally

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  18. tlm

    tlm New Member

    My story is almost identical to several listed here. On BCP 20+ years, blown off by GYN, found a new one, advised to go off. I’ve been off the pill for 6 months, and my depression is still quite bad. I keep referring to this website for reassurance that I’m really am not losing my mind. I was so laid back and happy 2 years ago and then it all changed. I guess I’m saddened and scared, like some of you have communicated, that things won’t go back to normal. But I'm very glad that I too have found this website. Thank you girls for your positive stories, please keep posting…it gives me the hope I so need right now!

  19. lehua768

    lehua768 New Member

    Hmmmm...started MinOvral in the summer of 2004, completely lost my mind about 10 months later, it took about a year and a half, maybe two, before I was feeling "myself" again. I still find myself more easily upset and emotional than I did before I was ever on the Pill.

  20. sync

    sync New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I've been off the pill for a year and a half, but still feel awful. I'm not fine at all, though I am a little bit better than several months ago.
    Sometimes I have a feeling that things will never get better, is it possible to have such terrible side effects of stopping the pill even after a year and a half?


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